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Chapter 51

Good Morning! The weather now is cloudy.


I have already decided what I will be doing for today…that is, to make clothes! Clothes for spring, summer, autumn, and winter. I usually wear anything as long as I can wear it in rotation in about two weeks.

Ah, and also I have to create clothes for parties, battle and work clothes. Anyway, for today I have to make a lot of clothes!


But the difficult part is that It’s not easy to make clothes above Treasure Value. Is it because it’s something I wear every day? Treasure value is actually quite unusual already. But even though it’s quite high in value, I won’t be satisfied if I can’t make it stop at the highest grade.


By the way the value ranks are worthless poor bad cheap parallel expensive high-end top class treasure national treasure legend! The things that I usually make are above treasure value. Fuufufufufu~n!


Well, I guess we will start from making the cloth. If I go over to Arkin-san’s place maybe he can find some good materials. I made some weaving and sewing machines that can process clothes. Or to be more direct, I just made them now. The sewing machine will be able to adapt to my speed and when I’m pouring magic power in the process!







「Oh, Alim-chan, come on in. Is there anything you wanted to sell today? 」

「Thanks, ah no for today…you see… I’d… I’d like to buy some clothes…」

「Now, now, does Alim-chan want to become a taylor after becoming a blacksmith? 」

「Eh, Well, maybe something like that. 」


In actuality I’m already way beyond that though because those things already belong in my God’s area of jurisdiction.


「What to say, maybe if it’s you then you can actually do it… I got word from knick and honnard’s shop, that you have a lot of talent. Well for now please wait for a bit as I prepare. 」







「Sorry for the wait…」


These are really quite some good materials. It seems that they have prepared it quite well.


「I have thought about this before, but there sure are a lot of well-prepared materials. 」

「Well, that’s because Medial Merchant Association has been built with a lot of security and trust. 」

「Ah, I see!」


That sure was somehow convincing…. Well, it seems like buying 100 blue tongues isn’t some you can casually do after all.

The price of the goods is 164000 bells. I got some good stuff.


「Thank You!」

「You’re welcome and please do come again.」


Well then, time to go back to the Inn. Time to work! And make plenty of clothes.






It’s been two hours since I’ve started making them. I have already finished making everything. I enchanted all the clothes, but it was stopped at the highest grade. For now, I’m a bit tired. And so, I wore the new clothes and headed towards the guild.


As I enter the guild, there seems to be quite a lot of people today.

But everyone seems to be looking at me.


「Oooooh! You look cute in those clothes! 」

「That sure looks nice. 」

「Hey, what are you saying! Isn’t Alim-chan the cutest! 」


Hahaha… It’s a bit embarrassing. I’m a bit afraid that I’m getting used to this state of being worshiped like an Idol.


While getting some sweets that I do not know the name or something. I went towards Agito-san. I’ll be asking if there are any good requests.


「Alim-chan, you became quite popular! 」

「Is that so? Well thank for the compliment. Anyway are there any good requests available? 」

「Oh right, You can do E Rank requests right?」


I have become E Rank with actually little effort. So I’d like to work with an E Rank request.


「Yes! I would like to! 」

「If that is so, then there is a request that you might just be interested. It is to gather rabbit skin form a demon called [Abara Rabbit]. You will need at least 3 skins to complete the quest. Will you take the request? 」


Abara Rabbit seems to be those rabbits that I’ve fought when I got here for the first time.


「I can probably do that, I’ll be taking that request then. 」

「Alright, go for it, by the way, it’s 150 bell for each Abara Rabbit and 170 if dismantled properly. 」

「Alright, the I’ll be going then!」

「Ok, good luck and please come back again!」







Just now, I made a flute, 「E Rank Calling Whistle」(National Treasure)


Let’s call out rabbits using this whistle. Any monsters of E Rank and some that I have already fought with may also come.


And, after blowing the whistle.

It’s, here they come!

1, 2… 30 creatures!


Alright, with this, annihilating will be ok right?

Well in any case, I killed everything quickly. And well because I don’t want to damage the skin, I knocked them down with a punch. That was quite tiring.


The dismantler girl Alim-chan finished all the dismantling in a few minutes. Well, let’s return to the guild.


Upon entering the guild, another person gave out sweets to me. Everyone seems to be carrying sweets all the time.

Then again, time to report to Agito-san.


「Oh… Fast…」


Oioi, Agito-san, what’s with that reaction. I haven’t even shown the goods yet. And so, I put all 30 leather materials from my magic pouch on the delivery stand.


「Alim-chan… isn’t there 30 of them? 」

「Yes!… is here anything wrong?」

「Yeah, right… you have already reached rank D… You have met the required number for promotion. 」


Is that so, you’re not lying right?



「Yeah… it’s 30 E Ranks right? Even just this alone is already quite amazing. Not to mention that it’s only been about 20 minutes since Alim-chan left for the quest, so this much is already enough to raise your rank. 」

「Waaah! Thank you for that! 」

「Go!… and don’t mind it…」

My Adventurer Rank Turned into D… And then a loud cheering was heard from behind.


「That girl ranked up again! 」

「Dangerous… Isn’t she a genius!」

「Are? It’s only been 3 days since she registered right? 」

「Cute~~ Please come over here!!」


Fufufufu… Being praised ain’t that bad… There was a loud cheering.

I went towards the bar area, then shown a really glowing smile towards the adventurers and everyone at that place over there.


「「「So Cute!!!」」」


Am I not cute? I am cute right?

Alim-chan is cute. Well Ayumu is not really though.

Agito-san shows a bitter smile.


【Title Acquired “Fascination Talent”. 】


And after a while Agito-san speaks of something after the surroundings settled down.


「By the way Alim-chan, the client prepared only enough for 15 rabbits. What would you like to do with the remaining 15?」


Eh is that so…. Well that’s fine. The rabbits will have their uses.


「Oh, ok then, if that’s good. 15 pieces, it will be, I will take the remaining 15 with me. So please only that. 」

「Aiyo!… Here, it’s 2550 bell for the payment. 」

「I have certainly received it. 」

「Oh, and congratulations on becoming D Rank. Keep up the good work from now on Miss Popular-san! 」

「hahaha! Well then see you again too.」

(Hmmm, this girl may have the power to attract people.)


I came back to the Inn. Ultz-san is still as busy as ever. Should I look into the new titles for now?

[Gives out enough charm for people to stop and look twice. The owner of the title will have an even more increasing appeal. 】


… What to say, why not? I may increase the amount of sweets I receive starting tomorrow.


Well today is already ending so. Have a meal, bath as usual and go to sleep.