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Chapter 5 Status is a must in a different world, and my roots

The next day

I was awakened by the gentle sunlight that assaulted my room. As I opened my eyes, I was greeted by an unfamiliar room. Oh, right I was reincarnated into another world, I almost forgot.


I immediately fixed myself up and got out of bed, then examined the room once more. Yesterday, this room looked like a brick walled room similar to what you would find in a castle, but now it is surrounded by crystal walls where sunlight passes through. It was probably Luina’s doing.


As I was preparing myself, a knock was heard from the door.


「Misaki-chan, are you awake?」


I could hear Luina’s voice from the other side of the door. This is a really strange mechanism, even though I was surrounded by almost transparent walls, I couldn’t see what was on the other side of the door. How mysterious. Without delay I replied to Luina.


「Yes, I am preparing myself right now」

「Is that so, then I will wait over here, we will be having our breakfast together」

「Is that so, then I’ll be done immediately」


After fixing up my looks as fast as I could, I immediately opened the door. There, Luina was standing beside a crystal golem. Her clothes are differente. It’s a plain white one piece that somehow resembled clothes worn by greeks and romans on earth. I just don’t understand her fashion sense.


We then proceed to the mess hall to have breakfast, and then instead of heading to the library, we entered the training arena. It really looks more like a coliseum than a training arena though. I wonder what this area was used for. Well, I’m not really interested on how this is used so I’ll put that thought aside for now.


「So, Luina-san, what are we doing today?」

「Since you have learned many things yesterday, let’s do some exercise today and also learn about status and stats」

「Really? I wanted to learn more about it!!!」

「Is that so, then look forward to it」


Learning about status is also a staple of otherworld adventures. She guided me towards the center of the arena. In the center, there was a glowing orb placed in a pedestal. I was curiously staring at the strange object, when Luina called out.


「This here is a simple status checking device. Normally, something like this is used by people, but there are also skills that could show your status which I will be teaching you later. For now, let’s have a brief look at your status using this device」

「Ooooh, it’s the template fantasy status checking device」

「You don’t have something like this in your world, right?」

「That’s right, though I know of works of literature that conveys a similar device being used」

「Is that so, well the goddess must have based this on data similar to that」


Knowing a bit about how that goddess thinks, it’s not really impossible for her to introduce something like this to a world she created. I then asked Luina what I should do.



「For now place your hand on the orb and something like an information panel should pop out」



I placed my hand on the orb just as instructed by Luina. The orb mildly glowed, and then a panel with information was created in front of me. It resembled something that you would find in games. Even though I was isolated on my previous life, many entertainment device like game consoles were provided to me along with books and other stuff so I’m quite knowledgeable of games, that includes anime and other form of media. But well, it was research that I prioritized so I’m not so adept at it compared to those so called Otaku, though I could also refer myself as an otaku in a different sense.


What was written in the panel was as follows


Name: Misaki Tachibana

Race: Dragonoid (Ancient Chaos Dragon)

Job: None


HP: 5000

MP: 5000

SP: 5000


STR:       A

VIT:        A

AGI:       A

DEX:       A

INT:        A

WIS:       A

LUK:       B



Inherent: Chaotic Shell (Unique), Chaotic Breath (Unique), Dragon Skin, Over Burst, Berserk, Dragon Heart, Dragon Strength, Unbreakable Will


Passive:   Regeneration, Enhanced Sense, Resistance (Slash, Pierce), Enhanced Endurance


Active:    Dragon Claw, Dragon Wing, Flight, Intimidation


Magic:     Draconic Magic


Tittles:    Otherworlder, Kin of the Dragon Lord of Chaos, Favorite of the Goddess


After reading my status, I was utterly shocked. What’s with this broken set of abilities, also about my titles? I could understand about Otherworlder and Favorite of the Goddess, however, I didn’t anything about the chaos dragon. Well, maybe Luina could tell me about it. When I was about to ask Luina, she spoke to me first.


「Oh, my. To think that you became a relative of that idiot, that surely is a surprise.」

「Eh, you can see my status?」

「Yes, I am a guardian after all so I was given skills that allow me to see someone else’s status. I didn’t check it  yesterday because it would only confuse you. Even I was surprised after seeing your status 」

「I see, so do you know about the chaos dragon written in my title and race?」

「Yes, she’s an acquaintance of mine after all, one of the 10 Dragon Guardians. She was known as “The Destroyer of Reality, Chaos Dragon Altaria Ruina”. By the way I am called “The Dragon of Eternal Moon, Luina Draconia”. As for my abilities, I’ll show you some other time. 」

「Oooh, that’s so cool. By the way, why did you call her an idiot and she’s a woman? 」

「Yes, all of the Guardian Dragons are Female based, no to be exact the dragon race is an all-female race. We don’t exactly have female reproductive system but the goddess identify us all as females. We’ll talk about that some other time too.」


What!? Now that’s intriguing. I’ll probably be lectured by Luina about that at a later time. She then continued.


「As to why I called that dragon an idiot is because she’s muscle brained idiot. She is strong, that is a fact, but the collateral damage she creates is more destructive than what invaders that she encountered could even inflict. Her current territory is a wasteland without a single sign of life on its surrounding. The mana concentration in the area is also very dense that even strong beings would have a hard time traversing her lands. She is also one of the idiots who tried going out of the atmospheric barrier and ended up inactive for a long time」


Ugh, even though she’s like my ancestor in this new body, I don’t really feel like meeting her. It will probably be a pain. As I was groaning thinking about what future awaits me if I encounter that dragon, Luina returned to the original topic about status.


「Now then, we got off topic so now let me explain about status and skills along with magic」



I eagerly awaited her explanations.


「First, is the name, race and job. That is self-explanatory so I won’t discuss about it. Next will be Basic Abilities or Stats as what the Goddess informed us. It’s basically a summary of proficiency possessed by an individual, it ranges from F to EX with F as the lowest and EX as the highest. As a example I will show you only my status」


Name: Luina Draconia

Race: Lunaria Dragon (Ancient)

Job: World Guardian (Dragon Species) Lvl: 1000


HP: 750,000,000

MP: 1,250,000,000

SP: 500,000,000


STR:       SS

VIT:        SS

AGI:       EX

DEX:       EX

INT:        SSS

WIS:              SSS

LUK:       A


Uweeeh, what to say, I’m utterly shocked. If my conjecture is spot on, this kind of status is so ridiculous, it is literally broken. As expected of a Guardian’s status I guess. She didn’t even show her skills which are probably more broken than what I could even think of. She then continued.


「An average Human’s stats range from F to C and an average High Rank Adventurer’s stats range from B to A. The strongest I have encountered or rather encountered by my watchers have stats of around S. But those were extremely rare cases and those individual were quite the peculiar ones. Your current base Stats already equal that of a High Rank Adventurer and you still have a lot of room for growth. You might even reach the level of lesser guardians.」


Uweeeh, didn’t I ask that goddess not to make me too much of a cheat. But well, I did choose a random race selector so she might have done something in order for me to end up in this body. I don’t mind though as long as I can live the way I want to.


She then explained to me more about stats differences and other related things. Then she also allowed me to have a spar with her for quite some time. Even though I could tell that I’m definitely strong, it was nothing in comparison to Luina’s strength. She lectured me as we continued sparing until night arrived.


After that we have dinner together and went to bed. It was only me who went to bed though. She will be explaining about skills and magic tomorrow so I’m quite excited. But because I was too tired from the sparring sessions, I immediately fell asleep.