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Chapter 63 SSS Ranker

TL: Fenderson

ED: Yuki

I removed my invisibility and stood in front of the three people.


There was Uruto-san, a blond dandy man, and a beautiful woman with silvery hair in her early twenties.

Two of them where surprised and said:


「Whoa, no way, you hid so well that I didn’t notice your existence at all. I am surprised.」 (man)

「I could understand what Uruto pointing out. This girl is really promising」 (woman)


Following up, Uruto-san says


「Right? That’s what I was saying. She’ll will definitely grow as an SSS-rank. Ah, Alim-chan please come sit here in this open seat.」


I sit in the recommended open seat next to the silver haired woman.


「Aha. What an interesting girl. With her not being excited or not surprised. I mean, how come this girl didn’t know about us 」 (man)

「Where is that confidence coming from? Don’t you think that maybe she just didn’t recognize you? 」 (woman?)

「Maybe, but… Uruto may know the reason, right? After all only SSS-ranked people know of this Uruto’s current figure. He usually shows a different look after all. But that doesn’t really differ from the both of us. After all you and I are also in disguise, right? 」 (man)



So that’s the case, SSS-rankers are probably celebrities? Is that how it is? They are after all the strongest class of people in all of Anazumu.

But, well it was because I don’t know what I don’t know.

That’s why I’ll use the memory loss setting to explain.


「Sorry… I don’t want you to feel bad… but I have no memory before two weeks ago…」


The blond dandy man answers in response,


「Is that so? I see, you have various circumstances. Then, it’s natural that you wouldn’t know… no, wouldn’t it be better to say you forgot? My name is Gilmars. I am known as ≪The God of Military Arts≫. I’m the team leader of [Peace of Hercules]. This here is Beppin-san…」


Gilmars-san says referring to the silver haired lady.


sigh … Beppin-san, you… My name is Parasuna. I’m SSS-ranked. I’m known as ≪The Great Magician of the Universe≫.」


So this person is Parasuna-san. I should give my greeting again.


「Gilmars-san, Parasuna-san, I am pleased to make your acquaintance. I am called Alim」

「Aa, I’ll remember. Anyway, you are really cute… in 3~4 years I’d love to get to know you more… and do various things… 」(Gilmars)

「Don‘t Alim-chan. don’t go near this suspicious old man. Anyway, you are really cute aren’t you? I want to hug you. 」 (Parasuna)


She hugged me before I could reply. Déjà vu. Why does this always happen? Gilmars-san who was watching us said,


「Ah, that’s good, Alim-chan. Hey, Parasuna-san, can you hug me too? 」


Parasuna-san hugged me tighter and replied,


「Really, you make light of women Gilmars-san, so troublesome.」

「Oh yea, you are already with Uruto.」 (Gilmars)

「Tha.. That’s different…」 (Parasuna)

「Oho? Are you ok with that? You don’t like Uruto-kun? 」 (Gilmars)

「That’s not it… it is because you are only teasing right now, Gilmars-san」


Parasuna-san says in rebuttal and shows a cute inflated mouth expression.

I see, Parasuna-san and Uruto-san are together, huh.

Speaking of which, I haven’t heard anything about Uruto-san.

While I sat on Parasuna-san’s lap, I asked about Uruto-san.


「Oh yea… Just who is Uruto-san? He’s an SSS-ranker right? 」

「That’s right, I’m an SSS-ranker. I am known as Uruto Ultraman. In public I go by my last name, but Uruto is my first name. I’m also known as the Immortal Hero.」


Parasuna-san speaks up and says,


「Uruto is amazing. Three years ago, he abolished slavery all by himself in all of Anazumu and destroyed the core where slavery first originated. That’s why, Uruto is not only a hero but also is a celebrity to many.」

「But his appearance now… It’s that of a good young man, but his everyday appearance before is just… The armor he usually wears looks something that resembles a monster, and that makes him look like a no good delinquent.」

「Eh? Is it weird? Isn’t it cool in appearance? Don’t you agree Gilmars-san? 」

「… I clearly have no idea」

「Is that so…」


Uruto-san slumps looks depressed! What kind of figure is this? Let’s change the subject.

There is another subject that I want to hear about.


