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Chapter 57 Arrival

TL: Fenderson

ED: Yuki

Good morning. I was asked by Purple-san to get up an hour earlier than everyone else to clean the living room and the kitchen. Therefore, I woke up at 6 in the morning, and by 6:05 everything was complete.

I think breakfast preparation will take about 10 minutes. That gives me almost 40 minutes of free time. I considered talking to the driver but I don’t want to distract him.

40 minutes of free time. Shall I clean more carefully? Make some more cleaning tools? That’s not a bad idea.

Just now, Purple-san has awoken. After saying good morning he said,

「NNn~ why is it so clean here..?」

I overdid it. When one has only one thing to do, amazing results can happen.

That aside, Gabiina-san and the driver-san were all in the living room. Today’s breakfast is bread, soup, boiled eggs, and a small salad. The bread is buttered, and the soup is has been thickened with dashi stock. The eggs are soft boiled, and I boast about the salad dressing.

They sat with a *peron like sound effect and begin to eat up the breakfast while praising my cooking ability (and appearance) at every turn. Second helpings of soup were served, it was worth making. They were astonished by how clean and pretty the carriage house had become.

We have free time now. Is there nothing to do? I was going to the build on a daily basis. I’m reminded of the time I always received sweets. They were delicious just like a marshmallow.

I asked the others, as they seemed to be free, if they would to play Jenga with me.

As expected, Jenga does not exist in this world, and as such I was asked how to play. So I answered, 「You pull out a plank and place it on top, if it falls then you lose.」 they understood with this explanation. The four of us enjoyed our time. Unexpectedly Grape-san joined in the middle. Furthermore, Grape-san asked if it would be possible to commercialize Jenga. I am proud about my reliability with money. I explained all about how to make and play Jenga, and I lightly asked for a few percentages of sales. They agreed with little resistance. I hope it will sell. Though my appearance didn’t show it, I am quite a cunning person. Hmm? Did this mean that a big deal just got decided?

Anyway, until lunch, we played Jenga with five people for nearly 5 hours.

I made sandwiches for lunch. Apparently there is no sandwich in this world. It is eaten with one hand and delicious, Grape-san took notice of this dish as well.

Business talks about the sandwiches got brought up. Because it is cooking, it’s hard to get money on a percentage of sales. So, I asked if I could get 5% off when buying products. They gave a wrinkled face but agreed. I can be merchant like too.

After lunch, I asked Grape-san why he was going to the port.

Apparently, a legendary giant fish was caught, so his purpose is to buy these and other normal business.

It is a fish that people will go to buy from far away. The huge fish is rare, but it is not open to the public, so it will not be shown to either me or Gabiina-san.

In the afternoon, I had a detailed business talk with Grape-san. It progressed relatively quickly and did not take much time.

Dinner is spare rib. Naturally it is rabbit. Everyone said it was delicious and tasty, and ate with pleasure. No one suspected that it was rabbit.

After the meal, we cleaned our bodies with a magic item and waited for arrival.

Soon, we arrived at port town Parikiini. We went to an inn so that we could sleep. Naturally, since it is an inn I have a room separate from Gabiina-san. Also, an odd request was made. Grape-san, Gabiina-san, the driver-san and everyone else wanted me to make them food during the stay in Parikiini. I am good with that. So, I agreed. One of the driver-sans was so happy that they cried. Was it that good? Well, because of that I will have to get up before everyone else.

It is 1am now. I need to get up at 6:30. I should go to bed early. Good night.