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Chapter 1 – 35

Chapter  1


I returned from the 4 days long field trip.

An RPG game called『Dragonar Story 4』will be released today,

so  I  was euphoric  while  heading  to  the  opposite  direction  of  the

school.  Dragonar Story  is  a  king  among  RPG  games.  It’s  loved

universally for 8 years. I’m the type to raise his level diligently to

fight  the  last  boss.  I  don’t  know  about  other  people,  but  I  enjoy

leveling  the  most.  On the  way,  I  heard  a beeping  sound.  I  have

received a message on my smartphone. It’s from my childhood friend


Hey! Why did you leave without me!!

………. Shit. I  was so excited about Dragonar Story that I  forgot

about Mika. Mika will be probably in bad mood for a whole day……

Because we are childhood friends a lot of people ask if we are couple

unfortunately, we are not. If it was the truth my dream would come

true, but reality doesn’t work like that. More than a friend, less than a

lover. She goes to school with me just because there is not another

partner… That seems to be the…… case. According to Mika.

…… I’m happy?

Therefore, today I totally forgot. I don’t usually do such a thing. In

addition to reply, I will suck it up with a juice. I hectically write the

reply and I  will also treat her to a drink. Moreover, it’s  a 200 yen

energy drink. Therefore, I replied to Mika

Ah, sorry. My bad m(_ _)m


I devoted my attention to the smartphone. Just, the time to devote

myself  to  the  smartphone  was  bad.  Commonly  referred  to

as[Texting while walking]. ………. I didn’t notice………. Something

falling down from the building next to me. At the same time I pressed

the Submit button, a loud sound and the most intense pain I ever felt

so far___________

My vision turned pure white……….


________________________________  _____________________  __________  ____


「?… N…… n?」

Where is this? I woke up laying in an unknown place.


Chapter 2


No, really. Where the hell is this place? I stand up slowly. …….N?

Wait a moment? I feel that my line of sight is little lower than usual.

Did I  become weird when I  hit my head? I  was always weird, Mika

said so.

First of all, I must grasp the situation. This is…… As far as I see,

forest.  How many birds  are there…? Are.  This  one has colors  like


No,  that  bird  isn’t  the  only  thing  I  have  never  seen.  The  flower

blooming under my feet. This also has a shape I  have never seen

before. Furthermore, the shape of  leaves on the several trees are



Until now I have thought that I have been kidnapped by someone

and left  unattended,  I  don’t  understand.  Though I  don’t  know the

reason someone would kidnap me, I  have never seen animals and

plants like these…… My intuition says.

………. This is another world. At the very least not Japan.

My vision accidentally fell on my left arm. I was shocked. 3 years

ago, I injured myself to the extent I needed 7 stitches. I can’t found

the scar.

No, not only that. The skin became paler… Then the hair swayed

from my head. The color was surprising.


ーーBright redーー

No, it’s possible it was dyed with blood when I hit my head. But, my

head is  not wet. It’s  also  not dried  stiff.  And this  hair  is  not deep red

like blood, but lovely scarlet. _______It’s decided. This is not the place

I come from. I might be laughed at if there’s someone watching me,

but I don’t think this place is Earth. Certainly there is a chance that

I’m just sick, but I decided to think this is real so I muttered.

「Another world…… huh…」

At that moment, something gently fell down from above.


I mutter unintentionally. I picked up the paper which fell and read.

This was written on it.

《To  you.  You  must  be  surprised  at  the  sudden  development.

Unfortunately,  on  Earth,  a  flowerpot  fell  down on  your  head  and  you

died. However, at that time, when a bird droppings fell on my head,

you  treated  me  with  gentleness……  I  was  moved.  Therefore,  I

rescued every bit of your soul I could.

The name of this world is “Anazumu”.

I really wanted to avoid you dying on Earth, but I don’t have such

ability……….  I’m  really  sorry.  However,  I  was  able  to  send  your

soul  to  another world.  If  you could enjoy living  in  that  world and find

the happiness I would be very glad. From now on I will explain about

this  world  as  for  granting  you a special  power,  my abilities  don’t

reach to such extent, I wasn’t able to do it. However, you are able to

read and write the language of this world. Also, when you close your

eyes  and  pray[I  want  to  see  status]you  will  be  able  to  see

the various information. Oh, although everyone in this world can do

this. And lastly an advice. Your original age is 16, in this world, you

should be 12 years old. By the way, if you die in this world, your soul

will also die. Please be careful. From Phantasmal Jizou》


Are you serious? I died after all……

There are a lot of things on my mind, but what is Phantasmal Jizou

again? Un…… Ah, it’s the guardian deity of children near my house…

You were watching properly… Even though I  was wrong for texting

while walking you helped me. If I knew it would be like this, I would

have  declared  my  love  for  Mika  during  the  field  trip.  Okaa-san  and

Oyaji are probably mourning… Because I have a little brother, I’m not

worried  about them. Un, only  Mika and my family  are  left  in  my

heart. There’s no helping it.

This is what happened because of my carelessness. I  must thank

Ojizou-sama…… It’s too late to regret. This world… Anazumu. I  will

live here. I  will struggle. Because this is the fate that was given to


Hey, it’s  impossible after  all.  To forget  the past so easily.  Even

after deciding, I cried.

Because I didn’t know if someone is around, I suppressed my voice

and cried.

I want to see Mika. I should have confessed. Even though I loved

her  all  the  time.  Okaa-san,  Otou-san,  I  died  before  fulfilling  my  filial

piety……  I’m  sorry.  I’m  sorry.  So  frustrating  frustrating  frustrating

frustrating frustrating frustrating. Why did this happen to me. Why?

What for? If I can I want to go back. Why Anazumu. Mou… mou… Wh,

whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Damn……………….. Shit……….


_________________________________  _______________________



I  cry,  sob and weep all  night,  don’t  know how much time  has

passed. Probably around three hours? Actually, it may be less. I steel

my heart and advance forward, this world, this reality, I  decided to

accept it.

「I will show you___________that in this world, this Anazumu,

I will survive!」


Chapter 3


Anyway, I decided to advance. But now I’m twelve years old.

It’s  different  from  my  16  years  old  self,  it’s  difficult  to  move.

Therefore, I  think it’s  best to check the status as I  was taught by

Jizou-san so I close my eyes and pray in my head.

『I want to see status』

I  thought  so.  Then  immediately  something  appeared  before  my

eyes. This is most likely the status.


– Status –

name: Arim


HP :10/10 MP :10/10

A:5 C:5 D:5 W:5 S:5


– Skills –


[E(X):Fire Arts]Lv – [E(X):Water Arts]Lv – [E(X):Wind Arts]Lv

– [E(X):Earth Arts]Lv – [E(X):Sense Arts]Lv – [E(X):Heal Arts]Lv


– [E(X):Reinforcement Arts]Lv – [E(X):Weakening Arts]Lv –


[Sword  Skills★]Lv  –  [Body  Techniques★]Lv  –  [Spear

Skills★]Lv  –  [Bow  Skills★]Lv  –


Title: – Mark:


I see, I see. I was thinking ‘maybe’ because this is another world…

It’s  like a game as expected. And my name became Arim. This is

my….. umm, previous existence? Well, anyways, I will treat it as my

username in Dragonar Story.

So this is  my lifelong name, huh. Maa, it  doesn’t sound weird, I

quite like it so it’s okay.

I think experience is under the name. As expected, when I look at

those  three  characters,  I  want  to  grind  levels.  Aren’t  there  many

people like that? Not at all?

…… HP and MP are stable. A stands for attack, D for defense, I

think S is  speed, I  wonder what C and W mean? I’m considerably

interested in STP. Though I would like to see more details……

【This is your status. 。Unless you have a special SK or Mark, you

cannot look at the status of another person】

… Oh. It appeared in detail. If I think I want to see more, will I see

more? First of all, a description of the general stats.

【name is  a name desu. EXP is  the experience value you have

acquired desu. HP is  endurance, if  endurance becomes 0 you will

faint. Be warned that if you receive more than damage than 1% of

your total  HP in  the faint  state,  you will  die,  therefore,  please be


Hou,  if  you  have  companions  and  your  HP falls  to  0  you  can

manage to survive?

【MP is Magic Point. It will be consumed when using SK1 and SK2.

If the MP falls to 0, until at least half of MP is recovered A~C will be

reduced by 30% S and W will be reduced by half】

I can’t let my MP drop to 0. If my status falls because of my poor

management, I will die.

【A is  offensive  ability.  Influences  the  offensive  power of  SK2.  C is

dexterity. Increases SK2 skills execution. Increases offensive power in

some  of  the  attack-based  SK2  skills.  D  is  defense.  Defense  affects

every  single  resistance.  W  is  magic  power.  Influences  MP  recovery,

offensive  power  and  casting  speed  of  SK1.  S  is  speed.  Influences

every  single  action  where  speed  is  required】

Excuse me are there two dexterity and magic power stats? D is all

kind of resistances…… Probably means what it says… If I put points

in D, will it allow me to withstand attack, magic and poison better?

【STP  is  Status  Point.  Allows  the  distribution  of  points  to  your

liking,  once  assigned  it  is  difficult  to  reassign.  1p  of  STP  will  raise

combat stats by 1 point. 1p raises the HP and MP by 2 points. The

status growth for humans is same for everyone, 1 level increases the

stats of HP, MP, STP, SKP by 10 points and other stats are increased

by 5 (Of course stats from items are an exception). After a certain

level, stats will be added for each level. STP will shape your special

traits. Think your point allocation carefully】

Fue~Amazing. STP will shape my traits. I must think this through…

For example, if I aim to be a magician I must put points in W and MP,

if warrior it’s A, D and HP, if it’s a thief then C and S? I see~. It’s

profound. I will look at the skills next.


Chapter 4


【Skills represent usable techniques and special moves. SK is an

abbreviation of skill desu. There are two types of skills, SK1 which is

magic and SK2 please consider them as martial techniques. SKP are

Skill Points, use them to further develop your skills】

【The explanation of SK1 desu. Using SK1 consumes MP, invoking

the so-called Magic. The power of SK1 skill depends on the level of

the skill and your stats.

The  power  of  SK1  is  ranked  in  two  ways,  the  first  one  has  seven

phases E~SS, E→D→C→B→A→S→SS. The other one is not displayed in

status, but only when you look at the individual description of the

skill. The skills are further graded in 1~21 stages. In correspondence

to  the  7  phases,  each  phase  is  divided  into  three  stages.  For

example, skill ranked as D1 has better performance than skill ranked


The higher the rank, the better the performance, and power. SS

skills are rare, their destructive power is tremendous, their efficiency

absurd. You probably won’t come across them】

Houhou, SK2 is?

【SK2  increases  the  weapon  proficiency  and  crafting  techniques.

Only  a  few  skills  consume  MP.  The  weapon  proficiency  and  crafting

techniques  can  be  increased  with  practice.  The  level  of  SK2  is

represented by the number of ★. The more ★ the more powerful, up

to 5★】


I understand. About SKP?

【SKP raises the level of selected skill.  However, when assigning

1p it doesn’t raise a whole level. A certain amount of SKP is needed

to advance to the next stage. Please refer to this. Please examine the

displayed points needed for each stage.



★ SKP:25/100

Lv1: SKP-3 ○ Lv2: SKP-6 Lv3: SKP-9 Lv4: SKP-12 LvMAX: SKP-15



Rank: E – 3 SKP:4/15

Lv1: SKP-3 ○ Lv2: SKP-8 ○ Lv3: SKP-15 ○ Lv4: SKP-25 ○ Lv5:

SKP-35 Lv6: SKP-55 Lv7: SKP-75 LvMAX: SKP-100


A number of SKP is necessary to increase the skill level, The SKP

level on the left,  the SKP required to reach the next stage on the

right. The stages reached are marked with ○. Of course, these are

obtained  by  spending  SKP.  However,  SK2  can  be  raised  without

consumption of SKP by tempering oneself】

I  see I  see, SKP is  essential for skills,  saving up skills  points… I

need to consider this thoroughly.

Because I  understood almost everything, for the sake of earning

SKP and STP I should find an en……

【Please,  wait  a moment. The explanation  is  not  over  yet,  you know?】

Fa!? It appeared on its own! That surprised me…… Err… Yes?

【The explanation, it is not over yet. Is it alright to continue?】

Ah, yes. Please.

【The initial skills and status is same for everyone desu. However,

it  becomes  personalized  after  increasing  your  skills.  There  are

roughly 4 ways to increase your skills. desu.

If explained sequentially,

Is to do a certain action that increases the skill. Either learn from

others or learn from books for more hints.

Obtain  skill  after  obtaining  an  item.  Some  skills  acquired  from

items can be even of rank A. However, a weapon with such high rank

is very difficult to obtain.

Specific  skills  are  derived  after  hitting  the  MAX  amount  of  SKP,  or

you can further evolve that skill.  Both cases can happen with one

skill. The all

——————————————– There are also many skills that can’t

be derived nor evolved. Finally the last and most important desu. As

the name suggest, you can compose your own skill. When composing

a skill, an equal price must be paid.

There  is  no  limit  to  the  number of  skills  used  as  materials  to

compose  a  skill  because  the  materials  used  may  create  a  skill

different  from  one  you  wanted,  the  number  of  skills  that  can  be

composed  is  infinite.  Of  course,  if  the  materials  used  are  the  same

and in the same order, you will compose the same skill.

In addition, SK1 skills used as materials will disappear. SK2 marked

with (X) won’t disappear. In addition, SK1 skill used as materials must have allocated more than 30% of SKP.

If skills that exceed 30% of SKP are used, the excessive SKP will be

allocated to the composed skill.

SK marked with (X) cannot be used in the composition, however, it

is possible to use skills derived and evolved from SK(X) without risk.

If  composing SK2,  the  base SKP won’t  fundamentally  disappear,

however if SK2/SK1 similar to the one you already have is composed,

the worse one will not be usable. Of course, if  that’s the case, it’s

possible  to  use  the  worse  skill  as  material.  Note  that  material

different  only  in  rank  don’t  make  much  difference  in  composing,

therefore,  be  careful.

… …… ……… My  explanation  is  now  over  desu.  Please,  seize

happiness in your new life. If there are any problems, strongly pray

for me in your mind. If you are okay with such a form, I will cooperate

as much as possible. By Phantasmal Jizou】 (Shin: ‘by’ is written in


………. Un.  I  somehow thought  it  may be Ojizou-san.  Since  the

moment, it said ‘Please, wait a moment’. Thank you very much.

Anyway……  Skill  Composition……  huh……  This  is  staggering.

Almost  infinite  combinations,  just  how  deep  is  this  world?  I’m

concerned  about  the  equal  value,  but  the  strength  of  the  skill

depending on the idea huh. Suddenly, I’m motivated. Though I  say

that I’m level 1, because I kept crying my stomach is now empty first,

let’s focus on leveling and finding food.

While I was thinking such, a sound came from a nearby bush.

____ Gasagasa gasa!!! _____

I  turned  towards  the  bush  cautiously.  ……….  There  was

“something” similar  to  a  huge  rabbit.


Chapter 5


The rabbit-like  creature looks like  this.  Sharp eyes, black fur,  its

front teeth compared to normal rabbits are quite long. Roughly the

size of an adult in sitting position. Is this thing something like this

world’s monster or a demon?

While  thinking  so,  the  rabbit-like  thing  got  surprised  and  with

amazing  jumping  ability  flew  into  the  air.  ………. I  caught  it  with  my


「That huuuurts!」

I  screamed  unintentionally.  It’s  extremely  painful.  I  caught  its

attack with my face and fell on my back, I immediately stood up to


Because the enemy didn’t follow-up the attack, I checked my HP(It

seems possible to look at the status with opened eyes) What, my HP

decreased by 2 points! Are you serious. If I get hit 4 more times it’s

the end, this is dangerous.

While thinking such, the rabbit bastard jumped again. Shit! Don’t

underestimate me you rabbit bastard!

Even though things may not seem that way, I learned karate from

the  neighborhood  gramps for  two  whole  days  during  the  summer

vacation, I  can fight properly you know. I  can do anything if  I  put my

mind on it!

I dodge the jumping rabbit and kick it like a soccer ball once it is on

the verge of landing.

「…… Buuu!? u?u~~!!」

Uwa, it’s  angry.  But  I’m  angry  too  you know? At  your  surprise



That fellow must not be bright, the pattern of its attack is the same

as before, so I also kick it the same way.


I  can  tell  its  frustration  through  its  dissatisfied  murmuring.  It  looks

like it will attack again. Of course, the same pattern. I kicked it flying.

………. It repeated the same attack three times in a row afterwards.

One  pattern,  huh.  The  rabbit  bastard  seems  to  be  considerably

weakened  compared  to  two  minutes  ago,  its  movement  became

considerably  dull.  I  grasp  the  opportunity  and  trample  the  rabbit

bastard’s head under my feet.


