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Chapter 61: Return after an Eventful Trip

TL: Fenderson

ED: Yuki

Not only did Gabiina-san see this scene but Grape-san as well.



It is the scene where I subjugate three A-ranked monsters called Myrmecoleon, a monster that combined the body of an ant to the head of a lion, that had cornered Gabiina-san, and then I used a great potion without any regrets.


The issue is that Grape-san is connected to the guild.


「Nnn… Sorry Alim-chan, it’s guild regulations… I have to raise your rank to A-rank. Even if one disagrees, it’s no good. Got it? 」


「Hmm, really your strength is more than S-rank, isn’t it? But, from the number of A-rank monsters you beat, you are A-rank. To become S-rank you have to kill 3 A-ranks later. The monster cores are good as well.」


It seems to be decided.

Really, I wanted to take my time.

But, it doesn’t seem to be going that way.

Grape-san continues talking.


「By the way… what was up with that great potion? 」


I was expecting that question. I’m already in this situation. I’d like to answer honestly.


「I made it myself.」


At that Gabiina-san was astonished. Grape-san looks like he has comprehended something.


「So that’s the case, normally one would hesitate to use one as they are extremely high priced. But it stands to reason that Alim-chan would use it in this case. In both cooking and dismantling, no other conclusion than Alim is not a normal person.」


As expected that a merchant would grasp that.

I am unable to do anything unskillfully in front of a merchant.


Next, Grape-san began discussing what to do with the Myrmecoleon.


「Hmm… Alim-chan is the one who defeated the Myrmecoleons, so naturally the monster cores go to Alim-chan. But what about the bodies? Gabiina-san? 」

「I didn’t accomplish anything. Alim did everything. So, everything should go to Alim.」


I am going to get everything from the Myrmecoleons. There corpses can be made into armor among other things.

I would really like to divide it with Gabiina-san to reward his hard work, but given he was trying to protect would instead bring him embarrassment instead.

He was saying run away, run away.


「Well then, I will indulgently receive all these corpses.」


I use my pouch to such up everything.


After a moment, the carriage began to move again.

「Alim-chan, our Mediana Merchant Association looks forward to working with you」 says Grape-san as he leaves the room.

Me and Gabiina-san are alone in the room.

Gabiina-san opens his mouth.


「I’m sorry… I’m… pathetic. I was protected by the person I was trying to protect… also… I will pay you back for the great potion.」


It was completely not praiseworthy.

I returned the following words to Gabiina-san.


「I disagree.  Saying to flee… worrying about me… this makes me very happy… as for the great potion, I have one request. Could you give me something else? 」

「Hou, what sort of favor? Tell me anything I can do」


I present two sets of small metal pieces to Gabiina-san and say,


「These are Gabiina-sans spear and shield. This spear is something important to Gabiina-san isn’t it? Because they were made of Mithril… This spear and shield, give them to me to mess around with. Please. I will restore them without fail.」

「Such a thing… is such a thing sufficient? I mean, you will restore the spear and shield? 」

「No, I will modify them as a please.」

「………..alright, do as you please.」


The reason I put it this way was so that Gabiina-san would not refuse.

If I had said I would fix it or strengthen it, then it pressures him into paying for it.

I have no intention of taking money (now).

I just want to make it.


I take my magic room out of my pouch.

Gabiina-san says his astonished expression has worn out.





And then, the two items are complete.



| Transcendent Spear of Holy Silver                                                              |

| ———————————————————————————————- |

| State → Best                                                                                   |

| Quality → Best                                                                                 |

| Value → Treasure                                                                               |

| Material/Ingredients → Mithril, Enchantment                                                    |

| Type → Transcendent Spear                                                                      |

| Details                                                                                        |

| – Attack + 370 (185 x 2)                                                                       |

| – Extraordinary boost to performance as a spear (Penetration, Durability, Double attack power) |

| – Lighten a little                                                                             |

| – Hard to break                                                                                |

| – Always keep the best condition                                                               |




| Carapace – Myrmecoleon’s Super Shield of Iron                                                 |

