Time flows silently for that girl…


With nothing to do but sit in her room and read books that was provided to her.


All alone in that enclosed silent room, all she did everyday was eat her meals, read books, and sleep.


There are times when she was brought out of the room, only to be sent to an examination room, and then returned.


She doesn’t know exactly know what they were doing to her, but from time to time during examinations, people with protective suits would inject something into her body and then monitor her.


This would either make her sleepy or feel pain all over her body. That is how her life had been since the day she was old enough to have a will of her own.


This continued for a long time, until that day.





「Doctor, it seems like she is already reaching her limits」

「Indeed, for now lower the dosage and see how her body will react, if we succeed in creating a cure for this, not only will the higher ups praise us, the world will bow before our company in order to obtain this, but it might even cause war if not properly published.」

「Such a sad child though, born from that family who only think about their merits and research.」

「Hush, the sacrifice of a few in order to develop something for the greater good of the world is much more worth it.」


The researchers continued their assigned task in order to develop a certain medicine.






That girl, Misaki Tachibana was born in a family of doctors and researchers that have contributed in the advancement of medicine for many generations. On the surface, they may look like a good corporation who creates medicine for the goodwill of everyone, but behind that mask, they are insane people who would do anything to advance the research in their field without care about the amount of sacrifices it would cost.


The birth of Tachibana Misaki was a great blessing to the family and at first was celebrated with great festivities. But that changed when they discovered that she possess a peculiar condition.


She was three years old when this condition was discovered. It was at that time when they were in the research facility doing their rounds, the parents were introducing her to her prospected patients in the future that would bring more power to the family.


It was only by accident that one of the patients with a case of an incurable disease got in contact with her. The moment she touched that patient, his condition suddenly became well and the source of disease seems to have vanished.


At that moment, everyone was so shocked that all of those who have witnessed this froze in place. This includes her parents who were with her at that time.


That’s where it all began. After that she became a research object of the whole Tachibana Corporation, this includes her parents who were elated to have discovered that their child possess a unique constitution that have been said to only occur once in a hundred years and 1 in a million people.


Blinded by their greed for knowledge, her parents were the pioneers of the research which put their child in this cycle of endless tests and development.


Using her constitution, they were able to develop medicine far more advanced than what the world has reached so far. This made their influence even greater to the point that countries would even beg for their researchers to be included in their development.


Because of this, they concealed the girl from the world and used her to develop medicine for many incurable diseases which was monopolized only by the Tachibana Family.


What they didn’t realize though, is that this continuous burden being pressed into the girl slowly deteriorated her body. No matter how tenacious her abilities make her, this doesn’t change the fact that her body was also suffering the never-ending changes that her body was put into.


And finally, the moment that she reached her limits arrived. Because the researchers were too blinded by their results, they didn’t expect that something like this would happen. Even though they made sure that her body was properly taken care of, the burden that she cannot endure anymore broke her body inside out. And that’s how the life of Misaki Tachibana ended.





「Eh, where is this, a white room? No, this is not my room, where–」

「Welcome, Misaki Tachibana. You are currently in my place. do you have any recollection of what happened to you? 」

「Errr, who, wait why am I not in my room? Is the research finished already? 」


As she speaks those words, an unidentifiable voices was heard from behind her.


「You poor soul. You could say that it was a failure, and because of that, you have passed away. 」


「Ehhhh. I died!? but I am supposed to be someone who won’t die of sickness, that’s what those people were saying every time. I even endured a lot because I know that it could help a lot of people. Though I don’t really know how it helps people though since they don’t say anything to me.」


Upon hearing this, she couldn’t help but be shocked. Although she lived in that way, it seems like she never actually loathed her situation. No in this case, it seems like she is even proud of it.


「You are such a lively child, despite being treated like that.」


The unknown voice continued.


「Of course, I am a Tachibana, and research is in our blood and soul.」

「I see, you also got influenced by your family huh. Anyway, you have already passed away, that’s why you are now in front of me.」


After hearing that, she was looks around the room once more. Checking any details that she could distinguish, but there wasn’t anything there, not even a floor. Just a pure white room and she seems to be floating in the center of it.


「Ah, right, about that, who are you and what is this place?」


Without being concerned about the voice, she rudely asked what pops out of her mind.



「You are such a rude fellow, you know. I am what you beings would call a god or an entity of that level. I am the one in charge of processing souls of the dead to be reused by the world. This room is my realm, or what you would describe it to be.」


The entity who identifies itself as a God talked a little bit about her situation and where she is at that moment.


「Hmmmm, is that so. I don’t really know what to say. This situation somehow resembles something that I’ve read in one of my books.」


She thought about some of the few interesting books which caught her attention when she was resting and have nothing to do.


「Well, you could say that it’s a bit similar to that. For the time being, do you have any desire that you wanted to be fulfilled? Watching your situation at that time, I couldn’t help but pity you, so I’m giving you one chance. If you have any desire, just say it. Oh, returning to life on earth and returning back to that place is out of question, okay? 」



God was amused by her reaction. God was surprised that such a human child, despite living an enclosed life like that actually wanted to return to that life. It was a first from the many souls that God has given its favor.


「Sigh. Well, I already died right? Can you create a body with similar constitution to what I had before? 」

「Sadly, I can’t. Even if I recreated your body, it would be meaningless. Also, please do consider two things on your decision. That is to either have your soul purged and returned to the world, or living a new life in another world. Of course if you choose the latter, I will be offering you many things. 」


The girl thought about a lot of things. Things that she would like to do, things that she regret, and many more. Upon the many things that flowed on her mind, there was one that stood out the most. And so she inquired God.


「That other world, will it be different from earth like in those novels? Will there be demon kings or things like that, which would need heroes to face later? 」

「I could send you into one if you desire for it.」


The girl grimaced when she heard that it could be possible. She had read many of such heroic tales, but she never found it to be interesting. On the other hand, what she enjoyed the most were adventure stories where the protagonist would travel to many lands, discover unknown places, finding treasures and many more. And so the girl replied immediately.


「Heck no. It’s a pain. I don’t want it. If there is one thing that I want though, it would be to freely travel the world and enjoy it in its entirety. I don’t mind if it has monsters or the likes in it. After all, you are going to give me something that would help me survive that place, right? 」


Before God replied, a flash of blinding light engulfed her. Then after the light faded, a being, a group of three beautiful female were in front of her. They were a child, a teen, and a woman in her mid-twenties.


「「「Of course child of man, we shall offer you many things and things that you would desire in order to live in that world. 」」」


The three girls were speaking in unison. The entity is only one despite being three of them is what she concluded. And so she informs the being of what she desired. But first she commented on how they look.


「Woah, are you one of the three or all of the three, every one of you look so beautiful too.」

「「「We are one as an entity, we are in this body only because your mind won’t be able to handle our presence if we didn’t do so.」」」

「I see. And so, will you listen to what I desire? 」


She looks at the entity in front of her waiting for its confirmation.


「「「That is what we have offered in the first place, state it. If it is within our power then we shall give it to you.」」」


After getting their confirmation, she then thought about many things. About the things she wanted the most, about what things she would need and many more.


「Then I want………」