After the rabbit bastard groaned, it stopped moving.

___________My victory.

It felt like animal cruelty, but it couldn’t be helped. The other side

attacked first after  all.  Anyway, that was my first battle after  coming

to this world. Yatta ze!

I  suddenly  felt  like  the  insides  of  my  body  were  wrapped  in

warmth. Was this possibly the level up?

After looking at the status, it certainly rose, I’ve become level 2.


– Status –

name: Arim

Level 2


HP :18/20 MP :20/20

A(Attack):10  C(Dexterity):10  D(Defense):10  W(Magic  Power):10



– Skills –


[E(X):Fire Arts]Lv – [E(X):Water Arts]Lv – [E(X):Wind Arts]Lv

– [E(X):Earth Arts]Lv – [E(X):Sense Arts]Lv – [E(X):Heal Arts]Lv

– [E(X):Reinforcement Arts]Lv – [E(X):Weakening Arts]Lv –


[Sword  Skills★]Lv  –  [Body  Techniques★]Lv  –  [Spear

Skills★]Lv  –  [Bow  Skills★]Lv  –


Title: – Mark:

Regular Chapter

Chapter 6


I want to allocate my STP and SKP since my level rose.

In  fact,  I  have already decided where to allocate SKP. Fire  Arts,

Water Arts, Wind Arts, Earth Arts and Heal Arts, I will raise each by

one grade. To raise Fire Arts I need 3p, I have obtained 5p for raising

my level.  If  you  ask  me why these  five,  that’s  because  I  thought  the

four attribute arts will be ease to use for Skill Composition.

Thus I  learned  four  offensive magic spells「Flame Ball」「Water

Ball」「Wind Ball」「Land Ball」and recovery magic spell「Heal」.

In addition, Water Ball and Flame Ball will be useful for daily life. Now

then, where to put the STP points. I  have to think carefully………. I

have no idea. What would be good? The truth is, if this was a game I

would put points to HP and D on low-level, but this is reality. Ah well,

I  don’t dislike the game-like mechanics. I  wonder if  my evasion or

attack speed would increase If I put points in S… Still I can’t abandon

  1. I want to put points in W and MP since I learned magic.

It takes quite a consideration…… Will I have such worries on higher

levels too? This is hard~

___________Gasagasa gasa!______

Something came out from the bushes again. Really, absurd.

…… This time a weasel? It’s slightly bigger than a normal weasel,

but its front teeth are long and sharp. I’m sorry. Right now, I’m in the

middle of thinking. Please go away.

While thinking so, the weasel looked at me sharply and bared its

front  teeth.  I  immediately  casted  a  Wind  Ball,  but  it  dodged.  …

Annoying. Its  speed is  considerably higher compared to  the rabbit

earlier. The weasel faced me and bit.


It hurt like hell. I approached the weasel bastard trying to kick it,

but it dodged again. Annoying, ultra annoying.

If its like this I will put points to S. I raised S by 5 points.

The  guy  bit  again,  I  was  able  to  dodge  this  time.  Just  barely

though. I kicked the weasel.


It  looks  like  it  suffered  a  considerable  damage,  I  was  not  able  to

defeat it in one blow. I raised A by 3 points.

Because I  wanted to defeat the weasel before it  bit me again, I

pursued it. I was able to knockdown the weasel with full-power kick.

But I was bitten to the leg the same time. I’m done playing.

………. I almost wasted all my STP. It can’t be helped, let’s use all

the STP.

………. Which reminds me, I  should craft a weapon. When I  think

about it, allocating points in C may be a good idea. I added 5 points

to C. I spent the last 7 points like this, 1 HP, 1 D, 2 MP, 3 W. Well, I

think the point distribution looks fairly good.

By the  way, I  have defeated  2 enemies,  are  there  no dropped

items? When I  looked at the weasel and rabbit corpses, something

akin to a soul leaving the bodies happened and an orchid colored

spheres stopped in the air. Though it fairly surprised me, I  touched

the sphere out of curiosity. I see, so this is the dropped item. While

the monsters were of a different specie, two matching spheres came

out,  is  this  perhaps  something  like  game currency?  Then,  is  this

money? Ah well, I will find out sooner or later.

Also, these dead bodies………. I will effectively utilize them.


Chapter 7


First of all, something like a knife is a must. A chipped stone like

they  used  in  stone  age  may  work  just  fine,  but  I  don’t  know  how  to

shape it correctly. Therefore, I’ve decided to make something out of

the two corpses.

First, I pull out the rabbit’s and weasel’s front teeth. Then I use the

rabbit’s tooth to sharpen the weasel’s tooth. I cut open the rabbit’s

stomach with the weasel tooth. It took a considerable amount of time

as expected.

I  don’t know the proper way of dismantling the rabbit. So rather

than  dismantling,  I’m  just  scrapping  off things  that  look  edible.  So in

this way, I obtained meat. I will have this meat later.

When I scrap the meat, I see the rabbit’s big bone. As expected,

the rabbit’s bones are quite big. Though I don’t know which bone is

which. I  somehow successfully pulled out the bone from the base.

…… The smell of my hands is terrible.

I form Water Ball on my palm and wash my hands and the bones I

obtained. Even after that, my hand smells like a dead animal…… It

can’t be helped.

I  thought  of  sharpening  the  bones  and  teeth,  but  it’s  already

getting  dark.  Therefore,  I  recall  information  on  how  to  lit  a  fire  from

the corner of my memory, then I  collect leaves and branches from

nearby and ignite them with Fire Ball.



………. Which reminds me I haven’t eaten anything since I came to

this world.

I stick the rabbit meat on a sturdy branch, cook it on fire and eat it.

Honestly,  it’s  fucking  disgusting.  I  forgot  to  drain  the  blood,  so  it

smells of a wild animal. However, I have to endure it for the moment,

because this is the only food I have.

By the way, I left the rest of the corpses about 30 minutes away

from my campsite. It  would be troubling if  it  attracted flies.  Though I

don’t know if there are flies in this world.

Which  reminds  me,  my body  feels  uncomfortable  since  a  little

while  ago.  Is  it  from  eating  this  meat  for  the  first  time?  I’m  not  hurt

anywhere, so I’m somewhat relieved, but it  feels somewhat out of

place. …… Right, it feels similar to when I leveled up.

I confirm my status immediately.

【SK2、「Dismantling★」was acquired】

Something appeared. I  see, so that was a feeling of acquiring a

new skill. I will remember it. A new SK2「Dismantling★」appeared

in my status. I look at it in detail.



★ SKP:0/30

Lv1: SKP-3 Lv2: SKP-7 Lv3: SKP-12 Lv4: SKP-15 Lv5: SKP-22 Lv6:



…… At this moment, I have exactly 3 SKP remaining. I put 3 points

to the Dismantling and it leveled up to level 1.


Somehow…… like  this……? I  feel  like  I  could  dismantle  skillfully

now……  Having  a  skill  makes  such  huge  difference?  ……  The  rabbit

still  had a lot of meat left…… Such waste. Won’t the Waste Ghost


I will try to make a knife out of the bones I acquired later, I lean

against a tree and go to sleep……

Thus, my first day in Anazumu has ended.

ANAZUMU 2nd day.

Chapter 8


I get up and immediately look at my status.

Well, HP and MP recovered completely.

It is great when I sleep.

Probably, it is better to auto-heal by lying down and eating rather

than using heal.

Even Dragon story was like that.

When I stay at an inn, I recover completely.

It’s amazing.

I closed the status, after a yawn, I verified the surroundings.

It is just the sunrise now.

The sunrise here is not that different from earth.

today, I try to advance from this place.

I chanted a water ball and washed my face and drank some.

A water ball was chanted twice like this.

however, consumed MP was only 4.

Each water ball, has an amount of water in a 120-yen juice box.

Very convenient! Let’s  mainly bring up water magic while doing


I put up a suitable stick in the ground, and I decided to advance

straight to the one that fell down.

I see the stick that fell down before.

As I advanced straight in the direction that i left the rabbit, i found

the bone knife that i stuck in its skull there.

Let’s have it for breakfast.

Rabbit was being dismantled with  a bone knife,  the dismantling

skill has clearly risen.

After all, Partly due to the bone knife, It is hard to surely dismantle

it, but it is considerably easier than yesterday.


I  seem to have considerably wasted meat and skin when I  did it


Ah, true, wasteful.

I drained the blood, and cut the meat to suitable pieces for eating.

blood draining? It is not happening, damn.

………… Meat has remained.

I  thought it  was dried and i  could carry it,  but i  can’t carry too

much baggage.

I left it tearfully.

Well, it’s wasteful.

But I ate a considerable amount.

I might eat it for lunch.

New bone and skin, And I walk again towards the one which looks

like a light purple soul.

I intend to walk as long as I can.

As I was walking for a while, I came across rabbit again.

Let`s add it as my experiment points.

I approached to defeat it at once, but then, the rabbit was attacked

by some black shadow.

As I strained my eyes, I saw that It was a dog similar to a Bull-Dog.

Its size is the same as the rabbit.

Are you going to prey on the rabbit?

However, it did not.

I knock down the rabbit and, also defeat the dog.

But It seems painful if i was bitten by that dog.

I defeat it by long-distance attack.

I shot two flame balls to the rabbit and the dog each.

A flame ball  hit  the  dog in  the  face  cleanly,  it  seemed painful  as it

said 「kyain! 」.

Though, I seem both of the took damage and the rabbit is defeated

but the dog has endured.


I have clicked my tongue unintentionally.

Oh, I rose a level.

I  raised a level in the middle of battle with the experience that I



Oh, got angry.

Everybody will get angry if they were attacked.

Yes, I see.

the dog seemed to notice me here and ran.

It`s going to bite as I think.

so I dodged, and stabbed it with the bone knife.

I seemed to be able to defeat it.

………… Mmm.

Is there a dog that eats  this kind of rabbit`s meat?

Does the dog have a good nose?

……… Got it! I will try this later.

Let’s confirm the status now.

By the way, this time I used STP like this: 3 in MP, 2 in C and W,

and 1 in HP, A and S.

I put all the SKP in Water magic.



name: Arim

Level : 3


HP :34/34 (2)

MP :32/40 (5)

A(attack power):21 (6)

C(degree of dexterity):22 (7)

D(defense power):16 (1)

W(magic power):20 (5)

S(quickness):21 (6)


– Skill –


[E(X): fire magic]Lv 1 [E(X): water magic]Lv 4

[E(X): wind magic]Lv 1 [E(X): earth magic]Lv 1

[E(X): sense magic]Lv – [E(X): heal magic]Lv 1

[E(X): reinforcement magic]Lv – [E(X): weakening magic]Lv –


[sword art★]Lv – [body art★]Lv –

[spear art★]Lv – [bow art★]Lv –

[dismantling ★]Lv:1


Title: –

Seal: –


Chapter 9


First I drained the blood out of the rabbit then dismantled it.

At  this  point.  I  change  the  place  to  dismantle  the  meat  from

drained blood area.

This is because The smell of blood will contaminate the meat.

, i hang the rabbit meat on a tree with a string of long grass.

With  this  it`s  complete  now,  to  be  more  effective,  I  cut  the  skin

with the bone knife and try to sow it together near the tree.

It`s complete, A dog trap.

At a short distance away where I left it, while I was sharpening a

small and thin bone for sewing, i waited for a dog to gather near the

dog trap.

Because the needle has been completed about 30 minutes later, I

decided to see the state of dog trap.

As I approach the area, I’m hearing a yelp bark.

I hid in the shade and looked at the state.

As far as I see from here, there are 4 of them.

Though I wasn’t expecting for even one to come, it seems that the

dog trap was more effective than I thought.

I did it.

without making a sound, I approach to a range of my magic, I shot

a water ball to one of them which barked toward the meat there.

The size  of  water  ball  which  was around  a  juice  drink,  is  now

around a basketball since the water ball`s level become 4.

But I use 4 MP at once when it is this size.

By the  way,  I  understood  it  in  the  detailed  information  when I

examined the level of the skill.


【 water ball Lv4.

Power  is  strengthened  in  comparison  with  Lv3,  and  the  range

becomes wider.

However,  for  level  4  to  have  this  much  power  and  range  it

consumes 4 MP.

The consumption of MP is according to the level and accordingly

the range and power are increased.

in addition, when getting to level 3, target can be assigned, and

the ball automatically will track it. 】

In this sense, the explanation came in.

I think that I took out the dog which was hit by a water ball.

Now, I am able to kill in one hit at this degree.

The other 3 was surprised as one of them collapsed.

I kill another one with a water ball again with this chance.

The two remaining notice me here, one of them is frightened, one

of them comes here.

I  defeat the one that came with a water ball,  the last one also

approach, i defeat it with the bone knife.

Oh! My level went up to 4!

This time, A and HP went up by 1, MP and C and S and W gone up

by 2.

SKP added 2 to water Magic.

water magic became MAX level at last! Hooray!

Power and the range of the water ball raised by having become

MAX level, at 4 MP rate.

Furthermore, with the amount of MP that i  have now and the MP

rate to produce a water ball, i can make 5 now.

_______Suddenly, that message is floating in my mind.

【 Skill was designated as MAX level. Evolution and derivation are

explained. 】

【An  entry  called  「Evolution,  Derivation」 is  available  for

evolution and derivation in the detail when becoming MAX level.

by choosing the entry, a dedicated menu will be displayed, in the

menu you can choose to evolve, derive (This message isn`t displayed

next time) 】

  1. nice!


Water Magic

Rank: E(X) – 1 SKP:15/15

Lv1: SKP-3 ○

Lv2: SKP-6 ○

Lv3: SKP-9 ○

Lv4: SKP-12 ○

LvMAX: SKP-15 ○

evolution, derived to


It was this.

OK, ri


Evolution, derivation menu

・E(X) Water Magic 【D(X) Water Magic・Kai 】

Cost: none

・E(X) Water Magic →→【E(X) Ice Magic】

Cost: None

It evolves ・ derives?

(Yes ・No ・just one)


I choose 「Yes」 in my mind.

【You acquired 【Ice Magic】【Water Magic ・ Kai】】

OH! I learn it in this way.

Both Water Magic. Kai and Ice Magic get a (X) mark.

Even if it’s synthesized, it’s will not disappear.

I reached my dream.

I verify those skills at once.


Water Magic. Kai

Rank: D – 6 SKP:0/60

Lv0: SKP-0

Lv1: SKP-12

Lv2: SKP-24

Lv3: SKP-36

Lv4: SKP-48




Magic (Example)

Rank: E – 2 SKP:0/25

Lv1: SKP-5

Lv2: SKP-10

Lv3: SKP-15

Lv4: SKP-20



As expected, because it’s a D rank, its SKP is higher.

By the way, if it’s checked about level 0, an explanation was given

that I was able to do what I learned before evolution.

In  addition,  I  used  the  remaining  8  SKP  by  2  in  fire,  wind,  earth,

water kai.

The fire, wind and Earth also evolved by 10 points respectively with


I will use 10 points for water Kai at the next stage.


Main character’s status until this time.



Name: ARIM

Level: 4


HP :46/46 (3)

MP :35/59 (7)

A (attack power): 25 (5)

C (degree of dexterity): 29 (9)

D (defense): 21 (1)

W (magic power): 27 (7)

S (quickness): 28 (8)


– Skills –


[D(X):Water Magic・Kai]Lv 0

[E(X):Fire Magic]Lv 1[E(X):Wind Magic]Lv 1

[E(X):Earth Magic]Lv 1[E(X):Sense Magic]Lv –

[E(X):Heal Magic]Lv 1[E(X):Ice Magic]Lv –

[E(X):reinforcement Magic]Lv – [E(X):weakening Magic]Lv –


[Sword Art★]Lv – [jutsu★]Lv –

[Spear Art★]Lv – [Bow Art★]Lv –

[dismantling ★] Lv: 1


Title: –

seal: –


Chapter 10


While  I’m  waiting  for  a  dog  to  gather,  I’d  like  to  try  [skill


Because one of SK1 evolved in water MAGIC・ Kai, it is possible to

synthesize water magic before it evolved.

Therefore, I think I’ll try to carefully synthesis water magic during

the wait.

Oh ……… I  just  noticed,  that  there  is  no slot  in  SK2 fellow  to

designate as skills for synthesis.

well, but it  looks like there is  a cost and i  may not be able to

compose it at the early stages!

Well, at any rate, I’ll try right away.

The moment I  though [synthesis],  a mental image came in my

head, I was asked about which order to composed it by.

at first I tried to synthesize, 「water magic」 and 「sword art」

to see what happens.

Such an indication was given.


「E(X):water magic」+「sword art★」

=「D:summon water dagger magic」

Cost: E rank demon core×2


…………? What is E rank demon core?

【A demon core obtained from defeating an E rank demon.

