Home Levelmaker Chapter 69 Battle Tournament 5

Chapter 69 Battle Tournament 5

TL: Fenderson

ED: Yuki


「Yo, Alim, I am going seriously! 『Fire Spirit Spear』『Earth Spirit Spear』… and 『Overwhelming spear・Moon Rain Five』!」


This is probably Gabaina-san’s full power. A quick and fierce spear attack assaults me.

But, I shall manage everything with my sword. After all, my weapon skills are higher.


「Naa… only to this degree…」

「Gabaina-san… next, shall be my turn, alright?」

「Oo, come!」


I well seriously respond to Gabaina-san’s efforts.

I ready my healing sword, and unleash my greatest sword skill.


「Extreme Sword Technique・Extreme Five!」


This technique is truly strong.  If I where to put 8000MP into my magic sword and release this technique, it would be powerful enough to cut in half a small mountain.


My powerful slash tore up the ground and hit Gabaina-san directly.

In truth, there should be a huge scar upon the ground and Gabaina-san would be cut cleaning in half. But because of my excellent sword this doesn’t happen.


___________then, Gabaina-san fainted and fell down.


There was a moment of silence. The judge came over to give his judgment. The commentator with a quivering voice declared.


〔Co… Contestant Gabaina… has fainted…! The winner, Alim Nariwei… Alim Nariwei~~~!! Is heading to the finals~~~~! 〕


Waa! A loud cheer wells up from the audience.

I left while being buffeted with calls of Alim.


〔Ano… Gilmars-san, What was that? After responding to that attack, the one called ≪Demon Slayer≫… just what is that girl? 〕

〔That girl, unleashed an amazing sword skill. In addition, that sword is enchanted with healing so that the damage taken from it is immediately healed… in other words, Alim can go full power to defeat opponents in an instant.〕

〔Not only possessing incredible crafting ability, but also amazing sword skills… Alim is truly amazing…….〕





When I returned to the waiting room the staff informed me that the finals would be tomorrow at 12 and that I needed to arrive at the coliseum at 11:30.

I was asked if I wanted to see the next match as a precaution to see about the next opponent, but I replied with a smile that I would not see it.

Well, it may be important to study your opponent, but I know how to fight now.

I think now I would be fine going against five people all at the same time.

Well, but, I’d have to get a little serious.


I’m back in my room. There isn’t anything else I particularly need to do today.

So, why don’t I make a great potion? Wait, could I make an even better potion?

I’ll make a potion machine that reflects my magic and dexterity, and a machine that makes glass from quartz and then makes bottles.


I created two machines. And then, I created the best potion that I can make and the 2nd best motion I can make.


「Master Potion(HP)」



Value→National Treasure

Materials→Healing Herbs



Cures all wounds of the imbiber

Also cures abnormal conditions a tiny bit

Lost body parts of the imbiber regrow

Other effects are also higher than potions below this one


「Legend Potion(HP)」




Materials→Healing Herbs



Cures all wounds of the imbiber

Cures all abnormal conditions

Lost body parts of the imbiber regrow

If a person who died due to physical factors such as wounds, lack of blood, loss of body parts, or illness are treated with this potion within 1 hour of death they will be revived

Other effects are also higher than potions below this one

Finally, potions that can bring a person back to life.

I don’t need healing magic anymore.

Ha… I’m tired out. After all, the finals are tomorrow.


Good night.




Good morning.

Still, the royal capital… especially around the colosseum is overflowing with people.

It’s hard to move around. I’ll eat breakfast and leave!


I arrived at the coliseum at 11:20, and at 11:30 they give the five of us an explanation.

Seems that right now is the B-rank finals. Also, I was surprised to hear that the winner of the tournament will have a meal with the king, together with the B-rank and S-rank tournament winners. That sounds troublesome.


Oh, while I was thinking the B-rank victor was decided. I didn’t hear their name. Oh well, it’s all good.


At 11:50 we all wait in the largest entrance.


….. They have called my name.

Alright, let’s go!