Home Levelmaker Chapter 55

Chapter 55

The inside of the carriage was much larger than it looked from the outside. It was the same principle as the magic workshop room that I had created before.

Grape-san is currently giving me an explanation.


「Nnn… Oh dear, what to do? 」



Oi oi, what did you just say? Saying something like that just before explaining our room is unsettling.


「Is, um, something wrong?」


「Nnn no. There is only one room for the adventurers, so… Gabiina-san and Alim-chan…」


Ah, so it’s that…

Huh, I’m a girl now. I see. Well, nothing to worry about, I can sleep on the sofa in the living room.


「Nnn, I didn’t expect that a girl would come… Sorry about that…」

「Then I’ll sleep on the living room sofa.」

「No, I’ll sleep on the sofa, Alim should sleep in the bed, I was ready to rough it from the beginning.」


So says Gabiina-san. No, no, I can’t have that. Gabiina-san’s role is much bigger than mine.


「That… I will not go to such lengths! Gabiina-san has to fight demons…  So I should be on the sofa… no… but if Gabiina-san is ok with it… well… even in the same room… would that be ok? 」


Why am I blushing saying this? Maybe this is one of the effects of sex conversion, probably?

Gabiina-san queries me with a confused face.


「…Is that really alright? 」

「Mmm, yes… I don’t mind… I think it’ll be OK if it’s Gabiina-san.」


I don’t really know what is ok, so it can’t be helped that I’m a little embarrassed. Really, the effect of the charm title, is it really good or bad?

「Muuu… Well, if she says it’s alright, then I guess I can’t complain…」

「Nnn… Sorry about that」


「I’m fine about it desu」

「Nnn, then, since we won’t have anything to do for a while, I’ll be in be relaxing in the living room.」


Oh… Grape-san left us in our room. So, spare time is it. What should I do, I don’t really have anything to do. I should refrain from messing around with other passengers. Maybe I should just bother Gabiina-san? Nah, it’s a little too early for that.

What to do? There doesn’t seem to be anything to do.

As I was thinking about such matters, Gabiina-san called out to me.


「Alim-yo, why’d ya become D ranked at such an age? It generally takes a person years to become D rank, and that’s already considered to be extremely fast, and yet it only took you a only a few month to become one. 」


Oh, I have also heard of that. That’s right. I guess I need to answer.


「Well… In regards to that, before I became an adventurer, I already had experience fighting monsters. So, advancing as an adventurer was a cake walk desu.」

「Haaa… so that’s the case, you already had experience fighting monsters. That explains it.」

「Yea, that’s right desu.」


Repositioning his arms, Gabiina-san continues.


「Nevertheless, Alim-yo sure has a fascinating charm that attracts people. In 3 or 4 years all the boys will be clamoring over you.」

「Fue!? Is that so? Ehehe」


Oi, oi, what is this guy suddenly saying. Gabiina-san’s intuition about others is really good.


「Ah, my bad. Was a little critical.」



I don’t know if I am following what Gabiina-san is saying.

At this point Grape-san interjects.


「Nnn, I’ve traveled on a lot of business and seen a lot of girls… but your exceptional, no?」

「Grape-san too!」


No, I already have that dangerous charm talent. I’ve already been labeled as a beautiful girl.

With that feeling we continued to have a friendly chat, until the coachman-san stops driving with and shouts.


「Uwa! It’s a monster! 」


Grape-san did nothing more than make eye contact with Gabiina-san. Gabiina-san understood, got up and said「Roger」


Gabiina-san leaves the carriage to confront the monster.

I look at the monster from the carriage while looking it up on Monster Library.

The monster’s name is Trent, a D-Ranked tree monster.


Gabiina-san has a lance and shield equipped. He uses his shield to prevent the vine attacks of the Trent and pokes it with his lance.


*「Overpowering Lance Double Attack Strike」*


Gabiina-san says the technique name and quickly makes a huge piercing thrust. It should have only hit once, but the enemy has 3 holes clean through it.

The Trent fell down.


So this is one of the *Overpowering Lance* skills, huh.

Incidentally, the Iai Techniques can also be used while saying its name. I haven’t used it yet.

Grape-san has confirmed the state of the Trent.


「Well, as expected of A Rank’s skill… Alim-chan can you dismantle this monster? 」



I got off the carriage to dismantle the Trent where it lays. Although, I have dismantled it taking my time, it seems to be an abnormal speed from the surrounding reactions. Gabiina-san, Grape-san and his co-workers where surprised.