It is light purple in color. 】

Oh, That, that soul like object.

Those are used here.

Now, light  purple souls  … … err,  I  have 9 E rank demon core


that`s enough.

Ok, I can synthesize it, but I want to see the details on 「summon

water dagger magic」.


summon water dagger magic

Rank: D – 4 SKP:0/45

Lv1: SKP-15

Lv2: SKP-30



Furthermore, look at level 1 in detail

【 summon water dagger magic Lv1

Learn  to  summon  a  dagger  with  water  attribute  consisting  of


Dagger’s strength is proportional to W’s and can become stronger.

When fighting, it can be treated as a common sword, in addition to

power of the dagger, its damage according to sword art and A can be

higher or lower than normal sword damage.

20MP Consumption.It disappears in time.】

Indeed, it summons a dagger.

It`s a skill which is good when you don’t have a knife.

Moreover, the damage is decided with the amount of both A and


Let`s use SKP with priority.

when  I  conveyed  in  my  head  to  synthesize  it,  the  message

【D:summon water dagger magic acquired】  came to my mind.

I’ll try another.

「water magic」+「spear art」, 「water magic」+「bow art」

were similar to summon water dagger magic.

It didn`t synthesize them.

However,  I  was  enticed  a  little  with  the  result  of  「water

magic」+「body art」 which gave 「water nature」.

I would be clad in an aura with water attribute around some part of

my body, it has the effect that strength of the aura is raised by W.

But, because I  don`t plan to spend on body art in the future, I

didn`t learn it.

「water  magic」+「dismantling」 had  the  result  of


first  I  was  surprised,  but  when  I  examined  「dismantling」 in

detail, it said 【dismantling skill rise for demon and creatures which

inhabit underwater or at waterside】, the items from dismantling will


It costs E rank demon core×5, but there is no problem.

I synthesized it.

Is there another attractive skill that I can synthesize?

Oh, I  reverse the order of synthesis for each one,  but 「water

magic」+ body art or dismantling, but the result was the same.

「water magic」+ every kind of weapon are the water version of

those weapons.

I do not need it particularly.

That`s it so far, then I look at the dog trap.

OH, wow! there are 3 dogs.

… Not only that.

……………… like a dog, but one of them is considerably bigger with

black fur.

I was very surprised.

What’s That dog?


Super-DEKEE. (TN: big)

Chapter 11


It`s as large as lions in the zoo ………

No, it isn’t from a cat family.

… Can I win? with that….

Isn`t  it  unreasonable  to  fight  it?  But  what  should  I  do?  As

experience  value  it  is  good,  probably.

I’d like to level up even a little now.

… to defeat it.

Well, let’s defeat it.

At  first,  from  a  place  at  the  very  limit  of  the  range,  I  unleashed  4

water balls at LvMAX to dispose of those 3 small ones.

Another one is used for the large dog.

Thanks to the water ball which is at level MAX, I could defeat all

the small ones.

The level just went up to 5.

I allocate point later.

Because a water ball was hit, it noticed me, here.

UWA, can it be knocked down by a water ball? this guy?

I believe this is the strongest monster I have confronted so far. (TN:

I am using monster instead of demon.)


The big dog turned its hostility toward me.

To be frank, I am scared.


The moment the big dog roared, it rushed towards me.

Quite fast.

As a faint, I shoot a Lv2 water ball, it was dodged completely.

By the same force, he is going to bite.

But I took some distance and succeeded in evading it.

The opponent came for the second time.

That’s also a damn bite? I, I’m affected.

Parry t ……

______________, oh? Tree?

_______ damn! Didn’t notice


「GU” A” A” A” A” A” A”!!」

I feel a terrible pain at my side.



Damn!… wasn’t looking around well…!

The big dog has eyes which you can sense its superiority in them.

…… something, Isn`t there something? At this rate i am finished.

I have to think; I have to think!

……… Well.

Didn’t the level go up to 5?

Then I can get that.

Water magic・Kai, level 1 ……!!

I cannot afford to lose focus as i being under attack, in a hurry i put

10 SKP on water magic・Kai.

2 points were left from last time, and i have 12 points this time.

I learned a new magic.

It was like time stopped, i stopped just a little then the dog started

running to approach me.

I trigger the magic that i just learned.

「Water emission! 」

Immediately, a magic formation was deployed where I pointed, At

the  same time,  a huge amount of  water  emitted  at  the  big  dog



The  dog  which  was  running  towards  me,  blew  off  in  the  opposite


「…I did …it? 」

No, not yet.


he is still alive.

I can barely shoot 2 blows of water emission.


He roared.

with serious eyes …

Are you good with another 2 shots?

He is going to charge here again.

I shoot water emission once again.

The  magic  formation  appeared  under  his  stomach  where  I


Wonderfully, the current makes a hit,  for  an instant,  it  is  raised

with the water flow.

It seems to work, but he didn`t fall down yet.

He attacked me this time with his claws.

I failed to dodge it, he got me on my calf.


Now, It won’t be possible to walk by this much pain.

That means, I cannot escape.

I have no choice but to defeat it.

I shot watered mission once again thinking that it would be the last


This time I appointed the place above his head, and the water hit

him on the head like a hammer.


As aimed, it hit on the spot.

I wanted to win this with this one.

「GUU …………GUAA ……」

He still stands up.

I don’t have enough MP to shoot anymore.

When it comes to this, I cannot do anything but do close combat.

I approached him by pulling my foot which hurt and got closer.

While the opponent feels dizzy, I approach him.

I look for the bone knife in pocket, and, _____________

I struck the big dog in his side.

At the same time, I was bitten on the shoulder.

I lose consciousness there.

I was wrapped in a warm sense of improvement; and _______


I … err, did I die?

Chapter 12


No, it may be dark that I can’t see, when I look hard, it seems that I

am lying on a big black dog.

Did I beat this monster?

To be honest, I thought I died.

To see how much is my HP and MP, I checked my status.

… A complete recovery.

Though there is still some pain in my side, shoulder and calf, but

after all it indicates a complete recovery.

What’s this, Scary!

My level has flied to 7.

Let’s assign STP and SKP at once.

I’ve got 70 STP so far, let’s don’t use more than 30 of those.

I started to assign 30 points.

let’s allocate it equally, 10 for each one.

No, the magic and quickness that I use should be more.

But I also need better defense.

There can be a thing like today and…

finally,  I  assigned  30  points,  6  to  HP,  7  to  MP,  5  to  C  &  S,  4  to  D,

and 3 to W.

SKP is now 20.

For now, I’d like to close this wound early.

I assigned 5 to 「Healing Magic」, and made it level 2.

And I assigned 15 points on 「summon water dagger magic」,

to make it at level 1.

This assignment is over, I tried to heal myself.

As I applied it, wounds closed up, But not that fast.

…… but, this is also sleeping magic.

Because recovery will usually be 10 times more effective, therefore

my wounds will get better 10 times faster.

When I learned heal for the first time, I tried it a little.

Magic and sleep are wonderful.

Also, about this big dog, I want its leather.

It seems that I can use it for something.

I also need to take its fangs and bones.

But  first  let’s  sleep!  Though  I  slept  a  lot,  it  goddamn  hurts,  I’ll  get

up quite early tomorrow.

It’s already late at night and, I can only sleep for one or two hours.

… If I sleep, MP will recover too, Then I can use the dagger of water

to see how it is.

I  piled  up some branches from around to  make a fire,  so there will

be some light.

Then I made the water dagger.

OH! A water like blue dagger has come out.

This is so.

Then, I will dismantle it early.

When I finished dismantling the big dog, I slept a little.




Good morning.

It is a good morning.

Even though it is still dark.

I wash my face with a water ball and drink some water.

Today, I can make a bone knife, with the water dagger.

I  summon the water dagger, and gather one bone from the big


I sharpen it and make a better knife than before.

After  a  while  as  much  as  for  two  times  the  water  dagger

disappears, I finished the bone knife.

If it is like this in dismantling, I can use it as a weapon.

Then let’s leave at once.

……  along  the  way,  there  is  a  bird  that  can’t  fly,  it  resembles  a

Dodo bird, it was the size of monster rabbit, and I defeat it.

It’s probably edible, because it is a bird, maybe.

I think so, I dismantle it, and roast it and try to eat it.

Far more delicious than the rabbit.

I must hunt it as soon as I find it.

I encountered a weasel as well.

I made it as my experience.

……… That reminds me, I didn’t eat any herbs at all.

But, I’m afraid  of  poison and, Unless I  get quite hungry, after  I

arrive  at  a  human  dwelling,  and  get  an  illustrated  book  for

vegetation, I won’t eat any.

I want more seasoning, though.

Anyway, I decided to walk for today all day.

I should arrive somewhere soon, if go straight earnestly.

There wasn’t any particularly big matter on that day, and the 1st

advance day was over.




after, the next day, the fourth day that I came to this world.

like yesterday, I  got ready with a water ball and walked straight


Along the way, I  encountered 3 rabbits at the same time, so my

level went up to 8, and there is no serious matter.

I’m concerned about the rabbit meat, I  didn’t have any meat till

yesterday aside from the bird meat, I decided to take a little of it.

I pocket it, because I don’t want to carry it like the big dog’s skin

on my shoulder, so I carry it in my hand.

After that no monster appeared besides the rabbit, and there was

no particularly big event on this day.

Along the way.

After eating the rabbit meat as lunch, I walked straight again.

After advancing for 10 minutes, I  sensed something from a place


there is a place that trees didn’t grow in the middle, it’s a small

open space.

At  the  center,  there  is  a  large  hole  which  gives  off  an  abnormal

sense of presence from it.

It’s … so big.

Chapter 13


Such a hole is very unnatural in the forest.

Although There is a great fear towards strange suspicious things….

Right now, I have an incredible urge to peek at this hole ….

I approach the hole fearfully and try to look inside.

What! Furthermore, there are some cuts on the walls of the hole

which can be used to climbed down, it’s  such an unnatural cliff to be

made here, also a slight light is seen in the depths.

Should I enter? Do I have to enter? no matter what?

But this hole feels like there is something at its depth.

………whether to enter………。

I swallowed hard, it seems that climbing and going down from the

wall of hole is easy like SORORISORORI, Slowly, I go down from the

cuts in wall like stairs.

As  I  go  down I  gradually  get  an  understanding  from  the  state


No, this is really a surprise.

A stone pavement is laid out on the bottom floor of the hole!

Pretty weird.

Too much unnatural.

I go down while having such thoughts.

furthermore, to make sure that under my step is  firm, I  go step by

step slowly.

My curiosity completely has overcome my sense of fear.

While going down like this, which is  considerably slow, will  it  be

around five minutes till I get to bottom?

I have arrived at stone paved floor going like that.

A message flows in my mind at the same time as I have arrived.

【Entered the dungeon of Pipi forest, 「the pleasure」】

Oh, is it …… …?

du, dungeon …? This is a dungeon ….

That  explains  why  it  is  unusually  lit  and  a  stone  pavement  is

spread with rocks unnaturally spread to climb up and down easily.

I think that, this forest was Pipi forest.

「the pleasure」…?

Is this something like a bonus stage?  or 「easiness」 of emotions

……? (TN:  it  actually  says:  「楽」 of  喜怒哀楽 which  only  makes

sense in Japanese.)

Well, who cares?

Can I go to this dungeon at Lv8?

If it seems impossible, I will return.

I think that I can return.


Before my eyes, there is a tunnel that goes straight as I can see.

Before I advanced a little through the tunnel, I see that guy.

_______That, Big Dog.

Is this the dungeon’s monster?

Are there a lot of those fellows? That’s the trouble.

Somehow it feels like there is no life in its eyes.

It may be my imagination.

In any case, it  is an opponent whom I  defeated once and, I  can

defeat it.

I  shoot a water emission at the range of the magic so to press

down the head of the big dog.

Even with such an attack, it didn’t raise any cries.


without taking any breaks and stopping I use magic and continue

to press its head down.

I shot water emission three times continuously but it doesn’t seem

that I could defeat him.

If it was before, because my level rose, I should have been able to

defeat it like that.

When it is in the dungeon, will it become slightly stronger?

It would seem, No.

To see what happens, I shot a Lv5 water ball at him, and he was

knocked down.


…… my level seemed to rise to 10.

I feel like I got more experience points than before.

Is this because it is a dungeon?

Anyway, let’s advance ahead.

Experience table

Rabbit → 30


Weasel → 40

small dog → 50

Big dog→350

Big dog→550

The attack power and HP of enemies in a dungeon are higher.

Total experience value is required to be 1500 to reach level 10.


Chapter 14


When I advance a little, there is that big dog again.

How did that happen.

I defeated it at the same place that it appeared.

It is great when I press it down with water.

I rose to level 11.

I do not do the dismantling right away.

I only collected the monster core.

Well, because there is no place to put it in.

I consider it for a little while looking ahead and decided to bring it

up on the way back.

At my present condition, there is only 56 MP remains, I’d be able to

beat another big dog if it’s like those ones.

I think so, so I advance ahead.

Will  a  big  dog  appear  at  a  distance  approximately  from  the  first

and the second away from the last one?

There was …… a Fur ball

No matter how you look at it, it is fur ball, like nothing else.

THE fur ball. (TN: “THE” is in English)

Embodiment of a fur ball.


I love fluffy stuff.

No, let me see.

The fur ball’s size is 1~2 times smaller than the big dog.

It is quite large.

By the fact that it is here, it is a monster, don’t you think? What

kind? Will it attack?

While thinking so, it started to move slowly, and well …, Is that a

mouth? It looks like a mouth.

It opens the thing which looks like a mouth, and a cluster of wind

was given off from that place.

It is a wind magic 「wind ball」.

Furthermore, judging from its size, it is Lv 4 or 5.

A magic user …… YABEE. (TN: something like “it is bad” but in

sound version.)

I immediately shot water ball of the same level two times, to repel

the wind ball.

Why two times being necessary?

Because the opponent opened its mouth again and tried to shoot

another one.

Somehow, I managed to cancel another one.

And immediately, water emission.

Just before water emission in front disappears; water emission.

In the same way, water emission.


In the same way, even more water emission.

Heck, the opponent doesn’t budge.

It  is sluggish to open its mouth, and I  think that its quickness is


I  was  able  to  defeat  it  without  any  difficulty  by  repeated  blows  of

water emission.

However, it has a higher stamina (TN: stamina instead of physical

strength) than the big dog, I guess.

I used a lot of water emission in one bout.

Mighty water emission.

…… let’s see, the fur is drenched, it’s not fluffy anymore.

I wanted to be fluffed.

MOFUMOFU. (TN: fluffy)

Hmmmmm, No!

This  is  the  first  time  I  encountered  an  enemy  like  this,  let’s  take

some fur.

I should be able to make a bag with this fur and the big dog’s skin I


If I do so, I should be able to gather up the monster cores without

going back outside the hole.

By the way, the monster core that I got from the fur ball was the

same size as the big dog but it was green.

Though it is light green or something different like olive green.


Is it light green?

Anyhow, it depends on the way you look at it.

My level became 11→13, This time there is no MP remaining at all,

till here.

I’ll sleep and recover MP.

I can recover in an hour.

I’m going back the way where I have come while thinking so.


Experiential value of a fur ball

Natural ones 400

Dungeon’s 600.


Chapter 15


While I  was returning from the way I  came, the big dog’s corpse

which I wanted to dismantle on the way back has disappeared.

Something like a fang is remained instead.

……Is this a fang from the big dog? Because there was a corpse in

this place, that’s probably it.

Still, Why just only a fang …? No one else should be here other

than me.

In other words, natural disappearance?

When I hung the rabbit corpse it didn’t disappear, does it disappear

when it is in a dungeon?

But, the thing that is left from the fur ball is instead a fur.

I think I should dismantle as much as possible.

Still, the condition of the fang which was dropped was very good.

If wish for such raw materials, should I leave them?

I left the dungeon temporarily.

At that time, it  took about 5 minutes because I  was going down

fearfully, but now I got out in about 1 minutes.

It’s already evening.

I ate around 2/3 of the rabbit meat and fell asleep.





The next day.

That is to say the fifth day that I came to this world.

HP and MP was completely recovered.

I  ate the remaining (1/3) of rabbit meat that I  left  yesterday as


I want seasoning.

The thing that I want the most now is seasoning.

After eating the breakfast, I entered the dungeon again.

……… What’s this?

in the place where the big dog should have been yesterday, there

is a fur ball …!? Perhaps, in the dungeon, the enemy respawn resets?


If  that’s the case, can I  defeat it  as much as I  want? and I  can

obtain materials as much as I want?




If you look at my face now, there is an unusually broad grin which

makes you feel sick.


I  remember that Mika saying 『Why is there a smirk on your

face? I feel sick…』 when I was enjoying level raising in Dragonar


But there is nobody here.

