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Chapter 1 The New World


Where is this place…

Hmmm? What’s this, if feels like I’m enclosed in something.

I slowly tried to poke the surface that I’m feeling right now a little harder. Ah, my finger went through.

After pulling back my hand, light went inside from the place I’ve poked. It felt like I’m inside some kind of brittle container.


Wait, am I inside an egg?


Because this really feels like I’ve been trapped inside an egg. And so with both hands, I tried to widen the hole from the place I’ve poked.


Bright, I closed my eyes when the brightness suddenly assaulted my eyes after widening the opening. After a bit, I slowly opened my eyes. And what I saw before me was something I wouldn’t have expected to encounter the very moment that I was reborn.


A Majestic Silver Dragon with six pair of wings was right before me. How did it end up like this again?





—God’s Room before Reincarnation—


「Then, I want to know what blessings am I going to inherit after I reincarnate」

「Let’s see, it will be the basic stuff that most people ask for I guess, like a status window, skill menu, and stuff. Do you have anything specific that you want? 」

「I see, pretty much like on those novels is it. For me, the first thing I would want is a strong body. Can you grant that? 」


After all, nothing beats a strong body. If I end up frail on my next life, I won’t be able to travel the world on my own. Just having a strong body would make a big difference if I could travel or not.


「If it’s a human body from the human race, I can’t guarantee it. But if it’s from a demihuman or a humanoid monster then I could. Though there is a bit of a problem in regards to that. 」

「Hou, I see, well humans are frail creatures. I know because I am one frail human, so I’m interested in this not so human body. But what’s the problem with that? 」


Although living as a human would make my life much easier, I don’t really want to end up in a weak race that could easily die. I know that humans could also grow strong but it would take me a lot of effort to improve it. And if I am born from a not so good family, there will probably be a lot of annoying stuff that I would need to go through before I could head out.


That’s why I want to hear about the non-human bodies. I wonder what will the problem be though, probably a racial war or something?


「Well, it seems like you’re interested in it. The problem is that a specific race cannot be chosen, it will rely on your luck. But I assure you that any of the non-human races would have a sturdier body and most of them have longer lifespan than most humans.」


Eh, is the main problem only being a random race? I need to verify it first.


「Is that all?」

「Yes, that is all. In this world, wars have been stopped for more than a hundred years now, and the human countries are so busy dealing with monsters that declaring wars would only make them vulnerable to monster assaults. By the way, the said non-human races are not monsters.」


Eh, so much for my expectation of human to non-human conflicts. I guess they were all kept busy by the administrators of that world or the admins were just slacking.


「And so, what exactly are monsters? 」

「Monsters are creatures that invaded from other dimensions. They randomly spawn in different areas and are considered as pests which destroy the ecosystem of places where they spawn. They range from weak monsters like slimes, goblins, orcs to creatures like chimeras and some dragon-like giant reptiles that are sometimes mistaken for dragons.」

「Ohhh, very fantasy-like, but are dragons different?」

「Yes, dragons are may be quite stubborn and haughty beings, but they are not monsters. They also help protect the lands. Well I will be giving you a more detailed knowledge about all of these things, so for now let’s move on.」


Is that so? I’ll be looking forward to that. Now to decide what skills I will need, more like what skill I want.


「Regarding the skills, can ask for anything?」

「If it is within conceptual bounds then I might be able to create it.」

「What do you mean by conceptual bounds?」

「Something that doesn’t affect concept, like creating flames out of thin air which are the workings of magic to time stopping or space manipulation would be the highest degree that could be used. By the way, time travelling, travelling to other worlds, and destroying souls are things that are beyond conceptual bounds. I can’t grant such skills, but could actually be learned if you know the concept of it. It wouldn’t be something that a normal human soul could process though.」


I see, well speaking of conceptual bounds, having a notebook that would kill anyone if I write their names on it or killing someone just by speaking or thinking about them dying is probably outside of that too. However, that dimension bag used by that blue cat seems to be within it. I wonder if I would be able to learn it. I want a skill tree or some kind of information network where I could know about it. Maybe I should ask about that.


「Ummm, excuse me. There is something I would like to ask.」

「Oh, why be so humble now, you don’t have to hold back and ask anything.」

「You see, there was a concept that I want, but I don’t know if there is a skill or something that would help me with it.」

「Can you explain to me what it’s like?」

「It’s like this…」


I explained about it…

  1. Something that could give me information like some kind of information network
  2. Can show me a tree of skill I am able to use or create
  3. Something that will give me information about objects like an identify
  4. Something like a map which could actually show information about the area

Is what I’ve told. I don’t really want some awfully powerful unique skill, or l*mit Br*ak or any cheat like overpowered ability. What I want more is an information type skill. It will be something that I could rely on when I am travelling. I could just learn combat skills and other stuff using that. I explained to the goddess.


「Hmmm, wait let me think about it for a bit, I will be checking if there is a skills or skill that would fit that.」



I Goddess went silent and was just standing still for a moment. Then she moved again to reply to my inquiry.


「I have found a few matches but it functions in a different way and they are separate skills. I could create it for you though since it is within conceptual bounds. Although I could say that it’s barely stepping over but I’ll let it be just this once.」

「Thank you very much, so what will the skill be?」

「It’s a new unique skill, I will name it W*ki… just joking, it will be known World Memory Analysis. This skill will allow you to tap into the information being stored in the world’s memory and part of the Akashic Records. However, it could only see the present latest information about the target. Also, I improved your status menu to have a skill tree like function, though it’s not necessary to follow it, the basic information needed for learning the skills will be shown.」


Nice, my demands were accepted. I’m really glad. If it was not accepted, I might have chosen a different kind of skill set but this is enough for me.


「So, what happens next?」

「Next will finally be your reincarnation. I don’t know as to what race you may be reincarnated as, but I will send Oracle to the ones who will be guiding you when your race is finally decided. You don’t have to be worried because you will be protected by them until the time you decide to start your journey.」

「Thank you very much. Will I be able to see you again? 」

「That would depend on you, but I will be watching over you just like everyone that I have given my favor to. Please enjoy the world in its entirety.」


After she says that, my consciousness started to fade.




—Current Situation—


『Greetings Otherworlder, I am Luina Draconia, an ancient dragon that shall be your parent, guardian and mentor.』

「Uwaaaahhh… It’s a dragon!!!!」


Who wouldn’t be surprised, you know? I mean being greeted by a majestic dragon a moment after being born.




This is the beginning of a legend. Of a mysterious wanderer who traveled all over the world. What encounters will she face? Only the future could tell.