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Chapter 66 Battle Tournament 2

TL: Fenderson

ED: Yuki


The 12th block


Now, before me is an opponent, his name is Chekei.

The weapon that I have in my hand is a spear. He talks to me.


「You, you’re the youngest fastest A-ranker Alim, aren’t you? I am called Chekei. If you don’t want to get hurt, why don’t you give up already? I don’t have a hobby to scratch such a beautiful face」

「Nice to meet you. Don’t worry about that… as I will end it in a moment.」

「Ha! You got a cute face, but the words out of your mouth are good. Not bad. Well, may the best one win.」


…And at 11:19, prompted by the referee of the 12th block, we both go up on the stage and face each other.


We bow. Then hold our weapons.


11:20 the matches start with a signal from Gilmars-san.


「Now then.. Round one, matches… start! 」


Chekei immediately starts casting a spell.




And with that he falls flat.

Of course, it is from the effect of my magic sword’s attack.

I used 『Extreme Sword Technique・First Judgment』.

Looks like, if this was a normal sword Chekei’s neck would have been blown away?

As one would expect of my sword

I urged the stunned judge to make a declaration because the match is over.


「Referee-san, your decision please」


The referee showed a confused face came up to the ring and checked Chekei’s state.


「Che… Chekei has fainted! Alim Nariway is the 12th block winner!」


I’ve cleared the first round. Though it was over a little too fast.


Apparently, I finished first.

Hmmm, does this mean I will have to wait 30 minutes for all the matches to end?


After 24 minutes, the first round was over. After a 15 minutes break, the second round will start.

In the next round, I will have a match with a person called Domyur from the 6th block.

I use up 10 minutes preparing and eating a sandwich before the next match.


5 minutes before the second match I was next to the stage. After a moment a person who seemed to be Domyur came.

She was a plump aunty with thick makeup wearing a chainmail. In her left hand she held a small axe… no a tomahawk, in her right an iron shield. That’s quite heavy equipment.

She looks strong being able to use all that. All of that equipment would be difficult for a woman to wear.


She says,


「Aha, cute. Are you Alim-chan? I’ve heard various rumors about you. Passing the first round means you definitely have the ability. So, I won’t hold back, you understand? 」

「I won’t hold back either. I look forward to our match.」

「Oh, what good manners you have, Alim-chan. You’re 12, right? I have a son of the same age, but he is a rascal. I wish his behavior was a bit more like Alim-chan」


For the rest of the hour I listened to Domyur talk about such domestic matters.


At 12 o’clock, the referee of the 6th block prompted us to go on stage together and prepare. We then held our weapons ready.


Gilmars-san announces the start of the next match.


「Well then, the beginning of the second round, start!」


Domyur-san takes a strong stance…


「I’ll go first… 『Earth’s Strengthening Spirit』…!」


A strong orange aura surrounded her… this is probably an enhanced 「Qi」.


The only place not covered that a sword could touch is the face. Can’t be helped, it’s not like she will be injured, so it’s all good.


I attack with 『Extreme Sword Technique・First Judgment』. Domyur-san faints.


「Referee-san… we are done」


Hearing my words, the referee checks out Domyur-san, then declares.


「Domyur Pipi… stunned. Second round 6th block… winner, Alim Nariway…」


Passed the second round


Wait, Pipi? That’d be Jisef-san and Gerbera-san’s daughter…! Those two are about the right age.


Again, it seems I finished first.

Got to wait another 30 minutes


All matches have now finished.

Gilmars-san takes the stage.


「All the matches for today are over! The third round, the semi-finals, will be held tomorrow at the coliseum. That’s at 9am! Don’t forget. Take a rest for the rest of today! 」


Well now, seems I can go home now. The other adventurers start to gradually leave. I’ll head home too.

Before I left, Gilmars-san called out to me.


「Hey, Alim-chan. You showed amazing strength. Especially the second match against Domyur, who has ≪Fighting Mom≫ as her alias. Last year she was first place in the 449th A-rank tournament, she is a very talented person… winning in an instant like that. You definitely have the making of an SSS-rank.」

「Thank you!」

「Return for today and relax. Tomorrow it will be at 9 o’clock. It may be a little early, but do your best.」



I said goodbye to Gilmars-san and returned.


I have nothing in particular left to do today.  No, I have the usual.

It was still 1 o’clock in the afternoon, but I spent my time working in my room.


Night fell, let’s sleep. Good night.