I want to scream.

To scream until I die.

「It is time for pleasant level raising, hehehe!!」


Still, at first you may have to consider various things.

It is the number and revive cycle of enemies that I can defeat with

my current amount of MP.

Furthermore,  right  now I  left  the  materials  outside  for  the  time


With no bag, I may have to leave a monster core soon.

At first it  is a problem of MP, I  have to find out. for now, I  defeated

a fur ball and a big dog with two water emission and one water ball

at level 5 each.

I became level 13.

when I enter this dungeon my magic power rises to 30.

a total of 28 MP for one animal.

My MP is at 158 now.

I can defeat 5 of them with this much.

Hmm, but I may overdo it, with this much…


Though, I like this kind of games, but this is not a game.

I will stop it by four of them.

Moreover, I  have to  sleep so that  I  restore  MP, because W will

lessen by the same amount as MP.

Generally, if I overdo it too much, MP recovery will be 1/10 of W in

one hour.

Even if I have a meal, I will recover very little.

The point is I  have to relax mentally just as much as I  have to


well, as a matter of fact I confirmed it the day before yesterday.

10% in one hour.

I can use this instead of a watch.

therefore, each time I recover 10% I get back to the dungeon.

OH, It’s the worst, I may have to take an all-nighter today.

At the very least, first, let’s achieve this quota.

Because 1 fur ball was knocked down, 3 more is the mark.

I got the fur from the fur ball.

It feels quite good to the touch, nice.

SARASARA MOFUMOFU-! (silky fluffy!)

Then I defeated another fur ball without difficulty.

And I  arrived at the place that I  confronted the fur  ball  for  the first

time yesterday.


There is a big dog, something blue is on the ground where the big

dog is standing.

what is that?

I beat the big dog at once, and go near to watch it closely.

… Blue meat?

That reminds me, the big dog dropped a fang, because the fang

was the exact part that should be extracted, then in the place where

the fur ball was, is this blue meat.

Is it a part of the fur ball that should be gathered?

I will take it for now.

I defeated 1 more after this one.

when  I  advanced  at  the  fixed  distance,  the  route  was  divided  into

two parts.

There may be one with a treasure chest.

I decided not to think that what I should do, if it was a trap.

Now, which one should I choose, judging from my long time game

experience, the regular  route is  in  the center so it  should be the

other one.

No, I don’t know, though.

I decided to go straight by the purpose of finding a treasure chest.


Chapter 16


When I advanced straight, I reached a dead end immediately.

There, as expected, something like a treasure chest was there.

And……… there was a dragon.

Even if I say a dragon, as I see it even if it stands on its two legs, it

is a little smaller than the 12-year-old me.

And its skin is yellow rather that something strong like scales.

with those small wings and that size, I don’t think it can fly.

with that teary-eyed expression, it’s cute.

Nevertheless, it looks like a dragon.

I must be cautious.

The small dragon rushed here.

Even though it  isn’t  to  the extent of  the big  dog, it  has some


In addition, both its nails and fangs are sharp.

It snapped at me, I probably would take considerable damage and

it might be painful.

When I dodge the small dragon, the small dragon hits the wall.


However, as soon as the small dragon regained to attack again, it


spouted fire from its mouth.

No, that’s a fire ball.

About level 3.

What, this small dragon, feels like have half of the strength of a big

dog and fur ball.

so, I wonder if it has approximately the same power as a big dog

and a fur ball.

I  closely evaded the Lv3 fire ball that the small dragon shot at me,

water emission shoot, shoot.

for the finishing touch, water ball.

with that, it was defeated.


Well, according to fantasy novel series and other kind of games,

dragon’s meat is delicious, isn’t it?

Is this delicious, too? I think that It’s worth trying it.

Well, judging from appearance, it seems to be delicious.

It’s worth trying, is……?

I decided to dismantle nail, scale, skin and meat from the dragon.

I  wrap it  in  the large dog skin from a little  while ago, still  my

luggage is full to the brim.

…… For now, let’s open the treasure chest.

Oh, it wasn’t a trap.

The contents are also something like one piece of a disk/cd.


To see it well, I stretched my hand to take it closer to my face, a

message was displayed in my mind.

【SK1 「E: soap」 acquisition? 】

Is this the skill acquisition item Jizo was talking about?

I will learn it.

When  the  message  appeared  in  my mind  and  I  conveyed  my

affirmative will, the disk became a grain of light and disappeared.

【SK1 「E: soap」 acquired.

By the way, now that I taken the treasure chest, can I come back


when I checked my status again, my level has become 18.

as I didn’t check my status, I don’t know the actual time that my

level rose.

perhaps, at the moment that I check my status, my level rises.

Also, as I leveled up, my MP increased by 50.

I’ll go for another round.

So, let’s end it here.

I go back till the crossroad from the treasure chest.

and go to the way that I didn’t choose that time.

I encounter a monster immediately.

It’s a small dragon like the one earlier.


I defeated it quickly, and only took its claw and scale.

my Level became 19.

I was in good condition.

I’ll do to here for this time.

I can still take down another one.

Once I get out.

It seemed to be still morning.

I was underground only for two hours.

I have gone outside now, what shall I do?

Oh, let’s check that, if the dungeon’s monsters need some time to

revive or it will immediately revive as I leave.

It will be nice if it’s the latter.

I enter the dungeon once again.

………The big dog was staying at the first place.

Apparently it’s the latter.

yattane. (TN: Hooray.)

I knock down the big dog quickly with my remaining MP.

_______Finally level 20.

Because I was just checking, I left after that.


Chapter 17


I had to go outside, but I’m still not sleepy.

So, I  want to start making the bag, but I  don’t know how to tan


first  of  all,  I  wash  all  of  the  big  dog’s  skins  that  I  gathered  with

water ball, and hang them on a branch of a tree.

……… Oh? In my mind, a message……?

【SK2 「leather processing ★」 acquired.】


as  for  the  SKP  needed  to  unlock  its  different  levels,  it  is  similar  to

「dismantling」 stages.

I assigned 3 SKP to it and made it level1.

…… with my present belongings, I can’t do the tanning!

First of all, I think that the process a short while ago was the best.

then, I raised the dismantling by one level.

Somehow, I  found the places that I  could dismantle from the big

dog and fur ball and the small dragon ………!

That reminds me, I didn’t assign any STP from Lv8 till now at all.

There is also a whole lot of SKP too.

How should I assign SKP and STP from these 13 Levels?


There is 130 STP.

At first … Well … … ….

First of all, let’s make all of my stats at least 20.

now, 60 points remains.

Hmm, after that …?

Let’s add 10 more to HP, MP, C, W, S.

10 remained which I assigned 5 each to MP and W.

with this, STP assignment is finished.

next! SKP! 113 remains.

For now, I made all of fire magic/ wind magic / earth magic to level

MAX, and evolved each one of them to Kai.

By  derivation  of  the  earth  magic,  「E(X):  stone  magic」 was


Oh, yeah.

I’ll also put some in 「soap」! by assigning 15 points, it became

MAX level.

………… Oh, I assigned the points without checking its details ……

Now, let see the details!

I check level MAX of the soap.

【 by making a ring with your hands, and blowing on it, the magic

formation can produce soap bubbles.

the number of soap bubbles are 1/10 of W, and MP consumed is 1.


if you don’t adjust it, the size is fixed.

The size of the soap bubble can be controlled, Consumption MP of

1 soap bubble is  「base volume × 1/10 of W double」 on the

occasion of 1 extra.

As far as there is MP, I can use it without limit.

MP increases by 5.】

Oh, that is, the skill just to make bubbles.

… I made a blunder.

I saw it well.

Moreover, there are no evolution or derivation! I lost 15 points.

68 points remains.

Afterward … … Well.

I’ll synthesize and think about it.

The one I want now is thunder! Why, you ask? because the main

character  in  “dragon story” which is  a famous RPG game, uses

thunder magic at “start quest”.

But what is it made of?

Probably, it does not have anything to do with fire and earth? After

all is it water and wind? I shall try it to see if it is.

【  「E(X):  water  magic」+「E(X):  wind  magic」=「E(X):

thunder magic」cost: one E ranked monster core】

Woa! Great! that’s it.

Its performance is the same as water and wind magic.


only, it requires 25 SKP.

Oh, there are no problems.

I make it MAX immediately.

Furthermore, I evolve it to Kai.

When evolving it into Kai, no cost was required.

immediately, I assigned 12 points and made it at stage 1.

As a result,  I  learned Thunder ball,  and Thunder emission!  I’m


The remainder i

just in case I raised 「sword art ★」 to stage 1.

How  about  those  28?  Mmm,  after  all,  Should  I  raise  thunder

emission by another stage? Let’s do that.

Well, 16 remaining but…

I leave it.

… Now, I’m tired of thinking.

Good night.


Main character’s status until this time.

In addition, MP rises by 30 because of the skill bonus.


– Status –


name: ARIM

Level: 20


HP :260/260 (30)

MP :300/300 (35)

A (attack power):120 (20)

C (dexterity degree):130 (30)

D (defensive power):120(20)

W (magic power):135 (35)



-Skill –


[D: summon water dagger magic] Lv 1

[D(X): thunder magic・Kai] Lv 2[D(X): fire magic・Kai] Lv 0

[D(X):water magic・Kai]Lv 1[D(X):wind magic・Kai]Lv 0

[D(X):earth magic・Kai]Lv 0

[E:soap]Lv MAX

[E(X):sense magic]Lv – [E(X):heal magic]Lv 2

[E(X):ice magic]Lv – [E(X):stone magic]Lv –

[E(X):reinforcement magic]Lv – [E(X):weakening magic]Lv –


[sword art★]Lv 1[body art★]Lv –

[spear art★]Lv – [bow art★]Lv –

[dismantling ★]Lv 2[leather processing★]Lv 1


Title: –

Seal: –

TN P.S:  I  replaced  quickness  with  agility.(because  in  games, it’s

mostly mentioned instead of speed)


Chapter 18


Did I sleep for around two hours?

Judging from height of the sun, It’s a little passed noon.

……… I want to eat the dragon meat.

simply, now, I skewer it with a branch, and roast it.

It has an atmosphere to make you feel “You mustn’t neglect it”.

Oh, it looks somehow like a steak …

I cut it like that.

Wouldn’t you like porcelain for this? It’s so, I’ll do that.

I heat the flat stone which is slightly bigger near the meat with fire

ball Lv5! Become hot~ become hot~, more!

I feel the heat.

To do this! Meat~! I pick you up! EI!

Ju Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu! ! !

Ah, this is amazing.

To grill the other side for a while, I flip the meat.

The color is great.

It looks too delicious … … ….




Completed! Small Dragon steak.

I  wash several leaves from around, and Wrap the meat so that

won’t be hot

That way, I grab it and, GABUUUUU!


It is good, it is too good.

I cry unconsciously.

First of all, its grease is great.

Oil/Grease … To be sure, it’s oil, it is heavy, moderately, I should

eat moderately!

Though there is nothing for seasoning, it is tasty!

Though it was a considerable amount of steak, I have eaten it in no


The small dragon, as soon as I find it, I have to hunt it!




Now that my stomach is full, I go into the dungeon again!

Now the MP is 300.

In addition, W raised too.

Therefore, I can defeat demons with one shot of thunder emission

Lv2 (14 MP consumption) right now.

So, this time I kill 20!

In the Dungeon.

At  first  I  defeat  five  demons  in  total  while  collecting  the  demon

drops  of  the  treasure  chest  route.

from the further point that I  reached last time, when I  advanced

more, two big dogs appeared at the same time.

that never happened before.

anyhow, it can be defeated by a hit.

Furthermore, when I advance, two fur balls came out at the same

time, two small dragons came out at the same time after that.

Spare  room.  (TN:  I  don’t  know what 余裕余裕。means. it  might

mean calm room/ room room or…)

by the way, I only take the monster cores and meat and dog skins.

I really need a bag, soon.

When I  advanced further  ahead,  a big  dog,  a fur  ball,  a small

dragon, all 3 of them attacked at the same time.

naturally, I obviously won.

So far, a total of 14 animals.

I seem to be able to still go ahead.

_______ and, when I advanced further from there, it was the end of

the dungeon.

Before my eyes, there is  a thing similar to a castle gate with a

considerable size.

Furthermore, as if  protecting  the gate in  front,  a dog with  long

beautiful gray hair stands.

The dog is different from the conventional ones till now.


However, it is still OK.

there is a Dreadful aura from the inside of the gate.

…… It is clear that there is the dungeon boss on the other side of

the gate.

however, it is still soon to challenge the boss right now.

A dog with long gray hair stands in front of my eyes.

I accept the long hair dog as the bunch of experience points!

I shoot a flame/fire ball at the long hair dog to check.

… And easily avoided.

It moves fast~.

the long hair dog nimbly moved in front of my eyes, and attacked

with its claws.

I received a considerable amount of damage after 3 days.!

I take a distance and shoot a water emission.

It hit, without a flinch, it doesn’t seem to collapse.

Hmm, Should I do it like the big dog after all?


as the opponent opened its  mouth, a magic formation appeared

(TN: invocated).

This fellow, intends to shoot an emission!

I recited a water emission immediately, in order to hit the “wind

emission” of the opponent.

I seemed to be able to counter it well.

Still, I was indeed surprised that it used the emission.

GUNUNUU……  very difficult to deal with … err.

It is strong.

Because the opponent was going to rush, I shot a water emission

at once, it hit

however, other than getting its hair wet, the damage was little.

Moreover, that fellow didn’t stop from the force, and bite me.

The Pain…….

his strength is approximately the same as mine.

Well, what should I do?

Oh, yes.

Let’s use that.


so, I chanted.

The number to appoint is 13 times.

with 13 MP, 169 bubbles came out. TN: LOL, a bubble bath for doggie

I use it to blind him!

I set the magic formation in front of the long hair dog’s eyes.

Launch! the long hair dog became cautious for a moment because

of the magic formation.

The bubbles come out from there!!

Though soap bubbles as large as a fist in large quantities came out

of the magic formation, the long hair dog became preoccupied with


right now! I was hoping for that moment!

「Water emission! 」

with this blow, I poured so to ” wet the whole body hair”! Because

the hair will suck in the water he should get heavy.

the long hair dog was surprised with that one shot.

I have already prepared for one more in the meantime.

again, I fire water emission.

To make the long hair dog dripping wet from head to foot.

As  planned,  the  long  hair  dog’s  movement  is  clearly  poor

compared to a while ago.

When it is like this, I can easily evade the opponent’s attacks and it

would be easier focus on using magic.

Besides, having used only the water emission so far, there is other

reason too!

A conduit for electricity!

now, he has water all over his body.


「Thunder emission! 」

Your farewell gift!

because his movements became dull, he couldn’t avoid it.

The  moment  when  the  thunder  emission  hit,  electric  current  flows

to its entire body!

… Um, won’t fall even with this?

even so, the long hair dog became unsteady.

I shoot another shot of thundered mission.


………It fell at last.

It was strong.

a blue monster core came out of the long hair dog.

after all, the big dog and fur ball have different characteristics too.

but I don’t know to pick which part from this fellow.

for the time being, let’s keep the gray fur.

… Hmm? Is this silver, under the chin hair?

it’s shiny.

I’ll keep this silver part completely.

When I confirm status, I have 11450 experience points till now, and

my level became 33.

OH, it would be good if I had checked my status before fighting the

long hair dog………。

I see, that long hair dog had a lot of experience points.

I must hunt it from the next go-around


Experiential value of Kaminaga (TN: long hair) dog

in nature→2200

in dungeon→3200

agility, HP and magic power also risen.

I was so tired…

Chapter 19


I leave the gate and go back, I pick up the fangs and blue meat

that were dropped after the corpses disappeared, I  found a feather

which looks like the drop from the dragon while going back the way I


…… It is still before the evening.

I washed the leather of a big dog, and let it dried, made the meat

of small Dora like before and ate it.

… When I noticed, I was informed that the skill 「cooking★」 was


I  already healed my wound with a heal, Should I  sleep now? No,

let’s think about something a little.

I am not yet sleepy, and become drowsy… Right?

Umm,  …  That  reminds  me,  I  had  a  hard  fight  with  that  long  hair

dog, it means that I cannot yet defeat the boss after that gate ….

I still have to raise my level.

I  postpone the assignment of STP and SKP, let’s only look at the

status now.


