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Chapter 58 The Wizard Kingdom part 3 (Second Half)

TL: Yuki

I can only hear the roar of raining fireballs hitting the ground around me. Even if some of them did hit me, they were dispersed before impact. The heat I could feel from the attack was similar to the warmth of a fireplace which made me feel nostalgic about the simple life I live in Ikana-village.

That soothing warmth, like the time mother would put a blanket on me in order to prevent me from feeling cold as I sleepy doze off in front of the fireplace.

And then, when I feel hot enough and sweaty, it would be the time for me to wake up. That feeling was returned to me as a I close my eyes and.

Those were good times.

I wanted to return at those times.


「All Units, Halt!」


The rain of fire was suddenly stopped. It felt like I was suddenly pulled back to reality, it was quite a comfortable feeling too.

I see it’s finally over. I could see the tired faces of soldiers lined up on the wall.

Most of them were out of breath and their sight is nailed onto us. Some was on the verge of tears while some were shocked and not able to face the absurdity in front of them. Some were even throwing their hats on the floor in vexation.


「Wha, what the hell are you……」

「La, Lars, did you do something? Is this an illusion? 」


I don’t know if there were just too confident of their magic, but with this level of power, I won’t even consider this as an attack.

In terms of fire attack that I would deem lethal, then that giant dog with four heads that breathes fire is scarier.

That dog was really amazing. On our first encounter, I didn’t win and have to escape to survive, and the sword that I was using during that fight was instantly melted.


「……I didn’t do anything」

「Is, is that so. ok」


Looking at my side, there was also the unscathed Roel. No, I think it would be better to call it restored Roel?

The Fire Rain was deemed useless against her healing power. It seems like even if the Fire Rain did do some damage, it was not enough to have an effect against Roel’s fast recovery from Heal. That’s just how it is.


「That was amazing, Ryua-chan. I did my best healing to heal us! 」

「O, Ok, Ok……」


Speaking of which, during that time, I could hear someone going 「Ahh! 」 or 「Kyaa! 」from my side.

She didn’t really have to include me with her healing.

No, I think that I now understand more the fear of not having a healer especially if you are in a pinch. Even on as a support, if they could recover their members no matter how much damage they receive, then the opponent could do nothing but surrender once they are worn out.

Just looking at how tired those soldiers ended up, it was probably a horror to see their targets unscathed even after they pour their all to attack.

Speaking of levels, Roel who is level 51 would already be considered to step into the ranks of upper A class people, and she will become way much stronger from this point on.

From now on, it might be much better not to talk too much about our statuses.


「So, will you let them pass now after all of this?」

「Ah, Yeah. Lars, You may open it」


I wonder if a child like Lars could actually open such a heavy looking gate.

Maybe, I should open it.



「Uei?! Ah, right! The gate! 」


Lars who was stunned while having a blue face and was clearly scared of us snapped back to reality.

He did bring me, who could be considered a powerful monster after all, such a murmur was something I faintly heard.


「……I was looking forward to this. Seriously, just who in the world are these people」


Lars then went to the gate and touches it. For a moment, I wanted to ask as to what he was doing, but then white light leaked from his hand, then the gate slowly opened.

「Oi, what are you guys waiting for. I need to close it soon so please move quickly」


Finally after removing all of our doubts, we finally entered the Wizard Kingdom.


◆ Wizard Kingdom Castle Town ◆


The scenery was different from Avangard castle town. There were waterways flowing on both sides of the road, and you have to cross small bridges in other to go to the buildings. The roofs of most houses were cone shaped, and the wall surrounding the town along with the houses were all white.

And also, as you approach the castle that can be seen in the distance, there are stairs and one building is built along each of the large steps.

Water was falling down like a waterfall from the mountain wall, and the sound from the fall could be heard even from a distance far away.

And above everything else, everyone in town was dressed like a typical wizard with their robes and pointed hats.

Well, for Lars who lives in this place, it would be a typical everyday sigh, but for us who us who came from far away is surprised.

In this country, they are able to use magic to do almost everything.

For example, we found a chef that was using adjusted fire magic in order to cook.

In this country, magic was learned at the age were everyone got proper awareness.

From the age of 7, it was mandatory to study in the magic academy to learn magic for at least 6 years.

Even a child who is not good at magic would be able to graduate to a certain degree regardless of grades.

It is also up to the student if they wanted to continue their studies or not after that point.

I also wanted to try going to school, but listening to the contents of their studies made my head hurt.

If I was born in a country like this, I was positive that I definitely won’t be able to survive.