Also, I had heard that the dismantled parts will be given to Gabiina-san after the request is over.

At that time, Grape-san says it is okay to buy it.

After dismantling and Grape-san stored the Trent in his magic bag, we continue on our way.


It’s now time for lunch. I am hungry as I missed breakfast.

Grape-san asks me to prepare lunch soon. It seems that I can use the supplies in the carriage freely.

Furthermore, the carriage has a tidy kitchen. As expected of a merchant.


Alright, let’s make something delicious. Guess I shall make omelets.

With the abilities of Item Master, I made the best omelet. I might as well leave the apron on to show off.


「Hai! It’s ready! 」

「Nnn… Delicious ~ the smell is so good」

「Fumu. I can expect  a lot from the taste」

「Apron, lookin’ good」

「So, so cute!」

「That makes me hungry」

「Beautiful girl in an apron… so good!」

「Alright everyone, let’s eat」


Everyone gives there thanks for the food and scoops some omelet with a spoon and starts eating.


Eh, eh? Everyone is silent. There is a moment of silence which is broken by Grape-san.


「NNnn… Hey, Alim-chan, what is this!?」

「Fue!? D. Does it not fit your taste? 」


It wasn’t delicious? If so, I’m really sorry.

Grape-san shakes his head and says,


「Well, it’s the opposite… it is tasty, no, it is too tasty, I have eaten cuisine cooked by the kingdom, also eaten cuisine served in the castle, this is not flattery, this is more delicious than both of those, I can assure you that I am a gourmet, and I’ll honestly say, this is insane.」


Incidentally, Arkin-san said something similar. Was it also that tasty that time?

Thanks to Item Master, has it finally gone too far?

After Grape-san finishes, the others start to give their thoughts.


「It is delicious… As Grape-san said, a female adventurer, who is not even a teenager yet, made this dish. Who are you? The speed you dismantled at was also abnormal.」

「Nom. Nom. Nommmmm~」

「I’ve already eaten it, can I have seconds?」

「A cute girl made this, just this, but the taste is like being in heaven…」

「Can we eat this tonight, tomorrow and on our way home?」


Everyone wants to eat. I’m glad.

Grape-san immediately shows the eyes of a merchant. Even when I sold the Great Potion to Arkin-san, he had the same eyes.


「NNnn, Alim-chan if you ever want to trade, please come to our place, Medial Merchant Association.


Grape-san took out a card and handed it to me. Ah, this business card might be a pass to come to the merchant association headquarters.


「Thank you very much, Grape-san, but I have already frequently been trading with Medial Merchant Association. I already have a similar card form Arkin-san, the gatekeeper-san immediately let me pass when I showed the card.」


「Well, what is this, Arkin sure is doing business at his best, both Arkin and I are senior executives of Medial Merchant Association Headquarters… mmmmm Arkin was.… Oh, maybe about the 104 blue tongues that was sold, was that you…」


「Hai, that was me.」

「Nnn! I thought so! Headquarters was in such a state, that rumors were flying around when such a large number of blue tongues were bought. Please continue to keep in touch with Medial Merchant Association. Whether it is Arkin or me, we will be happy to work with you.」


With this Medial Merchant Association will always be there to help me. No doubt it will be very convenient. I may even be able to ask some unreasonable things as well.


Everyone finished eating, and they asked for seconds, but there are none, sorry.

Instead, I will make extra servings for dinner.


For the rest of the day, we encountered two D-ranked monsters and one C-ranked monster, but it was quickly subjugated, and nothing in particular happened.


Dinner is stew. I made a lot so they can have second helpings. But it is a secret that I used rabbit meat in order for there to be enough, even though the meat isn’t particularly delicious.


Grape-san and Gabiina-san both had one bowl. The other four people averaged 2 bowls each. Iya, there were two strong challengers who ate 5 bowls.


The carriage didn’t have a bath, but there was no problem as there was a tool to clean up the body.

I didn’t get to change into sleep wear.

If someone were to see, they’d surely faint.


It’s time to sleep, and Gabiina-san will sleep a little later.

Gabiina-san, I feel like your squeezing yourself too far into the corner. You don’t have to worry about it so much.

Regarding that, Gabiina-san said,


「Alim is a girl, ya know? It’s impossible for a young girl to share a room before her age with a man, so stop, Alim please sleep first.」


I gave everyone a greeting before going to bed and I’m sorry for Gabiina-san but I’m going to sleep first.

It seems that we will be arriving at the port town tomorrow by night time.