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Chapter 53

Good Morning! Now then, first thing to do today, work vigorously!

In actuality, I don’t really have to work, since money and things I needed are available, and so I am currently free!

Well, that can’t be helped.


Ad so I went to the guild, somehow it’s quite noisy.

What could it be?

For now let’s ask the Onee-san adventurer near who always gives me sweets.


「Ne, Onee-chan, Is there something that’s going to happen?」

「Oh, Alim-chan, you see. The news has just arrived… It’s about the Battle Tournament, and it will be held 12 days from now. And application is being accepted starting today. 」


Battle Tournament? What’s that?

Well, by the name alone I can probably guess what it is.


「What is the Battle Tournament?」

「The Battle Tournament will be a match between many adventurers and will be held at the Battle Coliseum of the kingdom. It is held three times in a year. Adventurers Ranging from D to S Ranks will be showing off their fighting skills and even their weaponry.  」


Ah, as I have expected. And it seems quite Fun.

The Nee-san still continues explaining.


「If you can enter in the top 4 rankings, you will get a lot of prices like prize money, skill cards, weapons, and other things. It will also be easier for you to get a rank up in your future adventures. You have to pay a participation fee though. And the participation fee is a bit expensive.  」

「It is quite interesting… Well, money aside. What about people dying, or brought into a state where they won’t be able to move again and the punishment for losing? 」

「There haven’t been anyone who died in this coliseum so far. There are no rules or punishment other that stopping in case of being stunned or fainted. There was slavery before…… but it seems that they were abolished a few years ago, and now any business dealing with slavery are all subjected to punishments and torture. That is thanks to one of the SSS Rankers that completely eliminated slavery, that’s why it doesn’t seem to exist anymore. And also about injuries that incapacitates and individual… there are great potions for that and aren’t you using one for yourself? There hasn’t even been one of those in the past few years. 」

「Is that how it was! Then I guess I would probably participate? 」

「There’s nothing wrong with that right, because I also want to see Alim-chan fighting inside the coliseum. 」


Well, there is probably no chance for me to get that badly injured. I also have Great Potions with me. I’m quite happy being told to be pretty cute.


「Thank you for informing about it, Onee-san! 」

「Oh come on, that’s really nothing you know. 」

「Well then, later, Onne-san! 」

「Yah, See you again! 」

(Kyaaa! I have conversed with Alim-chan!!)


That’s that and this, so let’s ask more about it.

Let’s talk to Agito-san for now.


「Agito-san! Is there any good request for today? 」

「Ah! Alim-chan, there are some requests available, but did you hear about the Battle Tournament? The Tournament is ___________ 」


Will you be talking about that competition here too?


「Ah, yeh I have already heard about it! I am also going to participate! 」

「Ohh, go ahead. I also accept the participation requests here. Just tell me whenever you want… Ah did know about that just now. The entry fee for D Rank is 1500 bells, What do you want to do? 」


1500 bells? There’s no problem with that.


「Ah, yes please register me. Here is 1500 bells. 」

「Ou, Then with this you are also registered to the battle tournament now, and then for the request. 」

「Yes! 」

「It will be a D Rank request. Gather E Rank Demon cores from casnek and we will purchase up to 15 cores…. It will be 210 bells each. You don’t need it to be disassembled by us right. 」

「Yes, I will be doing it. 」

「Then, this I ask of you. 」






The quest is very easy for me. For this I can just use the E Rank whistle.

Hora Hora, Here they come! Kasnek!… 15 monsters!

Well, isn’t this just about right? Now the, after defeating all of this, It’s time to bring it back. I then returned to report to Agito-san.


「Agito-san, I’m done! 」

「… … That’s really fast, Seriously. 」

「Eeeh~ 」

「Here you go, that’s 3150 bells. 」

「Thank you. 」

「Then, I’ll be giving a request again next time too! 」

「Let me take care of it at that time! 」


I then went out of the guild. Now then, what should I do today? Maybe I should just go home and take a nap? Well, I don’t really feel like it though…


Or, maybe I’ll make a sword? Surplus Iron… Since I have too much Iron sand on stock that I haven’t really used… oh right, let’s make some tamahagane out of it.


But well every time, why is it that when I make something, I am also creating 「Materials 」 needed for it?

I have to make it from Japan’s unique steel making equipment this time as well. I have a lot of free time anyway.


I made tamahagane. Then I make an A Grade Iron sword out of it! The rest of the Iron will be used for other things. Should I make something for appreciation…?  Nah… let’ make something for practical use.

… That’s it!

Let’s enchant that effect. Hihihihi…






Now for the result of what I have done!


【「Tamahagane Magic Sword of Pain」


  • State Best
  • Quality best
  • Value National Treasure
  • Material Tamahagane


  • Type Magic Sword
  • Description

: Attack power +522 (174 × 3)

: Greatly Increases raise the performance of the sword (sharpness, durability, attack power 3 times)

: Consuming MP increases the performance of the sword by the amount consumed (MP1 + 0.025 times)

: The damages made with this sword will be recovered within 3 seconds.

: Anyone who is hurt by this sword certainly faints. The time to faint depends on the difference between the strength of the owner and the strength of the opponent

: Ten times the stimulus to pain sense will be given to the opponent engaged with this sword.  However, only on the condition that the opponent is stunned

: Always remain the best condition


Well, It turned into a sword for capturing. With this, the value of materials before dismantling would be perfect due to not having any cuts or wounds. Hitting them once would make them faint and be captured just like that. Cut them twice and they will die from pain alone.


And it will still leave the corpse intact. Practically speaking, creating this sword surely gives off quite a lot of convenience.


That’s all for today. Good Night!