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Chapter 40

It was morning.

The carriage finally arrived after 20 minutes, Preperation for the journey have already been finished.

Ruin-san and the other are also ready and waiting.


「Oou… Alim, we will be leaving after a while!」


Orgo-san calls out to me.




I then wen’t into the carriage after being called. After that Jizefu-san and Gerbera-san went over to see us off. I also said my thanks and fairwells.


「Jizefu-san, Gerbera-san, thank you for taking care of me!!!」


After saying those words, i lowered my head.

They looked at me and return a few remarks.


「Fufufu…. You know, I was really surprised when I first saw Alim-chan…. not to mention the Great Potions even the dishes you prepared were so great it was shocking….All I can say is take care of yourself out there ok?」

「You may come and visit us anytime, Even when your memories returned, We will always welcome you.」


They sure gentle and kind people, Well I think even I met for the first time were really good people epsecially those in that village.


「Really… Thank you very much for everything!」

「When in trouble isn’t it just fine to help each other…. right?」


Let’s definitely enjoy this journey, In various ways right?….

And the gerbera-san gave their thanks to Ruin-san and the others.


「Also For everyone at the Seinforce … … Thank you very much!」


It was Rain-san their leader who went out to answer it.


「As we have said, We only did our best to help, we also always got help from everyone. If something happens again you can always count on us.」


「Ufufufu… why of course…」


The village chief while combing his beard.

He turned around to face me and gave me some encouraging words.


「That’s right Alim-chan, there are times when things get quite tough and troubles are around, but always take care and live through it, You only have one life so be sure to enjoy everything it can offer」

「…..! I’ll do my best!」


Then the Owner of the carriage announced.


「Alright everyone… We will be leaving now」


Ruin-santhen said.


「Everyone! Take care! Till we meet again!」


And then the driver draws the reins along with Ruin-san’s words of farewell, The carriage then started to move.


As the carriage leaves, a lot of the villagers came to watch.


Thank you!

Please come again!

kyaaa! Alim-chan! kawaiii!

For the Bamboo dragonfly! Thank you very much!!

Come again whenever you want!


Everyone was saying their goodbyes.

We were then waving our hands to everyone from the village until the village is out of sight.






It seems that it takes 1 day and a half from here to our destination, the kingdom of “Kingdom of Mephilad”.


I was worrying about what to do when I pass by the gate when entering the country, but then the merchant… who was name seemed to be Arkin-san will handle it… As you would expect from a merchant.


I got caught by Lilo-san and Myuri-san again and was played with. Arkin-san then handed me a map of the kingdom and told me about the kingdom and everything that surrounded it. Also said that if I am to do transaction that I should see him to talk about it. and then he also gave me a business card like belonging to the merchant organization for doing business with him.


It seems that I will be accomodated by the company just by showing this to them. Well I guess I’ll kindly accept the offer and use services of the company at that time.


After that I listened about adventurer from Ruin-san and Orgo-san and then was played around all day by Lilo-san and Myuri-san.

I also talked about what I want to do in the future.


First to do will be to confirm about my identity from a government office etc. after that they will be informing me of the results at a later time.

I wonder how will they do it, I don’t recall having anything like a phone or the like i this world thou.


And then after that, I wanted to join together with everyone for a bit but it seems imposible. Not only Ruin-san but also everyone else seems to have something they have to do. Well as soon as they confirm the information from the office they will to go to various places it seems.


「Okay, Ill be fine definitely」


That’s what I replied.

Well for the mean time, I’ll said the four people my thanks for helping me out and then part with them.

The four people also said they goodbyes and thanks for helping them. Lilo-san seems sad about it tho.


After that I was hugged again. I told you to stop that sudden hug attack. As always these things surelyare big huh.

Myuri-san also joined in but it cannot be comapared to that of Lilo-san I guess, it’s probably just around B or before C.


Orgo-san there ruffled my head, and Ruin-san pat me saying 「Sorry… about this」and started poking my cheeks while saying cool things.


hey stop poking… What? what’s wrong with me being thin?… My skin so smooth really? hey stop that already!…


As they keep doing that I can finally see the walls of Mephilad Kingdom. Inside that big outer wall my “Future” awaits.