– Status –

Name: ARIM

Level: 33


HP :420/420 (30)

MP :460/460 (35)

A (Attack power): 200(20)

C (dexterity degree): 210 (30)

D (defensive power): 200(20)

W (magical power): 215 (35)

S (agility): 210 (30)


– Skills –


[D: summon water dagger magic]Lv 1

[D(X):thunder magic・Kai] Lv 2 [D(X):fire magic・kai]Lv 0

[D(X):water magic・Kai]Lv 1[D(X):wind magic・Kai]Lv 0

[D(X):earth magic・Kai]Lv 0

[E:soap]Lv MAX

[E(X):sense magic]Lv – [E(X):heal magic]Lv 2

[E(X):ice magic]Lv – [E(X):stone magic]Lv –

[E(X):enhancement magic]Lv – [E(X):weakening magic]Lv –SK2)

[sword art★]Lv 1[body art★]Lv –

[spear art★]Lv – [bow art★]Lv –

[dismantling ★]Lv 2[leather processing★]Lv 1

[cooking ★]Lv –


Title: –

Seal: –


…… Oh? Isn’t there a lot of HP?

because I  am now Lv33, 330+30STP, then shouldn’t HP be 390?

That 3Lv gave me a lot.

Because MP increases by the bonus of the skill, it is not unnatural.

HM? By any chance ……?

I try to see the 「status」 of “level” in detail.

【Because Lv30 is exceeded, every time that level rises, HP, MP,

STP, SKP UP by 20, the others UP by 10.】

Oh! Really! This is the progress of level up.


I did a big yawn.

Well, I’m sleepy.

Good night.




I woke up.

Good morning.

Today is also level raising.

which reminds me, I learned 「cooking★」

I will raise it to level 2.

10 SKP was consumed.

MUMU is understood, it’s understood!

err, in the heart of tree leaves, tree fruits similar to white mandarin


Oh, you can eat!

Because it would be unpleasant if it’s a poison, I ignored it so far,

my intuition tells me that I can eat it.

And,  If  I  squeeze  the  fruit  and  set  it  on  the  meat,  moderate

sweetness overcomes the sourness … I feel such.

Like last time, I cook a porcelain steak similar to before.

However, it is a little different from the usual loaf meat steak.

At first I understand a fried color, a timing to bake it is perfect.

And the smell.


Why is it different now that I gained a cooking skill?

And… Taste.

I swallowed my saliva.

[I have …!]]

The taste that I squeezed the white nut and sprinkled fruit juice……

「UMMAAAAAAAAAAAAI! 」 (TN: delicious)

I cried.

So delicious.

Good good ZOOOOOOO!

… FUU.

I ate, I ate.

Now, let’s go and Lv up.

There is 460 MP this time.

In the dungeon, there are 14 monsters with light green monster

cores and one with blue one.

the light green ones will  be defeated with one thunder emission

Lv1 from now on.

And, as for the long hair dog, I  will shower it  with electric shock

while getting it wet, like last time to defeat it.

last time, 3.5 water emission and two thunder emission Lv2 was

used to damage it.

this time, two water emissions with two thunder emission Lv2 will

be enough.

one round consumption MP will be, 220.

I can go for two laps … …!

Then, I’m off.





As a result of this time.

I get 22900 experience points, which makes it 40690 in total.

My level became 41.

STP and SKP aren’t falling.

I’m left with 400 STP and 406 SKP, also, my MP became 700 too.

I will go for three laps tomorrow.

By the way, Because the method to get the material was very good

for  carrying  around  this  time,  I  got  all  the  parts  that  could  be

removed from the monsters.

Oh, I simply dismantle the parts that I want and left the other parts

at the place, while returning I pick up the drops that was left there.

I’ll soon rest today, but it’s still before noon.

Therefore, I make a bag with a large dog’s hide in the remaining


As for me, my grade was 8 at home economics from 10.


I was able to make it like a bag.

I made 2 bags with three big dog’s hides, in a hurry.

one for monster cores, and the other one for the materials that I

gather in the dungeon.

It was already dark.

It took more time than I thought.

Let’s sleep today.

Good night!



This is the status.


– Status –

Name: ARIM

Level: 41


HP: 660/660 (30)

MP: 700/700 (35)

A: 320 (20)

C: 330 (30)

D: 320(20)

W: 335 (35)

S: 330(30)


– Skills –


[D: summon water dagger magic]Lv 1

[D(X):thunder magic・Kai]Lv 2[D(X):fire magic・Kai]Lv 0

[D(X):water nagic・Kai]Lv 1[D(X):wind magic・Kai]Lv 0

[D(X):earth magic・Kai]Lv 0

[E:soap]Lv MAX

[E(X):sense magic]Lv – [E(X):heal magic]Lv 2

[E(X):ice magic]Lv – [E(X):stone magic]Lv –

[E(X):enhancement magic]Lv – [E(X):weakening magic]Lv –


[sword art★]Lv 1[body art★]Lv –

[spear art★]Lv – [bow art★]Lv –

[dismantling★]Lv 2[leather processing★]Lv 1

[cooking★]Lv 2


Title: –

Seal: –

Good morning!

Chapter 20


I make three bags today after going into the dungeon three times!

Then, I’m off!




Hmm, the level up is worse now ….

After  I  went  underground  for  three  times,  I  obtained  34800

experience points, which in total became 75490.

My level becomes 47.

I’ll assign STP and SKP, when my level exceeds 50.

with the big dog’s hide, I produced 5.5 parts of the bag.

along the way, I learned 「sewing ★」 skill.

immediately, I used 7 SKP, and raised it to second stage.

………I slept at once on that day.




Good morning.

ANAZUMU 8th day.

There is 820 MP, the water emission needed to defeat the long hair

dog is reduced to on, I can do 4 laps now.

Hmm, I go at once.

Oh? If I ran 4 laps today, how many laps should I run ….

Yeah, 8 laps.




Today’s report.

I got 44600 experience points, which makes it 110090 in total.

My level became 52.

Furthermore, from level 50, with each level-up, HP, MP, STP, SKP

raise 30 point besides that 15 points.

On top of that, as the reward for exceeding level 50, 100 points

were added to STP and SKP.

Therefore, there are 710 STP and 709 SKP.

Because it  is troublesome, I  left a lot of things. (TN: I  think it  is

about the report)

No, it is not only the status.

A tremendous amount of booty.

This bag is not enough.

I already do a steak as I eat and sleep for today and, I will make

bags tomorrow.




Good morning~!

After  taking  a  bite  from  a  fruit  for  breakfast,  I  concentrate  on

making a bag.

However, the speed to be built is extremely fast.

One bag can be made for  around 10 minutes,  and it’s  benefit of  C

and the sewing skill, isn’t it?

Therefore, I made 15 bags for today.

those bags could be made quite earlier than I expected, so I’ll dive

into the dungeon.

Oh? Didn’t manage the status? It is troublesome.

First of all, I should think about it.

Oh,  Well,  I  really  need  to  reduce  the  consumption  of  MP

considerably,  Should  I  bring  up  the  「summon  water  dagger

magic」 and 「sword art★」?

anyway, I made sword art and water dagger to MAX.

I use 127SKP in total.

Because sword art and water dagger became MAX, A rose by 15 in total.

and then, 「D: summon water dagger magic」 became 「C:

summon  water  sword  magic」 and  「sword  art★」 became


the cost was 5 and 3 D rank monster core.

I think that light green monster core was a D rank.

Furthermore, it cost 60SKP for 「C: summon water sword magic」

to bring it to level 2 and 45 for swordsmanship to bring it to level 3.

the SKP needed to bring them to MAX, for water sword is 75 and

for swordsmanship is 150.

477 SKP remains.

by the way, the summon water sword magic, as its name suggests

is a magic that summons a sword of water.

the power of the sword is 15 W.

Of course, it can also summon the dagger a

It consumes 30 MP for one-time use.

swordsmanship is the extension of sword art for prolonged use, the

contents didn’t change much from the sword art.

these two skills are truly compatible.

I think so.

with this, let’s do the rounds for today~!





I got into the swing too much.

No, well, I was able to do a round with one water sword and two

thunder emission in the end …………

The MP was 920.

In other words, I can still do 13 more rounds.

The experience points that I got is 150800.

The total is 260890.

Present level is 67 …

Huh heh…. I’m tired.

When I was playing dragon story, I raised my hero’s level to 99 in

one night, I was too tired then.

It’s different when you move your body.

And,  the  spoils  of  war  are  YABAI.  (TN:  YABAI  have  different

meanings: dangerous, awful, crap, cool, amazing. [no kidding there

are two completely different meanings, WTF japan!])

I must sew all the time tomorrow.

Approximately, I need 40 bags……

Oh, really, It’s night already!

Going to bed to sleep.

Good night.




Good morning.

Today, I will make some bags.

I tuck.

Well, troublesome habit.

…I see; I should make the 「sewing ★」 skill’s level to MAX.

I paid 23 SKP and made it level MAX.

C went up by 5 as a bonus.

Then, right away, let’s make a bag.

In about three hours, I had made 40 bags.


and, one by one the bags were made considerably quicker.

I underestimated SK2 and dexterity.

Well, I can see a glassy afterimage of my hand.

I made the bags, and what should I do today?

Go under again? How many times should I should I dive in?

Generally, In the dungeons, if  you defeat the boss, the dungeons


I’m going to do it at last now.

It may be that way.

Rather, it may have been better to aim for level 100.

because each time, I will get 10,000 experience points.

MP now is 1370.

……… Well, then, I’m going


A can raise the water dagger, sword art’s bonus and sewing get a

raise from C.


– Status –

Name: ARIM

Level : 67


HP : 1330/1330 (30)

MP : 1370/1370 (35)

A (attack power): 685 (20)

C (dexterity degree): 680 (30)

D (defensive power): 665(20)

W (magical power): 680 (35)

S (agility): 675(30)


– Skills –


[C: summon water dagger magic]Lv 2

[D(X):thunder magic・Kai]Lv 2[D(X):fire magic・Kai]Lv 0

[D(X):water magic・Kai]Lv 1[D(X):wind magic・Kai]Lv 0

[D(X):earth magic・Kai]Lv 0

[E:soap]Lv MAX

[E(X):sense magic]Lv – [E(X):heal magic]Lv 2

[E(X):ice magic]Lv – [E(X):stone magic]Lv –

[E(X):reinforcement magic]Lv – [E(X):weakening magic]Lv –


[swordsmanship★★]Lv 3

[body art★]Lv -[spear art★]Lv –

[bow art★]Lv –

[dismantling ★]Lv 2[leather processing★]Lv 1

[Cooking★]Lv 2[sewing★]Lv MAX


Title: –

Seal: –


Chapter 21


OK, it is the time for the results.


I could defeat all the monsters with one swing of the water sword, I

went around it for 22 times.

Gee, I was really tired! Tension rose when I was too tired.

Oh, how many times was it that I did a round?!

or was it 43 times?

I got 255200 XP points this time.

It is 516090 in total.

The level is 78.

After exceeding 70, HP, MP, SKP, STP goes up by 40 with each level

up, and the other stuff goes up by 20.

I had to make 70 bags for loot.

a Troublesome habit.

By the way, I need to carry a bag for all sorts of creatures in the


If something is in the dungeon, it wouldn’t go bad, would it?

Mysterious …!

Then good night!




Good morning.

I’m making bags from morning today.

There is almost no concern for the materials.

with the exception of the big dog hide, which I’m making the bag

from this guy’s leather.

heck, I feel foolish for creating the bags from the big dog’s hide.

the hide is a really good fur in fact.

It’s black and glossy, it may have been better if I made a coat or

clothes from it.

I have to cherish the big dog’s hide.

It’s the furball fellow that should become a bag, in particular.

only this hide remains after harvesting the fur, only this really has


and it seems that its durability is not high like the small dragon’s.

well, I swiftly make it.

Is this because C went up? I have finished in 5 hours.

by simple calculation it was supposed to take 7 hours.

One bag is completed in 4 and a half minutes.

leaving that aside, I intend to go deeper.

relaxing for a short time, should I set up and allocate my skills?! first  of  all,  I  make  the  「dismantling」 and  「leather

processing」 to  MAX  level.

should I change cooking too? I’m satisfied with it for now.

because 「dismantling」 and 「leather processing」 became

level 3 naturally, each of them only needed 18 points, 36 points in

total was consumed.

Then I  dive in. (TN: “the dungeon”,  it  just says I  sink/dive, but

you what it is saying by now.)

My MP is 1780 now.

But because I’m slightly worried, I’ll use 5 STP on MP.

now MP became 1790. (TN: LOL, how anxious was he?)

I dive in 30 times approximately.

I dive in through the night.






This time…I got…348000 XP points……。

In total……faaaa (yawn sfx) …it became 864090……。

my level honestly, became 96 ….

… but for tomorrow I  need to make another 100 bags too, don’t

you think? … I may not be able to dive in… I’m in trouble…

Good night…




Good morning.

I slept well.

well then, I have to make 100 bags, that’s a lot.

well, this time, I was able to make them in six hours.

1 in three and a half minutes.

I’m exhausted.

well then, I need to get to level 100 quickly.

only four more times to level-up.

till I get to level 100.

for this time, I am going to go on until I reach the end of my MP.

and,  I  will  stop  making bags  for  today,  after  I  made the  bags

tomorrow, I will challenge the dungeon’s boss.

Let’s do that!

It’s MP- check-time for the day.

My MP is at 2600! with this, I can dive down 43 times!

… Let’s do that after I took a nap.




It really helped that I took a nap.

anyhow, I need to maintain my consciousness.

This time I got 498800 experience points.

1,362,890 in total.

My level … 1 1 7


I surpassed level 100!

Furthermore, according to the message after I reached level 100, I

got 500 STP and SKP as commemoration.

In addition, from level 100 forward, HP, MP, SKP, STP rise by 50 and

other stuff rise by 25 with each level-up.

tomorrow, after I sewed 135 bags, I will challenge the boss.

Good night




Good morning.

first of all, let’s make 135 bags.

I was able to do it in a little less than five hours.

each  bag  in  2  and  a  half  minutes,  it  was  completed  at  a  terrific


Ok now, I need to get back to the castle gate.

I  entered the dungeon and defeated the monsters along the way

quickly and arrived before the castle gate.

when  I  first  got  here  at  the  castle  gate,  the  atmosphere  was  so

ominous,  but  I  don’t  feel  anything  comparatively



Chapter 22


I opened the castle gates and went inside. It’s pretty wide in here.

But  still  narrower  than  a school  gym. And inside,  there  are  trees

growing, like a forest.

But in the middle, there was a dog. 3of them in fact.

All were as large as a big dog from earth.

One of them has shiny, silver hair.

The other as gold, from looking at it,  they look like hair from a

common dog, but for some reason, it’s beautiful  Then, the one in the

middle, its hair is white, but shines like rainbows. But compared to

the other two.

He looks strong. He looks like he can take the 2 besides him easily.

This Rainbow-colored dog, however, seems to be talking to them

“Gah….” He barks lightly. Was it a sign? The silver one was-


At that moment, a green aura gathered around, it  was probably

was [Wind] The Silver dog suddenly aims for me, it’s pretty fast, but

i’m faster.

I quickly concentrate magic in my hands.

_______Now!  I produced a water sword in an instant, and cut the

Silver one 3 times.

It made its final breaths, and dies

The Rainbow one has signaled that it will back off.

In addition, the Golden one has stepped in, and made the same

sound as the Silver. A red magical glow appeared beneath me. Fire

type magic?

But I don’t feel its magical emission.

…Is it a stage above?

I released some water to get away from it quickly.

Just as I  got away, I  heard a terrible explosion just where I  was.

What fancy magic.

Isn’t it a pillar of fire. It’s also quite thick.

Apparently  this  skill  can  be  learned  with  [Reform](T/N:  I’m

probably completely wrong here)

Anyhow, I  will  defeat  that  Golden mutt.  I  cast  water  emissions.

Then I hold his head down. I casted water emissions 7 times in a row,

I follow with thunder emissions 3 times.

Because I did this with rapid succession, he couldn’t evade it. He

then  ceased  to  move(T/N:  sleep  tight  pupper)  Only  the  Rainbowcolored

dog  remains,  it’s  hair  further  shines  brighter

「Aaaaaoooooooooo!」 It’s  howl  felt  intimidating,  It  probably

casted a spell.

But this feels strange..

The air around his mouth is distorted by magical power.

Like the heat waves you see in the summer. My surrounding area

was filled with magic emissions. Everything is different as well.

Was it possible to do something like this…! That’s right, I  sensed

something incompatible. The dog was doing something

I have both Water and Thunder emissions, not once was I able to

use them simomustanly, but how could you achieve it? ……Of course,

Air. he used the air to concentrate his power, that’s why his mouth

was warped.

If  I  cast  magical  power  in  the  air,  can  I  also  use  different  types  of

magic  at  the  same  time?  But  how  do  you  avoid  this.  He  is  definitely

stronger than the other two.

This is enough to damage the Golden one.

This is all you have to eat. (T/N: what?)

I  immediately activate Water and Thunder emissions at the same

time to cover 2 of its magic teams. I  made it by concentrating the

magical power on the mouth, breath and brain for output, chanting

only “emissions”, so the name of the technique can be released.

