Home Levelmaker Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Somehow, the medical room became noisy. I continued making [Great Potion]. See I have already prepared 10 more.


dadadadadadadadadadadan!![TL:SFX of someone running]


Ruin and Orgo-san suddenly came crashing in a panic. These people are injured, they shouldn’t go moving around too much.


「Are?… Ruin-san, Orgo-san, Weren’t you suppose to be resting…」


「you, you, you… …. this… it’s true… isn’t it?」


In the hands of Orgo-san, A great potion inside a distorted looking flask was held.


You haven’t drunk it yet…..


In order to show on Orgo-san’s remark, I showed him the 10 Great Potions Iv’e made.


「whoa, whoa… eeeh…. It was true after all?」


Aya…Orgo-san broke… Ruin-san also in panic is trying cool himself down.


Ruin-san opened his mouth and spoke.


「this…this is… do you know what you’ve done?….. Alim」


「desu!!」 [TL:She’s cute so I won’t complain if she just go with desu desuno desune or anythung else by the dsu was for confirming]


「Iya…Un… Ok I see…. you… that potion you made, did you know? the price you can exchange for that would be a jewel the size of a fist!


did you know that producing this would be extremely hard no to mention tools and magic need for its production」 [TL: Alim used cutesy ignorance, common sense damaged it’s super effective]


「Oh?… Is that so?」[TL:Feel the power of cheat ignorance」


「That’s right, but you! with only a mortar and a strainer,  It’s a hillarious thing! Do you get what I’m trying to point out!」


「Yah?…I guess?」


「Aren’t you doing it in the same way as some legendary figure?」


Seriously?. Really aren’t you just overexagerating it?


「Alim… Just who in the world are you?…」


I don’t really wan’t to be asked about that, I don’t really wan’t to seriously talk about it thou…


After all they wan’t to hear about it…


Anyway, let’s get down to it.


「Reme…ber….can’t」[TL:Can’t remember anything to hide his or rather her cheat]


「Ah.. that’s right that was the case… well we will be departing tommorow to the kingdom, maybe we’ll learn something about you when we headed on the government office]


Well that would be shocking. well even if they try, nothing will probably be known.


Well better think about that tommorow.I wonder if we will already be leaving tomorrow?


I wonder if Lilo is already fine.


「eh?…. You won’t be taking a day off?… I don’t mind waiting for the next carriage you know?」


I actually want to go seperately with the next chariot thou…


「you know?… Alim… Because of that potion you used on Lilo, She is now fully restored and can freely move around…」


「Then?, It will be tomorrow as scheduled?」


「Maa… Maaa… That’s how it will be… Just confirming something, this, is it really alright to use this?」


「Ofcourse, I made it for that after all!」


Upon hearing my confirmation, Orgo-san and Ruin-san nodded and silently drank the great potion in a snap.


Well, what can I say. Orgo-san’s wounds and scratches slowly started to close all over.


「Completely, I can’t really explain how to describe this」


「Please let Lilo-san and the others drink it too.」


「I’ll be on it… Alim… really, thanks」


Then the two returned to the mediacl room ….






Lilo after recovering came over and hugs me.


「ne, ne, ne! Alim-chan, Alim-chan! Was it really you who save me from danger??」


Hey….Lilo….Big…Breast…Can’t…Breath….Help…. [TL:How envious Being Burried]


「Ah…Sorry…I didn’t notice it…. was it painful?」


「he….heee….Maa…」[TL:Trying to catch her breath]


「suggo 〜〜〜〜 i!!!][TL:Praising The Booty」


Also hugged in return. Burrying my face on her chest. Can’t breathe. [TL:Seriously Your a girl now well you can change gender so why not?]


Besides, I am a girl now. Excitement … No, must stop it. [TL:Taking Advantage of the POWER TO CHANGE]


「Hey Lilo! About that…. Alim-cham… it looks like she’s in pain」 [TL:Yup Alim is in pain trying to stop the URGE]


「Ah, Sorry about that…Are you alright?」


「Ah, Sorry about that…Are you alright?」


「I…..I am….alright….」


Myuri-san Naisu…  I was about to die from Marshmallows seriously.


And then after all the banters Jizefu-san make came.


「Saviours of our Village….」


「Heros, Might you be reffering to us, why?….」


Muri says confused as she was reffered to as Hero. But the looks on Jizefu-san was quite serious.


「But…you were definitely heroes…If you were not there, this village might have been destroyed.


For your kindness we reallythank you all from the bottome of our hearts.


Apart from the previous request I will be adding this achievement as a sign of our gratitude.


Please accept a feast to honor the five heroes who kept their lives and protected the village.


We will be preparing a banquet for tonight」


eh? 5 people? no maybe, am I included in it?


「jizefu-san….five people?」


「Alim….You are definitely included obsiously」


「Ehhh!?… Me!?」


「Yeah, That’s right… It was also because of you that no heavy damage was done to the village…. The great potion also helped a lot in preventing it」


「….Hai….」 [TL:Dunno if she’s excited or confused]


「Well, in any case, the banquet, everyone in the village has already begun preparations … Fu … ___ Oh, everyone please don’t be absent.」


And after that, Jizefu-san move out of the medical facility.