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Chapter 54

Good Morning!

One day one request. So we’ll head to the guild and work.


Hmm, The guild seems to be quite noisy, though it doesn’t seem to be about the battle tournament. It’s mainly Agito-san who’s shouting out loud.


「Someone, Is there anyone there who wants to accept this request, [cooking] and [dismantling] is a must, and the rank should be at least D Rank? Somebody, anybody please!  」


But nobody seems to voice out or raise their hands. Everyone’s just looking at Agito-san having a pitiful look. A D Rank with Cooking and dismantling skills, isn’t there someone here? Iya, Isn’t that me. It’s starting to look really pitiful so I’ll call out.


「Agito-san, Is there something wrong?  」

「Oh, Alim-chan…. Well, you see, A Merchant which is a Senior Executive of a big merchant association seems to be going to the port town [ Palchini ] from the kingdom in order to make a big deal, so a request for escorting the carriage have been made… Another condition is they should be《D Rank, and should absolutely possess, [cooking] and [dismantling] skills 》.  Moreover, the number of working days would at least be a week, and the day of departure will be tomorrow. And since it is almost time for the competition, everyone is already preparing. 」

「But why is Agito-san so troubled with that? 」

「Agito-san, Is there something wrong?  」

「He is an Executive of a big association… every one of them is connected with the guilds higher-ups at the guild’s headquarters. This is really giving me a headache. Just thinking about what would happen if I can’t handle it… 」


Oh, I get it now, so you are afraid of their power. I see, I see.

I don’t have any preparations to do, not to mention I’m also D Rank, and skilled enough to be above them more or less, I can also satisfy the other conditions, so maybe I should go with it? Well, it would still depend on the rewards.


「I would like to take it, since I have both the skills learned. 」

「Eeh!? Alim-chan, is it really? Are you really going to take it?  」

「For now, I’d like to ask how much will be the reward? 」

「It’s 32000 bells. 」


The amount seems to be good enough on average. Let’s take it then.


「There’s no problem with the amount, so I’ll take the request after all.」

「Ou! I’m really thankful for this. Oh I forgot to mention, there will be other guards for escorting, it seems that they will be an A Rank party. I hope you can learn something from them. Anyway, I’ll be requesting that. 」

「That’s how it seems to be, please leave it all to me! 」


As soon as I acknowledge it, the voices of compliments of adventurers from the surroundings take over me. Is it really that bad of a Job? This.

It seems that everything’s decided for today.

Something to play with while on the carriage, let’s make a tool for that. I am currently free anyway.


I returned to the in leisurely. I will be making Jenga, Sougoroku and Othello. Well, not like it will be a big deal right? I will finish it in a couple of seconds… No, more like I’ve done it already.


Seems like the trip will be early on the morning, so first is to prepare the smartphone like device which serves as clock, monster illustrator and map… then set the alarm function of the [tozumaho] which is a short name for the device….


Good night.






Good morning, that was a good sleep.

I did not oversleep, I am good.


Fix up the messy hair then prepare to move out, the carriage should be found in front of the gate of the kingdom.


Or rather, Ultz-san is already up, this early in the morning. But he looks kind of sleepy. What on earth is this person doing?

Well, for the time being, I informed him that I won’t be returning for quite a while.


Current time is 4:40. There seems to be people already there at the meeting place. What to say, he seems to give of a really characteristic feel to him, a red armored uncle appeared… Iya, was that more like a big brother.

While having some complicated feelings, The Older Brother person talked to me, after noticing me.


「Nu?… What’s this little girl…? What’s wrong? You shouldn’t be around places like this at this time you know. 」

「I am here for the requests… 」


As I answer. It seems that he already progressed the story without my permission.


「Huh?… But looking at you, you don’t seem to be at the proper aptitude age yet. Is it an X Rank? Isn’t it kind of hard to work at this early in the morning? Adventurers are within the city, do your best out there… 」


Mm? Hey, that’s impolite. Although I’m less than that of aptitude age I’m a proper D Rank adventurer you know? I will be arguing with this.


「Muu… I may be less than that of aptitude age but I’m already D rank. I am here for the D Rank request I received! 」

「If that is so, then can you please show me your guild card. 」

「Hai… Here…」

「Fumu fumu… Alim… 12 years old… 5 days since registering… D Rank. What, is this true!? I’m sorry… I didn’t think that a child like you would really be ranked D. I am Gabaina. An A Rank adventurer. You and I will be companions on this request.  」


Well he looks good, polite and sturdy.

His words are a bit too firm though.


「Please take care of me…」

「Ah, please take care of me too. Regardless of having an age of less than that of aptitude age, and to be D Rank just on the 5th day after registering, you sure seem to be a promising one. I was honestly surprised.」

「That’s right, that’s what they often say. It was surprising.」


When I finished introducing myself to Gabaina-san, I go into the expensive looking horse-drawn carriage. A person wearing yellow clothes while holding down a dark green necktie came down from the carriage.


「Nn~… it seems that everyone is here na, I am a member of the Client’s Medial Merchant Association, a person called Grape. For this time best regards.」


It seems like that person is our client. Gabaina-san starts introducing ourselves.


「Grape-san, I am the person who received this request, The name’s Gabaina. A pleasure to work with you. 」

「oooh, Gabaina-san, I have seen on the coliseum, and have known good things about you… Thank you for accepting this request of mine… and who might be this little girl here? 」

「My name is Alim, pleased to meet you Grape-san. 」


I’m a bit surprised. Recently, this kind of thing has already become a template.


「Nn~, not really doubting anything but just in case, can you show me your guild card? 」

「Here it is. 」

「Nn~, I see, isn’t this something rare. Agit-san from the frontier branch sure introduced a good adventurer. Best regards, alim-chan. 」

「Hai! 」


Ah, that was a good. This person seems to be a much better person than expected. Well, mainly because I don’t want to work with them if they actually have a bad personality.

It seems that Grape-san will be explaining a variety of things right now.


「This time since Gabaina-san will be the escort, I can make it so that the time going to the port town can be made faster. Since we will be using a short cut, the only problem is that monsters of D, C, and B frequent the area. 」

「Yep, I’m quite aware of that. 」

「Alim-chan will mostly be in-charge of housework like things such as cooking, cleaning and also giving assistance to gabaina-san… also about your dismantling skills, you will the one dismantling the demons that Gabaina-san defeats. Will you do it? 」

「I understand, please leave it to me. 」

「Well, there seven members of us at the moment, Myself, Gabaina, Alim-chan and four other members of my group. Because there is enough food loaded, you can use that, can you make for seven people?  」

「It’s alright, I have no problem with it. 」

「Nn~, alright, you are quite reliable ne, everyone! It’s a bit early but we will be leaving now. Please get on the carriage. 」


And we all boarded the carriage and left. On the towards the port town [ Palchini ].