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Chapter 58 The Wizard Kingdom part 3 (first half)

TL: Yuki

◆ Mountain Trail T  owards Wizard Kingdom ◆


After walking along the highway, we continued walking along the mountain path after having a lunch break in the afternoon.

The forest spread out in the side of the road, and the road was wide and well maintained.

Lars said that Carriages are also using this road, that’s why they made sure to make it wide.

He said that when transporting goods, B rank adventurers that come from the wizard kingdom are dispatched, that’s why the danger of being attacked by monsters has dropped.

Because of the Wizard Kingdom trading with Pratzz Harbor, they proudly told us that the path will be safe.

Even if he was only a child, he was still a powerful illusionist from the Wizard Kingdom.

Although the security is indeed good, is it really okay to let a child do this kind of work.

But Golems aren’t affected by illusions, won’t that make the situation a little more dangerous.


「If that’s what you think, but aren’t the two of you children too」


It was immediately retorted.

Well, there’s no point arguing about people who is older than you, Roel will is always the one to mediate in between arguments.

Just like in the case of Pratyu, it seems like I’m really bad at dealing with children.

Well, even if he is quite arrogant, it was true that he was able to at least led me astray for a moment despite being a kid.

As soon as demons we encountered got affected by Lars’ illusions, they began attacking in different directions.

I could roughly understand what things are being shown to the demons, and I could understand that it would definitely become a threat if it was used in a large scale battle but it was really helpful since it reduces the time we need to move.

Despite its effectiveness there are major defects to it, and one of it was that it is ineffective to non-sentient creatures like golems.

I don’t really understand how to use magic, and the more I try to learn about it, the more confused I become.


「Can’t Ryua use magic?」

「I can use basic magic like water fire and light. I haven’t really used it recently though」

「Oh, right, Grandpa did mention that magic relies more on talent that combat ability.

There are also things like magic limit that a person naturally has, and other things that would affect it」

「Grandpa? Is it Sage Hasuto? 」

「It’s Hasuto-sama. If you say something like that inside Wizard Kingdom, the will definitely throw you out.

Even I usually call him Hasuto-sama in public」


Hasuto the Wise is a prominent figure in the Wizardry Kingdom, so prominent that he was supposedly the one in-charge of the King’s education. That’s why even the King couldn’t raise his head to Hasuto, and most of the time he would still be treated like a child if Hasuto is scolding him.

His current achievements is known all over the world that even most magicians and adventurers aim to at least be able to reach his feet, it seems like the magic bag that helped a lot of adventurers was also a work of Hasuto.

Now that I think about it, Yuyu also shows her respect towards Hasuto.

Even now, Lars was tapping a similar bag that he carries as he explains.


「But if the person you were talking about is that great, won’t he be able to defeated those golems on his own」

「Un, that’s what I’ve thought too」

「Grandpa can’t do such unreasonable things anymore due to his age……『I’m just too old to do this, if it was me from before then it would have been possible to destroy them』 is what he would always answerー」


Yuyu did mention that he was more than 100 years old, but I’m not really sure if that’s the case.

Still, living for a hundred years old is really long time if I think about it. It will be natural for him to accumulate a lot of experience living such a long life.


「And, we’ve arrived」


When the sun was starting to set, we could finally see the high walls and tall gates surrounding the Wizard Kingdom.

It was just with me and Roel, we might have arrived much earlier.

But right now, we also have Lars tagging along with us.

We walked more efficiently as to not waste too much energy.

The gate that we arrived at was currently tightly closed.


◆ Wizard Kingdom South Gate ◆


「It seems like they don’t want to open it……」

「Although it is usually open at this time」


「Stop !」


Looking at the top of the high walls, we found soldiers from the wizard kingdom that lined up.

I was imagining them to be people that would be wearing pointy hats, but some of them are not wearing it.

But everyone is wearing a black robe with white lines in it.

Just like the case with Avangald Kingdom, are they soldiers that belong to this country.

Iya, also, another thing to note is that every one of them has a fireball floating on their hands.

Of course, I understood that what they are preparing is a fire attack magic.

Then with an intimidating voice, someone shouted towards us clearly showing that don’t want to welcome us.


「Who are you people! Depending on your response, I won’t hesitate to launch a fire barrage at all of you!

This is not a threat! If you take even a step further from that point then we won’t hesitate to attack! 」

「Oii, It’s me. Lars! 」

「Lars, when did you go out?!」

「About that…… you should know about the situation if you ask that person! That’s also because I have permission from him to go out!」

「……wait, we will confirm it in a bit」


Someone was talking to another person who seems to be the captain of the squad, then that person disappeared to the back of everyone.

In the long silence, only the sound of burning fireballs from the wizards could be heard.

Despite not speaking a word, everyone’s expression was certainly filled with anger.


「Lars is it, are you alright?」

「Hey, those people behind you. Though there is no evidence, we are still not sure if they are really not collaborators of those golem users.

This is for security reasons and to stay alert」



They were really angry for some reason as if they were enraged. Well, looking at them again, the flames in their hands were not yet dispelled.


「Confirmed. However, according to Hasuto-sama’s command, I should not let them enter that easily.

As a test, we will be executing a fire barrage right now.

We will deem them acceptable if they are able to endure」

「Wha, what are you talking about, isn’t that order strange!」

「What, you don’t have to worry, if we did injure them then we will immediately dispatch a recovery team. Or maybe ddo you want to refuse and back out? 」

「It’s fine, but will it be ok if it’s only me. Please don’t include Roel and Lars if possible」

「Lars is fine. But it’s not possible for the other one.」

「Don’t be silly!」

「It’s fine Ryua-chan. I will also be fine, so don’t worry about it」

「Roel……But, it’s dangerous」

「It’s fine. Please believe in me」


Roel didn’t show fear in her face. She was looking straight at my eyes with a determined look.

You want me to believe in you huh. Yoshi!


「IS it really fine fr you not to take protective measures?」

「It’s not something that I really have to be worried about, shoot it now」

「Fuu……Don’t mess with me, Little girl. Of course even if you tried to do something about it, you won’t definitrly be able to avoid it」

「Just start, immediately」

「……Fine, All units, Fiiirreeee!!」


【Unleashed Combination Attack of Wizard Kingdom Soldiers! Magic Casted Fireball!

Fire Ball Barrage combined and become Fire Rain targeting Ryua!】