Home Levelmaker Chapter 46

Chapter 46

I have now left the city and is staying in a forest.

It is for searching the medicinal herbs that was requested, but then again because of the Harvester King Skill, I will find them soon.


See, already found some. At a place where a lot of them are flourishing, as I have said right? Something like that is something I can grasp. A bunch of them growing. A bunch of them growing.




Somehow I found some monsters that seem like small snake monsters? There are four of them. I immediately got rid of them, took their monster cores and dismantled their corpses. The core ranks seems to be around E Rank. Let’s sell these cores to the guild later.

Well then, time to collect the herbs right?





Somehow, it was around 70 bunches? By the way, is it really OK with only 12 bunches? Then again, I will only submit 35 bunches, the rest will be kept by myself. It’s time to go back to the guild then.






I opened the doors of the guild, then someone raised a voice towards me.


「Oooh, Alim-chan welcome back. 」


Huh? Who’s this person?


「Heee… You only registered today right, yet did you really become F Rank despite having age below the usual?」


「I will definitely give you my support!」

「So Cute!!!」

「Oh, it’ really cute!!」

「Let me give you some candy!!」


What, what is this…? Well, but there is something I must do in this situation. (TL: Evil Grin… show em your power…)

I smiled while lowering my head slightly.


「Everyone, it’s a pleasure to work with you all thank you!!」

「「「Nice to work you too!!」」」


Now then, time to report to Agito-san I guess. Somehow, I can hear praises about being cute and strong, or something like is she really a genius… are they praising me more and more?


「Agito-san, why did it turn into something like this?」


Agito-san gives out an answer.


「Everyone would always admire strong people, and then new of you spread out soon after registering. You willprobqbly be treated as something like a poster girl, then again. Hahahahahaha! Have you forgotten about something and returned? It’s only been a little more than ten minutes since you left? 」

「Ah! Yes! I have actually finished the request! 」

「… … … … … huh?」

「Oh, you see, I have finished the herb collection request. 」

「Ah…Eh… Really??」[TL: Feel The Power Of OP MC]


「Fast… … … well for the time being show me the proof. 」


I took out 35 bunches of medicinal herbs from my pouch and put it on the reception table.


「Oh… so many in just that short amount of time?」

「Ah, you see, I just happened to find a lot of them crowding in one place. 」

「I see, you seem to be quite lucky… let’s see… 35 bunches… quite a lot, the reward will be 525 Bells. Here ya go.  」

「Thank you, oh that’s right there’s also something else I want to sell… 」

「Nn? Have you also defeated F Rank monsters? 」

「You see, it looks something like a snake. 」

「Snake… you mean E Rank demon Casnake. Even as a rookie you managed to beat them. And you have just finished your exam a while ago, isn’t that something unnatural? 」

「Yes, and well, there were four of them who attacked me at the same time. 」

「Did you actually beat them? All on your own? Aren’t you an F Rank? 」

「Ah, yes… well… here are the demons materials… 」


I take out the four E Rank Demon’s materials from my magic pouch.

Agito-san then took out some glowing tones and hit the demon cores, and after hitting all the cores they all turned into shining blue cores.


「I was quite surprised… Altogether, Alim-chan… Well 1 core is 150 bells. A total of 600 bells. And also… 」

「Ah, yes… well… here are the demons materials… 」

「Oh… what is it?..」

「To Raise the guild rank to E. 」

「Eh, why?」

「In reality, in order to rank up, you will need to defeat a number of monsters of the same rank, and not to mention you need to submit a number of 10 demon cores of the previous rank as your rank.  」

「Yes ,I know of that. 」

「And that’s why you are publicly a Rank E already… Then Again, you are just a little too fast. It’s only been 10 minutes since you registered right? Even an adventurer at a right age and fitness wouldn’t achieve that its way too out of the norm. 」


Did you guys hear that!! Adventurers from the bar were whispering over.


「O~I, Agito-san yo… Are you recognizing that~! That girls talent, is something on that degree huh~」

「Well that’s right. You are already considered Rank E, right? It is something to celebrate right. I don’t certainly feel that it’s a little early to consider it or be bothered by it. 」


Is what Agito-san explained about it.


「And so that’s how it is, no, that sure is amazing you know Alim-chan, it’s something you can boast off, don’t you think? 」

「Awawawa.I will do my best!!」

「That’s right! Go for it! 」


From this day now I won’t be able to leave this guild anymore.

I have greeted all the adventurers around and left the guild.

I was also given some potions and candy.


Well then, next is to see Arkin-san I guess.