Home Levelmaker Chapter 45

Chapter 45

「Ah, By the way, I’m the guild receptionist here, the names Agito. Best regards. New Adventurer Alim-chan. 」

「I look forward to working with you!」


I have successfully registered as an adventurer, but I am Rank X… this doesn’t really make sense to me at all.


「Ah. That’s right. Do you want to try receiving a Rank Up exam now?  Some people take Rank Up exams after they register, because they don’t want to be treated as children as soon as possible. What will you do? Alim-chan. Want to try it? Fufufufufu」

「Ah… Yes!, I’ll take the test! 」

「Good… You sure are dedicated. Fufufufufu. Ah, by the way, after this, you won’t be able to take one again after a week. 」


Fufufutte, it’s fine if you are just sneering, is the test maybe some sort of bullying? You’re sneering as if you are trying to do something mischievous.


「Well then, Let us move.  We will be heading to the test area.」


I followed Agito-san.

When we go down into the basement, something like a gymnasium can be seen that was spreading out there.


「Alright! For the Examination! It will be simple. You just have to touch me before this hourglass falls over. By the way, I am a former adventurer and will be resisting the attacks but won’t attack myself. 」


Ah, so that’s why he is giving a nasty grin. Certainly, if it’s a normal child then it will definitely be impossible. For a child, real battle experience is certainly lacking.


「Are you ready? Alim-chan. Then let’s begin. 」


While saying that, Agito-san turned over the hourglass.

Within that moment, I quickly moved and grabbed Agito-san’s hand that was several meters away from me.


「Wha, what… … … !? 」

(Eh, you didn’t see that?)

「I passed… is not it?」

「… … …」


Agito-san stood still for some time. It seems like he was quite astonished.


「Ano?… Agito-san? 」

「…Ah!… Ah! Right! Of course you passed. I was just a bit shocked, so Alim-chan is now clear as an F Rank. Congratulations. 」


We then returned to the reception area above.

「Here’s  your guild card, Please verify that the specification was changed to F Rank」


My guild card was handed over again. It is said that F specification have been placed. There was and English letter F engraved on the card.


By the way, the contents of the cards includes rank, name age, number of days since registration, number of quests received (The latter 3 can be hidden arbitrarily.) Anyways, time to get the first job.


「Seriously, this is the first time that someone of age less than required for F rank takes the test and passes on the first day. It’s quite amazing you know?」

「Ehh… is that so?」

「Yeah… that’s how it is.」

「Then, can I take a request now? 」

「Oh…there’s no problem! The request you can receive as F rank will be collection of demon materials and gathering medicinal herbs? 」

「Then I will do the medicinal Herbs collection. 」

「Okay, then it’s medicinal herb collection is it, do you know what medicinal herbs you need to collect?」


「Ah, you sure are confident, then basic medicinal herbs would be 15 bells per bundle, 12 bundles are required to complete the request, so do be careful. 」

「Alright, I’ll be going then. 」

「See you again! 」

(That sure is cute.)

When I left the guild, I was called out by the old person I met a while ago.


「Oh! Jou-chan! Were you able to register as an adventurer? Where… can I see it? 」

「It’s this here. 」



Was there something wrong with it?


「Th, that?」

「… … …n!?」

「Guild card… um… 」

「Well, my bad, here ya go. Do your best from now on! 」

「Hai! 」

(Childish Smile!)



What was that? Well, not like I care about it.

Well, anyway. I have to do a job now. So I left the guild behind.




「Oi? Galgar? Was there something wrong? When you looked at that cute little girl’s guild card? 」

「Hey, Jeim, listen to this…」

「You see, that cute little angel like little girl, Ah it seems Alim-chan was her name, however…」

「Well she really is cute like an angel no doubt? But isn’t that quite overrated… but well that’s a nice sounding name. so what up with that Alim-chan? 」

「That girl seems to be 12 years old and registered as an adventurer for the first time. 」

「Well, it’s probably Rank X right? But is there anything surprising about that? 」

「That, the rank was not X… it was Rank F… 」

「What! Are you drunk? 」

「I am not, I’m clearly not intoxicated and sober enough. 」

「… for that to suddenly clear that test… It should be impossible… Eh, is that really true? 」

「That’s what I’ve been saying already!!! 」


People surrounding us were quite surprised who probably heard what we were talking about. One of the female adventurers came to speak with us.


「One moment! Gargal! Is what you are talking about true?」

「Ah, I have already been saying that! 」


Another person also speaks out.


「So cute and strong…? May I also have something like that? 」

「Hmm? Isn’t that good? A bunch of talent is it? 」


Many more people began talking about Alim-chan.


「Cute! Strong! I will be supporting that girl! 」

「That’s right! We won’t definitely be bored of it! 」

「I might as well cheer for her!」

「Will you need my support! Let’s expect that from now on! 」



A lot of talks have taken place for Alim-chan in the tavern that day.


In this way, The Fans of Alim-chan gradually increased.