It’s easy, isn’t? Surprise me.

One  of  them  can  be  avoided,  the  other  seems  impossible,  I’ll

accept it.


Large amount of blood gushes out from my head. I quickly have to


I  shoot out rapid Thunder emissions and Thunder Balls 10 times.

He is able to dodge every single one with rapid succession.

But it’s no use

I  have  fired  another  additional  Water  and  Thunderball  emissions

right  behind  them.  A  direct  hit.

I can’t read monsters expressions but, for a moment the dogs face

while looking at me, was distorted.

I make a Water Sword, and quickly go where he is at.

He seems like he noticed me, takes a stance, and jumps over like

hunting for prey.

I’ll take you on.

Right  as  I  wield  the  sword,  he  also  approaches  with  his  sharp

claws.  Even  though  my sword  is  made out  of  water,  sparks  still

appeared as they clashed.

I keep wielding. He does the same.

This was going back and forth.

If  someone were to witness this. They would not say this was a

magnificent battle.

As we kept going, it  seemed that I  have become the victor.(T/N:

damn plot armor.)

He got impaled.


….Seems  that  he  also  stabbed  me in  my stomach.  Were  you


Him and I retreat to check the situation as things are.

For a while, we both don’t move. Silence surrounds the area.

The dog, quietly moved first.

This seems to be the best stage of [Reform], I also sensed 4 types

of magic being used simultaneously.

This is different from the Golden dog, is it upper magic?

This is bad. Doesn’t seem I’ll survive if I get hit by that. Moreover,

4 kinds simultaneously. He’s serious.

However, I still got a trump card. 「Foam」

It’s this skill. From the beginning, I thought this skill was a waste.

But it’s good for blinding enemies, such as this one.

The price to pay was 300 MP. W exceeds 1000.

There for, 30,000 bubbles can emerge

The  area  is  filled  with  magic.  The  dog  seems  to  have  a  surprising

expression.  Well,  because  it’s  a  dog,  he  can  probably  find  me  by

smell.  But  if  he  can’t  sense  my  magic  aura,  he  can’t  hit  directly.

Well, it’s the same for me. I think about it. I get out of my area.

While relying on my memory I approach the dog at full speed.

A hellish boom echoes behind me. There was nothing there when I

arrived. Cold sweat runs from my spine.

I  fire  Water  and  Thunder  emissions  from  where  I  think  the  dog  is

  1. If it were only that simple. I can see the dog is shining.

Whether  he  is  angry  or  sad,  it  seems  he’s  enjoying  this  fight.  It

seems I  also  have been giving  out a dazzling  glow. It  makes me

understand his location

He avoids it by jumping, then 2 things come from the ground. He

also avoids it, that was the purpose. I shoot out more foam.

Also, I make 300 Thunder balls appear. Ball has leveled up to LV 5

as well!

This can’t be avoided

Eat it all!  _____A glaring Flash appears!

Something from above appears.

It’s  the  Rainbow  colored  dog,  it’s  beautiful  hair  doesn’t  seem


But it’s dead.

___________I won.

I conquered the dungeon!


Chapter 23


He was strong, but I won…….


How did he manage to get to LV 117……


My head and stomach hurt. I need to heal…..

For  a  dog,  he  has  nice  skin…….  I  will  definitely  bring  this  home.  A

red  demon  nucleus.  The  silver  one  was  yellow,  the  Golden,  was

orange, and the Rainbow one was red.

After defeating him, a lone chest appeared in the middle of the


No, it “came out” of the ground.

With the decorations it has, it resembles an RPG. I can’t contain my


While staggering my feet, I approached my chest.

What was inside was a card of some sort, 2 skill disk, 1 orage, and

5 yellow demon nucleus.

Let’s check these 2 skills, Hope it will be something cheat-worthy.

【「Appraisal King ★★★★ 」

You  can  now  see  all  kinds  of  information,  including,  material

names, value, usage, and names. When you think about appraising an object while looking at it, the information will appear immediately.】

….How amazing is this!

Just by clearing a dungeon, you can obtain items like these!

….What about the other one?

【「Gender Conversion★★★」

A “Man can be a Woman”, and a “Woman can be a Man”.

You can freely change your gender.

Not  just  appearance  -wise,  also  body  specifications,  instinctive

gender  thinking  with  hetero  thoughts.

Your own way of thinking and mental thoughts won’t change either

This means while a Man is a “Woman”, when they conduct sexual

acts with another Man, it will still be “same-gender” sex.

Well,  I  suppose I  can use this  while  in  undercover operations,  I


But from what I  understand, if  someone’s disguised as a woman

and sneak into the woman’s bath, does it still count as peeking since

they are both women?

I’m not saying I would do such a thing, I think so?(T/N: Have you

noticed you a girl?)

I’ll put this skill on hold for now. Honestly, who even came up with

this skill in the first place

…..Whatever. I’ll master both of them.

【SK2 「Appraisal King★★★★ 」&「Gender Conversion★★★」

Have been acquired】

Can I now look at 「Appraisal King」?


Appraisal King

★★★★                     SKP:0/300

Lv0: SKP-0

Lv1: SKP-100

Lv2: SKP-200

Lv MAX: SKP-300


Why is it LV 0?, Is it a type of evolutionary skill?

Let’s check the details

【Inherits  the  basic  effects  of  Appraisal  Master,  Stone  appraisal,

Demolition Object appraisal, Weapon Appraisal, Tool Appraisal, and

Plant Appraisal LV MAX.】

So there was something like this huh?, If  you master everything,

you get Appraisal King,

It seems LV 1-3 doesn’t seems to broaden the scope or variety.

Let’s immediately put 300 points in it.

….There seems to be complex magic in my  the card now?

【「Infinite storage Card」

・State→ Good

・Quality→ Supreme

・Value→National treasure

・Material→ Paper

・Type→ Magic Card


This card sticks and uses a tool with the storing function.

This card disappears when sticked to an object, Can only be used


Objects fixed with this card will now be able to hold infinite objects.

Higher performance, with higher quality objects.

For bigger objects, The Storage unit will forcibly inhale it.

For taking things out, you may think about the object you wish.

Can also take out multiple items.

For whatever is inside the Storage unit, time will be frozen.】

….I obtained something amazing.

Seriously, what is it with this thing!?

My baggage problems are now solved with this, but where should I

sticky it to?

I can make pouches with the Silver ones hair and the golden ones

skin, I can make amazing things with this.

I don’t want to use the Rainbow one’s skin, because I feel that it

would be a waste if I did.

I’ll quickly make something then.

「Leather  Processing」「Dismantling」「Sewing」,  all  of

these  are  in  MAX  LV,  and  C  is  greater  than  1000.(T/N:  stupid

question, what’s “C”?)

This will be pretty good.


So, how will I get outside?

As I looked around, I see some light, seems to be a warp hole.

As I carried the treasure chest, the 3 dogs, and other things, I head

towards the light.


Chapter 24


I got out. A message displayed once I did get out.

【Cleared the Dungeon of “Fun”, Puppy forest.

Titles,,「Dungeon Capturer of” Fun “」「Godspeed Growth」

「S  Rank  Monster  Slayer」「Monster  Genocider」

「Superhuman  」have  been  acquired.

Mark、「Forest of the Rainbow King」has been acquired.

Dungeon Clear Reward、STP・SKP 500 has been acquired】

So many things appeared, that I was barely able to process it. But

what is this “mark”? Let’s examine it.

【A mark awarded to those that cleared the Dungeon of “Fun” in

Puppy’s Forest. The cost of, Synthesis, Evolution, and Derivation, will

be cut in half.】

And  since  I  knocked  them  down,  the  level  is  supposed  to  go

up,  right.Let’s  see… The  experience  value  got  …… 992400,  total

2355290, um. The level is 159!?

Moreover, the status seems to be from 130 to HP, 60 for A, 30 or

150 for HP, 70 for A and 35 for … …!

I really didn’t expect it to go so high.


….Seems that the dungeon has also disappeared, there is no use,


The problem right now is the hole, where the dungeon used to be.

It could be said that it’s just an ordinary crater.

There seems to be a lot of things inside it too.

Everything seems to be garbage…but it can’t be either, right?

I’ll go and make the pouch now, let’s wipe of the blood first.

I  began  to  dismantle  the  Gold  and  Silver  dogs…bone,  fangs,

nails….the leather seems to be the same color, eh?

All these raw materials, no matter how you look at it, they seem

expensive. First though, the pouch.

I immediately begin to tan the skin the best way possible, as well

to thread the hairs to make a great pouch.

Even with my technical skills, this takes quite a bit of time.

I as well included an embroided an engraving to the pouch, quite

well made, if I say.

Let’s check it out.

【Golden Dog Leather Pouch」

・State→ Good

・Quality→ High

・Value→ Treasure

・Material→Golden Dog’s fur, Silver Dogs hair threads

・Type→ Leather Container


A pouch made from a Golden Dog’s fur and leather, with minor

threads of Silver. 】

Wow! It has been appraised really well,. Treasure is treasure after

all. These dogs made an amazing thing.

Let’s add the 「Magic Card」.

It  stuck  with  a  petu.   That  seemed  alright,  as  the  card  was

absorbed by the pouch.

【「Golden Magic Pouch」(T/N:  It’s  actually  somewhere in  the

lines of “Golden Dog’s Magic Back(Pouch), but that’s too long.)

・State→ Best

・Quality→ Best

・Value→ National Treasure

・Material→Golden Dog’s fur, Silver Dogs hair threads, Magic Card

・Type→ Magic Leather Container


A pouch made from a Golden Dog’s fur and leather, with minor

threads  of  Silver.  A  magical  bag  that  can  hold  an  infinite  amount  of

things.  Bigger  items  get  scuked in  forcibly.  Can take  out  multiple

items out at once】

This is….amazing.

Not only is this a magical pouch now, the card has also risen its


But doesn’t this mean that, I am technically living in this world on

easy mode?

I sucked all items into the bag.

………..It looks like a vacuum cleaner.

This feels like when I do cleaning at the end of the year.

Well…. What to do know.

Seems that it’s evening now, that punch did take a lot of time too

make, after all.

Fwuaaaah. I’m getting sleepy, let’s go sleep now.


___Alim slept like a log.______


Chapter 25


「Everyone….I’m sorry! And thank you very much!」

An old man says.

「No, we came with a request, we’re in trouble, and it’s

mutually exclusive」

「Isn’t  that  right  Village  chief?  We  don’t  need  certain


「Thanks to this, we got skin and fangs form those Black

Soldier Dogs」

「Also…If there is any trouble, please call」

It’s a group of 4, a young man and women talking to the Village


「Fofofofofo……you guys, are so reliable……」

The Vilage Chief look at them with respect.

「By the way, aren’t you injured」

「It’s fine! Our recovery role is excellent!」

「…It’s fine」

The strong and well looking man of age with brown hair and a

balance face asks.

A girl with beautiful long hair answers,

「Well,  well!  Then  it  seems  that  you  guys  can  capture


「Huh? Grandpa, what is “that”?」

The  one  asking  the  question  is  a  girl  with  pink  hair  reaching

towards her shoulders(T/N: auto best grill, short hair, best hair~)

「Actually,  there  is  a  dungeon  within  the  forest  of  this


「A Dungeon!? What is it called!?」

A blond haired boy, with deprived eyes, asks the Village Chief with

excitement(T/N: shit not another one of those pretty boys)

The old man responds.

「Yes…the  name….what  name was  it?  Ah,  yes….  “Puppy

forest”, being a husband that has entered before a long time

ago, I have only entered once. Of course I immediately went


「Well,  I’m  not  saying  this  to  discourage  you,  but  the

bosses  are  unreasonable  high.  But  you  might  find  treasures

for you to take!」

「Oh! Thats right!」

「We have prepared HP and MP potions, right?」

「Alright, but if things get dangerous, run immediately, got



Three voices speak in union, The boy looks at them warmly.

「Hey, can you guide us please?」

「Of course. What time will you depart?」

「Well, we haven’t eaten breakfast yet, so after that will be


「That’s right! Let’s have a late breakfast!」

「Houh~,  then  why  not  try  out  our  specialty,  Puppy’s

Village prideful vegetables!」

「No, even if you treated us…」

「Come on! Don’t be afraid, if you guys weren’t there, then

that Black Soldier Dog would have eaten me」

「Alright, if you insist.」

The 4 and the old man headed to the village to eat breakfast. After

they prepare, they will head towards the dungeon.




While  leaving  the  village  and  talking  about  the  Dungeon,  we

have reached our destination.



「What’s the matter Village Chief?」

「The place where the dungeon was…there’s a hole. Well,

surely the dungeon must be here……」

「Did someone before us captured it?」

「Surely. It’s whoever comes first. first served, right?」

「But…even so…..No recent  adventures besides you have

visited  Puppy Village.  Even  if  you  come from  the  outside,

there  is  no  way  you  can  find  the  dungeon  without  guidance

as it is deeply hidden in the forest……」

As soon the Old man said that, the Blond leader screamed.

「Hey, There is someone over there!」

「Is that so? Wait, they look really bloody!」

「Are you lying!?」

「Let’s go help, quickly!」


The 5 of them rush to the blood covered person. They felt this was

daunting more as they ran.

「Hey!  It’s  a  girl,  isn’t  it!?  Why  is  she  in  such  a

place!?」(T/N:  Gender  confirmed,  side  note,  couldn’t  she  check  her

pants before?

「I’m not sure, but she’s still breathing!」

「Woah! High heal! High heal!」

「Well, let’s bring her to the village for now, she must be a

daughter from someone……」

「Thats right, let’s bring her over to the House of Eagle so

she can rest!」

「Let’s quickly go!」

Saying  so,  the  five  brought  over  the  girl  with  crimson  hair  back  to the village.

But they have noticed something strange when they returned.

That is, no one in the village knew who the girl was.

Even the Village Chief himself…


Where am I, a house? Inside?

Chapter 26


「Oh! It got up, don’t worry, you’re safe here!……」

「Huh? Who are you?」

Who’s even this person? A person, another person….. My eye’s are

blurred out so I can’t see.

「Everythings fine..Everyone! The girl woke up!」


No, aren’t you the girl?

I’m a guy, I also already confirmed.

No way…did I invoke 「Gender Conversion 」……?

It isn’t here. Firstly, I didn’t put any SKP.

Well,  it  can  be  said  that  I  looked  like  a  girl  from  the


I couldn’t really confirm my appearance before either, so……

「Are you okay?」

An anxious woman starts talking to me.

「Oh, yes..but what now?……」


Seems that we are communicating properly. God has apologized

for  not giving  me a cheat ability,  but I’m thankful  that  I  cans till


By the way, what i’m wearing…is a skirt…。


「These clothes were given by the people of the village!

But I’m sorry, I changed your clothes without permission, I

still haven’t changed your underwear, so you can change that

by yourself!」

That being said, she pointed to a desk in the room.

There are things like women’s underwear and clothes.


「What’s up? Isn’t she going to change?There’s nothing to

be worried about. Were all girls here」

Are you telling me to change in front you, are you serious?

This person is probably the worrying type,

But yor telling me to change in public.

Is your head misplaced.

Do I really have to change my clothes here?

Well…aren’t I a man?

Is changing clothes in front of a woman a good idea?

Rather, if i become a girl…

Can’t be helped, I will become a girl with my skill then.

Beyond that, I’m panicking whether this is a good idea.

Besides, 200SKP is not too heavy right now.

I quickly pour in the skill points

…..It’s pretty disappointing that i’ts rather instant

Isn’t there suppose to be transformation, or being bathed in light?

That’s fine, I suppose

「……Well, that’s right.」

I put on the underwear, and wrap the cloth around my chest.

Isn’t there a bra?

Well,  I  am a 12 year old,  so I  should be at  least  in  the first  year of

junior high

…….My breast seem to be B-cup as well.

I quite don’t understand it.

「Good, sounds like it was perfect.」


I put on the skirt and shirt again.

The woman calls for something towards the door

The door opens, 3 young people and a old man come in.

「Hey little girl, are you alright?」

The man with a great physique says. The girl with pink hair opens her mouth

「Have you collapsed in the forest with all this blood?」

「Huh…..ah  ! …………。Is that so…」

I forgot to wipe the blood. You misunderstood that I was bleeding.

My wound seems to be sore, because of the layers of Heal putted


「Er..did you bring me here?」

「Oh, yes!」

「……Thank you」

Sounds like a bother. Sorry

The Blonde person opens his mouth, from the atmosphere alone,

it seems like he’s the leader.

「Won’t you be humble? Why were you in such a state in

the forest?」

Let’s try not to remember here. Let’s say it’s memory loss.


「Well, where did you live nearby? Is it near here?」

「……Can’t remember anything. Not even my name……」

「………っ!?   Really!?  If  it’s  a  name,  think  about

「Status」in  your  head.」

Status? I wonder if it will really show up because of loss of memory.