| ——————————————————————————————— |

| State → Best                                                                                  |

| Quality → Best                                                                                |

| Value → Treasure                                                                              |

| Material/Ingredients → Iron, Enchantment, Myrmecoleon’s very hard skin, Myrmecoleon’s jawbone |

| Type → Super Shield of Monster Carapace                                                       |

| Details                                                                                       |

| – Defense + 294 (147 x 2)                                                                     |

| – Extraordinary boost to performance (Durability, Double Defense)                             |

| – Lighten a little                                                                            |

| – Hard to break                                                                               |

| – Always keep the best condition                                                              |



Aa, I hadn’t made a weapon in a while, I had a bit of creative frustration.

I really like making weapons. Feels like assembling a plastic model. You know?

But, even if I made a lot, I wouldn’t use them much.

As for the expensive great potion, this is the best for me.


「Alim, who are you? These two are obviously better than before they broke. I don’t have the appraisal skill, but I can tell. These kinds of weapons aren’t sold in stores. You were only in the magic room for 20 minutes… and you say you repaired and remodeled these at this unthinkable speed? 」


I will reply to this inquiry.


「Yes, that’s right. I also have the blacksmithing skill. But, I don’t get to produce weapons with often. So I have remodeled these because I find it fun.」


Gabiina-san replies,


「Alim… you…. no, nothing. Thank you, I will gratefully receive them.」



It’s 4 hours past midnight now.

It wasn’t very good for sleeping as everyone was awake.

I feel that way the driver-sans view me has changed.

Thus from looking at me with eyes looking upon a cute person they changed to eyes looking upon a great person.

It’s better than being scorned.


Anyway, I was slightly peckish, so I prepared a snack for everyone.


Is my food so delicious after all? The snacks I served were soon gone.


Furthermore, we all played Sugoroku since we were already up. Gabiina-san played as well.


We spent the time this way until breakfast.







We had the same thing for breakfast as the second day.

Various things happened on this return trip, if we are to compare what was different from last time it would be about treating me like a child.

Gabiina-san seems to have regained some of his energy.


Lunch was hamburger steak.

I was asked why such a lavish meal during the day, and I answered that tonight would be very lavish with a smile.

The eyes of the driver-sans sparked at that.


Dinner is an A-rank monster, black crab of Karkinos.

Everyone was surprised and asked me how I got it.

「When I was fishing in the port city, I hunted this guy.」 at this half truth answer, everyone pulled at face at that.

However, it seems it was delicious, and the driver-sans lost themselves in eating. Gabiina-san also ate a frightening amount.

Because this is the last meal of the trip.



Two hours after midnight.


We have returned to the royal capital. We all say goodbye to each other. It seems that since they are associated with the merchant association that we may meet again in the future.


Grape-san promises to discuss the commercialization of Jenga, Sugoruku, Othello, and sandwiches in the near feature.

And then, I want to receive the chores job reward tomorrow at the guild.

The monsters that where subjugated along the way, other than the Myrmecoleon, were bought by the merchant association, Gabiina-san received 50%, I received 20% and the remaining 30% was distributed to everyone else.


Gabiina-san says parting words, but he is also partaking in the martial arts tournament, and by that time, I hope to see him in the waiting room.

But he does not know. In fact, I have already paid Grape-san an extra fee of 18,000 bells, which is necessary to compete in the A-rank section of the tournament, in order to participate.

I won’t say anything, because it is interesting.


Thus, each of us returned back to our homes.

I had a lot of fun in these six days.

I have obtained a lot of things.






I have returned to the inn 「Hikari」.

I’ll quickly go to my room.

I enter the inn, and feel something out of place.

Odd… the state of the building, all the lights are off, and it’s already dark… even though it is this late, the back of the reception is lit.

As I approach the reception to see what the situation is, I listen and hear.


「_______ is always, always _____」

「Yeah, u_____ doesn’t, moreover ____!」

「Good ___ and _____ moreover. This ______ what was done.」


Uruto-san, one man, and one woman, three people were talking.