Home Levelmaker Chapter 50

Chapter 50

…….I arrived at Tria Erial.

The speed of 20x the speed of S is really amazing. Was it 4 days if taken by carriage? That’s how it should have been.

I arrived in only 30 minutes. Fast. Way too fast.


And so, time to dig since there’s a lot of digging spots here, the time now is around 3 o’clock … Let’s return later at around six. It will be three hours till then. I have to dig a lot in the mines here. Not to mention, in this mountain. There are rare minerals like Ultimetal and Mythril. There are a lot of things that haven’t been mined here.


By the way, the top 3 metaqls in this world would be 1st Orihalcum, 2nd Ultimetal and 3rd Mythril. But orihalcum seems to not be found by just digging around normally.


Other than these three there are also magic stones. They are special types of minerals that contain magical powers. The commonly found ones which are comparable to Iron are called「Phantom Ore」.


Magic stones are used for fuel and enchantment costs. It can also be obtained from demons. All these information are from Item Master by the way.  Well then, time to start and do our best.


Oh right, before that I should enchant the tools first. Then we go digging for three hours.






And so I found a mine that can be accessed easily from the outside which seems to be quite deep. It really was quite easy to locate because of the help of the skill. Using my skills, I can mine as fast using dynamites or a strong drill, the speed of processing is fast, no so fast that comparing them would be like comparing to trash.


Harvesting Ultimetal enough for two swords, Mithril is about for three. Iron and Phantom Stones are very abundant. Quartz that is material for glass, gold, silver and other precious gems and of course everything is harvested in large quantities. Now then, this should be satisfactorily enough.


So then, Time to go home I guess? There are still a lot of things I want to do today. I made myself transparent again and moved at high speeds.






And then, I arrived at the Inn. First is, to make a workshop! Since I can’t work inside the Inn… I’ll be making it myself.


First make a door. Then make something like a dimension box as big as the door. Stuck it the opening of the door, and Enchantment! Enchantment! Enchantment! After a while, it took about 3 minutes actually, it has been completed.


【「Expanding Magic Dimension Room 」

・Status Good
・Durability Max
・Value National Treasure
・Material Lovely Tree、Iron, Enchantment
・Type Room
A Room where a different space have been allocated. Has the same mechanism as an item bag.】


I will make this my working room. First thing to prepare will be, Furnace and Hammer and other tools. Then Enhance the tools with Iron and Phantom Ores.


And then, I used up a lot of Iron and Wood materials to make all other tools with the help of Item Master.


As expected of working for two hours of working, fuuuuh… I got tired.


But well, after this, there won’t be that much more thing to work on anymore. All the tools I have created were on the level of national treasures.


And so after resting for a while, I think it’s about time to make the sword. But just making it won’t be that fun. I’ll give ti a sense of originality.


First as to ores to be used… I will an alloy of something and use that. That way it will be full of originality right?


There is a recipe from Item Master.


Mithril 43.21%, Ultimetal 32.09%, Iron… Tin…


Completed! It will be called 「Ultimate Silver」


I just made up the name. In any case, this is the first of its kind made by myself.


Should I make a bastard sword from this? After completing all the preparations, it is now late at night. In reality, I can make a sword in just 30 seconds, but if I lengthen the time in making the sword the quality will be way much better. By the way that is from Item Master’s effects. And in contrary to that, the faster you make the lower the quality result.

Still even though I say lower, it is still incomparable to any workmanship of smiths in this city. If considering the best that I know Knick’s work will be comparable to a 107 work probably?


I will give it a 1 hour and 30 minute processing. I’ll be looking forward to the results.






It’s finished! I have a lot of confidence for this one.

The results after appraisal is something like this.


【「Magic Sword of Ultimate Silver」

・Condition Best
・Quality Excellent
・Value Legendary
・Material Ultimate Silver, Enchantments
・Weapon Type Magic Sword
:Attack Power+870(290×3)
:Greatly Increases Sword’s performance(Sharpness、Durability、Attack Power 3 times)
:Magic that is supplied other than the owner’s will be rejected
:MP Consumed by the sword increases its performance further by the amount of MP the sword has consumed (MP1+0.005times)
:Magic Absorption is enchanted. The sword increases its performance further by the amount of MP the sword has absorbed (MP1+0.005times)
: It absorbs 5% of the MP of the target who was damaged by this sword. The performance of the sword Increases by the amount absorbed (MP1+0.005 times)
: In Addition. The duration of effects as stated will last for a whole day. When one day passes, all accumulated MP will be reset to 0.
: Always in Best Condition State 】


Fufufufu, what a masterpiece!

I made a legendary weapon!


With this weapon, the water sword skill won’t probably be used for a while. Since my MP now has reached 7000 ish. If I let my sword absorb all of it, the power of the sword will increase by 35 times or more!

Not to mention, this sword boasts an attack power of 30000 without the effects of any absorption of other peoples MP.


I can make such a cheat weapon on my own. Item Master is the best!

But I have spent A Rank Demon Cores   to make this one. Well, that cannot be helped.


Fuah… Sleepy… Goodnight!

I wish I could have done all the things I needed today.