Because I haven’t actually lost my memory.

Let’s pretend to look and tell our name for the time being.

How  should  I  refer  myself  in  first  person?  me(ore)?me(watashi)?

Both  don’t  sound  that  good.

I’m afraid that I will get used to this.

「Alim…..It’s Alim!」

「Alim is it, it’s a nice name」

「It’s not nice, it’s cute!」

「That’s right!」

The oldman open his mouth while walking in

「Wait a moment, I haven’t introduced myself yet, I’m the

Eagle and village head of Puppy Village, Jizefu(T/N: Fuck if i


「Well, we are a party of adventures called “Seinforce”, I’m

the party leader, Ruin, thanks for your help.」

「I’m Orgo.」

「I’m Lilo! Nice to meet you Alim! 」

「I am called Muri.」

「Everyone, thank you!」

The Blonde one is Ruin, Muscles is Orgo, peach hair is Lilo, and

light blue hair is Muri.

Jizefu is muttering something.

「If..If you go to the kingdom, you might know something

about this girl.」

「I  agree,  so once return  back to  the kingdom, we will  find

someone, don’t you guy 」


「Village head, when’s the next carriage coming by?」

「In about 3 days from now, meanwhile the girl will stay

put here, you guys can go back to the inn from yesterday.」

「I’m saved」

「After all I did defeat the Black Soldiers. I suppose it also

serves as personal thanks.」


Oh, I decided to go to the kingdom without permission.

「Uh, umm……」

「What’s wrong Alim?」

「For everything you guys done, thank you very much!」

「Hahaha, that’s good!」

「When you’re in trouble, we got you back!」

This  is  how I  first  met the  inhabitants  of  this  world,  as  they  took

care of me

「See you Alim.」

Chapter 27


The Seinforce group have left to the inn.

I have then spoke to Jizefu.



「I’m sorry to bother you, but thanks to for your help.」

Jizefu responds with a smile.

「It’s  alright,  don’t  mind it.  Children  don’t  have  to  hold

back. Rather than me, why don’t you thank Muri?You are still

being nursed as well. Is your wound fine? It  should be closed

by now.」

No, it was already closed before this. Well, this is fine, isn’t it?

「Hey girly, seems to me that your scratches are gone, you should

be able to move now, why not take a look around the village.

Is that fine with you?」

Since he’s already here, I’ll jump off the bed and show him.

「Fufufufu,  Energetic  I  see.  A full  recovery.  I’ll  give  you

back this  expensive  looking  pouch back to  you,  and some

clothes  as  well.  Your  other  clothes  are  currently  being

washed at  my place.  So the  clothes  I  just  gave you is  a

present from me.」

I said thanks while being given the pouch.

「What a good girl~…」

Jizefu muttered so.

Let’s  put  the  pouch  over  my  shoulder  and  look  around  the





I  have been seen carried  to  the  chiefs  house full  in  blood  it

seems, the news sure travels fast here.

「Is it fine moving like that already?」

「You look fine to me now little lady.」

「Kyaa~, how cute.」

Well, they do worry about us children obviously.

「Hey, where you come from?」

「What a pretty pouch!」

「What’s your name?」

「Kyaaa~, how cute!」

They all  kept  talking  to  me, there  are  about  35 people  in  this


While sitting around, I managed to spot Ogo.

He seemed to be doing practice swings.

He seemed to have spotted me and shouted over here.

「Is it alright to move now!?」

I say that I am OK.

「Gahahahaha, well that’s great little miss.」

Such  perseverance  in  working  so  hard.  I’ll  gladly  accept  your


I also heard that there is some work coming to this village. What

kind? Let’s ask.

「Well,  it  was when the 3 Black dogs appeared and the

crops  were  about  to  be  destroyed.  It  was  pretty  unusual

really.  Moreover,  they  were  probably  10  of  them  as  well.

Black Army Dogs are usually around D rank but they were

unusually  strong.  So  the  village  called  us,  an  adventurer

group called Seinforce, since they can’t handle this on their


Even though I’m listening, there is lots that I don’t understand.

So Black Army and Black General dogs are something. So what

can be compared to adventures?

……I still  don’t  understand  adventurers.  Let’s  try  asking  a bit


「Orgo,  what’s  different  about  a  Black  general  dog  and  a

Black army dog? And adventures?」

「Hm? Oh that. A Black soldier dog is D rank. Regular Black

Dogs are E rank and under. Demons can rank up from, F rank

to SSS rank. Even a child can  go head-to-head with an F rank

monster,  but  an average  adult  can  barely  hold  off an E rank.

Even for a D rank, not even 5-6 experience adults can win against.  You  will  have  casualties  if  one  is

not  prepared.So  that  explains  demon  ranks,  3  of  them

appeared in this village, you appeared injured as well, don’t

you  think  this  is  a  serious  matter?We adventures  are  like

battle experts, should I start explaining then?」

So D rank is pretty strong huh?Well, I can kill one with one punch


Well, whatever, let’s continue.

「Yes, please!」

「Great reply, well there are people who know more about

adventures,  the  kingdom  probably  has  some…No  not  just

the kingdom.There is an adventurer union in all countries and

towns  in  Anazuma,  called  the  “Adventurer’s  Guild”.  That’s

where  people  go  and  register  to  become

an  adventurer.What  they  do,  is  they  go  to  subjugation

missions,  such  as  this  one,  go  collect  certain  items  in

dangerous  places,  and  can  be  hired  to

escort merchants.There is  no qualification to become one, so

anybody can join.  Sigh  You’ll  meet lot’s  of  people,  former

slaves, super poor people, and people of nobility, etc. This is

a lot to take in, are fine?」


「Alright,  let’s  continue,  the  Guild  also  has  a  ranking

system that goes from G-SSS rank. As well contains party’s of

F-  SSS  ranks  like  us.  There  is  also  an  X  rank  for

exceptions,moslty  for  underaged  kids  that  do  it  for

pocket money.Ranks are also important. For the more work

you do, you rank goes up. Right now, we are all D rank. But

the party rank is C. So we can’t accept jobs above the C rank

as well. The job we are doing is C rank as well. Well, we got

this job from the Guild anyway.」

「……Hmph. I understand that! Thank you very much!」

「Oh, that’s good.」

((Actually, everyone knows this when they are toddlers. I wonder if

her memories is going to be alright.))

Orgo’s explanation was surprisingly  easy to understand

Ah, it’s lunchtime. I’m hungry, let’s go eat.

Just when I had that though, Orgo called my attention. Seems to

be Lilo as well.

Let’s follow them with tokotokotoko walk.


Chapter 28


I followed back to Jizefu’s house.

Dishes were already lined up in the table.

Lot’s of food, potatoes, meat. bread…

「Oh! Don’t eat just yet!」

Orgo says that while sitting down.

「Ufufufu,  As  you  know my wife  made this  meal  so  go

ahead and take a seat! Go on eat up, eat up!」

「This is a feast!」

I sat down as asked. You have to be modest.

Muri and Loli are next to me, while Orgo is across.

As  they  said  “All  right!”,  the  village  chief  wife  said  “I’ll


For now I am eyeing the dish. The dish is a salad no matter how

you look at it.

It has been nearly two weeks since I appeared here, during that

time i  only had nuts and scraps of meat. It  feels good to have a

proper meal.

I take a bite from a turnip. Unexpectedly. It is sweet like corn.



My voice unitentionally leaks out.

Everyone was smiling sweetly.

Especially Jizefu, he has the biggest grin.

「Good good. This is a famous vegetable from our village

called,  “Hippo”.  Is  it  not  delicious? Fu


Hm. Hippo? This is “Hippo”…

When I finish this “Hippo” salad, I’ll try the chicken meat. Looks

like chicken soba.

「Praise the E rank Demon Ododo Bird. I found one while

we were hunting the Black Dogs, so I killed this one as well.」

So it was this delicious meat. Ododo Bird is a funny name.




I answered.

Lilo cute face smiled.

「I see, is that so~!」

I’m glad

After that, there seems to be some bread as well as soup that

looks like Pot-au-feu.

「That’s the one i made!Alim!」


Hamuhamuhamuhamu。Yup, tasty. It really is Pot-au-fue.

「This is also delicious!」

I say to Muri.

「Is that so, Ehehehehe……」

She got emberassed. Cute. Oh, I have to say thanks.

「Tank you everyone, for everything you’ve done.」

「Don’t worry about it.」

And so, we returned to eating. The bread was delicious.

It was feast.




I  continued  to  watch  the  village  after  the  feast.  Oh yeah,  a

report. I learned the skill 「Logging」

There was an old man cuttng wood, I  asked and learned from

him. He said it was okay.

Thank you Old man.




The evening’s meal was stew made from the Ododo Birrd and

the Hippo turnip. Of course, it was delicious.

I never thought while I was in the forest that I would meet people

in this world and let me eat such godly things.

Everyone from Seinforce went back to the inn, and I took a bath

with Gerbera.

She  even  got  me to  sleep.  I  really  appreciate  it.  Seems the

clothes I am wearing and bed is from one of their daughters.

She seems to be in the Kingdom. I  feel that one day we will


A hot bath for the first time. I originally like baths.

It was hard being in the forest with no seasonings and hot water

to take baths.

~~ah~~I’m revived~~~

With  the  bath  water,  my face  is  barely  visible.  There  are  no

mirrors here.

I looked at the water after the waves dissapeared.

___________Who? This beautiful girl…

It’s me. Even with this reflection I might fall in love.

I guess you can fall in love with yourself?

一Would I like to return to being a man?

__________Impossible, the face won’t change.


The body’s a boy. However, the face is a girl’s. The so called bishonen.

It  is  pretty  uncomfortable  with  these  counterparting  parts.

Height would also change by 10 cm. Even though it’s my body.

……It can’t be helped.

Seems that I was misunderstood for being a girl, though I can’t

say I hated it.

Oh? this is half-salty.

I suppose this is not purely clean water?

I went to bed after the bath, thinking of various things.

Good night.

Today.. Well.  It was a nice day.

Good morning.


Chapter 29


After I immediately got up, Gerbera called for breakfast,

It was some type of toast and Hippo salad, delicious.

Gerbera proceeded to bring out some clothes. It was the clothes

that I was wearing since coming into this world.

How  did  the  blood  stains  get  cleaned  off,  they  look  super  clean


Seems that  there  was a heart-shaped laf  that  they used that

sucked up the blood, like a vacuum?

I really don’t have anything to do today so i will look through the

STP and SKP.

STP6655・SKP5968,  doesn’t  seem  to  decrease,  even  a  bit.

Especially SKP. It’s impossible to run out.

First of, STP.

All statuses are allocated to be 800. The rest is now 1250.

I’ll think where to allocate the next 100. I’d like to prioritize S.

Since I am familiar with it, I do it fast.

Since it is the skill where it affects anything physical.

Isn’t it amazing?

So, of this 1250, add 400 to S. The remaining is 850

then ontoMP, C, A, W. (T/N: I forgot what they mean -(๑☆‿ ☆#)ᕗ)

But can C be 150? Thanks to the skill extensions it  is growing


There is 600 remaining. It’s okay to shake 200. is SKP.

First of, let’s allocate 20 to 「Logging」to max it  out. I  would

like to gradually improve the skills of these crafting skills.

「Logging」and 「Dismantling」,  what would happen if  they

are synthesized.



Cost: 3 Demon cores Rank D

Synthesis conditions: Both skills are MAX


It’s like I thought!

This  collection  skill  seems  to  enhance  the  effect  of  skills  which  I

already possess.

Immediately[Sampling★★]MAX。It is about 50 SKP.



[Sampling★★]=[Collection Master★★★]

Cost:3 Demon cores Rank C







Cost: 2 Demon cores Rank D Each


It’s amazing. I want everything by all means.

Life would be easier. Wow, really.

I got all skills acquired by evolution / derivation to MAX. I used 240

SKP in total. Collection master used up 150 SKP as well.

If  it  goes  the  way of  appraisal  king,  then  it  would  turn  into

[Collection King].

Appraisal  King  is  such  an  awesome  thing.  [Harvest  King]

should also be considered. Well then…let’s synthesize.


[Collection master★★★]+[Dismantling★]+[Mining★]


→Harvest King★★★★]

Cost: 5 demon cores of Rank A

5 demon cores of Rank B

5 demon cores of Rank C

Composition Condition: All material skills are MAX


Amazing…..Without this, perhaps the cost of [Rainbow King’s

Forest] would have been heavy.

Now I can pay lightly.I decided to synthesize this.

【SK2 「Harvest King★★★★」Has been mastered】

Let’s take a look.


Harvest King

★★★★      &nbsp

Lv1: SKP-100  ○

Lv2: SKP-200 ○

LvMAX: SKP-300 ○


Well, it is already MAX

Oh, I see.

It  has  been allocated  more than  necessary.  So SK2 does  not

need SKP for synthesis.

If  “Composition  condition” is  different  from  the  “Law” will

the SKP of all these six skills be exceeded by [Harvest King] …?


The [Harvest King] can grasp all what can be used for what,

what to do, and where to collect it. Happy~

With this condition, is not it also sewing and leather processing?

This is close too. How about that.


[Sewing★]+[Leather processing★]→[Creation★★]

Cost: 3 Demon cores of Rank D

Condition: Two skills of synthetic material are both MAX


Yes! Yes! Yeah! Yeah!



[Creation★★]=[Creative Master★★★]

Cost: 3 Demon cores of Rank C



[Creation★★]→[Stone Processing★]

[Creation★★]→[Wood Processing★]

[Creation★★]→[Leather Processing★]


Cost: 2 Demon cores of Rank D each


Well?  I  don’t  have  Blacksmith,  Cooking,  Medications  or


I thought it would be connected with [Creation], since they seem

related. Is it something else?

Well, whatever.

Now, let’s synthesize [Creative King]!!


[Creative  master★★★]+[Decoration★]+[Stone


+[Wood Processing★]+[Leather Processing★]+[Sewing★]

→[Creator King★★★★]

Cost: 5 demon cores of Rank A

5 demon cores of Rank B

5 demon cores of Rank C

Composition Condition: All material skills are MAX\


【SK2 「Creator King★★★★」Has been masted】

I  did it!  The King of 3! These 3……What would happen if  you

synthesize them?

Let’s try it!


・This composition is special.

・Conditions met because of required skills


Huh!? Is it!?

What can I do……?


[Harvest King★★★★]+

[Creator King★★★★]+

[Appraisal King★★★★]


Cost: 1 Demon cor of Rank SS

1 Demon core of Rank S

5 Demon cores of Rank A

Synthesis conditions: Skill of all materials MAX

The following skills are insufficient for this synthesis.









Please synthesize at least four of these additionally.



Can you do something amazing? This pleasure. I can pay it all.

But,Truth??What is it?

Could it be Cooking, Blacksmithing or Medication?

Is it a special skill? Because synthesis of skills should have been

fundamentally infinite. Certainly it’s exceptional.

Cuisine, MAX should I try it? It is possible to make something.

I made cooking MAX.



Cost: 2 Demon cores of Rank C

SKP150 to allocate.

With this, [Truth・??] has revealed 1. 3 more to go.

It has consumed 730 so far. 5238 remaining.

, I want a sword related skill.

It’s going to be my main weapon. So let’s allocate 105 SKP to [Sword Path]

[Sword Path★★]into  [Great  SwordEvolution  –  3 demon cores

Rank C.

Since MAX was SKP 200, it was immediately to MAX. But it seems

it can’t evolve further

But it’s not over yet.

Forcibly do it? Would I get a whole new skill? Or will it absorb it? I

won’t know if i don’t try.


[Harvest King★★★★]+Creator King★★★★]+

[Appraisal King★★★★]+[Truth・Cuisine★★★]+

[Spear technique★]+[Bow Technique★]+[Physical skill★]+

[Gender Conversion★★★]+[Great Sword★★★]

→[Sword of Justice★★★★]

Cost :1 Demon core Rank S

4 Demon cores Rank A

5 Demon cores Rank B


It’s gorgeous. I forcibly did it and raised the skill rank.

I did it. You could do something like this. It’s probably the correct

combination? Tehepero.

[Sword of Justice] needed 400 SKP. But it doesn’t matter.

Because I still have 4638 SKP left over.

Oh, [Thunder Arts ・ Reform] also does something.

[Thunder Arts ・ Reform]  into [Thunder Arts ・ Truth],

Rank C, huh.150 SKP required. Lifetime 4490. Even if  you use 150,

  1. No problem.

[Thunder Arts ・ Truth] into [Thunder Arts ・ Extreme], A

Rank this time。Cost about 300 SKP

It’s MAX now, But it won’t evolve anymore, is this fine?

I still have ⅔ left of SKP. Well, until next time.


Close Status. There is a sudden knock on my door.

