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Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 80



After winning their first match, Peach Guardians rode the momentum to a series of victories.


One after the other, they continued to win.


“We won…”




That’s the exchange between Riot and me.


To be honest, we weren’t doing anything…we were just cheering them on.


Musel, keeping out the strongest enemies, exterminates them with his overwhelming firepower.


Ishizuka, whose wisdom and strategy do not match his burly body, leads the team.


Tsutsuou, always at his own pace, no matter what the situation.


The opposing team was helplessly defeated by the exquisite coordination of these three golems.


“Isn’t our team overwhelming?”


“nufuuu…right? We just need one more win, and we’ll be in the main tournament.”


“Oh! Shishiou… one more win and we’re in the tournament! Go for it!”


Tsutsuou responded to Riot’s cheers with a “Funyaa~”.


Although he was about to compete in the main event, he was still going at his own pace.


That’s the spirit of Tsutsuou!


Team [Peach Guardians] has won four in a row! If we win the next round, we’ll qualify for the main tournament!”


The audience went “Ooooooh!”  cheering us.


“Bowow!” ” Nyaaan!” “Meow!” “Chu!” “Meeeh!”


the stray beasts were also excited.


Meh~? …I looked closer and saw that Lily the sheep from Raizen-san’s place was mixed in with them.


When did she get mixed up? Well…she’s being quiet, so that’s good.


Next round, we’ll win quickly!


I thought so…but I reconsidered that thought when I saw the other team’s faces.


“Heeee… you’re gonna do it, aren’t you? You’re a foodie, aren’t you?


“Hehehe…you have no shortage of opponents, do you?”




Three bad guys from our class, Mafty, Gordon, and Breton.


You can never be too careful with these guys.


Mafty is a man of action, Gordon is a jack-of-all-trades.


Breton is calm and collected, and has the guts to stand tall and strong.


“You guys are Golem Masters too!”


Riot is surprised.


“But I’ve never seen you guys here before, have I?”


Pururu looks at the trio with interest.


Then…Mafty grins and said.


“Today is our first match.”


“Ha ha ha!” He laughed boldly.


…Oiii! You’re just trying it out! You guys!


Are you looking down on Golem Masters? 


“…Well, Mafty suddenly said he wanted to do it.”


“… We let him…do…whatever he wants.”


Gordon and Breton seemed to have gotten involved.


Mafty, you bastard….


“Come on! I’ve always wanted to do this! I’ve been saving up my allowance for this all day! Damn! Hobby Golem is expensive!”


Rest assured, it’s worth the price.


No… you’ll get more than that!


“Hou…I admire your good spirit, but it’s not strange to have it. In fact, I applaud your efforts.”


I clapped my hands and congratulated Mafty!


The audience, who had heard the story, also applauded, perhaps in sympathy.


A huge number of applause went to Mafty!


…Oh, Mafty’s face is bright red from embarrassment. How cute!


“No…don’t do that…it’s not like that…!”


He said in a muffled voice, but my big ears are picking up on it perfectly!


Hmmm…he seems surprisingly shy!


When the applause died down, the referee, perhaps seeing the time, said, “Let’s start the match, shall we?”.


Hah!? That’s right! Let’s start the match soon, let’s do this!


“Let’s start the game! Team [Peach Guardians] versus Team [Black Three]!”


…Sounds like someone’s going to get stepped on, doesn’t it? 


We [Peach Guardians] were already in the ring.


And then… the golems of the [Black Trio] got into the ring.


First up is Gordon’s golem.


Slender and tall…strings? Or is it a straw doll? 


“…kekeke, I’ll show you how strong my golem [Harara] is!”


I was surprised to see a straw golem.


One of the audience members leaned forward and looked at him with a “gasp”.


She was an unhealthy-looking girl with dark circles under her eyes.


…I bet she thinks it’s a good time to hammer a five-inch nail or something. Scary.


“…Go [Dibbleton].”


Next, Breton’s golem.


As expected, it is a large, stout golem.


An iron golem, perhaps? It’s a golem, like a knight in armor.


It is bigger than Ishizuka. As big as my waist! Huge!


“Hehe… come out! Testarossa!”


Finally, Mafty’s golem? 


…Hey, what’s that? 


The golem that Mafty brought into the ring? It was a female golem.


Its appearance was… you know… what you would call… a beautiful girl figurine.


It looked like a kind of work of art.


Her long, beautiful, milky-white hair is adorned with rabbit ears.


It is probably due to the influence of Mafty’s magic.


Her eyes are large, round, and red.


She has a well-shaped nose and plump lips.


She has a glamorous body, with prominent parts that stick out and attractive parts hidden.


The figure is covered with skin-like material, without the grooves that are often found in movable figures.


At a quick glance, she looks like a dwarf.


The problem is that she wears only a rag.


When it moves, it seems to show various parts that should not be seen.


“How’s my golem! Isn’t it cool?”


Mafty… you should call her pretty instead of cool.


More than that…


The name Testarossa…yeah! Too long! I’ll call you [Te~cha]!


I grabbed a piece of paper and turned it over.


There was a wonderfully realistic naked body.


Her breasts were full, her waist was almost bent…and she had a big, safe buttocks with a fluffy, round tail.


Of course, the girl part had “That part” too.


This is a problem. From a visual standpoint.


“Hey, judge! Look at this!”


I showed Teccha’s naked body to the referee.


“Oh…so naughty!”


The judge was embarrassed!


She was a woman, by the way, and a pretty commoner, I would say.


Nice! Cute civilian mob!


“Time to get Te~cha dressed!”


“Yes, I approve.”


The bigger guys were complaining and booing, but…


Pururu and the women in the audience glared at them, and they became quieter.


I know how you feel… but pull yourself together.


“Heyyyy….Mafty, at least get her some clothes, huh?”


“I was too busy working on the body. I worked all night designing it and tried making clothes”


Hmmm? …looking closely, it may look ragged…but I can see evidence of modification.


Mafty’s fingers were wrapped in reddish-black bandages.


Okay…so I guess it was not because he didn’t want to make it.


I guess I misunderstood Mafty a little.


He seemed to be giving his full attention and affection to her.


As a senior, I should do something about this…


“Hmmm…I’ll buy Teccha some clothes.”




Mafty was a bit puzzled.


“I don’t want to hear reasons of Teccha losing because she’s embarrassed because she has no clothes… That kind of reason… wouldn’t make sense, would it?”


“Oh… oh! Of course!”


Yeah, I could tell at first glance.


There’s a huge twinkle in his eye… parent and child.


I took them to Hustle Bobby’s dress-up doll corner.


It’s so convenient being so close by!


We made it to the dress-up doll section of Hustle Bobby’s.


Various dolls and shiny clothes of various colors were lined up in a row.


This is a girl’s dream corner.


“Heh…heh, there’s a lot of stuff here, huh?”


Mafty’s face is about to break out in joy.


After all, he was responsible for giving his daughter nothing but rags and tatters…? 


He immediately started to select a suitable outfit.


We don’t have much time, and I feel bad for the waiting audience.


“Normally, I’d prefer for you to take more time to choose… but we don’t have time! I have an idea!”


“I have a bad feeling about this…”


Mafty looked dissatisfied, but took up the idea of picking out clothes at a later date at a leisurely pace.


Fufufu…, this would get everyone in the hall excited.


I put one outfit on Te~cha and put a piece of cloth over it that was filled with Mafty’s love.


“Good…that should do it for now.”


“I won’t thank you, okay?”


Grinning, Mafty.


“I was only doing it for Teccha.”


I laughed.


We firmly shake each other’s hands.


Here was a young parent with a golem as his child.