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Chapter 3 The Dragon Killer Danced on the  Battlefield

TL: om3ga

ED: Yuki

Orgo who held his burned left arm, hide himself behind the boulders with agony on his face.

Port, who was right beside him, cast recovery magic while Aries flies around with her broom distracting the evil dragon.


「Whatever the circumstances may be, that Rino… she’s too late…」


While avoiding the flame magic attacks from the dragon’s mouth, Aries muttered so.

Her internal clock told her that twenty minutes has passed since Rino went to bring Bart back.


「Aries-san, are you sure that Rino will be back? It can’t be, that she ran away too….」


「We’re talking about Rino here, she won’t do that! 」


Aries denied Port’s remark with a slightly angry tone.


「…Now that you mention it, I’m sorry」


Rino was not the type who would abandon her friends.

Aries could say so, because she’s Rino’s childhood friend.

Then, the reason why Rino still not coming back yet was…


「It can’t be… that Bart, he—」


…killed her

It was too awful to think about, but the possibility of it to happen was still high.

The image of her childhood friend killed by Bart floated on her mind, made Aries lost her concentration.


「Oh no…」


In a split moment, her broom lost its flight.

Aries lost control of her broom only in a second.

Her magic item, the Star Broom is magic item that needs a precise magic control to be able to fly. Even a split second of disturbance on her concentration would lead into a major accident.


Without missing the chance, the dragon opened its mouth and shoot out the flame magic.

A flame rushed towards her, while Aries was still falling down.

She’s still haven’t returned her control on the broom yet.


「Over here…! 」


Orgo jumps out of the boulder. Even if his burned arms healed completely, he was still not in perfect condition.

If it’s with <<Element Guard>>, he should be able to prevent the flame. But the problem was his distance to reach Aries.


「I’m too far, and won’t make it in time! 」


「No……! 」


With Orgo’s agility, it was a distance impossible to reach before the flame reaches Aries.

There are no more options, and nothing that he could do.

There’s nothing he can do, but pray that Aries could survive the dragon’s flame.


「I can’t, no…」


The flame was approaching in front of her eyes.

She prepared her body that would be wrapped by the scorching heat, but at that moment…




A girl jumped in, at the speed of a wind gale, and split the flame in two with a swing of her sword.

(T/N: alternately, “a girl jumped in at the speed of an unlucky butler with blue hair” lol)

「….That’s……! 」




Orgo and Port couldn’t believe the sight that was shown in front of them and couldn’t help but be stunned.

What reflected on Aries’ red eyes was the back of her childhood friend who split the dragon’s flame.


「Are you, Rino…? 」


It was a little girl with reddish-brown hair carrying a backpack.

On her hand was a curved single edged sword with its blade clad in vacuum of the wind magic so the cutting power of the blade was increased significantly.

Mystic sword art, for her to be able to do such a trick should’ve been impossible.


Facing her back to Aries who did an emergency landing, she landed on the ground easily and smirking while heading towards the evil dragon.


「What is this, just rubbish dragon ain’t ya? 」




「Whoa, you even lost your ability to speak, huh. Such a small fry like you won’t even be enough as a warm-up opponent for my revival, the legendary dragon slayer.」


Her tone and attitude felt like she was a different person.

Also, a red necklace dangled on her neck.

Towards Rino’s drastic change, the three of them—especially Aries—couldn’t hide their surprise.

Rino then throws the rucksack on her back to Aries and stepped forward one step at a time.


「All of you, fall back. For an opponent of this degree, I can handle it alone.」


「… Wh- That’s reckless! Also, Rino-san, you don’t have any combat ability in the first place! 」


「I didn’t know what happened, but certainly Rino split the flame with her sword…. Nevertheless, to ensure our victory, we should do it together with everyone….! 」


「As I said, this dragon……! 」


Rino sharply swung her sword once.

The vacuum blade separated from the sword, flew towards the dragon and tore the dragon’s scale diagonally.




「I could handle it on my own, as I have said! 」


She closed her distance to the staggered dragon.

And at that moment, Rino’s consciousness finally awoke.


『Nnngh … … where am I…? What happened to me…? 』


What burned into her eyes when she woke up was the figure of the dragon in agony.


