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Chapter 2 And the Girl was Possessed

TL: om3ga

ED: Yuki

「Bring him back here, you say…. Rino, are you insane? 」 said Aries, who was dancing in the air while riding her broom and blocking the flames.



「I’m serious! If I don’t do anything, everyone will be killed! I don’t know whether we could win even if that man is here, but won’t it will increase our chances of winning!? Moreover, the enemy’s attack won’t hit me, so I at least I could reach the stairs! 」


As long as she has her 【Dodge】 passive skill, she could slip through the enemy’s attack from where she was to the stairs.

And then she could persuade Bart who she thought won’t be too far, and then bring him back to the battle ground.


「… What do you think, Port? 」


「Currently, it seems that there is no other way. Rino, I beg you! 」


「I don’t like the thought of putting my hope to that trash, but I’m supporting Rino’s idea」


「Everyone … I understand! Here I go! 」


To be useful for everyone in the battlefield, it was a big responsibility for her, yet at the same time she felt the joy of being able to do so.

While keeping her stance low, a few hundred meters away from the stairs as the starting line, her life-staking middle-distance run was started.


Rino jumped out from behind the boulder and ran towards the stairs at full speed.

The evil dragon didn’t overlook the red-brown haired girl who tried to escape the battlefield.

Immediately, it opened its giant jaws and brought forth flames.


「Here it comes」


The moment she recognize an attack, her skill was automatically activated.

Rino swiftly jumped and did cartwheel movement three times as she dodge the flame attack easily.


Passive skill 【Dodge】

As soon as the user recognizes that they’re being attacked, it automatically activates to avoid attacks, as much as their physical ability allows.

As she used the boulders to shield her from the continued flame attacks, she reached half of the distance to the stairs.


「I can do this, with this….. kh-」


Just a little more

Just a little more and she would reach the stairs.

At the moment when she felt safe, a chill runs through Rino’s spine.


Her 【Dodge】 rang like a danger alarm.

There is an attack that does couldn’t be avoided with her physical abilities.

When she turned around, a flood of flames filled her vision.

She could not avoid them by moving in any way, even if she hid behind the boulders, she would be burnt by the heat waves.


「……gh! 」


Rino closed her eyes.

A big explosion happened behind her.


「<<Explosion>>! Rino, go! 」


The explosion dispersed the flame and protected Rino from direct contact.

The blast helped to accelerate her run further.

Rino ran sneakily, lurking behind the shattered boulder fragments.


Finally she reached the stairs.


「Thank you, Aries-chan! Absolutely, I’ll bring Bart-san back here, so be safe until then! 」


She ran up the stairs, towards the upper floor.

There was a single road from that place to the campsite where the safety barrier was laid.


Rino continued to run, praying not to come across any monsters, and eventually to the she saw the barrier.


「Argh, damn it! How do I get home from here? I don’t wanna fckin die here, dammit! 」


She found the man with blonde hair, sitting and cursing.


「Bart-san! Thank God you’re still here! 」


「Hah? You’re the luggage carrier, ain’t you?  What is it, so you’ve run away too, huh! 」


「No, I came here to bring you back」


He laughed as if seeing someone akin to him.

She didn’t want Bart to think she’s the same as him so she denied what he said with all of might.


「Bring me back?  What nonsense are you saying? Rather, bring out all the weapons and items, give it all to me.」

「Don’t wanna, please go back to the battlefield! Everyone believes you’re coming back and they’re still fighting! 」

「I don’t care! What happens to them, I don’t frickin’ care at all. Rather than that, hurry and bring out the food! 」

「What do you mean by you don’t care…. They’re all gathered for your sake, you know!? Even though for your sake…! 」


For the first time in her life, Rino felt so much hate for other people from the bottom of her heart.

If she had the power to fight, if only she could be an offensive vanguard, she won’t rely on such a trashy man.


「Argh, shut up you little shit. If you won’t give me the items, then I’ll take it by force——」


Bart, who held his fist, threw his punch to Rino.

However, her 【Dodge】 was activated.

With a quick slight movement, she tilted her body and avoided the punch.


「You fuckin’ shit……! 」


Vein popped out on Bart’s forehead, and he continued to swing his fist towards Rino.

Once, twice, thrice, he swung his fist.

After he finished his attempt to punch her so many times, Rino looked at him with a cold stare.


「Hah, haa, haah,…」


「Are you done? I’d really grateful if we go back to the battlefield immediately.」


「You fuckin’ brat! Don’t get frickin’ cocky you little…」


Fueled with anger, he did an axe kick towards her.

He won’t even be able to land a hit on her. She avoided the kick with a back-step.

However, the moment his feet landed.


The ground under Rino’s feet sank, and she heard a thumping noise.


【Dodge】 is just a skill to avoid attacks the user recognizes.


So the user can’t avoid unrecognized attacks and traps.