「Here you go.」

I let the person in. It was Ruin, leader of Seinforce.

「 Ruin, whats up?」

Chapter 30


As I asked, he replied. “I’m worried”

「Yesterday,  I  heard  that  you  were  fine,  but  you  haven’t

left  your  room  since  breakfast,  so  I  came  here.」

So I made him worry, I need to say something quick.

「No, it’s fine! I was cheking my status! Looking through it]

「Oh,  is  that  so.  But  checking  your  status  for  4  hours

requires an explanation. Oh, by the way this  is  a common

rule in an anime, but you can not easily tell people a status

or listen to it? It’s personal information.」

「Yes! Understood!」

Alright, there is no way.

Ruin sighed, he asked if he could sit down, i said okay.

He spoke out.

「Hey Alim.  What happened with your memories?It really

isn’t hard to teach you new things if you want.」

「I  really don’t remember anything.To tell the truth, I  did

not  understand  my face  yesterday  until  I  took  a  bath.  It

seems that I could live like this, but I really don’t remember


「Uhh….if you want….. You can head to the kingdom and have it examined, but if  they can’t understand it, what will

you do after?」

I  actually already decided that I  would become an adventurer.

Because it’s a fantasy world, it’s a must. I smile and answer.

「I’m  thinking  of  becoming  an  adventurer.  I  asked  Orgo

yesterday.  Aren’t  you  also  an  Adventurer,  so  then  I  will

become one too!」

「Yeah … that might be nice. But … Actually I would like to

invite you to my party, or I want to stay with you for a while

longer, but by no means … there is a big reason why I can’t

do it anyway. Sorry.」

Yeah, I thought that was the case. And here I was thinking about

how to refuse it, glad that’s out of the way.

I was saved honestly. Being alone is more convenient.

Anyway, what’s the reason? I better not pry into it.

Let’s change the topic. Maybe Ruin blames himself.

Should I listen to the history of the formation of Seinforce?

「No, I  don’t mind.…By the way I’d like to ask you about

the history of Seinforce!」

「Seinforce? Ahh, the 4 of  us are childhood friends.  We

were all born in the same year. That’s why our party is for

people. Since I also liked adventuring since long ago.」

「Amazing! I felt that everyone was in good terms!」

「Fufu,Understand?……Oh,  could  you  have  sword  practice

against me? Won’t you be an adventurer? Swordsmanship is

very important, so why not have practice with me?」

Well….are you the type that gets caught up on things when it

requires strength?

But I can’t refuse now.

It should be no problem.

「Is that okay? Come on!」

「Alright, good luck. Well, let’s’ head out!」

We are leaving the chief’s house.

「Shall we head where there is no one around? I’ll give you

the sword first.」

This  is  the  first  sword  I  had  held  since  then.  Well.  As  expected,

it’s not metal.

「We are here. I don’t really care.」

We came to the back of the village and begun practicing.

Chapter 31


~2 Hours after practicing with Ruin~

「Alim, that’s pretty good! Guess I would have to overtake

it now?」

It was hard to act like an amateur. Really, really hard.

Well, let me say thanks.

「Eeeee……Thank  you  very  much.  I  will  keep  trying  my


一I heard that his sword skill is still level one. (T/N: is it hard to

raise a skill level? maybe)

I think it would be better to keep my mouth shut about that.

「Yup! Good luck!」

He replied with a smile. Woah, my heart aches.

「Oh, Ruin and Alim in such a place. I was about to call you

guys for  lunch~」

Oh, it’s already lunch time. Thanks for coming Lilo!

「All right! Alim’s practice has just ended. Shall we go for



We return to the chief’s home. Lunch was already in the table.

Today’s menu looks delicious.





「Thank you for the meal, it was delicious.」

As Orgo said, it was delicious. I become to appreciate the taste,

it should have more salt, but it is still delicious.

It’s a big point that two beautiful girls made it.

「Well, I’ll wash the dishes!」

Said Lilo while she disappears into the kitchen.

「Lilo  –  san, you said I  was going to do it  …..good girl,

aren’t you?……」

Gerbera mutters. Shall I help with something?I might be able to

talk to Lilo slowly, about helping with dishes.

「Lilo! Let me wash them!」

I said.

「Huh?Is it OK? Don’t ask me!」

I heard her reply from the kitchen.

「You’re such a nice girl  as well Alim, my own daughter

didn’t help me much, she was always busy practicing magic..」

I mute again.

While I was in earth, I cleaned a lot of dishes. I enter the kitchen

and listen to Lilo

「Well, Shall I ask Alim to help me to wash the dishes?」


No, I want to wash dishes. I feel like washing the dishes.

「I want to wash the dishes!」

「Huh? Alim, are you alright?」

「I am already 12 years old so it’s okay!」

「Is that so? Hmm?」

「Muu~ I don’t mind. How old is Lilo anyway?」

「Me? How old?」

「I agree. Isn’t is between 17-18 years old? Orgo as well.」

「That’s right! All 4 of us are 18 years old!」

While they were talking I  was already washing the dishes, Lilo

looked at me.

「Amazing, so fast! Awesome!」

While I’m washing lets ask about more stories from Lilo.

「Hey  Lilo.  Ruin,  Orgo,  and  Muri  fight  with  a  sword…does

that mean you’re a mage?」

「Huh? Yeah, that’s right! I use magic!」

「What type of magic do you use?」

「Well, Wind and Fire are my main.」

「Wind and Flame?」

「Really,I can cast 2 attributes, some skill called the「Way


Oh~, so you have 2 attributes? That’s good, oh the dishes.

「Oh, the dishes are done.」

「Wow!, Alim is really fast!」

Well, I did used to wash lots of dishes back then.

「The story was fun!, I’m going around the village.」

「Okay, be careful!」

As i said that, I left the house. But I had nothing better to do, so I

made Bamboo Dragonflies for the children in the village.

I did it quite instantly. I wouldn’t have known how to make this

without the help of 「Creator King」.

「Is this a skill you’re using? Amazing!」

「You’re amazing Alim!」

「It’s really cute!!」

The way they are talking….Well, it doesn’t feel bad at all~.




I came back for dinner, Today, it’s some kind of meat. It seems

to  be  from  the  animals  raised  here.  I  suppose  they  also  have


I finished eating, took a bath, and went to sleep.


Chapter 32


Good morning, right now it’s a nice morning.

I ate breakfast, changed my clothes and went out for the day.

The  kids  were  playing  with  the  bamboo  figures  I  made

yesterday.  Even  Muri  is  playing,  that’s  rare.

「Good morning! Muri!」

「Oh, good morning Alim-chan! I  heard from the children

that you have made this amazing thing.」

「Yeah, I was looking at falling leaves and birds….」

Well. That’s what reminded me of dragonflies.

「Wow~ Who knew you had a talent for this Alim!」

Let’s try to change the subject.

「Hehe ~! Thank you! Oh, by the way, why is  Muri the

center of recovery magic?」

「Oh? Well….Back then I was going to be injured, but then

Orgo stepped in and protected me instead. In return he got

injured. He still has that scar. Although it isn’t really visible,

it  crosses  along  his  right  palm.  I  have  been  focusing  on

healing to cure that scar thanks to Orgo, I suppose!」

I wonder how Orgo would have felt. I don’t want to imagine him

sad, but I hope he does his best.

Crap, let’s change the topic again.

「Oh yeah! ……Do you perhaps like Orgo?」

「Oh…eh…Hah?!I  mean….it’s  not  that  I  don’t  like  him.

Huuuuh.  Like  a  friend?  But  in  a  good

way…wait….but…huh?…But  also…..」

Oh? Did I hit the mark? What a cute creature.

「Is your face red?」

「Aaaah!, It because you said….that..I like…Orgo.」

「I’m sorry. I love you.」

「Muu~…Please don’t make fun of me!」

Muri is so pure! How nice! Lilo is cute as well.

Everyone  in  SeinForce  is  between  17-18,Its  pretty  nice  that

everyone there are childhood friends

……Just like before I died.


I really wanted to talk more about this.

But I sense something coming from the forest.

Muri seems to have notices as well and is staring at the forest.

「Arim….get the kids away from here. Tell the villagers to



I immidiatly go and gather everyone for refugee.

This feeling…it’s probably one of them. The ones that I defeated

in the dungeon. A dog with grey hair, Rank C,  [Ash Dog]

A roaring sound of wind was heard. It seems that the barrier was

broken by him.

And he’s standing right at it.


Chapter 33


I  thought  I  was  going  to  fight.  But  it  seemed  that  it  wasn’t


From the looks of it, it seems the 3 of them have made it there.

「Hey, that was an abnormal sound……」

「Why is there an Ash Dog in a place like this? Muri, what

about the children?」

「Earlier they have left fpr evacuation.」

「All right.Lucky that we were still here, but not really for

tomorrow, huh. 」

「Still, aren’t we determined to win? It’s no exaggeration

that this is the strongest demon by far that we will fight.」

「Yeah…..Everyone, please don’t be reckless.」

「Got it.」

Is it so strong? It looks like I can go bare handed.

After the villagers took refuge, I  hid in the shadows to see the

battle start.

「……It comes!」

Muri yelled. Magic forms appear in front of the Ash Dog, directing

it to the 4 adventurers.

「Wind Emissions!」

It’s Lilo’s magic. It covers the Dog. At the same time, Lilo makes

a signal.

「Go now!」


「Support Magic, go!」

Besides Orgo, Muri chanted. Muri is  applying support magic to

Orgo. It’s reinforcement magic.


Orgo struck his sword towards it.


Orgo got struck by the foot of the Dog.


Muri quickly chants recovery magic. The blood stops, and some

of the wounds close.

「Thank you, Muri.」


On the other hand, Ruin seems to avoiding deadly slashes. He’s

still pretty good.


「Leave it to me. Flame Emissions!」

Lili released some magic.

It took it head on. But still won’t fall.

It moved. It reduced its distance.

Moreover, he seemed to recite Wind Ball.

It aimed for Lilo. She counterattacks with the same move.

「Don’t eat me!」

But no one noticed.

That Lilo had a magic formation under her.


Muri finally noticed and casted supporting magic towards Lilo.

But the damage was too great.


A storm radiated as Lilo was launched into the air.

….This is bad.Her HP must gone down considirerably.

All 4 of them should be around level 20.

But by just  looking at  the Dog, it’s  obvious that it’s  a higher


Anyways, no one would blame her if she scared of dying. I can’t

let her die..

I gotta help quickly.___________


Oh good, Ruin caught Lilo on time. Well, in a princess carry~.

No, that’s not the case.

Ruin has the face of a demon.

「Well done Lilo. Light Emission!」

Hmm? I never heard that before.Light…light? A white magic light

was deployed under the Ash Dog.

It got hit.

……Though it seems that it wasn’t enough.

Ruin makes eye contact with Orgo. Orgo nodded silently.

Orgo  then  immediately  wielded  his  word  at  it.  A  way  to  cut  off

the enemy.

While  Orgo  is  distracting  it,  Ruin  let’s  Lilo  off  under  a  distant


Muri came and desperately chanted heals. Eye-contact?

Ruin leaves immediately and helps out Orgo.

He released more Light Emission, but it was avoided.

The Dog bites Orgo and starts scratching him.

The difference in power is obvious……

「Kuu!? Dammit!」

As  expected,  he  accumulated  heavy  damage.But  still,  Orgo

keeps on fighting, he keeps going.

Can I go in like this?

So I thought. The Ash dog is really agile.

……This is terribly bad.

Just from feeling the air, he’s going to release a powerful Wind


But where is the magic formation?

It wasn’t aimed at Ruin, Orgo or Muri, it was aimed under a tree,

it was aiming for Lilo.


Chapter 34


Should I change Emissions – Magic?  Thoughts?

「Lilo! Muri!」

「Stop iiiiit!」

Ruin and Orgo cry out. If they get hit, Muri would be unable to

battle as she’s within the proximity, as well for Lilo………

“She dies”

………Would I let that happen?

I acted out as soon as the formation appeared.

From behind, I grab a nice big stone and throw it at the demon.

The stones flies like a bullet through the air______

And hole the size of the stone appeared in it’s stomach. Looks

like I successfully canceled it’s chant.

Why didn’t I ue magic, it’s because I felt that I wouldn’t make it.

I also had to adjust my power for it.

「Now! Ruin! Orgo!」


They were shocked for a moment, but immediately prepared their

attack and magic.

「Well done Alim! Sword・of Eeeaaaarth!」

「Again, for Lilo……! Sword・of Liiiight!」

They combined their swords.

Orgo’s sword glowed orange.

As he swung his sword, he charged at the demon, compared to last

time, this time his power is immeasurable.

Ruin’s sword is wrapped up in a white light.

With  his  incredible  speed,  the  demon  received  Orgo’s

attack,while  it  was  trying  to  get  up,  Ruin  slashed  at  it.

These  are  entirely  different  people.  They  must  have  used  a  ton

of MP, but they are getting better at it.

Orgo’s attack is heavy, while Riun relies on agility. So they kept

up the pattern.

They stopped attacking for a moment, Orgo launched an Earth

Ball, Ruin chanted with his Light Emission.

The Ash Dog collapsed.

As I saw it collapse, I immediately ran towards Muri and Lilo.

「Muri! Lilo!?」

「It’s….okay…..I’m just… tired… of healing.」

Her MP seems to be at 0. Lilo is still wavering.


「We….did it?」



They are feeling relieved for defeating such a strong enemy.

The village people came and started cheering for them.

「Thank you…Thank You…」

「Now, Carry them to the medical hut!」

「You defeated..such a thing!」

「You guys are the heroes of the village!」

Voices  of  gratitude  flooded  them.  Gizefu  and  Gerbera  were  also

there  looking  concerned.

Orgo and Ruin headed over here.

「That…….how  do  you  say  it……that  was

surprising……but…thank  you,  Thank  you…..  for  protecting

Muri and Lilo.」

「Alim….no. I won’t say it.

You saved us. Because of you…we didn’t lose anyone important.

Thank you.」

Oh yeah. You guys went all out.

But if I didn’t do that, Lilo would be in danger, so it’s fine if I don’t

hide my power forcibly.

As they took Lilo on a stretcher, Ruin, Orgo, and Muri followed

behind towards the medical hut.


Chapter 35


Been  playing  Borderlands  2  with  friends  till  5  in  the

morning….all…those….side  missions..


I’m making a potion by grinding Gerbera’s medicinal herbs inside

the medical hut in the village now.

I asked her to let me help. She said yes, of course.

It’s common to grind them and then put them in hot water.

Herbal medicinal plants are growing everywhere basically in this

world,  depending on the way in  making them and the techniques

used, it’s  possible to make even stronger ones from this medicinal

herb. So a herb can’t really affect the outcome, it’s how you make it.

………Tsu,「Medication★」as seemed to be acquired. Well I do

need it. Let’s make it MAX with 50 SKP.

……Pharmaceutical evolution「Truth・Dosing★★★」 acquired.

It’s also the second 「Truth」 I got.

I gave it 150 SKP to Max. There are still 3840 SKPs. I don’t really

mind that.

This  time  I  can  make  potions  faster  than  previously.  This  is

surprisingly fun.


I lost focus on Gerbera

……In fact, she seems suprised when I looked over.


Hm? What’s a great potion? The ones I made shone a rainbow

color, and I finished about 3.

Is it this? Let’s appraise it.

【「Great Potion」

・State→ Best

・Done→ Best

・Value→ Treasure

・Material→ Herbs

・Type→ HP Potion


HP  Total  Recovery.  Moreover,  although  it  is  impossible  to

regenerate a part of the lost body, if it is a wound or an injury, no

matter how big it is, It will be cured.】

Woah, this is bad….no wonder Gerbera was stunned. I  got too


It would have been found out anyway.

Let’s continue making it.  I  handed over the 4 Great Potions to


「I’ll continue making them, so hand the over to Ruin!」


She seems out of it, let’s say it again.

「Gerbera? Gerbera!? This! Take it to Ruin! To where he is!

Take it! Good luck!」

「Eh………? ………Ah, yes…. Okay!」

Why did she speak to me differently?

Well, whatever. Let’s continue. Gorigorigorigorigori






「Uh……This……. Please use it.」

I gave the Great Potion made by Alim, no, the mysterious girl, to

the heroes,

「Eh, isn’t this a Great Potion!? We just can’t receive and

use  your  valuable  medicine.  In  the  first  place,  why  do  you

have  4  of  them!? 」

「Oh  yeah,  I  suppose  they  go  for  a  gold  coin  per


「……That’s  right.  For……our……I’ll  gladly  take  the

medicine…I’ll  use  it.……」

That’s right. Even if it was the only one in the village, I’ll still let

Lilo  use it.  Because it  will  help  someone close  to  death to  a full



「But……Actually, this was made by  Alim.……」

After a while of silence, the villagers, heroes and my husband

gave a cry.