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Chapter 7 The Journey Begins

TL: Yuki

After walking for a while following the path from the forest, I found myself in a wide road that seems like a highway. Before continuing, I verified my status and map to know where the highway was headed to.


Name: Misaki Tachibana
Race: Dragonoid (Ancient Chaos Dragon)
Job: None

HP: 1,475,000
MP: 1,755,000
SP: 1,365,000


Inherent: Chaotic Shell (Unique), Chaotic Breath (Unique), Dragon Skin, Over Burst, Berserk, Dragon Heart, Dragon Strength, Unbreakable Will, Dragon Transformation (New), Dragon Tail (New)

Unique Magic: World Memory Analysis (New)

Passive: Regeneration, Enhanced Sense, Resistance (Slash, Pierce, Blunt), Enhanced Endurance, Lightspeed (New), Herculean Strength (New), Toughness (New), Mana Manipulation (New), Mana Vision (New), Fist Mastery (New), Claw Mastery (New)

Active: Dragon Claw, Dragon Wing, Flight, Intimidation, Steel Fist (New), Steel Claw (New), Steel Tail (New), Burst Impact (New), Piercing Strike (New), Corrosive Bite (New), Absolute Concealment (New)

Magic: Draconic Magic, Mana Conversion
Tittles: Otherworlder, Kin of the Dragon Lord of Chaos, Favorite of the Goddess, Giant Killing, Magic Master, Trickster


Hmmm, people would probably think that I learned a lot of physical skills if they based on on what is shown in my  status, but in reality even though my magic skills are few, they could encompass all of the current magic skills people know and don’t know about. The skill that the goddess has given me also manifested a month after my birth. My numerous physical skills were shown because I need to learn a lot of things in order to reach the connecting point of all the physical skills according to my World Memory Analysis. That would take too much time to accomplish. Not to mention that Luina is not that well versed when it comes to physical abilities and have only learned a few of it.


When it comes to magic however, she is one of the many Magic Masters among the guardians so I focused my studies on that instead, and finally reaching the level of Magic Master after several years of training. Mana Conversion which is a result of combining all magic skills it the connecting point of all magic skills allowing to create any phenomenon as I wished within conceptual means. Concept breaking skills could only be learned if the goddess allows it after all.


My status almost reached the level of a lesser guardian, and though the status may seem close, the actual difference between S and SS status is very big. I’ve learned of this on our constant sparring where she would increase difficulty every time my status ranks up. After reaching an S on my status, I was finally able to notice that big difference. Especially EX status which felt like it was limitless. Also, lesser guardians have a minimum status of AAA and maximum of SS.


Luina also thought me many Dragon Skills which increased my inherent skills that couldn’t be learned by other races not related to dragons. The most useful of all this skills would be Dragon Transformation which could allow me not only to become a dragon but also alter my looks the way I wanted to like what Luina was doing with her clothes. Absolute Concealment was also the connecting point of all illusion and concealment skills.


I have also fought with different enemies within the labyrinth that Luina manages. From the weakest goblins and slimes to the gigantic leviathans and lesser dragons. I have also faced a few invaders which come out of the surrounding forest from time to time and they really look disturbing. They vary from slimy chimera like creatures to huge abominations that look like a mix of different living being patched up into one. There are also others that look like normal creatures but are releasing a very sinister aura that could be felt just by standing near them. Some of them even possess creatures of this world.


Then after learning a lot about the world including the current state of society, I finally decided to start my journey which is now. Luina will probably feel lonely with me leaving but it’s not like I will never return. I promised her after all to visit again when I have the chance.


For now I have to hide my status to not surprise the surroundings. I don’t mind showing off from the get go but I know how annoying it would be to instantly become a celebrity. I may show my real status to people I find worthy though. And so I manipulated my status using absolute concealment.


Name: Misaki Tachibana
Race: Dragonoid (Black Dragon)
Job: Brawler, Berserker

HP: 75,000
MP: 55,000
SP: 65,000


Inherent: Dragon Skin, Berserk, Dragon Strength, Dragon Tail, Dragon Claw

Passive: Regeneration, Enhanced Sense, Resistance (Slash, Pierce, Blunt), Toughness, Fist Mastery, Claw Mastery

Active: Dragon Claw, Intimidation, Steel Fist, Steel Claw, Steel Tail

Magic: Draconic Magic,
Tittles: None


For now this amount should be good enough. I have also learned a skill to limit my status and can freely unseal it. I also changed my appearance to a dragonoid with only a tail and a pair of horns. I have also changed my race based on information I have learned from Luina, and even though I look like a child, it is already well known in this world that they can’t judge a dragonoid just by their looks.


There are dragonoids that are really old but still look like children and others that follow their age. This depends on the thickness of Dragon Blood that they have inherited. As for me, I probably won’t change in appearance even after thousands of years pass by. I am a kin of one the guardians after all. I also changed the luster of my scales to be similar to regular high class dragonoid. That way they won’t see me as a really superior being.


Finally, after fixing everything else along with changing into adventurer style clothes, I’m finally ready to go. By the way, the average statuses of a high rank adventurer are like this.


Name: *Random Adventurer
Race: Human
Job: Vary
(Depends on Job)
HP: 30,000 – 50,000
MP: 20,000 – 40,000
SP: 15,000 – 45,000

Status: CCC – AA


If I compare it to my current status, then it would be higher than average. After all I don’t want others to underestimate me nor overestimate me the same way if I have too much of a high status. This average ranking was also based on the data of adventurers around this area and continent so there would be no miscalculations.


「Now that all of that is finished, where should I head to?」


Standing in the middle of the highway, I was thinking about where I should go first. Watching the map in my vision that only I could see, the distance to the next village or town is almost the same both ways. I then scan both places using my unique skill to check what it’s like on either side of them. Then after reading through all the information gathered, I finally decided my destination. Luina’s forest is located near the south of this continent. It’s in between two kingdoms with good diplomacy to each other and this road is headed to the border of both kingdoms.


The direction I have to choose right now is either going west to El Randia Kingdom a human ruled kingdom or Rune Estrel Kingdom ruled by elves. Both kingdoms have a good reputation according to their general information. I didn’t go into full details about their government and such because it’s a pain. I’ll just go with the flow for now. I have also decoded to visit the human kingdom first because I would like to see how humans live in this world, and if I fund it unpleasant then I could also go the elven kingdom or to the next kingdom after El Randia.


With my destination set, I started walking towards the Human Kingdom El Randia.