「Umm.. Just now, I overheard… You all talking about having skills named with “Master”」


All three of them answer.


「Ah, yes, I have it. I have “Battle Master”. It’s a skill that handles every conceivable weapon treatment and rule over all tactics.」 (Gilmars)

「As for me, it is “Magic Master”, a skill that rules over all magic. Every magic attribute is usable, along with MP consumption being considerably decreased. It can also absorb and reflect magic of my opponents.」 (Parasuna)

「I have “Beast Master”. It covers all specialties of all life forms, including demons, with that I can freely modify my body, clear any poison in my body, repair anything, split up my body into different parts and recombine. This is where the immortal label is from.」 (Uruto)

As I thought, the “Master” skills are amazing. They are all cheats, aren’t they?

But is it good to recklessly explain about their skills?


「Am… Amazing! …but is it really okay to give away the details of your skills so easily? 」

「Oh, no probs. When you get to SS-rank, one wants to boast about their skills. On the other hand, if one was just A-rank then one would be hesitant to explain about their skills. We didn’t include how we got the skills. If it is alright to tell us, can you tell us about yours? 」 (Parasuna)


Well, there won’t be any problem if I tell them.


「Ah, yes, my skill is “Item Master”. It’s a skill that rules over all items. For example, I can make legendary items and normal items at unthinkable speeds with workmanship that blows others away. This also includes expert use of any tool, the ability to appraise anything, and the ability to sense the location of materials one wants to collect.」


Uruto-san nods his head in understanding. Parasuna-san says 『Convenient』

But, Gilmars-san got excited and said,


「Hey, Alim-chan! In other words, you can make weapons and others things that are incomparable to everything else? 」

「Yea, that’s how it is」

「I see… The thing is, I keep a weapons collection, would you create a weapon for me if I give you the materials and money? 」


This is a lucky opportunity for me. I want to make things. He wants to collect. It’s a perfect combination.


「Yes, sure, I’ll make it. I’ll start tomorrow.」

「Really? Is that really fine? 」


What amazing enthusiasm. Now, what item should I show as an example?


「Yes, certainly. Would you like to see the last sword I made for my own use? 」

「I’d love to see it, by all means. I can appraise weapons. I’ll thoroughly look it over.」


I’ll show my best masterpiece. I’ll show Gilmars-san the Ultimate Silver Magic Sword of Absorption. He appraises the sword. After checking it out for a bit more, he says


「Amazing… Really… you really can make legendary weapons. This is similar to a weapon gotten from a dungeon. Make me one. I beg of you Alim-chan.」

「Certainly! 」


The business talk with Gilmars-san concluded with that.

A weapon for an SSS-ranker… I will respond to their expectations.

Then in addition both Parasuna-san and Uruto-san say.


「Um, then, Alim-chan. could you also make me a staff, robe, and accessories? Of course, I will give you money and materials for them… will that be good? 」 (Parasuna)

「Ah, the both of you, and here I was still holding back being patient… Alim-chan do you mind also making me some things?」(Uruto)

「Absolutely! 」


With that, I now have business dealings with three SSS-rankers. I just finished a job, and I’m a bit tired, but I am excited to receive more work.


Parasuna-san noticed something and speaks up.


「But, Alim-chan, you’re going to be in the tournament right? About that… will you be ok with your preparations? 」


I reply with,


「It’s just making a weapon, I’ll be okay.」

「Is that so, then its fine」


Gilmars-san interjected with a laugh. It seems like I was able convinced them.


After that, we four enjoyed talking together for a bit.



After a while, we slowly got up, they need to return.


「Now then, I need to return. Later Alim-chan」


Seems Parasuna-san needs to return.


「Before I head home, I’ll hand these over to you Alim-chan. These are materials for a single sword.」 (Gilmars)


I received Ultimetal, dismantled materials of an S-ranked monster Orthros.

I will be undertaking this request. Then I will deliver the finished product to Uruto-san and he will give it to him when they meet.


Uruto-san and I saw off the two people, and then Uruto-san told me to go back to my room and sleep.


Listening to his words, I returned to my room and went to sleep.

So many things had happened, I was worn out.


Four days until the start of the tournament.