Misaki’s Character Log

Tachibana Clan

A family of researchers that focuses on the field of Medicine, have been well known to develop new and improved technologies that greatly improved the field, saving more lives the world could ever hope for. On the backside though, they have known to be notorious mad scientist that would stop at nothing in order to create those so called new technologies.

Tachibana Misaki

Heir and major research subject of the Tachibana clan because of her unusual constitution that helped in the development of many kinds of medicine from simple to the most life threatening of diseases. Almost all her time in her previous life was used in researching and experimentation until the day that her body finally gave up and passed away. Then was reincarnated into a new world with the help of a certain god. She was given a new body with lots of quirks and is now aiming to travel the vast new world.



A entity who identifies itself as a God who had a lot of free time which became interested on a certain human child. A creator of many worlds and is in charge of the management of souls in different worlds, including the ones that she didn’t create.


Luina Draconia

Known as “The Dragon of Eternal Moon”. A being that was created by the goddess assigned as a guardian that protect and maintain the world along with many other similar beings. A majestic silver dragon with six pairs of wings that have a calm demeanor and idolizes the goddess a lot. Also a curious being that was interested in the culture of other worlds that was told by the goddess. In human form, she is a beautiful woman that have charming features but have a strange fashion sense that could sometimes be deemed as an unparalleled beauty, or just a weird beauty. She was in charge of raising Misaki in order to adapt to her new world.


Altaria Ruina

Known as “The Destroyer of Reality”. Similar to Luina, is also a guardian that was created by the goddess. A muscle brained dragon that doesn’t think that much as described by Luina. Tachibana Misaki after being reborn ended up as a Kin of this dragon.



Unique beings that was created by the goddess to protect and maintain the world from outside interference and invaders. They don’t usually show their presence to common residents of the world and each resides in a unique territory that was assigned to them.