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Ep 55.

The Country Called Metalika

9: Just a reminder, Ryua’s age is 15.

The State of Metalika.

It’s the country that Roel had told me about a while ago.

The large country that made the iron box that can measure your level, a piece of technology powered by electricity. It’s a country that, someday, we would go to visit, but to think that the people from that country would come to us was…unexpected.

That one iron ship got closer and made me understand its enormous size. It was so large that you had to look up from the deck of the ocean liner, and all you could really see was a tough looking hull. The light that instantly defeated Doridon’s underlings was fired from this ship. I think it was from the barrels stretching out from the ship.

「Umu, there you are. Ryua-kun, thanks to you we were able to escape from a dilemma. But, first, please wear some clothes.」

*Kohon* Silva cleared his throat, and being told that, I had finally noticed. Everyone around me had their eyes avoiding me.

Even though this was normal when I was bathing in the Caves of Hell, but right now, I wonder what this feeling is?

And then suddenly, I got real embarrassed being here.

「I-I’m not showing this off, okay!?」(Kryo: Tsundere much?)

Even I don’t understand what I am saying.

In a big panic, I ran towards the cabin to pick up my clothes from where I threw them off, and then I unconsciously slipped them on. (9: ryua kawaii)

Looking around me properly, the deck is drenched with ocean water, and the floors had become a mess.

Bortom, the other two, and also the soldiers were trying not look. Literally, they are covering their eyes with their hands. Even though I saved the ship, this is horrible.


◆The State of Metalika Cruiser Elmorad Deck◆

When I saw the iron passageway stretched out towards the ocean liner, I knew we were being invited in. It was completely grey, and compared to the ocean liner we are sailing on, I can’t feel any human warmth from it.

Not knowing anything about where we were being led to, but I wonder what this means?

And why did they rescue us in the first place?

Before us are a young man wearing flat glasses and a young girl, and neatly lined up behind them was a row of soldiers.

On their backs, they’re carrying something like a pipe, but is that a weapon too?

It’s somewhat similar to the barrel that fired the light that defeated the monsters.

The glasses guy is still smiling. And the girl beside him has really sleepy eyes, but she probably just has those kind of eyes.

I don’t know if this way of saying it makes sense, but she has that look in her eyes like she is always glaring.

Her hair was short and orange, tied up to the side and fanning out with wonderful volume. On her forehead sat something akin to angular glasses, and on her whole body was some kind of tight fitting clothes that went from the bottom all the way up. This, too, is rather unusual clothing. Just as I tried to figure out how she would take it off, I saw that, on the middle section, there was a zipper.

It looks like she is about 3 years younger than me. The more I look at her, the younger she seems to be.

「Well, I was glad that we found you. That was a close one, was it not? Oh, my apologies, I have been late in my introduction. I am called Zienia, from the Bureau of Technology Development of the State of Metalika. 」

As he said this, this Zienia guy politely handed a small piece of paper to all of us. I can’t read much, but the words written on this paper are probably that person’s self introduction.

「Thanks for being polite. For this occasion, I am grateful for the help when we were in danger. I am the ship’s Captain, Tip.」

Zienia and the captain shook hand, and the girl jogged towards me. When I thought she just stopped before me, without blinking she gazed at me.


The girl tilted her face. Rather than her doing it, I should have been doing that. Just what is it with this girl…those staring eyes, the girl’s staring face was expressionless. And then she suddenly hugged me.



「What is!?」

「The normal body of a girl, so soft.」

While being embraced, both of the girl’s hands are caressing my back. A girl that I don’t know doing this, I don’t know what I should do. Ah, but Tifelia-san also did the same thing. (9: tifelia is an S-rank that ryua fought at the finals)

Her side tail (hair) nestles up to me, tickling my nose. And she is also breathing in my scent.

「Really, what are you doing!?」

「Can’t I?」

「That’s why what!?」

「Pratyu, doing that suddenly is rude, you know?」

Being told off by Zienia, the girl has finally let go. But still she looks really reluctant to while looking at me.

