Home Levelmaker Chapter 71 The day after the Battle Tournament

Chapter 71 The day after the Battle Tournament

TL: Fenderson

ED: Yuki

Good morning.

I wonder if I should go see what the city is like after the tournament.


I am regretting my simple thinking after going outside now…


「Kyaa~~! That girl is Alim-chan!」

「So cuute!」

「Oh… true… what beauty…」

「Ya, she’s amazing, she took down 4 A-rank opponents in an instant…」

「I heard that she is an SSS-rank candidate.」

「hahaha I didn’t expect such a turn around this time like that hahaha」

「The fastest and youngest S-ranker… ≪Heavenly Sword Girl≫ Alim Nariwei-chan… that sword was not ordinary」

「The King gave the flag directly!?」

「Please shake my hand!」


Oo… what is this crowd… It’s like I’m a celebrity… I am regretting going out so simply.

I feel like I finally understand the feelings of the two SSS-rankers who regularly go around in disguise.


What shall I do? Become transparent and run away…?

No… but isn’t this bad… it’d be good to say something here… oh, that’s it.


「Everyone! Thank you for supporting me! 」


Now then, what sort of reaction will everyone have?


「Ooooo! I’ll continue to support you! 」

「Please come to our store next time! We’ll give you a discount! 」

「Be careful not to let that Faust bastard do anything weird to you at the banquet!」

「Idiot, Alim-chan will give him a good smack!」

「I am with the ornate tile company, would it be ok to do an interview and make a realistic sketch?」

「Ku… cute…!」

「That sword skill would not lose against the knight commanders…」


Amazing… I wonder if it’s always like this for champions… No, there is a lot of talk about my appearance, and there are probably other factors.

Incidentally, I asked about the interview and realistic sketch from the ornate tile company.

I was then shown a newspaper. No, in this world there aren’t newspapers, but a tile block printing. It’s that old style of printing.


First, page one.  There was a lot written about me, and a sketch of during the tournament. I can see the talent and art in it.

Mainly, it is written about how legendary it was, my appearance, and the King handing me the flag.

Ara, normally, wouldn’t the stuff about S-rank have taken up the most?

After all, it went as Gabaina-san said and Faust was the champion, huh?


The second page is about The Hand-san. Surprisingly, he was quiet active three years ago in Uruto-san’s slave elimination movement.

『He was at the forefront with his A-ranked friend Gabaina Dragnia….』is what was written. After all, he is a good person. It was written with that sort of feeling.

Of course, there was a realistic drawing of The Hand… his appearance is quiet scary.

A tattoo on his face, with a skinhead, and a scar on his forehead…

Well, he seems to be a good person.


The third page… is about Faust. It talked about who he was and what sort of dirty thing his hands got up to.

I don’t really accept the contents without question, but if he is really like what is described here, I don’t want to get involved with him.


After reading the contents, I return it to the journalist-san.

And then, to the people here, and I gave a brief comment, saying apologies for interrupting them but that I need to leave.


Now then, what to do? Would it be good to take measures against people like Faust?

No, it’ll be ok.


For the rest of today, I made an appearance at the guild and going out and was mobbed by people.

I ended up with a lot of sweets. Thank you.

It seemed like I was treated like a celebrity no matter where I went.


And then, an hour before going to bed, I prepared clothes for tomorrow, took out my pouch and turned off the disguise enchant on it.


The King wants to talk to me…

Uuu… I’m nervous…


Enough of that, I should hurry up and sleep. Good night.






I was nervous and could only sleep for seven hours.

Currently it is 7 in the morning. The banquet starts at 12 noon, but it seems it is OK to wait in the castle.


Alright, I’ll head there at 9. Let’s do this.

Until then, I’ll carefully wash up and comb my hair.