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Chapter 81 Testarossa

I and Mafty back at the match venue.


On Mafty’s shoulder is Te~cha, and on my shoulder is Imo Imo Boy.


I bought him a pink ribbon at the store.


It goes well with his green body!


When we arrived at the venue, we were greeted with a lot of enthusiasm.


Oh…the venue was hotter than ever.


We came back to the venue and were greeted with a lot of enthusiasm.


“Hey, what’s up, guys? You guys!”


Mafty’s words were answered by a thick voice.


We were the fat guys and the scrawny, bespectacled guys.


“Uoooooh! Here they come!”


“Wha…what kind of outfit is that!”




It seemed that there were some people in this world who were in that line of work.


Well…no wonder, it’s so perfect.


Once again, I looked at Te~cha, who was riding on Mafty’s shoulder.


…? Hmmm? If you look closely, she looks just like Mafty, doesn’t she? 


When Mafty grows up, he will have a face like Te~cha’s. The only difference is the color of his hair.


The only difference is the hair color.


Mafty should take good care of his hair…


Shiny black hair is a good thing, you know? 


Mafty’s face is usually tight…but when he relaxes, he becomes cute.


Now Mafty and Te~cha… have the same face. They are adorable.


“Hmm? What’s up? Let’s get this game started!”


“Oh, oh! Oh, yeah! Let’s do it, Musel!”


Te~cha steps out to the ring.


“Testarossa, show him your clothes!”


Fufun!” he confidently instructs Te~cha.


Te~cha honestly took off her cover.


“Uooooh!!!” and a wild cheer.


Te~cha appears, dressed in her trusty black bunny suit.


Her tights were gray.


Now, the team is ready to live up to its name.


Te~cha originally had her own ears and tail, so I got the extra ears and tail.


I’ll put them on Ishizuka and Tsutsuou later.


She’s got a nice style, though, so they look great on her!


Te~cha again puts on the ragged cloth like a cloak.


If I put a skull and crossbones on it, I’ll look like some kind of space pirate…


“Okay, let’s start the match, shall we?


The referee urged.


Alright! Let’s do this!


“Let’s start the match between Team [Peach Guardians] and [Black Three]! You know the rules, right?”


We nodded, and Mafty and the others nodded as well.


“Then, let the game begin!”


A “wow! The crowd cheered.


The game has begun!


First, Musel fires a machine gun as a check.


Until now, the match had been decided by this attack.


But then…Dibbleton stands in front of Te~cha and Harara…and protects them.


All machine gun bullets hit…but Dibbleton did not seem to be damaged at all.


Overwhelming durability! So that armor is not just for show…? 


What armor! What’s the status of this thing?


Pururu hurriedly states to Dibbleton.


Then, he looks astonished.


Let me see it too!


◆ Dibbleton ◆


Arm 80, Resistance 380, Shun 20, Knowledge 20


Skill Guardian


Armored Golem [SSS].


Created by Breton Gaius


” Ra…Rank SSS!”


“Wow, that’s a very skewed ability, isn’t it?”


What the hell?


You created one hell of a golem! Breton!


Breton folds his arms and looks at Dibbleton with satisfaction.


Dibbleton nods in agreement.


There was no conversation, but they seemed to be communicating more than that.


They are like father and son, aren’t they?


But…SSS! When I was there, I was able to do it because my magic power went out of control…


There may be various ways of making it.


Here comes Te~cha’s move!


She flutters her rag like a cape… and moves in a circular motion.


Then she points her index finger at Musel.


“Testarossa! Show them, your power!!!!”


As soon as Mafty says this, a thick beam of magic light shoots out from Te~cha’s fingertip.


Before the ray hit Musel…Ishizuka was moving.


She pushed Musel away.


Musel escaped in the nick of time.


But, what an outstanding Ishizuka…did she anticipate that? 


Or was it just a hunch? 


“Wow! What’s up with that? Isn’t that Little Rabbit high in the ranks?”


Riot is surprised by Te~cha’s ray of light.


The match venue was crazed, and the fact that the golem shot a magic spell.


The audience is whispering about the fact that the golem shot magic.


“…I’ll look into it! State!”


◆Testarossa Rabbix


Arm 5, 30, Shun 465, Knowledge 500.


Skill Magic Exercise


Homunculus [SSSSSS].


Mafty Rabbix, the creator


“What is this? What is this? Rank SSSSSS!”


“This one is unbalanced, too…”


“But that doesn’t matter… is a homunculus a golem?”


Mafty created an artificial life form with a golem core.


And, isn’t it an outrageous result of using magic? 


Te~cha, who had finished shooting magic, hid behind Dibbleton.


That’s the way to fight! Makes sense!


Te~cha attacks from afar and Dibbleton defends!


This is solid! What to do…? 


I guess we’ll have to ask Te~cha to leave!


“Musel, take out Te~cha first!”


Musel moves as I tell him to.


But…he got tangled up in something and fell down.


“Kekekekeke….taste the horror of Harara!”


Entangled in Musel was the body of Harara.


It was Harara’s body that had untangled itself and entwined itself with Musel’s.


Te~cha is going to shoot at me! 


Te~cha is in sniping position! …I’m going to get hit! 


Flip, flip, flip…


“Kya!” The voice that seems to fade away.


Te~cha, you can talk, can’t you? 


The reason…Tsutsuou was licking Te~cha’s thigh.


When did this happen?


Musel took the opportunity to fire a machine gun at Harara’s body…but he was narrowly evaded.


Surprisingly, he’s quick!


“State! And this girl?”




Arms 105, resistance 100, agility 200, knowledge 295


skill bind body


Curse Golem [SSSS].


Created by Gordon Straus


“I never thought I’d run into such monsters in my last match!?”


“All these golems are over S!?”


I don’t care about that, I just want some udon noodles.


When I looked at Harara’s unraveled body, it looked like udon noodles.


I can’t help it!


“You know…,” Riot exclaimed.


Honestly, though, I’m sorry. Sorry.


“But I’ve already experienced with Eszak that performance doesn’t always decide the outcome! Musel, show us your power!”


Musel stood up as if responding to my words.


Ishizuka is also doing something to prepare for what’s next.


Meanwhile…Tsutsuou was licking Te~cha all over.


Every time he did, he would say, “Yaan!” or “Hiyan!” or “Hyan!” or “Hyan!” every time he did it. It was so erotic.


I don’t think anyone can hear it but me.


Oh, does Mafty have good ears too? 


Mafty’s face turned bright red and he was angry.


“Hey! Get away from Testarossa!”


“Harara, get that little lion off her!”


Riot… you are familiar with it already.


I was impressed by Riot’s skillful intervention using the [cat] aspect.


Harara tries to pull Tsutsuou off…


Harara tries to pull Tsutsuou off her, but he moves around a bit too much and is hard to catch.


Dibbleton is stuck in the middle of the room with Musel and the others glaring at him.


Te~cha is writhing in agony as Tsutsuou licks her all over.


Harara is having trouble capturing Tsutsuou.


Tsutsuou is licking Te~cha while escaping. …You’re very dexterous, aren’t you? 


Needless to say, the difference between the front and the back of Dibbleton was massive.


A few moments of standoff and slapstick ensued.


Tsutsuou, you little rascal…. (dumbfounded)