「Me? I graduated after only a year of studying」


No matter how good your grades are, it was a requirement for everyone to finish the 6 year course, but because Lars was able to obtain all the knowledge and lessons that could offer in just 6 months, he was given a special exemption.

I understand that it’s a great achievement, but is that really ok?


「Also, everyone seems to be living their normal lives despite the strict security situation」

「This is probably different from the strict security situation that Roel-neechan imagines.

For example, the gate that we passed by have special magic enchantments that was applied to it.

It cannot be opened by anyone without being activated by a wizard from this kingdom, a special magic formula with defensive magic and adding to that would be the firmness of zircon. Ah, right, the walls surrounding the kingdom is also coated with zircon.」


If I remember correctly, Zircon should be a metal that is second in terms in of hardness, the first place goes to Orihalcon.

It is also sometimes used in weapons and armor, but it is heavier than Orihalcon and there’s a small amount of people who could properly use it.

Depending on how it is processed, it could also increase magic and abnormal status resistance, is what was said by the kid from the shop we visited before.

Even if I ask for something like that, it would only result in a large deficit and is not really that practical to use.


「Also, there was the fire brigade.

Although Nee-chan didn’t have problems receiving their attacks, that amount of power should have been able to pulverize a group of strong demons.

The Fire Gate is in the south side, there are also different brigades on the east, west and north gates respectively, but……」

「That, that’s right, that would certainly be the case!」

「Yes, but, everyone’s attacks were not that really effective against the assaulting golems……」


Lars voice started to darken after Roel tried praising their forces without knowing the situation.

Speaking of golems, they said that they were strong enough to even penetrate their defenses.

Well, if I think about the power of the Fire Rain aimed at me from before, I feel like a powerful golem that doesn’t have any feelings or thoughts won’t even be affected by that.

If it’s on the level of the mithril golem that I’ve fought against in the cave, then it won’t even be able to do any damage.


「Although the area around here is fine, the east wall was destroyed. There residents also tried to help in stopping their assault, but they were all easily killed because of not having any battle experience.」

「Are you saying that a wall that great was destroyed? Not only that, but citizens were killed……」

「The firepower was not enough. And weakening magic didn’t have that much of an effect.

The number of deaths of the thunderstorm corps during that assault was more than 20. I also tried helping, but my Illusions didn’t have any effect too……Kusu!」


Lars kicks the wall of a nearby house out of frustration. Roel apologizes to the surrounding people before they complains or throw things at them.


「U, umm, will you help us fight against them? 」

「Un, un. Of course. We will lend you our powers」

「Thank you……」


While we continued strolling around, we were also gradually approaching the castle.

Hasuto-san lives close to the castle so we are heading towards that place.

Because of being closed inside tall walls, you could not tell from the outside, but now that we could see it clearly, it was definitely wider than the Avagrand castle town.


「Ah, that over there is a transfer shop」


Lars pointed at a woman who was handing tickets standing in front of a magic circle.

We were beckoned to come closer and went inside the magic circle on the floor.


「The destination will be the house of Hasuto-san is it! I understand!」


◆ Wizard Kingdom, in front of Hasuto’s House ◆


The scenery changed in an instant after glowing for a moment. A town with scenery of torn roofs was right before us that extended towards the walls. Upon looking further, we could see the broken gate.


「The payment for the transfer was on my tab」

「Iya, that surprised me. What happened just now? 」

「That was a transfer shop. They perform magic that could instantly transfer us to certain locations and is a much easier method of travel than using carriages.

But the transfer destination is not that far away, at best it could only be used within the country.

I will omit the details because that’s not really important at the moment」


Magic of Instant Movement,it seems like this country also have some amazing things developed.

Behind us was a white house overlooking the town, it was behind a tall fence and a road heading towards it.

This is probably the house of Hasuto-san, but it was not that different from normal houses that could be seen around here. It was much smaller than the house that I imagined it would be, and it might even be possible to fit it inside one of the bigger houses that I have seen. It seems like the old man is living on his own, so this is just the right size for him to live in, probably.


「Grandpa! I have brought the people that you have asked me to bring!」


A girl who was seemingly a visitor of Hasuto-san came out. She has short gray hair and a conical hat.

She was wearing a thick robe that covers her face, along with a long scarf wrapped on her neck. Is that child also a wizard?


No, wait. If I remembered correctly, I have met her somewhere.

Right, it’s probably that person.


「Ne, ne, Ryua-chan, isn’t that person……」

「Oh, Ohh, are they the people that you mentioned」


After remembering about that girl, we heard a voice came from behind her, and then the door of Hasuto-san’s house slowly opened.