Home Levelmaker Chapter 49

Chapter 49

After returning to the Inn, I opened my status inside my room.

Let’s allocate SKP to 「Blacksmith 」and 「Enchanter 」that I got.


On 「Blacksmith 」, I used up 50 SKP to turn it into 「True Smith ★★★」 and used up 150 more to max it.


On「Enchanter 」, I also used up 50 SKP to turn it into 「True Enchanter ★★★」 and used up 150 more to max it.


And with that, I now got 4 skills that have 「True」in its name.

I should be able to synthesize that 「????????? ★★★★★」 now!

I then move to the synthesis screen.




[Harvest King ] +
[Creator King ] +
[Analysis King ] +
[True · Blacksmith ] +
[True · medicine ] +
[True · Enchantment ] +
[True · Cook ]


[Item Master ]


Synthesis Cost: Demon Core SS Rank 1, Demon Core S Rank 1, Demon Core A Rank 5.

Synthesis Conditions: All Required skill materials must be at max level.


Necessary Materials for Synthesis are ready.




Alright!… Proceed with synthesis!… Go!…


【SK2 「Item Master ★★★★★」 Learned. A title of 「Creation God」 will also be bestowed. 】


Alright, now it’s time to check information about the skill.



Item Master

★★★★★ SKP: 1470/2000


Lv0: SKP-0

LvMax: SKP-2000




There’s some SKP already allocated. Let’s add 530 more to it. But after this, I only have 2960 SKP left. I have to use it more carefully from now on.


Now then, time to check the Item Masters Effects.


【Treatment, knowledge and creation of all kinds of “Things” becomes the domain of God. However, handling and controlling it is not.
· In Treatment, everything such as skills, speed, usage, collection, storage method etc. of the tool is under the divine area.
· Knowledge can gain knowledge of all “objects”.
· In creation, any materials can be processed as what the creator wants. It is also under this area that needed technologies and speed of production can be controlled. Unless you intend to do so, results of creation would always be a high quality one.
· There are also various effects besides the above mentioned. 】


………Amazing! In other words, you can make whatever you want when you want it and with any materials you have, you can even make materials yourself, make it in a short time, know location of materials, and how to process and store materials properly… isn’t it?


As expected of a ★★★★★.

It really is amazing.


In any case, I want to test it soon.

Now what to do… Oh, right should I go to Tria Erial Mountains to mine ores. It is also just the right time to test how much mining can be handled by the pickaxe and to search for materials for sampling.


From here, 4 days was it? For now let’s make a sword out that ore. I can’t just use that water sword forever. But then, when do we go?


Ah!… Don’t I have enchantment skills! Let’s enchant my shoes. 「Transparency」「Ultra High Speed」「Air Movement」「Defensive Protection」set。


Actually I haven’t really mentioned this to honnard-san, that I know how to write magic formula. Seriously Item Master is really amazing!… Jizou-sama told me that he wasn’t able to give me any cheats, but then I got the cheats by myself.


Besides, although I was able to do enchantment, it still cost a lot of D Rank Demon Cores and MP to do so. Originally you will need at least an A Rank demon core to enchant 「Ultra High Speed」… … this is also the effect of Item Master.


By the way, transparency gives an effect the makes the user invisible.

Ultra High Speed boosts your natural speed up to 20 times if you are only running straight using this equipment.

Air Movement as the name implies allows you to move on air like walking for example.

And defensive protection creates a barrier that protects the body which will be useful to disperse collision with things from the air like insects or wind friction.


And apparently, if appraised, these shoes are already on the level of National Treasures.


Well then shall we proceed now?


I then got out of town, upon reaching the forest I turned invisible, activated the barrier, climbed up to the sky at walking pace, and then began running straight towards Tria Erial Mountains at super high speed.