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Chapter 3 The Naked Truth and a Dragon’s Fashion Sense

Yuki: For some reason, I’m motivated to continue so I finished one more chapter…  I’m slowly building up things so some chapters might end up boring for now. It’s not easy to build a world from scratch after all. The next 2-3 chapters will still be Misaki’s life in the Grand Crystal Labyrinth but I will be writing many details about the world and how things work during that time, and that’s a lot of information to set-up. For now, please bare with me and I hope everyone continues to read and enjoy my original series.


Upon entering the Labyrinth, what greeted me was a wide hall. It was different from I have expected when hearing the word Labyrinth. If it’s about labyrinths, what I expected would have been walls, caves, mazes and other things which I have known from reading several books with dungeon and labyrinth adventures.


「Surprised? This is actually not the real entrance but my own private area. I can freely manipulate the Labyrinth I created after all.」

「Oooh, is this was your creation. Are there Labyrinths on other Guardian’s territory? 」

「Hmmm, there are some who have it but they are different in a sense. My Nest is a special type which cannot be normally accessed by others after all. It is directly linked to me. Though if the labyrinth is damaged, it doesn’t really affect me. Come on now, stop staring and start moving.」


Luina urged me to come in. I slowly entered the wide hall and look around. There are chandeliers hanging on the ceiling and was made out of semitransparent crystals. The ceiling was also made out of crystals where sunlight shines through. I couldn’t find any windows around, yet the place felt like it was well ventilated. When I returned my gaze to the hall, I found several humanoid statues standing near the stairs leading to the second floor. I also found several white brick doors on the first floor below the second floor’s terrace. I wonder where those doors are headed to.

We continued walking until we reached the center of the hall, then Luina stopped. I was waiting for her next instructions, then suddenly the crystal human like figures started moving and surrounded us.


「Fueee~~~ they moved. Wha, what are those things. Are they going to attack us? 」


I was surprised and was a bit scared when many 3 meter humanoid crystals suddenly surrounded us. They don’t look that scary though, after all I was already greeted by that dragon figure. If compared to that, they would only be a bit intimidating.


「Don’t worry, I set them up to do that every time I come back. Those are crystal golems under my command so they won’t do anything else until they receive proper instructions. They also serve as my caretakers when I am in this form. 」

「Amazing, I also want to be able to command something like that in the future.」


I was honestly impressed. Manipulating inanimate objects like golems and the likes is one of my dreams too. I mean who wouldn’t want to ride on the shoulders of giant golems as it moves around. Well, those crystal golems were not that tall, but I’m sure that Luina can create something more gigantic than those. My eyes were sparkling thinking about the future but were interrupted when Luina called me.


「Misaki, oiii, hello. Wake up misaki.」

「Ooops, sorry, I was too distracted.」


I immediately replied.


「I will now talk about those rooms. The two near the stairs are connected to a hall where guestrooms, the mess hall, and the kitchen are located. The rest are connected to the grand library, the training grounds, the labyrinth entrance, and the entrance where we entered a while ago.」


Now that I think about it, the moment we entered, the door from where we came from disappeared. Is this probably the work of the labyrinth’s functions too? She then gave instructions to the golems and they all dispersed into several doors.


「Now then, let’s go to your room first. I can’t leave a cute girl like you walking around naked like that, even if you look like a kid.」


Oh, right, now that she mentions it, I am actually walking around naked. I didn’t feel weird at all though, probably because of my race affecting my senses.


Right now, I am 140cm tall, a bit on the lean side, and my chest is almost flat. It’s not flat alright. I’m also covered in scales from the base of my tail reaching under my belly button and going down the base of my legs. It’s like I’m wearing a scale bikini spats.


Other parts in my body covered with scales are the base of my wing, my wrist which looks like a bracelet, and on my neck covering down until it reaches collar bone. The scale colors have a tinge of dark red and blue which is giving off a mysterious luster.


I still don’t know how do I look, but I seem to have a strange hair color which is a mix of black, red and blue. I wonder if this has anything to do with my race or the dragon blood that flows inside me.


When I asked Luina about this, she replied that it’s not related to any lineages or bloodlines, and that the color wouldn’t really affect anything. However, the luster of the scale is different. The current luster my scales give of shows that my lineage is that of a high ranking dragon. It seems like to dragons, color or variation of them doesn’t mean anything but the luster and ambiance of it is a status symbol.


Luina then covered her arm in scales and showed me what a supreme being’s scale is like. What to say, I was mesmerized. It was like her arm was covered in diamonds with the finest quality. I can’t even take away my gaze from it. What a fascinating sight to witness. She then returns it back to a normal human’s hand. Sigh, I wanted to watch it some more.


She then guided me to a door where one of the crystal golem from before was standing. Apparently this area is not in the same place as before, but in a different part of the labyrinth. It seems like all of those rooms are connected to different locations. When she opened the door, what greeted me was a fancy room that would be fit for a princess.  She then guided me inside the room, leaving the golem outside the room.



「This will be your room, for now I have prepared different sets of clothes inside that closet. Well, that is only going to be some temporary clothing though, sometime soon you will also be able to turn your scales into clothing or armor like what I do.」

「Really? That’s super cool!!! I want to learn it as soon as possible!!!」

「Okay, okay, for now calm down. I will teach you how to do it. But for now wear some clothes from that closet. 」


She points at a big box which is supposed to be a closet that was placed near the bed. I also found a big mirror in the room. Before I head towards the closet, I stopped by the mirror to see my face. It was a clear glass mirror similar to the ones on earth so I was able to see my whole body clearly.

What to say, I resembled my looks from my previous life. It was an attractive kuudere face but this time with sharp looking eyes. Also, my eyes somehow resembled a mix of human eyes with reptilian Irises. I then proceed towards the closet and check the clothes inside.


「There sure are a wide variety of clothes in here, wait why are clothes like this included here? Do they have a culture of wearing these kinds of clothes? 」



As I continued rummaging inside the closet, I could find middle age styled clothes from the normal ones to the luxurious once than nobles would probably wear. However, what caught my attention were strange clothes resembling those that could be found on earth, like sailor uniforms, bunny suits, leotards, PE uniforms, school swimsuits and many more. How did these kinds of clothes ended up here. I immediately asked for an explanation about this.


「Well, you see, the goddess sent me various information about your world. That includes those strange clothes for some reason. I don’t really know the purpose but she only said that you might like it so I created it.」

「That goddess, she really focuses her attention on the strangest things. Well then, I’ll just ignore the strange ones and find something comfortable for me to wear for now.」


What I selected was a set of adventurer-like clothes that is easy to move in. Why do you seem so disappointed Luina-san, did you expect me to choose any of those strange clothes?


After I finished changing, we returned to the hall once more and went to the door leading to the grand library. It seems like I will be immediately given education even though I have just been born.