Home Levelmaker Chapter 58: Frolicking in the Sea

Chapter 58: Frolicking in the Sea

TL: Fenderson

ED: Yuki

Morning. This town, Parikiini, has the scent of the sea.

This is the first time I’ve seen the sea in this world. In truth, I am feeling a little sleepy now, but I used a wake up item that I made to remove my sleepiness.


Now then, I’ll prepare breakfast.

We met up in the carriage. This morning’s breakfast is sunny side up eggs and toast with jam. Thanks to item master, I move my arms and get it done.


Everyone, it’s a little earlier than the set time. Let’s eat this delicious breakfast. I am really happy that my cooking is eaten with pleasure.


There is something I want to do separately from everyone else so I cannot make lunch for everyone. So, I gave Grape-san bags with sandwiches for everyone for lunch.


One of the driver-san said 「lunch made by a beautiful girl…」 while crying in happiness. Why the tears? I mischievously threw mine in my magic bag.


Well, then what shall I do? It’d be great to go around the town, but I’ve specially come to the sea. I want to hunt fish. Not fishing but hunting. Oh yea, I also want salt.


I will make a machine that sucks the salt up from the sea as soon as it is place in the water. I want to hunt fish in the sea, so the enchantment 「Guard」 as a thin barrier on them should be good. As for breathing, I shall use a cloth wrapped around me enchanted to generate air near my mouth.

There is the question of whether or not we can catch fish freely in this area, but after consulting the Tazumaho it appears as though sea monsters from D to B rank swarm frequently, and there is an occasional A rank, so the area would not be very good to establish a fishery.


The monsters are no problem for me. I am going to hunt some fish and monsters included.


There is a strait that takes 8 days by boat. But for me, it only takes 45 minutes of running.


I arrive at the dangerous channel. A use a transparent enchantment on the salt-producing machine let it float attached to the sea floor.


Only the owner can see it, it is transparent to others. I’ve also placed the 「free swimming」 enchantment on my shoes to allow me to freely move in the sea.


For use today, I have placed a water repellent enchantment on my tamahagane magic sword. Also, even though my magic pouch has infinite storage, I don’t want to randomly put sea water in it, so I have added an additional enchantment so that the pouch only inhales what I want it to.


Furthermore in order to draw the monsters closer, I have not only prepared the 「E rank flute」 but also D through A rank as well.


All preparations are complete. Now then, the hunt begins!

While under water I hold my sword and blow the 「C-rank flute」 to begin.


Seems about 10 C ranked monsters have gathered. I do not use the fainting ability of the sword as they opponents are not human. And I want to try one of the sword mastery hidden techniques.


「Sword mastery hidden technique double dance」


This sword technique can cut objects in the visible range no matter how far away they are. The effect of the sword is also reflected properly. In other words, if you spin on the spot, you can cut objects in a 360 degree range that you can see. Therefore, all the monsters and fish that I can see are undamaged and dead by the effect of the sword.


I put them all in the pouch. It was a pretty good harvest. It would be nice if this repeated all day today.


Next I use the 「B rank flute」. Now not only are there fish type monsters, there are also squid and octopus. There are six of them in all. If it is only to this degree, two 「double dance’s」 will take care of it.


I think yet again that the Item Master skill is a bit of a cheat. It’s thanks to this skill, the sword and the flute that attracts the monsters.


Next I tried the 「A rank flute」. A monster like a whale share and a monster like a crab came out. Really, this strait is horrible. One usually doesn’t encounter A rank monsters like this. When it comes to A rank, even I think this is a little bit much. I have to do 「double dance」 three to five times to defeat them. Considering that 「double dance」 consumes 90 MP each… it’s not that big of a problem.


Like this I continued to hunt the monsters for the rest of the day. Seems that I have now been fighting for 13 hours? I have run out of monsters to hunt several times and moved to other places.


The result was 41 D rank monsters, 29 C rank monsters, 15 B rank monsters, and 7 A rank monsters. I also get a whole lot of fish.


I will not need to go fishing for a while with this. Next the salt maker, it produced a few tons of salt. I used the Tazumaho to calculate and it seems that this is enough salt for two peoples lifetimes. As expected of a machine I made. I will not be troubled with salt in the future with this.


I have returned to the carriage. On the way back I met one of the driver-sans, they asked me what I was doing, and I mischievously said 「Fishing!」 . They told me that I don’t act like a young girl at all and laughed.


At about 6pm, Grape-san, Gabiina-san, and the driver-sans all returned to the carriage. Grape-san was able to trade safely, it seems that his business went well. Gabiina-san was looking around the shops all day. It doesn’t look like he found anything particularly interesting.


Dinner for today will be some of the fish I caught grilled, bouillon soup, and a seaweed salad.


Everyone was surprised that I brought out some high-class fish, I had caught something like that.


We finished eating and returned to our rooms. I went to sleep immediately after taking a bath.

Tomorrow’s departure will be at 4am.