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Chapter 47

Right now, after walking for a few minutes from the guild, a huge building is right in front of me.

This is supposed to be the headquarters or the Merchant Association [Medial] where Arkin-san belongs.


「ano… … … excuse~~~me!… 」

「What the f!… uhum… what is it that you need, jou-chan?」


Cute is justice. It is even valid for in this world. You tried to say 「What the F@*#」 right? Right?


「Arkin-san told me that if I needed something I’d just come and see him. 」


Is what I said while showing the business card that was given by him.


「You are here to speak with Arkin-san? Ah, ok, just wait for a bit. 」


The gatekeeper entered the gate but then came back just a little while.


「It’s Okay, Come this way jou-chan.」


That way I was led into the gate.


「Thank you very much, Onii-chan」

(Angel Smile)[TL:The Pain!!!]


Even though he already look like an old man. That why I say this.


「Fuhuhuhu, You are welcome. 」

(Arkin, where did you get to know such a nice girl?)


As I entered the building, Arkin-san was already waiting at the entrance.


「Oh, You finally came by, Alim-chan. Come in, on my base. 」


It was quite a splendid room that I’ve got into. Arkin-san then began the talks.


「So, were you able to become an Adventurer?」

「Yup! I did. 」

「Oh, is  that so, the guild card you got, is it ok for me to see it? 」

「Yes, Here you it is! 」

「Thanks. Hmmm. I see so Alim-chan was only 12… wait, eh? Already an E Rank? Alim-chan, just what in the world did you do? 」

「Ah you see, I passed the given exam, and then I finished harvesting, and then submitted four E-Rank Demon Cores that I got from when I was harvesting. 」

「Ahahaha… And it’s only been a day… Well there is nothing wrong if you turned into E Rank that fast. Are you probably that talented? Well not that I mind it. 」

「Was there something wrong? 」

「You see, I’ve heard that you are going to be an adventurer, so I thought that I would buy it if there’s anything you wanted to sell. Ah, well I have already been dealing with you in exchange for the great potions. And so I directly notified about you on our headquarters. And seems my eyes didn’t eyes haven’t really gone crazy after all. 」

「That seems to be how it is. 」

「Ah … By the way, is there anything that you wanted to sell right now? Like, that E Rank demon you have defeated. 」

「Ah, right, here it is. 」


I take out the dismantled Casnake.


「Oh, this is quite splendidly dismantled, Alim-chan had good dismantling skills. I’ll buy them for 120 Bells each. Since the total is four, it will be 600 Bells. 」


Arkin-san then stored it in his item bag, then handed over 1 silver coin and four large copper coins from his pocket and gave it to me.


「Fufufu, Just like this I request of you… Is there anything else you want to sell? 」


Oh, that’s right let’s sell some of those blue tongues. That fur ball, Chagemaro’s blue tongue. It seems to be a delicacy, but I don’t really need 400 pieces of it. So let’s sell around a hundred of them.

「Yes, I have something. It’s this… 」


I took out a blue tongue of Chagemaro from my Magic Purse.


「Cha… Blue tongue of Chagemaro. This is a meat traded as delicacies, but it is quite hard to dismantle properly. Not to mention being a D Rank monster. The creature itself lives on dangerous lands. Let me buy it then, how bout 5000 Bells each. 」


5000 Bells… 50000 Japanese Yen!


「I’ll sell it, I’ll sell it, I’ll definitely sell it! But you see, It’s not just a single one I have to sell. 」

「You can just sell as much as you want. Place all the Items on this sheet. 」


I then placed orderly the blue tongue of Chagemaro on the sheet that was given to me. The face of Arkin-san gradually turns pale as I add more and more. The total pieces I took out were 104 pieces… A total of 520000 bells which is 5.2 million in Japanese yen.


「Ah…. Ah… Ah…? 」

「Fuu… and that’s all of it… Arkin-san… Arkin-san? 」

「Cho… Alim-chan… where in the world did you get all of this? 」

「No, you see… I was just hunting it normally? 」

「Haa… Really?… Are you really ok selling so much of this… 」

「Sure, of course. On the contrary, I should be the one asking. Are you ok? Buying all of that.」


I am a bit worried. But it seems it was not really necessary.


