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Chapter 2 Introductions and My New Home

『Greetings Otherworlder, I am Luina Draconia, an ancient dragon that shall be your parent, guardian and mentor.』

「Uwaaaahhh… It’s a dragon!!!!」

『Fufufu, what a lively child you are, I am honored to be the one that was chosen as a host in order to raise you.』


The dragon laughs heartily after seeing my reaction. After a while, all the tension inside of me faded and I finally remember the things that the Goddess told me.


「Fueee~~~ Oh, right that Goddess did say that Dragons are not Monsters. That really surprised me.」


I plopped down on the floor inside the egg-like container where I was born. It couldn’t be helped for me to be surprised. I mean who would expect to be greeted by a majestic dragon right after they were reborn.


『That is right, we were directly created by the Goddess to serve as one of the guardians of this world. By the way, it seems like you have also been born to be one of our kind.』

「Me, a kind of dragon? Oh, right I did choose to be born as a non-human.」

『To be exact, you are not a pure dragon, but a hybrid more similar to a human than a dragon. A dragonoid is what your race is called.』

「That sounds like a really cool name for a race.」

『Indeed, well they are still weaker compared to us pure dragons, but they have enough strength to be known as one of the strongest humanoid races out there. Given that you were lucky enough to be born as such, I know that in the future, you will definitely grow enough to be renowned in terms of strength.』

「Is that so. That’s great then」


It seems like my luck this time is at its peak. Being born as one of the strongest race out there is no joke. It would make a lot of things convenient, though at the same time it might make a lot of things inconvenient too. Power doesn’t always equal leisure after all.


『Looking at me at this figure might have been too intimidating for you, so I’ll change my form in order to ease up your feelings.』


After the dragon said so, it’s whole body glows and began to shrink. It continued shrinking until it was about the size of a tall human. Then after the bright glow disappeared, a beautiful lady appeared. She’s not on the level of the Goddess, but she certainly is a beauty.


「Greetings once again, Young traveller from another world. This figure should be fine for you to interact right? 」


I was dumbfounded, her voice sounded like a mesmerizing bell, she had a blond long hair reaching down but it’s not pure blond, a rainbow hue could be found close to the ends of her hair. She was wearing a cosmic colored one piece dress which is something I have never seen in any fashion magazines on earth. I wonder what it’s made of. And her figure is what you could say a perfect hourglass shape. Her age by appearance looks like that of a woman in her upper 20’s.

After gawking at her beauty for a while, I finally returned to my senses and introduced myself stutteringly.


「I, I am misha, no I mean misaki. Misaki Tachibana, an otherworlder and have just been born right now.」

「Fufufu, you don’t have to be so nervous. We will be living with each other for a while so I do hope that we get along from now on.」

「Hai, please take care of me.」


Her figure when she was laughing was really beautiful, well her dragonic figure was also great, but this figure makes me nervous in a different way.


After reintroducing ourselves, she offered me her hand and pulled me out of my egg case. Only then did I realize that I have features that couldn’t be found on a normal human. Those are 2 pairs of horns, a pair of wings, and a reptilian tail.


At first I was surprised when I realized this, but then calmed down after digesting the information that I was told by both the goddess and the Ancient Dragon Luina.


When I asked her about my figure, she said that my figure is quite rare even among the Dragonoids. There have been only a few records of a dragonoid possessing 2 pairs of horns and rarely do they inherit all three features that pop out of their bodies. At most it would be 2 features like wings and tail, horn and tail, wings and horns or just one particular feature on ones that have weaker dragon blood.


Having this figure could be said that I have a lineage much closer to dragons, than to humans, which also means that the potential I possess is far beyond what would be considered normal for dragonoids.


「Oh, does that mean that if I train properly, I will be unmatched?」

「Well, if you only fought against Demi-humans and humans, you could be considered the strongest, that is if you are properly educated in many fields. However, fighting against pure being like us dragons or races that were known as guardians, I don’t think that you would be able to match up to them even if you are trained for a thousand years. After all, they were created as guardians for the purpose of protecting the world.」

「I see, well it’s not like I wanted to challenge those so called guardians. I know from the explanation of the goddess that they were beings of considerable power. Just seeing your majestic figure before made me realize just how powerful such beings are. Even right now, my instincts are telling me how amazing you are even though I know that you have already suppressed most of your power.」

「That is good. A Dragonoid’s instinct is very accurate, so you have to put your trust in it. Don’t worry though, after your training, you will be considered peerless that would reach even the ranks of lesser guardians. So do your best.」


She guided me to her nest as we continued having small talks every now and then. She was also giving me some information about the other guardians, their races, and their roles. There were still many things that I don’t understand, but I’ll be learning it in the future. And then, after walking for about an hour, we finally reached her nest or maybe I should call it temple or castle?


I was a huge building resembling a castle made out of crystals and white stones. I was stunned for a moment watching that sight, but immediately returned to my senses when I realized that I was almost left behind and immediately rushed to her side.


Seeing me panicking made her giggle. It was really cute. Even though I’m a girl, I still find her to be really attractive. I don’t know if this is my instincts or just my natural disposition. I don’t remember being attracted to the same or opposite sex back on earth after all. Then after reaching the entrance of the building, she stopped and faced me. Then said,


「Welcome to my Nest, the Grand Crystal Labyrinth. From now on, this place is where you will live in, train, and learn about the world. It won’t be easy, but please be at ease. I assure you that I will take care of everything you need, until the time that you wish to start your journey. Please enjoy your stay upon my humble abode.」


That might have been the most shocking reveal of the day. I wouldn’t have expected that such a grand looking structure would actually be a labyrinth. Well, she probably wouldn’t toss me in a place full of monsters on our first day, right?


「Thank you, I look forward to it and will do my best.」


She nodded after hearing my response, then the doors of the labyrinth opened and then we went inside.