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Chapter 37

「eeeeeehhh! th, That great potion… it was Alim-chan who “created” that?」


「as I have been telling you, that’s how it is…… I was also really surprised」


Lilo-san was startled. After I explained about them how Ruin-san and Lilo-san recovered so quicky also where I got the Great potions.


「Is Alim-chan not actually 12, but an 80year old sage?」


「I’m not 80! why did it have to jump by 70 years?」


Please don’t just make things up as you see fit.


「I’m just a 12 year old child, why would you assuming I’m already 70-80 years old, that is definitely not true!」


「it’s not imposible you know, With skills that prevent’s aging, or A rejuvinating skill, or maybe a lobg live tribe like elves and dwarfs」


Does this world have dwarves and elves? Seriously, fantasy. Even skills and everything.


「Are there really elves? 80 year old elves that look like in their 30’s」


「Are? I think there would be some」


「… …. By the way, Alim, are you still making great potions?」


that’s right. I am still making more great potions. I’m making it in this flasks here.


20 bottles have already been made. ah, don’t mind it, don’t mind it.


「Etto … …. Regarding this medicine, because it seems to be really valuable, I would like to make as much as I can make, I’ll also give some as thanks for taking care of me.」


The moment gerbera-san who busily working heard what I said


「You dont have to worry about us! Seriously」


That’s what they say, Un… Then i’ll be keeping it for myself then.


ah, that’s right. How about giving this potion in exchange for herbs and flasks?


By all means, I want medicinal herbs.


「Then, could you plaase prepare herbal medicinal plants and about 10 bottles! And in it will be in exchange if these potion … … will that .. be no good …?」

Let’s try by showing those all good puppy eyes.[TL:That’s…. That’s just unfair…. errrrr….]


「Uuu… Is it really alright?」 [TL:Alim Used Puppy eyes…It’s supper effective]


「Hai!… 10 bottles… Please have it…」


(Smile…)[TL:… Finish Him!!! Fatality]


「…haaah… I gibve up… 10 bottles is it… I really appreciate it… thank you…. So how will you be carrying the herbs?」


I tae out that. My pouch.


「A.. anou…it’s this here」


「Ara… that cute pouch… is there something wrong with it?」


I take out the pouch I was keeping in the desk in the room.


「Ara..Could it be that bag is that kind… That kind of magic bag? the ones where the price depends on how much you can store?」


I almost said that it can store at infinite amount. Infinite storage is a national treasure after all. It will definitely be a fuss again if they knew.


Let’s stop this, let’s just keep it a secret From now on. Let’s just say I don’t really know how much it can store.


「I…I don’t really know how much it can store…」


「That’s right, Alim-chan…. Her memories still… Oh that’s right… The horse-drawn carriage will be returning to the kingdom after staying overnight in the village.


and also that carriage will come today… It would always go to the village to buy some special vegetables such as hippo-grass from this village and sell various tools,


even a merchant comes on board, but only once every half a year, the merchant who comes is a merchant of the association. If it’s those people, they might be able to appraise it.


those merchants have appraisal skill 」


「wa… …. … hai… … …」


Errr… that… that’s bad… tsk…. do I have no choice but to give up. Maybe I can bribe them with a potion.


「Have appraisal … ….」


「fu fu fu…Well, I will continue the preparations for the feast! Look forward to it!」


After saying that, Gerbera-san went away.


「I have ten bottles! That should ne enough. By the way, why is Alim are you still making potions」


Orgo-san came over after I finished talking.


「The rest are for everyone!」


「Eh…Really? But is there anything you wan’t more in return?」


「Maybe I could exchange it for something? like you know… money or something」


「Anou, Alim, are you really ok with that?」




「Gahahahahahahaha… Alim… You… I forgot that you were really someone weird who can even make great potion」


「I got it… well there’s something I would like to teach you… It’s this 」


Then.. Ruin-san too a pouch from his pocket… that contains several rounded coins…


「Okay listen… This here is money they call it [Bell]. And there are six kinds of coins.


from Copper to large copper coin → silver coin → large silver coin → gold coin → large gold coin Copper is one bell, one large coin is 10 bells,


one silver coin is 100 bells, one silver coin is 1000 bells, the big silver coin is 1000 bells, the gold coin is 10 thousand bells, the big gold coin is 100 thousand bells. 」


If I’m not mistaken… 1 potion is worth 3 gold coins… A cheap house is worth 15 gold coins…


so 15 gold coin would be worth 1 million yen!… Haaa… That was really surprising.


「Thank you… I really appreciate it… I got it…」


「Alim-chan… Were you really listening…」


「Yes, I can make such valuable things, I should be careful on who I deal with them?」


「Wow! Alim-chan! such a smart girl! Gyuuu!」


I was suddenly hugged by Lilo. Ah… Can’t breathe