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Chapter 59 The Wizard Kingdom part 4 (Second half)

TL: Yuki


「I see, so they have already spread out」

「Eh, Hasuto-sama, you know something about them? 」

「Not that much, but I do know that the ones leading the invasion declared that they were part of that group 」


I was only suspecting at first, but it seems like my suspicions were true.

It’s really those annoying bunch that were causing all this trouble. Now that I know about it, I couldn’t help but participate in getting rid of them.


「As to how I know, I think it was about 30 years ago that the fight happened……

Those that declare themselves as the Demon King’s army and was fighting with the Avanguard’s Kingdom Army」


We listened to the story without asking any questions. I want to learn more about them so I don’t want it to be interrupted by asking something that would derail the story. I don’t really know if everyone was thinking of the same thing but all of us were just silently listening to the story without making any noise.

Only the sound of the townspeople from the outside could be faintly heard.


「30 years ago, a group of odd individuals appeared. They suddenly attacked the kingom of Avanguard and were claiming to be part of the Demon King’s Army.

The powers of the Demon Lord’s army were exceptional.

The clash happened in the northern plains of Avanguard Kingdom were the leading participants were the Royal Army including many A Ranked adventurers.

It was a long struggle without giving each other time rest.

The Army was desperately holding the enemy back in other to prevent them from invading the capital.

As the struggle continued, a light of hope came down to the battlefield. A plain looking boy no matter how you look at him, spearheaded the charge along with his companions aiming for the Demon King’s army.

With unstoppable momentum, little by little they continued whittling down the Demon King’s Army, and after almost about a year, they were finally able to take down the demon king!」


That surprised me, Hasuto-san suddenly shouted out loud as he was finishing the story.

But after clearing his throat, he continued talking again.


「The people commended the boy and his companions. Calling them Heroes and admiring their feats.

Hero, yes, that boy was actually a descendant of heroes that have saved the world during their successive generations.

Giga Atlas, Hell Cerberus, including Vanda Lucia, it was his bloodline that sealed those monsters to the bottom of the earth」


Eh, what, err, to be honest I just couldn’t understand everything that he talked about. I wonder if Roel would understand because she was intently listening to the story.

The Demon King, the Heroes. I would like to arrange all the information inside my head for a bit, but I probably can’t.

Ah, now that I think about it, I feel like Vanda Lucia did mention something about Heroes.


「Well, I understand the story, but I don’t about anything like that happening 30 years ago. It’s true that I’m not around at that time, but I have never heard about that story from people that I was a acquainted with……」


What Roel asked was certainly true, but I did know of someone who probably knows about it. It’s Gantetsu-san.

That day when that Balts person declared himself to be part of the Demon Lord’s Army, I noticed the fear he felt when he heard those words.

That person definitely knows something about them.

Well, he probably won’t speak about it. Neither the King nor anybody spoke about the Demon King’s Army after all.

That’s why I’ve decided, I will try asking that person about that story in person when we return.

Of course, I will also ask if he knows anything about the one winged demon. If he knows something about it, I definitely inquire and never forget about it.


「Well then, that should be all about what I know. As for the report of the Kingdom, they only were reporting the attackers to be demons.

They were probably thinking that not mentioning about the Demon Lord’s army would put the citizens to be more at ease.

I wonder if the people who participated in that battle was probably silenced too, that question still remained……」

「Did such a thing really happened…… I didn’t know anything about that at all」

「Regarding the Demon King’s Army that appeared 30 years ago and the New Demon King’s Army now. Perhaps they might have been survivors of the Army from 30 years ago」


I also don’t know anything about it, I am in the same position as Roel-chan.

I guess, they were trying to take revenge because they were defeated 30 years ago.


「By the way, was the reason for all of you to come here was only to hear about that story? 」


In the eyes of hasuto-san, a sparkle of curiosity was ignited. I have experienced such curious eyes before.

Zinnia from the country of Metalicana, that’s the same eyes that Hasuto-san is displaying right now. Eyes filled with curiosity uniquely found from adults. Also, it’s eyes that are saying that there are some new ideas from children that they could listen to.

Well, it might have been just my imagination, but I don’t really like those curious eyes.

And so, I talk about everything that happened until now including the things that happened in my village and the one winged demon.

Hasuto-san listened to my story silently. Then after I finished, he folded his hands and think about the things that I’ve said.

Then he finally answered after a while.




I was in shock after expecting that he might know something. If he knew about the Demon King’s Army, surely I was expecting that he might have known something.

Well, it was no good after all.


「You see, I don’t really know about everything, that includes the things that you’ve told me about」

「That is true……」


The room was then silenced for a bit. Just what I have been doing all this time, why did I struggle so much to the point that I almost died hundreds of times.

