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Chapter 73 First time at Mephirad Castle 2

TL: Fenderson

ED: Yuki

That was really sudden.

Why’d the minister suddenly bow his head?

While I was pondering this he spoke up.


「Alim-dono… previously… for saving my daughter… thank you very much!」

「Fue? W… what? Your daughter-san is? 」

「Yes, I heard from Ruin-sama and my daughter. That you helped them when she was about to die from the Ashe Dog’s attack.」


Ee, don’t tell me this person….


「Then, no way, Oraful-san is Lilo-san’s father!?」

「Yes, that’s right.」

「Ee, but your hair color…」

「She got her hair color from my wife.」

「Th, then what about Olgo-san and Myuri-san?」

「Olgo’s father-sama is the head of the kingdom’s knights, Myuri’s father-sama is the Archbishop of the Church.」


Aah, as I thought, children of people in such high places of authority.

Well, that was surprising.

Then, why are they adventurers?


「Why are Ruin-san and company adventurers?」


Ruin answers.


「Maa, you could call it a warrior’s training. It’s a super-secret though.」


When Ruin said that, The Hand started to panic.


「Absolute secret… and I now know this…」(The Hand)

「That is no problem. The Hand is one of the heroes of this country who worked in the abolition of slavery. We trust you.」 (Ruin)

「haha… about that, thank you」

「and that’s why…」


Ruin said, then glanced at the door saying


「come on in, Lilo, Orgo, Myuri」


From the door that I entered Lilo-san, Orgo-san, and Myuri-san entered.

They were probably waiting. Lilo-san embraced me after she entered.


「Kyaa! Alim-chan! I wanted to meet you~」

「Hey! Stop Lilo. There are other guests. Tuhl-sama and Karua-sama are also present! 」




This situation is like a parent and child comedy act. Laughter rises up. Lilo-san is a little embarrassed. But, I’m very embarrassed.

The four Seinforce members say.


「Iya~, sorry. We couldn’t get in touch with you. There was no trace of you.」

「But, Alim, you gave your last name? Did you get back your memories? 」

「No, it’s from when we sloppily made the guild card…」

「What… so that was it, sloppily…」

「Nevertheless, Alim-chan, I’m sorry to surprise you.」

「Myuri, weren’t we even more surprised?」

「That’s right, isn’t it. I’d never have expected that Alim-chan would be the battle tournament champion and become S-rank.」

「Indeed. I saw it from the special seats, I thought my eyeballs were gonna pop out.」

「Hey, but… Wasn’t Alim in the Pipi Village pretty mysterious?」

「Maa… that is indeed true.」


I was unexpectedly able to reunite with these people. I’m glad.

Even so, I am glad that Faust isn’t in this place right now…

In connection with that, The Hand seemed to be wondering, and began to speak.


「Umm… about that Faust bustard… guy, what will we do if he comes? We seem to be talking about important things here…? 」

「Aa, that’s OK. The soldiers were told not to let him pass until 11:30. We don’t trust him.」

「Ah, then from the beginning」

「Right, starting from when Alim-chan became the champion a lot of preparations have taken place.」

「Is that the case… I am relieved.」


It’s 10:30. So he won’t come for another hour.

I’ll be able to leisurely talk in this group.


And with that sort of atmosphere, I spent time talking to The Hand, the royal family and friends.

While Myuri-san, Lilo-san and I were having some girl talk, Karua-sama looked like she wanted to join in. Can’t be helped, I’ll go talk with her.


「Karua-sama! Shall we chat? 」

「Uu… but…」

「Karua-sama, aren’t Alim-chan and Karua-sama close in age? How about talking together? 」

「Absolutely, there is no need to be nervous」

「but… Lilo-anesama… Myura-anesama…」

「eee, these subesube cheeks~ (smooth like silk)」

「That’s right~! If you don’t punipuni (bouncy poke) them, you’re losing out!」


Stop, don’t suddenly be distracted by punipuni my cheeks!

There is not that much cheek flesh, ya know!? Just because they are subesube

What the! The hime-sama as well, looks envious.

Finally as the pins and needles from their attack subsided, I was talked to.


「Ano… Alim-sama?」(Karua)

「Hai… what is it?」

「How old are you?」

「I am twelve.」

「Maa… I turned twelve two months ago! We really are close in age! 」


Ah, finally a smile.

According to Myuri-san and Lilo-san, there seems to be no friends close in age.

How saddening.

For a while, Myuri-san, Lilo-san, Hime-sama, and I had some girls talk.

Hime-sama looked very happy. It was a good smile… It was a different cuteness than Alim.


As we were talking together like this, the first prince, Tuhl-sama, gave an outrageous proposal.


「Hey… Alim-sama… no, is Alim-chan alright?」


「If you’d like, not only this time, can you come to the castle… sometimes is fine, so can you come here to play?」

「Eh… is that alright?」

「Definitely, I’d really like to ask this of you. It’s been quite some time since I last saw Karua so happy… for a long time she has seemed lonely. …in fact, father… the king… has had that intention from the onset.」

「So that means…?」

「Would you be a friend to Karua? You have a connection to Ruin and company, you saved Lilo-chan… and also… anyway. Please consider my request.」


What is this? Certainly, I can say it myself, that I am strong, and I have a connection, so I might be the best choice as a friend to the princess. I have been somewhat lonely as no one around was the same age.

But, I think it is different to be a friend. Because….


「fufu… alright, it’s too late, I’m already friends with Karua!」

「That so… that so… I’m relieved」

「Alim-sama… will you come to play in the future?」

「Hai! Is it alright to visit often? 」

「….! Absolutely, absolutely~! 」


Ah… it was face filled with happiness.

In any case, it is good that I have come here.

Myuri-san and Lilo-san look delighted.


「Aah.. Now I can often meet Alim-chan~!」

「Unlimited punipuni!」

「Umm… me too, um… may I also punipuni Alim-sama’s cheek as well?」


No way, Karua-sama also wants to touch as well?


「Eh…? Ah, yea, that alright with you?」

「Well then… punipunipunipuni

「Us too~」

「Yuu tou pleeze shou som restrant (You two please show some restraint)」



With that sort of mood we passed the time and an hour had already passed.


But things must come to an end. The minister-san is in a fluster and shouts.


「Oh no! It’s already 11:25! Lilo, Myuri-chan, Orgo-kun, Ruin-sama, it would be bad if your faces were seen! Hurry, go to another room! 」

「「「Y, yes!」」」


The four hurriedly left.


「Tuhl-sama, Karua-sama, we are also leaving」

「Yes, I understand.」

「Alim-sama… see you again」


Saying that, Karua and company left.

I don’t like this, that Faust person…

Looking at The Hand’s displeased face and the reactions of the others, it seems the contents of the article that I read yesterday may be true.


11:32. Faust entered the room.

His body is ugly and his face is oily. Furthermore his cloths are in bad taste, they look like he is trying to compensate for something. …there is no end to the bad points.

I can honestly say it’s an appearance that is difficult to approach.


And then, the first words when he entered the room. Even such a brief statement was enough to see that the insides were as ugly as the outside.


「The Hand… bufufu… bald. Bald, afterall, haha~! And, so you girl are Alim… hmm? Hey, would you embrace me? I’ll give you money. Bufofofo…」