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Chapter 67 Battle Tournament 3

TL: Fenderson

ED: Yuki

Good Morning.

Incidentally, I made a knife yesterday. The knife explodes like fireworks when thrown. Furthermore, I’ve mixed in some anesthetic. I’ve decided to make this flashy.

Ask why? It’s because I want to stand out.

Alright, time to depart to the Coliseum.


I arrived at the Coliseum at 8:50AM. At 9AM the staff will give an explanation.

Today is the third and fourth rounds. There will be 15 games in total, which will be 15 minute each shortened from 30 minutes last time (with a 5 minute break for each game). We are allowed to bring up to 3 weapons. The first game will start at 9:30.


At the start of the game before mine, they will give a message to notify me to go wait in the waiting room. I will make your entrance to the battle stage when the live commentator calls my name.


I am the third match. Seems my opponent is named Kizam. Previously he has done well in previous tournaments. He’s a good looking guy. I don’t really care.

By the way, I don’t like watching the matches.


I’m only on the third game. It seems that I could leave, but it would be better not to.


At 9:20 a voice reverberates throughout the Coliseum. Ah, it’s the commentator.


〔Alright, the 452nd A-rank battle tournament will start! A tournament for adventurer’s to test their strength against each other. Giving live commentary is me, Kyme Speech! 〕


Heee, there are such things in Anazumu as well. Alright, this may get exciting. The commentator continues on.


〔Now then, let me introduce our three guest commentators! The SSS-ranked legendary team 【Peace of Hercules】’s party leader, ≪God of Military Arts≫, Gilmars Hercules~!!〕

〔Everyone, yoroshiku!〕

〔And for this beautiful flower! SSS-ranked, ≪The Great Magician of the Universe≫, Parasuna Narvan~!〕

〔fufu, everyone, look forward to it desuwa〕

〔And finally, the envoy of justice, SSS-ranked, ≪The Immortal Hero≫, Lastman~!〕

〔Contestants yo, give it your all and aim for victory!〕

〔And in the VIP seats we have king Ruido Mefilad the 17th from the Kingdom of Mefilad~!〕


Heee, so those three are SSS-rankers and the king of the country was included as well. I shouldn’t act imprudently.

Even so, Uruto-san sure seems to have a Chuunibyou, or at least if felt like that.

The excitement in the venue continued to increase as the contestants began to enter the arena.


〔Now then, the 452nd adventurer battle tournament for A-ranks is about to begin! The first round! 〕



Wa~ Kya~ and the audience cheering and be clearly heard. I don’t dislike such an atmosphere.

The contestant entrance has begun,


〔Been an adventurer for 30 years… with proven ability! Will he show us his strong martial arts with his body!? Called 『Strong Fist』, Hell Battle, Goungbang~!!!〕


Ah, the contestant entrance is like this. Even though, I’m not going to watch the match. I’ll go to the waiting room and greet my opponent Kizam.


There was a person present in the contestant’s waiting room, this is probably Kizam.

He noticed me and spoke.


「Are you the girl named Arim?」


「Hum, I was excited to see who was being called the fastest and youngest A-ranker… Still a brat. I wonder how I’ll cut this brat down. This Kizam will wipe your conceit off your face… kukuku」

「hahaha… haa」


This guy, he’s a really disappointing pretty boy. He’s certainly a pitiful handsome guy. I didn’t expect to be assaulted by bad puns.


「That’s why girl, I’ll try not to injure you too much. I don’t want my clothes to get dirty with blood. Kuku」

「Ha… I look forward to the match…」


Apparently the current match has been decided while we were greeting each other like that.


〔Ooto! Narina Layazo fainted by a wind cannon! Winner, Hell Battle Goungbang!〕


Kizam continued with,


「Oh, our match is the one after next. My waiting room is on the other side. Later, Arim, I’ll be expecting you. Please entertain me.」


After saying so, he left. I’ll remain in this place as it seems to be nice here.

The next match has begun.





〔_____ and we have a winner, contestant Emile Morsria~!!!〕


Well then… next is my turn. It seems as though I’ll be called after Kizam.

We enter when called. There is no need for nervousness. This cute I will give a good performance.


This place, the exit is nearby and the audience’s voices can be clearly heard.

I’m getting excited.


… Kizam was called.


〔Good looks! Slender and graceful body! An enviously handsome man… but his abilities are real! Well we get to see the strength of the 451st battle tournament A-ranked champion!? 『Young beauty of the speed sword』Kizam Komaruta!!!〕


I could hear a loud cheer, especially from the women.

Next… I will be called…

The staff tells me to prepare. Yoshi… Let’s go!

I go out into the arena.


〔So fast, only registered 10 days ago! So young, only a 12 year old girl! The fastest, youngest, and strongest A-ranker under the maturity age who’s strength cannot be imagined from her pretty appearance! Arim Nariwei! 〕


(Third person)

A cute child emerged onto the arena floor.

Wave her hands in the direction of the audience in the venue, and bow and give a cute smile.


(Back to Alim’s POV)

I wonder why I was a bit nervous before.

The cheers are amazing.


「So, cuuuuute!!」

「What is this, such a beautiful girl!」

「Kya~! Arim-chan so cute! 」

「So beautiful…」

「Here, look over here!」

「How can there be such a girl as this!?」

「I don’t want to see her get hurt… can she really fight…」

「Do your best! I support both of you! 」

「Such a smile!」


【Title [Fascination Talent] has been promoted to [Seductive Beauty] by two levels】


I skipped the levels in-between. Was that too much for the audience?


The match begins…


〔Ooto, an unexpected show down between a handsome guy and a beautiful girl! Now then, get ready…. match… start! 〕