When our eyes met, she tilted her head again.

「I am sorry, the reason why we were able to run into your crisis is because of the impact you made anyway. Pratyu is Metalika’s prided machinery. Ah, saying S rank adventurer is more easy to understand. At any rate, she is our country’s asset that we wouldn’t want to lose. And this girl has shown interest in you, because you won the championship in the Avangard Tournament and also repelled the Revived Demonlord Army. So whether it be in the sea or on the mountains, there was no other choice but to do it just to meet you」


I had no choice but to nod my head. Then these people came this far just to meet me?

The others stayed silent. Probably, because the reason they got rescued was so anticlimactic.

If I had to say it, they got rescued on a whim. It’s a bit disappointing.

So much for that. Just for the sake of this girl, this many people had taken action.

If you say S rank, it’s the same as Tifelia-san. Now that I think about it, I think I’ve heard that each country has their own S rank adventurers. But still, Tifeilia-san was an adult, but this girl is still a kid.

Though her age isn’t that much different from mine. If that is so, then me still being a B-rank is…..

「Haa……that is indeed surprising. But still, you did well knowing that she is the champion.

It has just been a week, for the news from Avangard kingdom to spread this fast is-」

「That is, if you have our country’s information system, then it’s a simple thing」

Before the captain finished his words, Zienia had replied while smiling. He’s always smiling — somehow he is kind of weird.

Compared to this person who is always smiling, Pratyu’s expression doesn’t really ever change.

And also she doesn’t remove her eyes from me.

「So then what should we do?」

「You are right. Pratyu, what should we do?」

「Take her to the state of Metalika. I want to examine her.」

「You heard her.」

To the captain’s question, Zienia sat lightheartedly in a pose as if he given up. Just suddenly appearing, just what are they saying. We need to go to Wizard Kingdom.

Take me back home, as if I am an object.

「We are going to Wizard Kingdom, you know.」

「Go there after ours.」

「No way.」


If this goes on, it won’t end. Zienia too, don’t just look at this, say something to this girl.

In the first place, what do you mean by examine? I don’t have any time to go with that, she is too spoiled.

「Zienia-san, We are grateful that you have rescued us. However, any time now, we should be on our way off. Moreover, the person herself is saying that she won’t….」

「Hmm, this is troubling. If Pratyu researches Ryua-san then, surely…..oh.」

「The one who is troubled is me, you know. Suddenly just appearing like that, what are you saying?」


The captain and Bortom try to calm me down.

「We will safely escort this ship until it reaches Hariart Continent. However, Ryua-san, was it? Can you at least follow what Pratyu says? If you want a reward, we will pay handsomely, and afterwards we will use our country’s latest model of airship to safely send you to your destination. How about it?」

「No way, I’ll go to Hariart continent with the liner ship.」

Showing that I turned my face away from them. Zienia looked completely troubled, but I don’t understand why he is doing so much for that spoiled girl. These people, no, this country…just what is with them.

Something like “I will be researched”, really, I don’t understand at all. Pratyu who was expressionless since the beginning, right now ha her mouth turned into a ヘ. She is obviously sulking.

Just like a kid, no, she is a kid. This kid being the same S rank as Tifelia, I can’t agree to it all. If that was the case, then is she as strong as her.

「Pratyu, let’s give up. From the start, we had come this far due to your absurd selfishness.

More than this, even we won’t listen, you know. It will also cause trouble for other people」

It seems he can’t keep watching this anymore, Zienia scolded Pratyu with a strict tone.

But still because he is still smiling with narrow eyes, there isn’t much force to it. Pratyu boringly looked down and kicked the deck, appearing really discontent. Zienia who saw this, sighed.

「Well then, let’s do it like this, Ryua-san. You don’t have to do this right now.

However, when the time comes when you are able to grant Pratyu’s wish, then we will give you your desired reward. Of course, we don’t mind paying money too. In that situation we will prepare you money to pay for your whole life.

