Misaki’s World Map and Locations Log

Ether Earth

Misaki’s previous world. The world of ether earth is a that once flourished because of it’s technology in prolonging the lives of it’s people. From politicians to regular people, everyone aims to live a and healthy lifestyle in convenience. Their level of technology doesn’t reach what one would consider to be a high level of technology, however their field of medicine have flourished far beyond what could be considered as advanced. Because of this, the world was under the control of many prominent medical institutes and organizations. These organizations won’t even care about morality as long as they could attain an advantage from other research groups and organizations. Which was soon further distorted by the birth of Misaki which further advanced it. Reaching almost the dream of eternal youth and longevity. However, also due to the disappearance of such person while leaving behind something that should have not existed, the world was torn apart and without the intervention of their so called god, would have led to their destruction.

After the advent of their God, the world has stabilized once more and started to take a new path in development.


Other World (Temp)

A mystical world made mostly by Mana, and all the creatures living in it rely mostly on Mana in order to live. A worl created by a certain goddess on a whim, but found it interesting so she watches over it and prevent it from getting destroyed. It is a world with a very diverse array of creatures living in it from humanoids to non-human, organic to non-organic and even to almost spiritual. The diversity is so wide and complex that they can’t even be counted by hand. The environmental conditions also vary and is not normally affected by atmospheric conditions nor gravity. Although it has a unique structure, the cycle of day an night still closely resembles earth which might seem strange considering that the world is 5 times bigger than earth. It was not explained yet how this concept was made to function and only the creator would know it.


Crystal Guardian Forest

The forest where Misaki was reincarnated into. It is the home of one the Guardians, the Ancient Crystal Dragon and it’s labyrinth. An area that even the strongest of the races would have trouble exploring. Just like several other guardian territories, it is protected by a powerful barrier and a dense blanket of Mana that any being not used to such an environment would die suffocating from the Mana in the air. Only those are considerably skilled dare to challenge the forest in order to acquire the blessing of the Ancient Crystal Dragon which will become proof of their strength.


Grand Crystal Labyrinth

A dungeon that could be found at the depths of the Crystal Guardian Forest. Legend has it that those who were given qualifications to challenge the Labyrinth and survive will be awarded by a price that no one in the world would be able to acquire. Some people have also speculated that the Labyrinth was created by non other than the Ancient Dragon in order to further test the limits of those who qualified to be in its presence.