Home Levelmaker Chapter 41

Chapter 41

I was the fourth  after our school trip.

He left me behind and went to school alone.


Were you looking forward on the new updates of Dragonar Story that much?…


He was a childhood friend I have known for a long time now.


was it when I was 2 years old that my mom told me about them moving in on the neighborhood.

It was from that time…. probably…


Ah… But… It  was only as childhood friend, it never really developed into being lovers or more… It was more than friends yet less than lovers.


Well… I wasn’t really expecting anything from that to thou. It can also be considered unrequited love from my side alone.


About him… It was prorbably an imposible dream.


Only dreaming about RPG games, not even interested in relationships not mention long time ones.


Therefore I know he’s not interested in romance or anything about that subject… surely…


I inscribed all my resentment for him on my smartphone and sent it to him.


<<Hey!!! Why did you leave me behind!!>>


But then.

I wonder if he didn’t notice my message about 「Right to do whatever you want」 I guess.

And then…. on a date… together….


Well, I didn’t mind as long as you pay me back by buying me something to drink. I didn’t notice the message he sent. the drink was 200 yen by the way.


<<ah, Soryy, I forgot…  m (_ _) m >>


Oh, I just noticed it… I guess the 200yen energy drink finally started to kick in…?


Well even if he is not short on cash, he is quite the cheapskate after all. Apart from what is necessary, he doesn’t really spend on anything else.

But then when it was my birthday I got a really expensive studs as a present.

It’s about hm after all, he probably didn’t want to say anything about the gift because he knows that I also don’t want to have something that expensive.


Anyway, I have to reply soon.


<< As a punishment, I should be treated to a deluxe lunch box! >>


I wonder if this is alright, It feels like I’m only in for the food…


Ah, Somehow I started daydreaming about it… that’s something I like probably.


It was around 6 at that time, A window was suddenly shattered, and then broken pieces of glass started falling down, but then seems to have been caught from that…

No that’s not it, maybe it was even before that?


If you pass through this road you will arrive at school soon.




Is that a croud forming close to our school?


From a corner of the road, a vehicle with white and red lights rushed in. eh? an ambulance, someone seems to have fallen down, I wonder what happened there.


Let’s ask one of the crowds for a bit.

Uuu… I really wan’t to go as soon as possible, I really don’t like this.

But If I wan to go to school I really have to pass here.


「anou……what has happened here…?」


An old speak out to answer my call.


「Ah… no… there… you see… it seems a vase was dropped from the appartment over there… and there… that… boy… seems to be someone that goes to that school over there…he is wearing the same uniform as other students going to that school」

「Oh.. Is that so…」


are? are? are?



I have a really bad feeling about this, it seems that this feeling is starting to tighten my chest.


Come to think of it, today seems I should have been a little bit faster moving out than before, should have been 10 minuetes earlier?


No…No no no… no way that’s possible… it was only supposed to be a dream….


Beside… he was still able to reply about that food comment right?

Even if you say that you should take one side dish, you win’t surely make a complaint like that …?


No… I don’t want this… for something like this to happen…


Yes… the person who was hit by a vase… It was not yet confirmed that its a guy…

Scared… I slowly went into the crowd…


That…There was something on the ground… Isn’t that something that I have given on my birthday before….


And…. that person… the person I like…Lying in a bloody pool…


Is this a dream?….


People came down from the ambulance to check if there is still a pulse…


Ahaha… right… there is no way someone would just die with a vase right?…


[TL:Somehow this is getting pretty dark here I’m already feeling the chills]


Pulse, check, person, head, laid down, looks.




Unexpectedly I let out a strange tone, But didn’t notice it.

Pushing people around, To confirm that if this is just a dream.


Blood from the head.

still keeps on flowing.

Even in this moment.

About to scream.

From despair.


「Ayu..mu… hey… ayumu!….please reply!!!! ayumu!!! can’t you hear me!! say something!!! ayumu!!! noooo!!! ayumu!!! ne…!? ne…!? please wake up!? ayumu? Ayumu!ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayumu ayu muayumuayumuayumuayumuayumuayumuayumutu … … .. .. … … … … _____________________




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[TL:That was a freakin long weeping seriously…]






How long has it been since that time… When a person whom I loved died…


I haven’t gone to school for quite some time now… Just crying day by day… I don’t even feel like eating anything…


I am finally going to school today…

If I keep on going like this, he will just probably worry about me more.


There were so many things to regret.

I should have come 10 minutes earlier.

I should have been a little more gentle on him.

I should have just confessed my feelings while we were still on that school trip.

Or maybe even earlier than that.


Told him I love him…I really loved him…I should have just…at that time… would it have been much better?


Un… must stop… I should not worry him anymore… It’s not only me who have been sad.


Even uncle, aunt, his little brother and father.

Evem my mom, dad, and little sister sakura.


Even his best friend, and everyone from class.


Even if I get too agitated, I can’t do anything about it. thinking about him, I just can’t help it.


Demo… Demo… This will just be the last…


I open my smartphone app, write a message to his phone, as a reply after that time when we were bantering about food.


<< I have always loved you since forever. Thank you for everything. I love you. >>


…..and then. I pressed the send button….

mou… It’s not like someone will recieve it when I send it. I wonder if he will see it. Because I feel like he will.


But you know… It was imposible for him to be walking with a smarthphone…

We won’t know really if that may happen or I’m just probably trying to dodge the facts.

However thinking about him. I still keep looking over my smartphone.


…… I did not notice the heavy-duty truck going into the sidewalk.


Truck-sama:I have come to deliver you….. be prepared…]





This is the last thing I heard in this world.