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Chapter 52

Good Morning! It’s cloudy again today.

There is nothing special for me to today. Now what to do? Well, let’s go to the Guild for the time being.


After entering the Guild, adventurers would gather and talk to as usual. But well, it seems that their number has increase to twice as much as before… Is it probably the effect of that title?


Today’s clothes were also praised and there were saying how I, Alim-chan is so cute. That makes me glad.


Now then, let’s check on Agito-san if there is any good request. A D Rank request should be good!


「Oh, A request is it… Just a sec… Oh, found it. This is a request from Shuupu Village, About a D Rank Monster. It seems that a large poisonous moth called Temaega was found close to the village. It will be the subjugation of that monster. It will be about half a day by carriage if you travel from here towards the village. Not to mention, the next schedule for the next utility to come carriages will be two days from now. So you will probably need to rent a carriage by yourself. Well, because of those things that rewards for this request were quite good. I don’t think it will be much of a minus but… will take it? 」


Uwah. I don’t really have to hire a carriage. Anyways, I will just be running through the skies so it won’t be a problem.


「There won’t be any problem, so I’ll take the request and go! 」

「Oh? Alright, I was thinking that nobody would take the request because it was kind of troublesome… but, with that, I’m saved. 」


What will it be like if I don’t to that village? Let’s ask for a bit.


「…What would you do if nobody went to the village? 」

「n? Ah, well, there would only be few who might go there. People in the village can only try their best right? It will be quite grave though. 」

「Ehh… …. …. Well for now can you hand me a map of the village please. 」


By the way, the map isn’t free. It costs 30 bells per piece. Not that I mind it though. For the time being, let us buy a proper map. Let’s Enchant this, I will be giving it ability to tell where I am currently.


「Thanks for the purchase. 」

「Thank you very much. 」


I forgot to mention something. I made some new pair of shoes! That was when I was making new clothes. I made shoes that look good for exercising which looks like sneakers and was also enchanted with the same ones as the previous one I’ve used.

No not just that, since I’ve even added [double increase in S while equipped].


Now then, time to proceed to that village.


And I got there in just three to four minutes.

For now, let’s talk and ask for information from the person on the gate.


「Excuse me…」

「Eh? Wait, you. where did ya come from? Why are you here? You are not a girl from this village. 」

「Right, I have come here because of a request! 」

「Huh? But I just sent that request this morning today. Why did it turn out like this? 」


Well, since explaining it is quite troublesome, let’s just blame it on the skills.


「I have skills which led to such feat…」

「Is that so, so you that kind of skill… Anyway can you me your guild card?」

「Here it is!


The person was looking at my guild card then asked a question.


「Eh? Wha, what is this…? You, are you strong? 」

「Fufufu, be glad coz I’ll be showing you one of my skills. 」


I showed him Thunder Art・Extremity.


「Wa, what the!? D Rank Adventurer and not only skilled but was not even in proper age yet! I understand… Let me call the mayor for the time being… 」


The Gate Guard who was in front of the gate quickly went inside the village and immediately came back with an elderly looking person.

I also showed my Guild Card to the old man.


「Fumu, certainly you are quite a strong one. I’ll be asking you. Please come along, I will guide you there. 」


Before going further ahead as the old man guides me, A single moth with a considerably large size came into view.

To be honest, I’m quite disgusted. I felt cold sweat coming out.


「Well then, may I ask of you? 」



It is enough for a Level 5 Thunder Ball to blow off this monster in just 1 to 2 shots. And right now, It has been blasted off splendidly.


「All done…」

「Seems like it… you do have to worry about dismantling it and such. I have witnessed it myself after all. I will report it myself to the guild. 」

「Thank you very much, then I will be heading back now. 」

「Oh, sorry for having troubled you. Thanks. 」


And then I ran up to the sky…


(Came in like the wind and left like the wind, that girl was.)






And then, I came back to the guild.

Let’s get paid! Then I went to talk with Agito-san.


「What happened Arim-chan, did you forget anything or do you want to cancel the request? 」

「No, not that, I have already completed the request and would like reward please. 」


Then, Agito-san looks at me with a strange face.


「Oh really, Was it really over… you not trying to lie are you?」

「Mou~ It’s true you know… Haven’t the village mayor come yet to confirm it from the village? 」

「Eh? Contact… No, there was not yet any contact regarding that… oh wait, something just came in… Wait for a moment ok?」


Agito-san who disappeared from the reception desk came back after a while.


「It was really true…」

「Fufuun… So there were really those kind of skills!」

「Heeee… Is that so… then, the reward is 15000 bells right. There isn’t anything wrong right? 」

「No,no, there’s nothing to doubt about that. Then here it is. 」

「Ay! Then see you again! 」

「Yes and thanks. 」


And so I left the guild.


(Alim-chan… no matter how I think about it, you are not on the level of D Rank at all, aren’t ya……….)






Well then, what else should we do for today?

Is there still anything I’d like to make? Now hen, what would be good?

Map and… with navigation… and illustrations of demons in the area…


I wonder if I can do all this together.

Let’s go to a bookstore then buy A world map and a map for what demons are in certain areas for now. It’s from the things I’ve talked about before.


… It’s quite tall right. Although it would be good if I can find a map and books about demons in the bookstore of the kingdom, firstly there seems to be a monster dictionary but is quite pricey because the price of paper is high. The total was also 6 books.


All in all it cost 325,600 bells. 3256000 yen if converted to Japanese yen.


Although it’s quite expensive, it will be necessary for me though. So I bought it.


Now then, first thing to do is build a certain machine. It will be a machine that takes in paper content and turn it into data. It will be considerably large but…


It can also be said that it cannot begin if we don’t start from this. Fortunately, the picture book also shows a proper picture of the monsters. Let’s copy this like a camera so that the copied monster can be displayed.


Alright… I’m also trying to make the machine into a machine of the smartphone type. This will display a Map, Time, and Demons in the Area (It will also function with displaying the monsters photographed in the area.).


Well. It’s a lot more elaborate.

I also instantly made a machine which could load my skills, I also made it load Item Master.

It will make a record of Item Master Created Items and information on it.


And with this, add this also to the smartphones function. And the result was having a function of appraisal and knowledge of all things… and also calculation functions have also been added and pattern building.

The pattern building is something that functions as an automatic recipe builder by either inputting image of the things you want to make or things you are making directly. It also has accurate a calculation based on view and also attached a calendar function. [TL: She made a smartphone out of questionable materials that have super op functions… seriously]

((By the way in this world, 16 months is for one year and 28 days is for the whole month, but there is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.))


To be honest, just how much value is this?

Not to mention, the results of appraisal is of Legend Grade…

Earth’s machinery… If I brought it from there… will they all be of legend grade?

Anyway, this now exists here.

Sooner or later, maybe I’ll build something which can calculate status and skill combinations?


But I’ll be going to now.

It was around 10 o’clock when I started but now it’s around 12 o’clock midnight.


I kept on doing that until I got tired.

………then Good Night.