And after all that, I tried my best looking for clues, but can’t find anything at all. The pain I felt as I clenched my fist in frustration hurts.


「I am not really a specialist that you could consult regarding this.

But, if you can somehow help with the current golem crisis, then I might be able to help introduce you to people that might be able to help your search? 」

「I will still help even without that offer though…… but, is it okay? 」

「it’s fine, we will also probably investigate about the group mentioned and we could include finding information about the one winged demon along with it」

「Re, really?!」

「Even if I am already old, the information I could dig up would be much more reliable than most. It’s information from a sage after all」


I immediately stood up from my chair to express my excitement.

Then the door was knocked after I immersed from my moment of excitement.


「Hasuto-sama, will you please hand over to us the two young ladies that came to visit you」


Everyone’s attention moved towards the door. The voice of a man we don’t recognized was heard from the outside.

By mentioning two young ladies, it’s probably Roel and me. I have a really bad feeling about this.


◆ In Front of Hasuto-san’s House ◆


A number of wizards were lined up on the road, completely surrounding the house and making sure the there are no escape routes open.

Apparently, it was the king of the Wizard Kingdom that came. His forehead looks really wide because of his hair brushed all the way back.

Comparing him to the king of Avanguard, he looks really young.

The red cloak he was wearing is decorated with jewels, and in his hand was a cane with a large yellow gem.

I immediately realized that this person is also a wizard.


「Can you explain yourself, Hasuto-sama.

Why did you allow those two to enter even after receiving an attack from the fire squadron? 」


The captain of the squad that tested us looked apologetically and was facing down.

The King slammed the tip of his wand on the ground, and then glared at us. The dry echo of the wand made the captain shiver in fear.


「The amount of damage that the Golem User is already ridiculous.

Are you planning to sacrifice more people to satisfy your empty pride?」

「I am the King of this country. You have no authority to decide as to what action the kingdom should take. Therefore seize these people, I will decide an appropriate punishment for these illegal immigrants later」

「No! Hey, wait! What are you!」


As soon as Lars tried to protest, the King lifts his cane and pointed it towards Lars. Then a thin line of lightning strikes Lars. With eyes rolled back, Lars fell to the ground.


「La, Lars…… Hasuto Jii-chan …… Lars is……」

「He only fainted, don’t worry about it Tolppo. Other than that……」


Hey, this is way different from what I’ve heard. Wasn’t the King supposed to be not able to lay his hands or not even raise his head when confronting Hasuto-san?

The King of Avanguard was also difficult to approach, but this person is on a whole new level.

He was showing a cold atmosphere which makes me think that he’s not even thinking of people as actual people. Attesting to that is how he attacked Lars without even any hesitation.


――――Zajil, what did you do to my precious and cute desciple


That’s the only thing he murmured. Then an intense cold air was spread out from Hasuto-san.

Well, I don’t really feel that cold though.

Each word that came out of Hasuto-san’s mouth felt as if blades were pierced through the King and the Soldiers, and the soldiers that couldn’t take the pressure fell down off and shivered on the spot.

Everyone was having rugged breath and was trying to force themselves to get up, and only the King that was left standing in place.

Also, even the King took a defensive stance without knowing what would happen next.

There was no one behind me, but Roel and Tolppo backed away taking shelter in the wall of the house.

I could hear the King grinding his teeth from the pressure that doesn’t stop.


「But, but remember, as a national leader, it was you who taught me to do things my way many times when I was young! Hasuto!

I have my way of doing things!」

「Well that sure is true」

「I, Isn’t it? 」


Ah, he returned to being the nosy old man after pressuring them to his heart’ content. The King was also relieved.

I guess I also have to lower down my stance. This time, Hasuto-san displayed enough power showing that he could have killed everyone on this occasion.

It seems like the King was also only showing his dignity as King, that’s why he speak in the current way he does, but it seems all that dignity vanished. He was so prideful before standing in front of us, but now he’s barely standing and was using his staff to support him with both hands.


「Well, fine, I guess there’s only that as an answer. Ryuua and Roel, can you let yourselves be captured for now.

I’ll try doing something about it myself for now」



What happened to me assisting in the Golem subjugation? What if you also get caught or defeated?

There were a lot of things I would like to say, but we couldn’t say anything because of the atmosphere of the happy old man.


「But you know, Zajil. I will only let you off this time for hitting my cute disciple. there will be no next time」

「Hai, I got become a little bit too harsh…… I’m sorry」


I was at a loss for words as to what to say, and along with Roel, I was guided along by the soldiers and the frightened King.