Little Misaki’s Other World Travel Notes (Original)

Misaki’s Notes

Travel Log of Misaki in Another World


The story of a young girl, who was born with a weak body and have been confined in a hospital room for as long as she had remembered.


Her only dream was to get out of her room and travel the vast world that she had never seen.


No friends, no affection from her family, she was left there alone to live, and books were her only friends.


Before she knew it, she was reincarnated in a new body and was sent to another world  to enjoy a her new life.


Without any goal in mind and without worrying about anything else other than making sure to survive any situation, she decided to once more fulfill her long cherished goal.


It might even be harsher than what the worst situation she could expect.


But she has decided to take on that challenge and never give up in order reaching the dream of reaching every corner of the world.


An Original Story by Yurika Hime


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