『Hi-Hiyaaaah!!? DRAGON!? Why is the dragon here!?』


「You’re too loud, and here I’m glad you’re finally awake」

While sighing, Rino slashed the dragon’s scale.

She cut the hard scale that should’ve been strong enough to repel any kind of attacks with ease.

While red blood spurted from its wound, the dragon swept its tail out of anger.


『What is this, Am I fighting!? And why does it feel that my line of sight is slightly lower?!』


Avoiding the tail sweep, she landed on the dragon’s back.

Rino’s sight was around her own chest.

And somehow it felt shaky.


「Well, of course my Host-san, you are inside the necklace right now.」


『……what? Eh, you mean… you took over my body!? 』


「Oh, don’t call it I’m taking over. I’m just borrowing your bod for a while. I’ll return it later, kay? 」


She ran from the dragon’s back up to its head. Then, she answered to the voice from the necklace while stabbing the top of the dragon’s head like it was nothing.

In the first place, what really is she?

Is she really a sentient magic item or perhaps a spirit dwelling in the necklace?


『Even though I could only believe you considering the situation, please at least tell me what you are! 』


「Me? I’m Rynolude, The legendary Dragon Slayer who was sealed in this necklace. Feel free to call me Ryna」


『… Haa, legendary is it? 』


She didn’t know what to reply.

The Evil Dragon shook its head to shake off Rino’s body.


『Then, I’ll call you Ryna-san. I have lots of things to ask you, but…』


「Hmm? What is it, what is it? If it’s for a cute ojou-san like you, I’ll answer anything you ask」

Rino—Ryna jumped down from the dragon’s head and landed with a light step.


『How could you easily cut the dragon’s scales? 』


「Oh, about that, the answer is simple. It’s the effect of my passive skill, [Dragon Killer] 」


【Dragon Killer】

Rino never heard such passive skill before.

「For me cutting dragon’s scale would be as easy as cutting paper. So many dragons have been slain by my blade until now」

『Hmmm… I see, As expected from the legendary dragon slayer…』


She said that she has slain many dragons in the past, but dragons should’ve been coming out once every a hundred years.

First of all, why was she sealed in a necklace?

Somehow thinking about it makes my head hurt thinking about—though my mind and body have currently been taken over.


The dragon who has successfully thrown the nuisance off, summoned a rain of flame bullets from its mouth.

Ryna avoided the bullets with light steps as if she was dancing.

At that time, 【Dodge】 skill didn’t activate. She moved by her own will, avoiding any of the incoming attacks.

The sword in her hand too, it was not something she pulled out from 【Storage】. It was a sword that she took among the scattered weaponry in the previous room.

『Ryna-san, you can’t use my skills? 』


「It seems like I couldn’t. It’s definitely because skills are connected to the soul, and not the body, you know? 」


『I see……. Well, it doesn’t matter even if you can’t use my skills, huh? 』


She won’t need Rino’s skill with her current ability.


Perhaps, because of being vexed that the flame bullets were easily being avoided, the dragon spreads its wings and flew high.

Of course, escape was not its purpose.

When it reached about thirty meters high, it opened its mouth widely and began to charge a large amount of magic power to the back of its throat.

It was Berseros’ last resort, the highest-tier flame magic which could burn everything around a few hundred meters of area without leaving any ashes.

「 <<Grand Cremation>>… Rino, it would be bad if we don’t stop it as soon as possible」


Aries knew about the incoming threat.

The reason was because she could also use the same magic.

It’s a magic that uses almost all of the caster’s magic power. But in exchange, even a high leveled monster would be burnt without leaving any ashes.

That magic, if it’s used by Berseros’ with that amount of magic power…


「Don’t worry, o cute Ojou-san. I won’t let it release that magic! 」


Rynolude’s unique skill was 【Mystic Sword】.

She was a magic swordsman who could manipulate four magic attributes.

She clad her sword’s blade with wind magic, and then she leaped towards the flying dragon.

The wind pushed her with tremendous jumping speed beyond common sense, and she closed the distance until she was in front of the dragon’s eyes.

「For now, it will be one dragon. Subjugation completed! 」


The wind-clad dragon-killing sword swung at the dragon’s neck. The fire magic didn’t activate in time. Its neck was easily severed, and the magic power was dispersed.

A little moment after Ryna landed on the ground, the head and body of evil dragon Berseros fell down with a thunderous roar.