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Chapter 56: Sleeping Girl

TL: Fenderson
ED: Yuki

Right now, I am on an A-ranked request for Grape-dono, who is an executive for the Rudeiana Merchant Association, along on this request is a strange red haired D-ranked girl named Alim.


It’s currently midnight. Everyone, Alim, Grape-dono, except for me and the current driver are asleep now.


I’ll also sleep soon.

If the coachman sees anything strange they will wake us up, time to change and enter the bedroom.


This carriage is amazing. As expected of the number one leader of the royal capital merchant association. The inside of the carriage is a magic room.

The inside even has a living room, a kitchen and a toilet.


The room I am using is shared with a girl named Alim.

A man and women sharing a room is ordinarily hated, but this girl did not seem to care.

She has trust in me. She is a good girl.


Nevertheless, this girl is strange.

Few adventurers end up with both cooking and dismantling.

Besides, women adventurers tend to be reluctant to work in conjunction with other adventurers like this.

Furthermore, the earlier cooking ability and dismantling technique, other adventurers and professionals would be completely overwhelmed.

According to Grape-dono, because his cooking skill is level 1 he finds her cooking skill to be good enough to make one feel like ascending to heaven.


But this girl is still only 12. Normally, one can’t become a formal adventurer until the age of 14. Furthermore, she went up to D-rank from registering in 5 days.


All of this is definitely unusual.

Maybe she will make A-rank this year.

Alim can do it. It’s that sort of feeling.


Besides, this girl is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

About that, said unintentionally, from this girl before my eyes, was that a mistake?

No, not glad about that. It has the feeling that I don’t need to worry about it.

I had thought that women pay more attention to such appearances. I wonder what surprise Alim will have next.

… Even so, her skin is smooth and looks like it would be nice to the touch, even looking at it for a moment…

No, no. This girl said she trusts me to share the room. What do I do? I have to keep a calm mind. Don’t lose to temptation. Let’s go to bed early.

「mmm… is… uuu… 」

Did she wake? What did Alim say? It doesn’t seem as though she has woken up.

「It’s… No… m…san…da…n..Mika… 」

Sleep talking huh. Nevertheless, it sounds like a nightmare. It seems bad. However she is pretty quiet so I won’t have any trouble going to sleep. What is she saying? It may be rude, but I strain my ears to listen.

If I concentrate and pay attention, I can hear some of the contents.

「No…I don’t wanna die… I don’t wanna die… mother… father… Kanata… sorry… I…its painful…it’s hard… Mika…don’t go…I don’t wanna die…I want to go back… more… more… time together… Mika… 「

「…………………………… 」

She gave such a bright expression when talking with us. She was cute and full of energy. What sort of Alim is this? She is probably carrying a difficult past. The place where she lived may have been attacked by a powerful monster…

Incidentally, I belong to a knight’s house. Because I am the second son, my older brother has taken up the family inheritance, and I have taken up adventuring as my life. Thanks to the knight training I excel at the spear. Because of that, I have reached A rank.

For a long time, I had thought being born the second son was a misfortune. Our parents treated us differently. Nevertheless, my parents and brother still loved me. Given all of this I am quite happy.

But, this girl Alim… as can be guessed from her sleep-talking, parents…, Kanata, Mika, maybe siblings, she may not be able to meet them anymore.

Just how much suffering is in this cute little body at this age? Perhaps, because she is desperate to live, she has had to skill up and become exceptional in order to live. For me, things wouldn’t go well, it would be impossible to live energetically.

This girl is strong. No, it’s the strength to continue living. I want that to be the case.

「Are?…Gabiina-san… did I wake you up?  」

Alim woke me. I should forget the sleep-talk just now. I should reply to the question.

「Yea, I’m about to lay down. Alim, have you awoken? 」

「No.. That… is different 」

That  fidgeting, I find it cute. Perhaps, she needs to use the lavatory. It’d be a pity to make a noise.

「No, I don’t want to make a noise, Good night.  」

I gently pat Alims read hair. Allow me this transgression. She smiles.

「ehehe… Gabiina-san, good night 」

With that said, I leave the room. If I don’t go to sleep, I’ll stay up all night fretting about her. I should lie down. Softly, I lay upon by bed, close my eyes and think of this.

「I pray that much happiness and fortune are in store for this girl in the future. 」