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Chapter 64 The days before the Tournament

TL: Fenderson

ED: Yuki

Good morning.

It is now 10 o’clock in the morning. Since Gilmars-san and company left at 3 o’clock yesterday, it can’t be helped that I woke up at such a time, isn’t it?


I have decided what to do today.

Create a sword for Gilmars-san’s collection.

It will be my first production from a request.

Let’s create it with full enthusiasm.


However, I was passed a lot of materials. After making the sword, maybe I should also make a kitchen knife.


The Orthrus that was passed to me was a whole creature, you know?

I wonder if it would be good to return the leftovers.



12 o’clock at night.

Finally done

This is the sword.


Suit Orthrus Ultimate Forged Magic Sword of Double Increasing
State Best
Grade Best
Value Legend
Material Ultimetal
Orthrus’ right canine
Orthrus’ left canine
Orthrus’ tail
Type Magic sword of monster parts
Attack power + 642 (214 x 3)
Ultimate increase in performance as a sword (durability, sharpness, 3x attack power)
Increase the speed of the wielder’s sword movements
Double the special effects of the sword for a fixed time by consuming 200MP
By consuming 222MP the sword becomes two for a fixed time (this effect cannot be duplicated)
Moderately light
Always stays at the best condition


I hope this is satisfactory.

Because I have been working since morning without eating or drinking, it can’t be helped that I am now tired.

I shall pass the sword to Uruto-san tomorrow and go to sleep now.


Three days until the tournament starts.

Good morning.

I gave the sword for Gilmars-san to Uruto-san.

I asked him the rules for the tournament. As a matter of fact, I had not yet been informed of the rules.

The rules will be tournament-based, and you can bring up to 2 weapons. You are disqualified if you leave the field, and only results are counted, everything else would not affect the results of the fight.


When morning came, I show my face at the guild to get the quest reward.


When I opened the door, everyone stared at me. It’s a little scary. Then everyone started cheering.


「Uaaaa! It’s Alim-chan! 」

「The fastest youngest A-ranker! 」

「Such a cute face, isn’t it? 」


Everyone seems to know that I have become A-rank. Mostly likely, the information was from Agito-san.

I talk with Agito-san.


「Congratulations on obtaining A-rank, Alim-chan. A-rank and higher jobs are only given out at the bigger guild in the center of the capital city. But if you want to do lower ranked jobs feel free to come back here … but, it’s just as I thought, Alim-chan is a prodigy.」

「ehehehehe… thank you very much! For work below A-rank I will be indebted to you here in the future.」

「Ah. We shall be in your care. Also, the remuneration for the quest… there has been an addition. It has become 48,000 Bell!」

「Thank you very much! 」

「You are welcome to come again.」

「Yes! 」


I exited the guild while under the eyes of all the other adventurers.


Today, I have nothing in particular to do. I’ll take the rest of the day as a rest day which I haven’t done in a while.

Oh yea … you can make udon with flower right?

I want to eat Japanese food.

I haven’t seen miso, soy sauce or rice in this world.

I have seen soy, so I could make soy sauce and miso myself next time.


The udon I made was very delicious.

I used Item Master to produce tools to make udon and also making the udon.

So of course it will be delicious.

Since I didn’t have any soup stock, I made fish stock for the udon.

Next time, I’ll try Takoyaki.


After lunch, it was free time.

That’s it, I’ll make some armor. Why not a weapon? That’s because I want to make an item that increases status.

Thus for the rest of the day, I made [One Handed Gloves], both a right and left one.

Why one handed gloves? If it was a pair, then it’d be recognized as just one set of equipment. But if there are two one handed gloves it is recognized as two pieces of equipment.


Here is the finished product. The other one has the same effect.

Fingerless One-handed Magic Gloves (right)
State Best
Grade Best
Value Legend
Material Myrmecoleon skin
Rainbow Imperial Dog Skin
Type One handed glove made from multiple monster skins
Defensive Power + 150 (50 x 3)
Ultimate increase in performance as an armor (durability, defensive strength 3x times)
Astonishing increase in A of the wearer
Astonishing increase in C of the wearer
Astonishing increase in D of the wearer
Astonishing increase in w of the wearer
Extreme increase in S of the wearer
Moderately light
Always keep the best condition

The astonishing increase is about 1.5 times while the extreme is 2 times. In other words, with the effect of the two gloves and my enchanted shoes, my speed will be 6 times faster.


With this, I will stop for today. I shall sleep.

Two days until the tournament. That is the day after tomorrow.


Good morning.

Today is the day before the tournament, and the whole city is noisy.

Uruto-san isn’t here. As an SSS-ranker he went to the coliseum to prepare for the tournament.


It’s the day before the tournament, and I have free time. I could make some cute clothes that are easy to move in? But I already have that.

I don’t have to maintain any of my equipment because of their enchantments…


I could make some pizza? The food of this world is delicious, but after all the food from Earth is nostalgic.

It’s been a month since I came to Anazuma.

I also would like to have some ice cream.

Shall I make it?


Yum! Delicious!

Both pizza and ice cream are delicious!



Now if I just had someone to enjoy this with, it would be perfect.

Ah… Mika… I wonder what you are doing now?

I wonder how she has been doing since I died.


…and I’ve started to feel lonesome and melancholic.

I shouldn’t feel  down. I have to Martial Arts Tournament tomorrow after all.


Oh yea, I need to go to the basement of the Coliseum tomorrow at 11.

I already know the structure of the Coliseum so I have nothing to worry about.


Well then, I’ll head to bed early today.

Good night.