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Chapter 65 Battle Tournament 1

TL: Fenderson



Good Morning.

Today the tournament starts. The participants gather at 11.

The capital is quiet busy.


It is currently 10 o’clock. I’ll head to the Coliseum early.


I arrived at the Coliseum and headed to the underground. Along the way, there were a lot of people who look like they are participating.

Among them, one face is familiar.


「Gabiina-san! Hello! 」

「Ah, Alim? You look well, have you come to observe the tournament? But, it is not open to the public today.」


Ah, this guy, he didn’t know I was going to participate.


「No, I am an A-ranker. That means that I and Gabiina-san are rivals during the tournament.」

「You are participating…!? Then, that was what you discussed with Grape-dono at that time. I am aiming to win the tournament but it seems like it would difficult… with what I showed you… But, if we are going to fight, then let us do our best.」



As expected of Gabiina-san follows his sense of honor like a samurai. Do samurai exist here though?


I arrived underground.

There are places for matches here. The finals will be open to the public and held above.

This place is larger on the inside than the outside. It is probably a magic room.

And furthermore, it appears as though they have even more places separated by rank.


Then, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned to look at the person who tapped my shoulder but I could not tell who they were because they hid their face in the hood of their black robe.

This suspicious person wearing a robe whispered to me.


「 (Alim-chan, it’s me. Me. Parasuna. I can’t show my figure here or everyone will make a fuss. Please come along with me) 」


Celebrities have it difficult. This would is why they were meeting Uruto-san at midnight to keep things out of sight.

I and Parasuna-san arrived.


In front of me are Gilmars-san and, an unfamiliar person.

More like, he doesn’t look human.


He looks more like an action figure than a person.

If I were to see this on Earth then I would have thought that he was either an Otaku with Chuunibyou or a high quality cosplayer.

This person began to say something.



(Note he is speaking in all katakana, so think a stilted forced voice or something, I’m gonna just make it all caps)


… Immortal Hero… no way… that person


「Um… Are you Uruto-san? 」



So it was him.

Gilmars-san was holding his mouth shut.


「See? Alim-chan, can’t say that he has very good taste, huh? And he also changes his voice in a strange way」


「Hmmm, How to put it, I think you don’t have very good taste.」

「I’m sorry. Uruto. But I also think your taste is bad, regardless of your appearance and relationship. Though, children seem to find it amusing.」 (Parasuna)



Ahh, Uruto-san is depressed.

By the way, why was I called over?


「By the way, did you need something from me? 」

「I just wanted to see the cute Alim-chan, right? 」 (Parasuna)


「Ah, that’s right. Alim-chan, and for that wonderful sword, thank you for reals~~! It would be a waste to put it in my collection to just admire. It is now my new sub-weapon! Thanks a bunch! I’d like to ask again, this time could you make a bow…? 」 (Gilmars)


That’s good. I’m glad. But, what do I do with the excess materials?


「A bow, is it? Alright! By the way, what should I do with the remaining Ultimate Metal and Orthros materials? 」

「Ah, Ultimate Metal and Orthros materials is it? I’d like to use them toward another weapon later. For the bow, I’d like you to use mithril and a monster called… um, basilisk was it, it’s an S-rank monster. It’s alright if you wait until after the tournament is complete. I’d like to pay the reward money for the sword along with the bow.」

「Yes! I got it」


An Orthros and now followed by a basilisk… truly a fantasy isn’t it? Well, this’ll be the first time I make a bow. I’ll just do my best.


After the four of us talked, Gilmars-san remembered that I need to hurry.


「Alim-chan, you need to get back to the underground arena soon. The explanation will begin. By the way, I am the general referee for the group that Alim-chan is in, the A-rank! It’s good to have you. In addition, Uruto is the referee for S-rank and Parasuna is the referee for B-rank」 (Gilmars)

「Got it! 」

「Well then, we’ll see you later」


After farewells with the three, I turned back to the arena.


When I got back, the place was filled with A-rank adventurers bustling about. There were quite a few adventurers calling out to me, mostly because I was cute or they were jealous of my strength.


At the back of the area there is a stage.

At 11 o’clock Gilmars-san comes out onto the stage. He then calls out,


「Hey! Attention! 」


Everyone got quiet, and looked at Gilmars-san.


「This time we have 80 contestants! Welcome to the tournament! There will be 5 rounds including the finals. The rules are simple, one will lose if they give up, leave the ring, have the lower HP after 30 minutes or are unable to continue. Also, it is absolutely prohibited to kill your opponent. And you get to bring two weapons with you. Otherwise, anything goes! Show off the skills that you have constantly been polishing tonight! This time it is I, Gilmars, who will be the general referee until the 1st and 2nd rounds! I’m Gilmars! 」



Wow, amazing cheers.

Gilmars-san is really like a celebrity.


「I’ve kept you waiting, now to announce your first opponent! Take a look at your entry ticket. Those in the same blocks as you will be your first opponents! Ah, everyone, move to the block written on your registration. All games will begin at 11:20, let’s all start together! 」


I kind of expected a large billboard come down from above announcing things.

There is that sort of feeling to this tournament…

Alright, I will be fighting with people from the 12th block, huh.


I head towards the 12th block.