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Chapter 43

Relying on the map I got from Arkin-san I make my way into the guild. Well about Arkin-san—


「Please, Come visit our merchant organization [Medial] headquarters if you have time」


that’s what he mentioned.

t was thanks to Arkin-san that I was able to enter town without being seen as a suspicious person, and will be able to register as an adventurer.

That’s what I thought about whilewalking. and so I was distracted about the things happening around me.

When I reach a small alley that was in between two bui;ldings.

A hand suddenly grabbed my mouth and belly and pulled me into the alley.


「Hey you!I say! If you value your life leave all your money here!」

「We will finally have gold to play with.」


They were pointing some chep knives on me as they keep on talking. What’s wrong with these people. They just keep on rambling without stopping.


「Hey you! Hurry up and give us the money!」

「You, You aren’t from aroundhere right?」

「Why do I about that? That I am not someone from the kingdom! When I was young I also come play in the alleys, Well well wan’t me to tell you about it」

「In other words, They didn’t know about me, some people from the guards are with us.」


Ah is that so? Before I knew it I was already here at the back alleys.

Even so, these two just continued blabbering. Maybe I should just ignore them and move on towards theguild. These guys still keep on talking.


「Nn?… Looking closely this person looks good, looking closely the quality is really good.」

「Hey you, to think you were a pervert, what do you think you are going to do with that brat.」

「Ah? no that’s not it, I was only talking about this brats face, I’m not a pervert」

「The face…? …! oi oi, that’s really some high quality looks, Even if I am not a pervert I might also wan’t to play with it.」

「Hey brat money is good! I’m just teaching you how scary the alleys are, Its tuition fee for teaching, Well paying with your body might not also be bad…」



these people, to target such an innocent looking girl. I guess theres no chance of saving them anymore.

[thundermarch] should I shoot it?

That was what I was thinking of doing but then, someone from somewhere called out in a loud voice.


「Oi! you people! what is it that you are planning to do!!」

[TL:THE justice guy?]

「Uwaa…People have already started to notice… what should we do?」

「Ahhh!? going this alley? I didn’t expect people would come. can’t help it, take this peson and lets move.」


Ah, You still haven’t given up yet? and even trying to take me along too.

And so, in order for them to give up.

[TL:MAgical girl trans— ow wrong]

Once again, Change back to being a man, along with changing my voice.

「le….hey let go of I say, I’m a man you know are you people perverts!」[TL:Imagine him having a cute face with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice.]

「「… … … … …」」

「Chi!…annoying… lets escape!」


The both of them released me and rushed to escape. After that I return to being a girl. It’s better to this way especially when socializing. To be honest I wan’t to stay as a man, but it seems that the level of my appearance won’t allow me to that it scares even me.


「Hey, Are you alright?」


The owner of that previous voice is now in front of me.

He has black hair and well made clothes. His face also looks good. He gives off a feeling of a good young man.


「Are you feeling unwell, does it hurt anywhere?」


Ah, I forgot to give my thanks.


「I….Im’alright thank you….」

「I see… that’s good…. anyway, let’s get out of here for now… places like this are full of troubles」



We then went out of they alleys. After that the young man speaks up again.


「You should not approach the alleys or go into it alright? especially a girl like you, its really dangerous you know?」


「It’s a good thing if you understand. It seems that you are not from this kingdom. is there any place you wanted to go to?」

「Ah….It’s the guild…you see I’m thinking of registering as an adventurer!」

「I see… the guild huh…an adventurer, then it’s just right I’m also headed around that area. I’m going aound there for an errand… if it’s alright with you would you like to go with me?」


Umu…Well… about this person. It’s a good thing to get to know people in this kingdom. It’s after that incident so let’s just go along with it.


「Yes please….Byt the way my name is Alim!」

「Okay… I’m Ultz nice to meet you」


I then walked to the guild with Ultz-san. By the way Ultz-san seems to be a young shopkeeper in a neighboring inn from the guild.

By showing the map, he taught me the location of his shop, it was around 6 minute walking distance from the guild. and 7 minutes if it’s from the cener of the town.


Well since I have the opportunity and the money let’s ask if I could stay over for a night since the topic has been brought. He told me that was no reason to hold back and offered me services.

He also informed that there is also a place to stay in the guild but it doesn’t offer much other than just for sleeping, there also isn’t any place for a bath since it is done by magic.

To be honest it’s just about my body, I feel like I strangely wan’t take care of it more than it was before.[TL:He/She’s awakening to that side??]


I also noticed that he was carrying tools for cooking.

It seems like he manages the in on his own. Isn’t that great right?

When I was questioning him why he was doing it, he said it was because he has the SKILL for it. I guess skill is definitely the requirement huh.


「We have arrived its this here… I will be returning to my shop after recieving the requested items, So Alim, See you later I guess?」

「Hai! see ya later!」


And after that, We finally parted. The guild was a place exclusively for adventurers and a place to recieve goods. I am also entering it. And so I opened it’s doors and went inside.


The inside is a tavern. This tavern seems to be dedicated to adventurers. From here on I will also become an adventurer.