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Chapter 44

When I entered the guild, I man that seems to be drunk immediately spoke to me.

「Ou… Cute little miss, the reception for goods and requests for adventurers is not in this booth.」
「Ah no, I came here to register as an adventurer」
「Hou! Little miss are sure? GAHAHAHAHA… good luck!」

Even if he’s drunk he doesn’t seem to be a bad person. I was thinking of how fight back if it was a bad person.
I then went straight to the reception desk.

Wow, A muscle uncle seems to be the receptionist. He looks quite strong on appearance alone. Isn’t it suppose to be a beautiful woman? The norm is probably this. Then the receptionist uncle spoke.

「Oh! Isn’t this a pretty cute little miss! Is there anything you want with the guild?」

Oh, what’s with this tension, it feels like he’s burning.

「Um… you see…. I want to register as an adveturer…」
「Hee? Are you sure little miss?」
「well… anyone can register I guess, well little miss I don’t expect it but you don’t have any criminal record right?… How old are you by the way?」
「It’s 12 years old desu!」
「Umu…12 I see…」

Are? Are? is there something wrong?

「is there something wrong being 12 years old??」
「Well, the thing is you see, in order to be a proper adventurer it is required to have an age of 15 which is the age to be called adult, in case that it is younger than that the will be given is rank X… it is kind of a special rank but is it alright with you?」

uwah… seriously… so it was like that… I wonder what the tasks will be, maybe its only for simple chores?…

「X rank…? umm sorry but… I don’t really know anything about it or the guild… I only know that I can look for work here.. can I have a detailed explaination about it?」

I make the most powerful teary puppy eyes I could, along with placing my hands close to my mouth. The so calle loli beg pose. [TL:Oh sh*t seriously scary he/she really knows how to use the assets he/she have.]

「Ou…Ouu!?… um right… I mean… If you are thatcute there will definitely be a lot of work available for you to do in the guild… Like a clerk for a cafe or something… well I still haven’t explained about the guild so let’s go with that firstok?」
「Hai! I will be alright! Thank you!」
[TL:Scary seriously scary… can anyone even resist such an attack?]

Was that effective? well there is more coming.
[TL:OMG there is still more?]

「Then let’s start. First the guild is an organization that deals with adventurers who have been registered, and can be accessed throughout every country. Recieving requests, Choosing what requests to do, oh by the quests are available in the quest oard, well there also request that are given direcly to adventurers. As for compensations, the adventurer will recieve the rewards but 10% of the reward will go to the guild, the client also pays 10% extra to the guild, adventurers also can also have their requests submitted to the guild, its on the other window, there are also some people who directly call for requests without using the guild. that’s all for information, is this good enough? 」
「Okay, next we go to the types of requests. Basically quests are devided into 3 types, that is subjugation, collection, and escorting etc. Subjugation is for defeating designated monters in desgnated places. By the way any demon you defeated will belong to you. It is also required to present a part of the demon as subjugation proof. Colletion includes requests to bring specific objects that was requested, also proof of subjugation can also be included in collection requests. this is also the easiest know requests that is taken by beginers. another is escorting and direct request which is easy to undestand what it’s like.」

Oh, Demon that you have taken down can also be submitted. That surely is helpful. in making money that is.

「Nex will be about parties. A party is a group of adventurers doing a request together. A party consist of atleast 2 people and will be really helpful in doing harder to accomplish requests. since there are quests that cannot be done alone or would need more people to make it easier to accomplish. Any people can make their own parties. there are also parties that exceed 100 people and accumulates all rewards they collected. such parties are called “teams” A team have plenty of previlages. got it?」
「I understand!」
「Okay we will now proceed to rankings. Ranks are divided from F to SSS rank, and party ranks from E to SS. Party ranks requires more quests to accomplish in order to rank up. A request cannot be accepted if it is above their rank. Even with a party, request of the same rank can only be recieved. Well even if i say that most parties only go up to rank C which is already good enough income wise. There are also rank regulations in countries that have dungeons. weapon shops also gives discounts to specific ranks. And about rank X, it is a rank given especially to cchildren below the age of 15. There is also a test that can get you from rank X to rank F in advance if you passed it. Well to be honest you rare find people passing it and almost everyone starts by working on places like cleaning mantions and such until they reach the right age. As they are just children, well there are some of those that join in collecting things like demon cores from subjugated demons to earn a little more than usual especially if the core is good. 」
「Ummm… is ok if demon cores I collected from some time ago?」
「Nn? well it doesn’t really matter even if the core was collected 100 years ago. I don’t know how it works but it will still be usuable even after a longer time has passed. well then the last part」
「Please continue」
「Its about this. this part of the guild which includes the bar that works in a collaboration. There are a few shops in the area that is working in collaboration with the guild. the guild also provides services that these places offer but only in a more simplified form. The price for the inn is 50 bell per night. Items can also be sold to the guild the same as in other merchants that are specialized in collecting them. Oh that’s right We only purchase demon cores by the way, othe usable parts can be sold to specialized shops, and merchant organizations. And this here is the guild card. This is iven to all adventurers. It also serves as proof of being one, so do not easily lose it. In case of loss it can also be reissued. When your rank changes so will the rank of your card. Information about your skills can also be show if you allow another person to see it. You can also limit the skills that you want to show if needed.」

The explaination was really understandable. Thank you for explaining.

「Thank you very much!」
「And so do you really wnter as an adventurer?」
「Well then what’s your name Jou-chan?」
「I see Alim-chan… so then what’s your second name?」

Eh, do I really need to have a surname? But according to my status I don’t have any.
Maybe I can choose what I want to?. My last name when I was on earth was “Narita” Maybe something that will be derived from it should be good. something nariu, Hmmm. like Nariu~ei or something like Nariwei … Alright lets go with Nariwei.

「My full name is Alim Nariwei desu!」

「Nariwei is it… Ok and the guild card is done. It’s a gray guid card for now.」

And in this way I am now an adventurer.
Ah… My registered gender was a woman… Well not that I mind about it.
Un. I will only get depressed if I think about it.