Or maybe if you want to know something, we don’t mind sharing our knowledge. After all we have quite the fortune in information. Don’t you have one?」

――――Don’t you have one?

Those thread-like, narrow eyes pierced me. For an instant, I felt my heart beat rapidly.

That glance felt like a sharp spear that penetrated my body and even went into my soul. He obviously knows that I am searching for something. That’s what those eyes are saying. On the contrary, this guy has also seen through what I have been searching. It may been just me but, for some reason I can only think as if this is the case..

Offering information as a reward might have just been a coincidence. But I believe that it’s not.

「No matter what it is, we can investigate it you know. Our country’s information system ALEX can use the network around the wor-…..oh, let’s stop this tiny, difficult discussion. In short, you can visit our country any time you want. At that time, we will welcome you.」

Zienia faced me with a kind smile. I have an interest with the State of Metalika, but experiencing this in reality, it’s become more and more unknown to me.

White robe-like clothes was fluttering in the wind, from the moment I met Zienia, his expression hasn’t changed at all.

This person and that Pratyu, to me the country called Metalika, seems more and more foreign.


◆The State of Metalika Cruiser Elmorad Cabin◆

「Geez, that was surprising.」

Even though not much time has passed since that meeting, Roel being able to stand and walk already is surprising.

However, when you open your eyes and see that a ship from the state of Metalika had come, of course that would be surprising. After that, when I was about to go back to the ocean liner, they told me “This warship will be taking in the ocean liner, so please rest here for a while”. When I was confused about what he meant by “taking in”, the ship opened up and then the ocean liner entered it.

This ship was so big that it can even carry a ship within itself. I was once again surprised. Looking at the windows like this, things aren’t moving very fast outside, but in reality I heard that this is many times faster than the ocean liner.

And so the remaining voyage that would have taken 2 days had become a 2 hour voyage. I can’t believe this at all.

「I’m sorry, I was unconscious during such an important time. After all, it looks like something terrible happened again.」

「You don’t have to worry about it. It wasn’t much of an opponent…」

「A person from the Demonlord army came again, right? Those people, I wonder who they are?」

「In the first place, just what is this Maou?」

「If you want to know, I’ll teach you.」

Without knocking, Pratyu had entered the room. Her broom hair suddenly appearing beside me was surprising. When I thought that it was only just the two of us sitting on the bed, it had increased and become 3 people. She had blended in as if it was natural. But Roel, for seeing a girl with an eccentric appearance for the first time, she was fairly calm.

「That’s bad you know, if you just enter like that…I wonder who’s child she is?」


「Roel, even though you see her as a kid, she is an S-rank adventurer, you know.」

「No way…」

Covering her mouth with her hand, Roel was surprised, as expected. A little girl a head shorter than her was the same rank as Tifelia-san — normally you wouldn’t believe it. And moreover, what I really can’t consent to is that no matter how much I look at her, she looks like she can’t really fight.

When I saw Tifelia-san, I understood that she was not a normal person.

But this kid, I don’t see anything at all. She is just a normal kid you can find anywhere. When I was thinking about that, this time she embraced Roel and even sniffed her.

「Kya! W-wha wha wha wha what!? What’s the matter?」


「H-hey! She hates it! Get away from her!」

Using both my hands to hold both of her sides, I pulled her away. Even then, she was still reluctantly looking at Roel.

「I want to examine Roel too!」

「You can’t! We already said that we have something important to do after this!

It’s too outrageous to examine Roel!」

「Ryua likes Roel. Is that why you’re mad?」 (9: nice one pratyu)


From those unexpected words, I unintentionally turned red. Certainly I like her, but something is weird.

Why is it that my heart is beating this fast? Really I can’t keep up. This time Pratyu used Roel’s lap as a pillow and laid down sideways. I give up.