「Ahahahaha. Wow, so many good quality blue tongues… how to say this… 104 is it. Selling so much of it, sure makes me happy. In reality, Alim-chan is not just on E Rank standard, is it probably around S Rank? Otherwise, this amount of loots won’t be explained at all. 」


Oh, that’s how it is after all.


「I’m ok with it. Ah, excuse me but could you please change it to 1 large gold coin, 5 gold coins, 45 silver coins, and 50 big copper coins? 」

「Ahahahahaha… and now you’ve just turned into a merchant! And it’s only been just  day! Ahahahahaha! 」


Aren’t you laughing about it too much…[TL: And so Arkin-san’s commonsense died today. ]

That is to say, he will be profiting more from buying a lot of it.


「Haaaaa… I overdid it. Anyway, here 520000 bells. Please confirm it. 」

「Thank you. 」

「No, Thank you. It is me who should thank you. Thank very much. Blue tongue you see is always in high demand, it can be sold easily, is what I’d like to say. 」


Just as I have thought. Oh, that’s right there’s something else I’d like to ask.


「Excuse me, but I’d like to ask about three things, is it okay? 」

「Ah, no problem. I feel really good at this moment. Let’s listen to what you’d like to ask. 」

「Yes, first one is, do you know of what skill makes magic cards? 」

「That is probably enchantment skill, I think most weapon shops, blacksmiths, and magician shops are possessing and acquiring it. 」

「I want to learn blacksmithing and that enchantment skill if possible. 」

「Eh… why?」

「Because I’d like to make things you see. 」


That’s not really it though. While thinking about it, I discovered that these two skills will be needed in unlocking the ★★★★★ skill.


「I see. Then in that case, the shop of [knack and Honor’s store] should be fine, my recommendation should work with them. I will inform them that a girl named Alim will come, and would like to learn their skills. So when will you be going? 」

「Ah, tomorrow if possible. And also, if you could introduce me to a blacksmith, I’d like to ask for 3 pick axe, 2 scoops, 2 sewing needles, 2 cloth cutting scissors and 2 disassembly knives. 」

「Oh, right since that place is both a weapon shop and a blacksmith. That would be ok. We can order it over there. 」

「And then, for the next request would be, a set of tools for smithing and and also a set of tools for enchantment. 」

「Got it, since we have a some stock for those currently available, would youlike take it with you now? 」

「Yes, it will be alright. 」

「Okay, then it will be 184500 bells in total. 」

「Thanks, here is 184500 bells payment. 」

「I have certainly received it. Let me get it for you now. 」


Arkin-san leaves the room, as soon as possible, and the came back 15 minutes later.


「Well then, the items are prepared in this magic bag and this tool here is something that transfers items from one magic bag to another. So then we will move the items from this magic bag to yours… Oh, the transfer it is definitely transferring.」

「So then, about my last request…」

「Yes, what would it be?」

「I’d like information on locations where I can gather plenty of ores. 」

「Let’s see, the closest probably is on a mountain area called [Tria Erial Mountains]… but the demons there are D and C rank demons… Even though I know Alim-chan will probably be alright… I am still a little worried… I can’t really stop you from going but I won’t really recommend it that much, but then again for now, I guess it will your first time trying to go there and it will take about four days to reach that place on carriage which is south-east of the kingdom. 」

「Thank you for that information. 」

「By the way, why do you want to go there? 」

「That is to raise my mining skills! 」


Well, the real reason would be because it’s cheaper to gather ores by myself than actually buying it.


「I see… but I don’t really recommend it you know. 」

「Thanks, that’s all for the time being. 」

「Oh, don’t mind it, you’ve been a really good customer after all. I’m happy to be of help. Please don’t mind asking if there’s anything you’d like to know. 」

「Yes, I’ll be taking your offer at that time. 」

「Well then, be careful and don’t do anything reckless alright, always do things carefully, anyway, I’ll be informing the gatekeeper to let you in next time you come so you can go in and out of our place with ease. 」

「Understood! 」

(Soothing Smile!) [TL: Seriously… ]


I also greeted the gatekeeper with and angelic smile as I go left.


Now then, since it’s starting to turn dark already, let’s go to Ult’z Inn [Hikari] and go to bed.