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Chapter 62 At Hikari Inn

TL: Fenderson

ED: Yuki

Hmm, who is it this time?

I wonder who Uruto-san is talking to.

Well, the conversation doesn’t seem to be related to me.


I thought such, and when I was about to pass the reception, I happened to overhear the words of the man talking to Uruto-san.


「______ Alim-chan is it? The fastest, youngest A-rank…? 」


It seems they are talking about me, but the contents are strange. I became A-ranked a few hours ago at midnight.


Gabiina-san, Grape-san, the driver-sans, or the guild staff are the only ones who would know of my rank up right now.

Knowing that at this time means that the person talking to Uruto-san is associated with the guild

I thought it might be Agito-san, but the voice is different.

I will go transparent and listen in a little. Though eavesdropping is not good.

Uruto-san began to say something astonishing.


「Ahh, as I thought, Alim-chan is it. Her status is not that of a D-ranker. Moving to A-rank like that.. I think SS-rank is probable? Well, that girl might make it to SSS-rank someday.」


I have never shown my ability in front of Uruto-san.

Why is Uruto-san able to evaluate my ability? I can only think that he can see my status.

In addition, he said SSS-rank? Why is Uruto-san comparing me with that rank?

Now, the woman speaks.


「heee… it’s not unusual for other adventurers to like Uruto. Certainly, Uruto was the youngest and fastest A-rank adventurer in history… I wonder if she will be able to grow to be equal to us?」


Uruto-san answers the woman’s question.


「Ah, without a doubt, that girl has a similar skill to what we have, that 『Named Skill』. In addition, it is a new kind.」

「heee… Is that so? Interesting.」



What is that 『Named Skill』?

Don’t tell me its 「Master」?

If that is the case, then there are other masters, and now, the three here have a 「Master」 skill?


Furthermore, he said the same as us… from the contents of the conversation of the three people that means Uruto-san is an SSS-rank adventurer.

To think that Uruto-san is one of the highest ranked adventurer…


The three people continue talking.


「So, that girl, what do you think of her? Isn’t she cute? 」

「Mou~, what are you saying… Uruto, you are making me worry」

「Yeah… if she goes to the Martial Arts Tournament, she will quickly be in the public’s eye, so `cute’ that her cuteness will be the only topic? 」


Uruto-san… even if you praise me that much you won’t get anything…


「Heee…. by all means, you can meet us now.」

「Well, I guess we will already meet now, huh.」

「Eh, Uruto, you, and what are you saying? Everyone has already gone to sleep. It’d be bad if you woke people up.」


Mmm? Uwaa? Uruto-san what… but, right now I am transparent and I have not made a sound…


「I know you are there. Come out, Alim-chan.」


What is this person?

I canceled my transparency and came out in front of the three.