「It’s natural for Ryua and Roel to not know about the Demonlord army.」

「Do you know something about it?」

「Yeah, but as I thought I won’t tell you.」

「I want you to tell me.」

「If you let me examine you, then I will. Information is also an asset.」

Pratyu smiled for the first time. It was child-like smile, but from that malicious face, I got a bit irritated. Pratyu rested her head on Roel’s lap, and for some reason, Roel is brushing Pratyu’s hair. Yesterday too, she was being friendly with a kid that we didn’t know, does she like kids from the start?

When Pratyu started to rub her cheeks on Roel’s lap, I scolded her, and then somehow we got along and started playing a card game and then before long, the time of that voyage had passed.

By the way, I wasn’t able to win once in my first card game. (9: donmai)


Monster Encyclopedia

【Sword Wight 490】

When it was alive, it was a human that handled edge tools as a weapon, then they are turned into evil spirits.

They can only hate living things, and at the present stealing their lives became their pleasure. There is a metaphor that their laughter is the call of hell.

【Okeano HP 3610】

A large sea serpent that lurks at the depths of the sea.

It’s so big that it can swallow whole a ship, but it rarely shows itself on the surface.

In some regions, it brings calamity on the sea, and every year a fishing industry will present it food to guarantee their safety.

【Emperor Squid】

The normal size ones are called Great king squid, and when they mutated they are called Emperor.

One tentacle can produce raging waves, such that even a sea will churn from it.

Usually they only appear in particular area of the ocean, so normal voyages hardly encounters them.

It is said it’s a delicacy. There was case that made a faction was created to hunt it down, but most of them had died at the sea and disappeared.


◆ Xin Report◆ (9: i like this part but at the same time i don’t cause its hard to read and translate)

(Tea: I refuse to edit this) (Kryo: me too)

Xin repo part too!

Ryua and roel lewks lyke they are going to the WeezardKeengdom

On the sheep Ryua is bowred wheech is diffirent from Roel who is enjoiing it

akowrding to xin, Ryua sucks at kumyunikeshon!

wikness namba one fownd!

mownsters attakkd but Ryua deednnt have a tern.

the owld gais ar swicthingly ataks and workd hard to difit it.

ryua was a bit obserbing them but if you prays them it wuld onli be scorening so its vest not to do it Xin tinks so

on the neks dae. sirpaisingly its that gowst ship that reirly apirs!

dis xin tu livd for a bery long tym its the ferst tym i saw it!

just wen it appired i see!

da ship yu are rydying one of the pasendgers is disguising and dat person cawlled it Ryua and Roel didnnt totaly notis it at al, if you atak dem now cant yu difit them Juo ar yu a chikin

complitly capturd by the ship esceiping is imposibol

wel i thoght that that girl wil one hit the ship and kaboom her partner Roel did it

i hird shi was hiler but actwali eksorsist?

for som rsion that girl fils not normal

it sims dat owld guy lider was dat ships gard and then he ran

they wer resenting him so wid dat rison deir is no nid to for Ryua and Roel to help him

are these pipol idiotss

if it was me then i will abandon him or maybi slaughter

Do do doridon was difited! just wat is wid the gurl!

dienamiklu in the air Doridon eksplowded!

jast how ar yu gona difit that!

as if shi has a wiknes!

but dat ryua she luks worrid abowt the pasenjers

eben tho shi is dat much of she is seibing those trashi hyumans

hmm somewat this weird part can be the ki

probabli that Doridon aimed at it starting fromm the begining?

enywey he lost but

heck wi should hav sed dat we ar going to liv dem alown just wat is he geting impasient

juo too if yu ar watsing then lend a hand

end befor long that steit of metalika is dere

jast looking at it its rilly ew

dat’s why we will get rid of obtacels that Doridon really wat an idiot

i noe its imposibol but by any chans that ryua and that crappy metalika

if dey joynd forses den dat wuld rilly be bad

somting somting someting is dere any gud ideass i tink abowt it but i cant tink of any

so i sleep *Su`piii*(onomatopoeia of sleeping sound)