「Whoaaaa! 」


The ground under their feet collapsed, and their body fallen through.

At this point, Dodge was triggered, and she unconsciously grabbed the edge of the floor with her right arm so she could hang on the floor at the last moment.


Looking down, it was an endless darkness.

It’s not clear whether if they fall they’d be able to live or die because of the height. In the first place, it’s not clear whether the hole has a floor or not.


「He- help me! 」


Rino held her weight with one arm and she did not have enough strength to climb.

She asked for help out of reflex, but the only person there was….


「Hee, what a nice view I got here.」


A person who smirks and was laughing vulgarly, there is the one and only person there.

He stomped his foot on Rino’s right hand and grinded his sole.


「A, Guhh! You- a person like you…! 」


「Beg for your life! If you want me to help, then bring all the foods and items, hurry and let them all out! 」


There were no more options left for Rino.


Activated her 【Storage】, first she took out a spare sword and throw it away.

Then she took out the food and handed it over.


「Hehhe, that’s a good girl.」


「I’ve handed you the item, so please pull me up……! Soon, arm is… at my limit…」


「Aa? Who the hell said that I will help you. 」


「wh-at… did you… say …」


The blonde man with vulgar smile,


「You scum is no longer any use for me, goodbye.」


He kicked off Rino’s arm,




She fell down to the abyss.

In her desperation while falling down, Bart looked at her while smirking.

Rino fallen to the bottom of the abyss —.




She fell on a soft ground butt first.


「Ochie…. I-I’m saved…. eh, where am I? 」


When she got up while rubbing her butt, she looked around.

It was unclear from above but this place narrow and short passageway.

At the deepest part, glowing moss was growing en masse so it’s bright enough to walk around.


On the hidden underground space, swords and armor are scattered around, but the one that caught her eyes was a necklace with red gem on the pedestal on the deepest part of the passage.

In all directions there are stone walls, so unfortunately she couldn’t see any exit.


「I’m screwed. And there’s no other way than climbing up…」


Looking up, light could be seen around fifteen meters above.

It would be quite a challenge for her to climb up there.


「Even if I climbed up there, what should I do after that…」


She pondered whether she should tell her comrades that she couldn’t bring Bart back.

Even if she returns, she will to tell them the cruel news that couldn’t be helped.


「If only… If only I had the power to…! 」


Unique and passive skills are blessings that people receive at the age of 10 from God.

As long as it’s battle-oriented skills, she could have the power to help the party.


『… so you want strength, huh? 』


「Yeah, I wish for…. — eh? 」


I replied normally, but whose voice was it?

Looking around, there is no one else except me.


「Wwh-, what was that voice just now??  A hallucination? Could it be…ghost …!?」


『I’m not a hallucination, you know… come here, over here』


The source of the voice was the necklace.

Rino approaches the pedestal while being scared, a red glow seep through the air.


「… Emm. Perhaps, it was your voice, Magic item or something-san? 」

『Well, sumthin’ like that. Your brain is on the same wavelength as me, and the evident proof is that you could hear my voice.』


「A sentient magic item, I’ve heard the rumor but for it to really exists. But, what do you mean by same wavelength? 」


『To put it simply we’re extremely compatible with each other.How about it? Could you take me? You’re pretty cute and your type is to my preference, you know.』


It feels like Rino was being hit on by the Magic item.

What a strange yet valuable experience it was.


「To your preference, you say… Ugh, it’s not time to talk about this. If I don’t hurry, everyone would be killed by the dragon! If I put you on my body, am I really gonna gain power!? 」


『Of course, you’ll gain a power that makes you unbeatable. Come on, hurry and equip me now! 』


「Wah, so suspicious……! But I don’t have any choice…. Agh, whatever! 」


Originally, Rino has a good personality.

She was a resolute girl, who regardless of her combat ability, departed from her hometown to accompany her childhood friend and who became an adventurer.

Even now, she’s showing her resolution by equipping the suspicious necklace.


「agh… uh…! 」


As soon as she wears it, something flowed into her head.

It felt like something pried her brain open, forcefully entered and putting itself inside her head.


「Gah … aaah… ugh…! 」


Her head was in pain like it was going to break.

She feels even nausea because of the feeling of having a foreign thing entering her body.

Could it be it was a trap, a cursed equipment which killis someone who equips it.


「Every …one … I…’m… …sorr…」

While in pain and despair of being lost to an all-in bet, all of her comrade (except the trash Bart) was floating in her mind.


As it happened, Rino lost her consciousness.


「… *whistles*, finally I’m completely inside.  I thought it’d fail when this body reacted to the invocation, but I’m glad it’s a success」


However, Rino’s body didn’t collapse.

She got up calmly, shook her limbs to ascertain the feeling of her own body.


And then


「So a dragon…. is it. Well then, of course I will beat it into a pulp.」

She had a ferocious smile that even her childhood friend Aries have never seen.