Home Levelmaker Chapter 72: First time at Mephirad Castle 1

Chapter 72: First time at Mephirad Castle 1

TL: Fenderson

ED: Yuki


9 o’clock now, I am standing in front of the castle gate. I speak to the gatekeeper while showing my guild card.

He looked at my guild card and confirmed it, then guided me inside.


I was guided to a room before long and was told to wait.


Seems someone is here ahead of me. It was the person known as The Hand.

His face is even scarier than the realistic drawing. His face really is. He thenn called out to me.


「Yo… young lady? Did you hear about me from Gabaina-san? I am known as The Hand… Nice to meet you.」

「It is a pleasure to meet you!」

「Ou… Ou… quiet energetic… that’s good… usually when everyone sees me… they get scared and shakes in fear on the spot! Alim… it is a pleasure~~~! 」


Doesn’t he sound a bit like a vocalist from a rock and roll band? There is no such thing as rock in this world, right?


「Nevertheless~, I heard about you from Gabaina! Just as he said! Daze… You were considerably, no incredibly charming indeed…! 」

Gabaina-san said such a thing? I am attractive? Attractive is it?


「Maa… well… let’s get along…」

「Yes, I look forward to it!」


In such a way, while I talked with The Hand, people came into this place.


It was a girl about the same age as this cute Alim… no a princess, probably. That’s what my intuition tells me.

There’s also, a blond young man. Next to him was a well-dressed middle-aged man with brown hair.

That group gave us a greeting.


「Thank you for joining us, The Hand-sama, Alim-sama… I am Tuhl Mephirad, the first prince of Mephirad Kingdom. This young lady is my sister…」

「I am Karua Mephirad. Today definitely please enjoy the banquet.」

「I am a Mephirad minister, Oraful Gallion. I ask that you be respectful to Tuhl and the King.」


The three give an elegant bow. We return greetings with the royal children.


「I am The Hand・Asch. I gratefully receive the invitation, thank you very much.」

「I am Alim・Nariwei! Thank you very much for today! 」


The minister is watching us with satisfaction. It seems as though we have not acted impolite yet. The princess opens her mouth.


「Aaa… Alim-sama… Just as my elder brother said, you are really cute」

「Your elder brother…?」

「Yes, I have a younger brother… the second prince.. Ah, he should join us soon. 」(Tuhl)


There is the sound of someone approaching from outside the room.

After a knock, the door of the room was opened.

And the person who was standing there was…





A splendid man who looked just like the royal family, Ruin-san was standing there.




「eeeeh…… Ruin-san?」

「haha… did I surprise you? Alim-chan. I am the second prince of the Mephirad Kingdom, Ruin Mephirad. …It’s been 17 days hasn’t it? 」


eeee~ no way, unbelievable.



But, this could be the reason that he was busy and could not afford to join me.

Seeing the situation, The Hand spoke to me in a quiet voice.


「(Hey, hey, Alim. I wasn’t really able to follow, what is going on…? First of all, why does it seem as though the second prince and Alim know each other?)」

「(Did you hear about me losing my memory?)」

「(Ahh… Gabaina said something about that…)」

「(The person who rescued me in the forest where I lost my memory and brought me back to the royal capital was Ruin-san.)」

「(I see, in other words he is Alim’s benefactor… a-re? But why… would the prince be out in the middle of the forest?)」

「(He is an adventurer… he was in a party of four people.)」

「(Nnn…? Wait a minute…? Ruin… Ruin… Aa, aaah! No way, Seinforce leader Ruin, no Ruin-sama?)」

「(Ee, that’s right. But how do you know about Seinforce?)」

「(Seinforce is famous because they have won as the champion in the D-rank battle tournament many times. Haa… no way, Seinforce was a royal adventurer…)」

「(It will be for the best if we don’t tell anyone…)」

「(I agree. I won’t even talk to Gabaina about it) 」


I was whispering loudly like that, then suddenly the minister bowed to me.