Home Levelmaker Chapter 60: Three Myrmecoleons

Chapter 60: Three Myrmecoleons

TL: Fenderson

ED: Yuki

Note: This is in Gabiina’s perspective


Gabiina jumped up after hearing the shout just now.


There are three A-rank monsters at the same time?

Why is such a thing in the forest…?


Alim, Grape-dono, and all the others are waking up.

Be careful not to go out Alim. I want this girl to obtain happiness.

I have only known her for a short time, but it feels like this girl needs protection.


If there is really 3 A-rank monsters, then I have to be prepared to fight to the death.

Honestly, I don’t think I can win. I am at the degree of only being able to win against an A-rank in a one-on-one fight.

I can only earn some extra time. Of course I need to have the client get away, but also Alim as well.


After telling Alim not to go outside, I exit the carriage.

This area is dark and things can’t be seen well, but the carriage has a function to light up the area.


Ooh, found them, three of them.


They have black skin, six legs, and a lion head. They have an unusually strong bite, being rumoured to have crushed a Mithril shield and an Altimetal sword.



Ant Lions, Myrmecoleon.


They are strong, with a hard body and quick movement. There are three such monsters.


… really, I just left the carriage, I’d be best if they don’t go after it.

I will die here in obscurity, well, I wish to meet that girl at the end and eat one more dish.

Really, that girl will make an excellent bride. When I told her earlier, she laughed and said it was a joke.




I tell the coachman to run away with everyone.

They seem to be reluctant but we will all be wiped out if they remain here.

I tell them to hurry.


「Gabiina-san… Let us hurry and run away! 」

「These guys are fast, we’ll all die if I don’t stop them here. You.. our employer, Alim too」

「Such a thing… is that so… you will」

「I am an A-ranker. I won’t die silently. It’ll be okay.」


There is no way that it is okay. Three A-rank simultaneously, even for an S-ranker this would be tight.

But I have no choice but to tell them I’ll take care of it.

Continue on living Alim…




Suddenly, one of the myrmecoleons tries jump on the carriage.

I guarded with my shield. However, my shield was knocked off with their claws and it was bitten by another myrmecoleon as it flew away.


This is bad.

I am wearing chain mail armor, but if they were to attack they will definitely bite through and break bone.

I won’t be able to fight if my bones are broken. We’ll just be slaughtered like animals.

I urge the driver to hurry and flee.

However, the driver was in utter despair.


「Ahead… Ahead.. myrmecoleon」



Aa, there were three of them.

Did one of them go around to the other side of the carriage? What can I do? What would be good to do?


Facing me, the myrmecoleon that was biting my shield, attacks me with its claws.

I response with [Overpowered spear – Revolt of four], and I managed to deal some damage to the myrmecoleon in front of me.


However, the other one attacked with their claws the moment I finished releasing the technique.

Even though I managed to avoid the previous attack, the myrmecoleon I dealt damage to earlier gets ready to do a ramming attack.


I received the ramming attack.

An unpleasant sound comes from my body. These guys are used to hunting.

Normally, myrmecoleon don’t surround and cut off escape like this.

It can’t be helped. I will have to exhaust my MP fighting them…


I clad my Mithril made spear in 「Overpowering Spear’s spirit fire」 then prepare to continuously fire off my strongest technique, 「Overpowering Spear – Five moonlight rain」 to the limit of my MP.

Even if I can beat one with this, I won’t be able to do anything anymore. However



I wonder if the myrmecoleon, that was blocking the retreat has come here.

I haven’t noticed while attacking the two here.


My arm is torn up with their claws, pain runs through me. It seems to be the same myrmecoleon that destroyed my shield.

I was barely able to stop my arm from being eaten with my spear. This mithril spear was an important gift from my father…


Aa, it’s no good.

I was unable to save neither my employer nor that girl.

I will be the first to die from the myrmecoleon, as it prepares to bite off my head.


I’m sorry, Grape-dono, Alim. Forgive my incompetence…


I was prepared for death from the myrmecoleon eating my head, but lighting struck, no, it was magic. Magic rained down.


「Are you okay, Gabiina san! 」

「A.. li… m…」


The girl I was trying to protect came out and ran up to me. I told you not to come out. Don’t come. I do not wish for you to die.


「Alim… don’t come… run away, escape… I beg you…」

「…Really, I really didn’t want to fight in front of others…」



Haaa? What is this girl saying. Run away. Run away. You shouldn’t mess around here.

How are you going to fight the three A-ranked monsters? You don’t want to fight in public? In that case, escape, quickly.

But she wouldn’t run away.


Furthermore, my eyes are open in shock.

The three myrmecoleon have a magic circle come out under them. This seems to be Alim’s magic…


I understand from my tutor when I was young and learning about magic. If you look at the magic circle, you can understand what type of technique it is.


These magic circles emit extreme fire… Strength Increase magic.

Strength Increase is an unrestricted magic. The magician can alter the form of the magic that is released at will.

The power of Strength Increase is, of course, higher than emission or cannon techniques, and the more you condense the Strength Increase shape, the narrow the attack range and the more powerful it is.

There are few practitioners even among S-ranks.

This magic… three at the same time… it requires extreme SK1 taken to the max to use this magic.


Strength Increase lightning, strike down the myrmecoleon like a knife…


It happened in an instant.

The blade of lightning pierced the myrmecoleon and spread out before my eyes.

The red-haired girl, while forcing me to drink a great potion, which is very expensive medicine, says:


「Mou, its okay now, alright.」



What on earth is with this girl? How did she grow up? What sort did she go through to be like this?

The mystery is only deepening.