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Chapter 4 Let’s Learn about how the world was created

When we entered the grand library, what greeted me was a fantasy-like sight of bookshelves made out of crystal like materials and those were found not only on the ground, but also many of them were floating which even reaches the ceiling of the library. By the way the height of the library room was 50 meters.

It’s within a labyrinth so such structures could be made is what Luina told me. She also asked me if there’s any specific information that I would like to know. She was willing to teach me everything I wanted to know first before introducing me to other things.


「Luina, why do you have so many books? If it’s about dragon, aren’t they usually depicted to be collecting shiny things or legendary equipment of those who challenged them? 」

「I have a dedicated room for that, but other than that I also like collecting books. I have collected all of these from all corners of the world using my minions. By the way the books stored in here were collected from the start of civilization itself until the present. So if you want to learn about history or any knowledge that was stored in literature, you could always visit this place.」


That was an unexpected reply. I am also knowing about that, but what I’m curious about is knowledge before civilizations existed, so I asked.


「Ooooh, so Dragon really collect those things huh. But the book collection was really unexpected. It’s quite intimidating knowing that the knowledge stored here comes from the very roots of civilization. Are there any books or knowledge even before civilization stored here though? 」

「There were data given by the goddess, and other pre-civilization information that were conducted as a survey by us the guardians included here. Do you to learn about that too? 」

「If possible, yes. I want to know more about how this world started.」


Learning about civilization and how it propagated was also fun, but the more mysterious aspects of how the world was created was more intriguing to me. That’s why if possible I want to know more about it. How a world like this was made into existence. There were stories giving vague information about the creation of the world, but none of them have any details about how it was actually made.

After thinking for a bit, Luina replied.


「Sure, I don’t mind. It’s not really forbidden or restricted. It’s not like anyone would be able to use such knowledge anyways. Not unless they were also a being close to a god. 」

「Ooooh, then that will be what I want to know first.」


After nodding to my reply, Luina opened her hand and gestured as if she was holding a book. Then an overly decorated thick book popped out of thin air and drop onto her hand. It was so cool, why is she doing all this cool stuff in front of me. Is she trying to show off? I don’t mind it though.

Without even moving it herself, the book opened and glowing texts could be seen inside it. She then asked me what information I wanted to know first. Then I told her…


「Can I ask about how the world was created, how life was made into existence and how the world was stabilized to it’s current state?」

「Wait a second, I’ll check if there’s information about that on the Goddess’ Notes.」


She closed her eyes, then the pages glowed and flipped by themselves just like when it opened. Then after a bit it stopped, and then she opened her eyes and answered me.


『World Creation Notes: Out of a whim, I tried to create a new world, it was easy however I didn’t think about how I will use such a world. But because I have nothing else to do, I did make one. At first it was quite unstable, and life won’t be able to inhabit it, so I left it alone for a while to stabilize.

500 million years later, the world started to stabilize, and it was now suitable for life. However, that world I have created will need many factors in order to house life. That’s why I used a method that will allow it to be habitable in a short amount of time. That is to cover the world with Mana.

It was around 30 million years before the Mana finally seeped into the world and was able to create a unique atmosphere. At this time I created the guardians which became the pioneers of this world.

I created 120 unique creatures which were tasked to stabilize the Mana of the world. However, interferences were coming in from the outside, so I covered it in a thick blanket of condensed ether which further stabilized its atmosphere. This created a unique film like barrier from the colliding Mana and Ether which formed naturally.

With this, the world have become more habitable, but at the same time this also made the world similar into an enclosed living environment which life will not be able to survive outside it. Well, it was only an experimental world so I don’t mind if life is only enclosed within it.

After the surveys of the creatures I have first assigned to stabilize the world were done, it was the time for life to be created. And so upon the many continents within the world, I have created a variety of life forms from animals, to many humanoid being and finally humans. The data used in creating such life forms were copied from the many different worlds that I handle.

However, using such data also created dimensional gaps in the world which brought in creatures that were not supposed to exist in this world. And the roles of disposing such creatures were at first given to the unique species that surveyed this world.

As civilization improved, some of these tasks were given to the inhabitants of the world and on the off case were a strong being invades them, the role will be returned to the guardians.

At this point, the world has finally stabilized into what I wanted a world will be, so I am now continuing my observation as to how this world will end up in the future.


「That is what the Goddess wrote within this tome of origin that was given to all guardians. So, did you understand it? 」

「Uuhhhmm, well, there were a lot of questionable things… I do understand it and how everything began. Thank you.」


What was that goddess doing, just because she was bored? And that amount of time spent, but well she was technically a god so their view of time is definitely different. At least I know why the world was made. I also verified a few things which Luina answered without holding back. Like how big is this world, celestial bodies that are surrounding it. Even about what would happen if you force your way out of the barrier film covering the world.


The world is 5 times bigger than earth, and there are 5 moons revolving around it. These moons don’t affect the world in any aspect because of the ether wall and the barrier. The heat from the sun is being process by the ether field to be a usable energy for plants and was assimilated with Mana, so it kind of becomes a Mana Element called Solari and Lunaria for moonlight.


There are 12 Mana elements which will be discussed later when my lessons on magic start. All living beings in the world rely on Mana to live, and creatures with more condensed Mana inside them are deemed to be delicious. It was rule of nature outside civilization just like in every world.


As to what happens if you attempt to go out of the barrier, you will be disintegrated and be converted into ether. That’s really scary so I won’t ever attempt it. She said that some guardians attempted to do so out of fun only to end up severely injured afterwards. What an idiotic bunch those guardians were.



It was really fun, and before we know it, the night has already deepened. And so I was sent back to my room where I immediately dove into my bed and immediately lost consciousness.


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